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LG G2 Kit Kat Update Available From Verizon Via Upgrade Assistant

lg g2 kit kat verizon

The LG G2 Kit Kat (Android 4.4.2) update from Verizon is finally available as build VS98024A, though you can’t exactly grab it over-the-air. No, sir, this update is currently only available through Verizon’s Software Upgrade Assistant, which is only available on Windows for LG phones. Sorry, Mac homies.

In order to update on Windows, all you have to do is plug-in your LG G2, then either wait for Windows to prompt you for an action or open a folder and look for a Verizon/LG drive to appear. In that folder, you should find a SWUpgradeLauncher app that will walk you through the steps to getting your Kit Kat on. 

The update weighs in at around 2GB, so it’s substantial.

No word yet on when the update will be available OTA. In fact, Verizon’s own support pages still do not show that the update is available even though you can manually update through their software upgrade tool.

The process is pretty painless, so don’t be scared to give it a shot if you have a Windows machine. I was able to do it just fine on a virtual Windows 8 partition on my iMac.

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 11.12.31 AMlg g2 update

Cheers Justin, Jake, adilson, and everyone else!
  • Pj Stargazer

    Yeaaaa, the kitkat 4.4 upgrade didnt go so well. No visual voicemail available after the upgrade. I spent 2 hours at Verizon last week, and on phone with Verizon engineers on the phone. Great. They sent me back to basic vmail cuz they didn’t have a fix, they didn’t know they had a problem. On 5/13/14 i tried to upgrade myself to Visual vmail, and still didn’t work. Another hour on phone with Verizon tech, he said the LG engineers would be out with a fix by the end of May. I noticed on my phone that to subscribe to visual voicemail, it is now called Premium visual voicemail (still $2.99 mo), and the setup looks different, but it is finally working. i received Vmail Error message that told me to go to Main>settings >application manager>voicemail> click on DATA box. REBOOT the phone. Then I finally had Premium visual voicemail, and it is still working. Verizon Tech called me today, I told him what I did to fix it. He was glad but they have been stumped.

  • kelly1519

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  • Chris Ramsden II

    I can confirm tap and pay with Google Wallet works! Went to the gas station to try it out. Verizon Kitkat, unrooted, 100% stock. I wasn’t expecting that out of the box, hats off to you, Verizon.

  • Tyler5477

    I got update ota at about 330pm… randomly checked and it was there


  • tyson184

    no BS – I was updating my LG G2 via the VZW Software update assistant and was in the ‘firmware update’ stage when my wife literally closed my laptop (not realizing what magic was happening) so everything froze up and i thought it was brick city.

    I was able to hard restart the phone but now I can’t get the phone to sync with VZW Soft assistant – I even uninstalled the driver and reinstalled, but the Assistant won’t recognize my phone – so the i can’t select it for the upgrade.

    What should I do?

  • andrewstuart81

    ATnT is leader of service provider its just a matter of days before this technology is crushed by atnt http://bit.ly/Rt1P91

  • Ron

    For the record it’s now available OTA even on a LG G2 white. (and it’s much smaller than 2G. It’s about 700MB)

  • Tyler

    Just got it OTA

    • maciquatk

      me too

  • ramvoo78

    Getting it now !

  • luis

    You can’t download this update OTA it’s 2GB!

    Be sure to dowload the LG usb drivers.

    Activate developer mode on your LG (Go to settings>About Phone>Software Information and tap on build number until you get a prompt on the bottom of your phone saying “You are now a developer”)

    Go to developer options in settings and check usb debugging.

    Connect your phone to your computer and open up your computer folder and under the devices and drivers section there should be an option saying LGdevices or something like that.

    Open that up and click on verizon software upgrade assistant at the bottom.

    Once that’s open it should detect your phone and prompt you there’s a new update available and begin downloading it.

    • luis

      I forgot to add that once you connect your phone to your computer change your connection setting on your phone to internet connection then select modem

      • ChristianPasquariello

        i just downloaded the update to 4.4.2 ota and it’s 664mb. WTH?

        • snn5

          Mine too…NOT 2GB

  • DavidB

    White G2 stock in Northern Virginia.
    Tried these methods from two different PC’s with every type of USB connection mode and fail.
    Finally gave up. Let battery charge to 100% and for grins did an OTA upgrade check. A 670MB upgrade is downloading now.

    • snn5

      670mb is a far cry from 2GB….i wonder why some of us got that smaller OTA.

  • Chris

    I’ve got the software assistant downloaded but it doesn’t see the phone when I connect it, but then Windows asks me what do I want to do with the device I just connected….grrrrr…..any thoughts?

    • Chris

      I just got the ota update, took about 15 minutes, but I am now running kit kat

  • Juan Vargas

    What USB cable are u guys using?….the one that came with the phone?

    • misterbill

      Doesn’t matter, but yes that will work.

  • Juan Vargas

    It doesnt work for me!!!!

  • panicswhenubered

    Oh look, ISIS Wallet… the first thing I removed after rooting my G2 🙂

  • John Waite

    Auto Rec works for flashing recovery, painless


  • Elliot Gardner

    One note… if you haven’t done it before, you have to download the LG USB driver for Windows for your phone to show up as a CD/DVD drive – http://tool.xcdn.gdms.lge.com/dn/downloader.dev?fileKey=UW00520120427

    • misterbill

      Thanks. That is important info that was missing.

  • Kevin

    Rollout starts today for OTA.

  • keithsmith22

    Why would I keep getting this? It won’t open the update tool.

  • Alberto Vilanova

    I have the white G2 and it doesn’t show up in the upgrade assistant. I tried unplugging it so many times and it still doesn’t work. Tried every option and still won’t show up. Looks like I’m going to have to wait until the OTA.

    • David Burns

      White G2 stock here also.
      The Upgrade Assistant software installs and runs, then goes through a “Checking Device” process 3 times. But nothing ever shows up after that on the “Select a device to upgrade” screen.

    • Samsmome

      I too have the white lg g2. After everything installed, I unplugged my phone waited a few seconds and plugged it back in. It then showed up. Installed, so far so good. 1 other thing I did was use my hotspot to download the update to the computer instead of home wifi. I pay extra for it, so why not use it. The whole process was about 1/2 an hour. Hope this helps. I also have unlimited data.

    • snn5

      Most all us White phone owners had to wait for the small 670mb OTA.

  • G2 help

    This isn’t working for me. How does one get this to upgrade?

    • pubasnacks77

      Took me a couple of tries before finally going through.

    • G2 help

      well finally got this to work. At first I was selecting a connection type (mtp, charge etc) and then checking for upgrade. Nothing happened no matter how many times i unplugged/plugged back in. Then I decided to not actually pick a connection type and check for upgrade….after 2 unplug/plug in’s…it finally recognized my g2 and its upgrading as we speak

      • Aj Bastedo

        What is the default set at under PC connection? When u do this

  • None

    got the Verizon/LG upgrade software to work but after it check my LG G2 it said no upgrade available 🙁