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Chromecast Support Headed for MLB At Bat App Today

Google announced that the official At Bat application from Major League Baseball will receive Chromecast support today, allowing baseball fans the opportunity to stream games right to their big screen.

From any Android device that is currently running a Premium subscription to MLB.TV ($24.99, I believe), simply slap the Cast button found on the video, and off you will be. While the game is playing, you can use your phone as a second screen, checking scores and stats from around the league, getting the most out of your baseball time. 

The At Bat app should see an update today with the new feature, so keep your eyes peeled.

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Via: Chrome Blogspot
Cheers William!
  • d-rock

    Love it!! I’ve been using my Xbox and probably still will, but if I want to watch it in the bedroom or study I can now!! Good job MLB!! My feedback worked!

  • beisball been berry berry bad


  • CHRIS42060

    I have been waiting for this all season. The app on my LG SmartTV does not work all that great for MLB.TV, so I was hoping this would appear this season. I watched a little bit of a game earlier today it already liking it a lot more than the SmartTV app. I am hoping NHL adds this ability to NHL Gamecenter premium next season as well!


    Hopefully I can watch the game recaps on the big screen also…I don’t have the premium subscription

    • mike

      This is what I’m hoping for too! What version of the app has Chromecast?

  • Nick

    Let me get this straight. I live in LA and the only way I can watch the Dodgers is to find a live stream online, usually in another language. Or I can pay 220 bucks for directv extra innings. But since I’m in LA, the Dodgers will still be blacked out. Or I can pay MLB.tv 140 bucks and an additional 20 bucks to watch on my chromecast. Oh yeah, I live in LA, so the Dodgers will still be blacked out. So I pay more money for access to a VPN so they think I’m in the east coast. Now I have latency issues and can’t get a reliable stream without constant buffering. Maby I can watch them at a bar. Nope. Every bar has directv. No wonder Time Warner Cable was voted worst company in America. I JUST WANT TO WATCH THE DAMN DODGERS!

    • CHRIS42060

      MLB.TV is only $129.99 for the season (or $24.99/Month if your prefer paying monthly) and there is no additional charge for Chromecast support. I am not sure if the Dodgers Games will be blacked out because you live in LA. I will have to try to watch a Tigers game when the next one is on to see since I live closest to Detroit.

    • G2 Owner

      MAN! I hear you. Everytime The dodgers post on FAcebook, Google+, etc.. all you get is comments about, “so what? i cant see them and i live in LA.” pretty whack how that went down. How does anyone (except TWC) win? even bars must be losing business. Sorry to hear that man.

  • Chris M

    Didnt see this coming. This is a nice surprise! Keep them coming Chromecast! Go Rays!

  • Chris B

    Now if I could only watch the games I want to and not fall in the supidest blackout policy of all SPORTS!!!

  • Boblank84

    i could be wrong but i think the 19.99 for for audio and video clips, not live games.

  • Ohhh wow not bad at all. So only 20 bucks to watch all games on ur phone/chromcast!

    Or pay 120 to watch from computer and anywhere?! hmmmm

    • Nope, just the Game of the day.

      Watch the Free MLB.TV Game of the Day or access your MLB.TV Premium subscription to watch every out-of-market game

      • i thought game of the day is free no subscription

        or u can get the 20 or 2.99 plan to watch all other games?

        • I sub’d with the $2.99 a month plan and you can watch ZERO games. It requires an MLB.TV premium subscription.

          • wow so you have to pay 130 a year for mlb.tv premium AND 20 a year for mlb.tv mobile app?!?!

            EDIT i think its free with the mlb tv premium though… so what is the 20 a year and 2.99 fee for ?!

          • Jeff

            Sounds like multiple access avenues. If you have MLB.TV then maybe you don’t have to pay 20. If you don’t and don’t want to pay for MLB.TV then you can pay the 20 for the app and still get access. Regardless, you have to pay for full access in the app.

          • CHRIS42060

            I have MLB.TV Premium and I did not have to pay any extra to use all of the MLB At Bat features. Watching via Chromecast works perfectly fine for me as well. Best $130 I ever spent….. I can watch Pirates games just about anywhere.

          • Kevin Donnelly

            $20 a year gets you audio streaming of every game. I’ve done that every year for the last five or so; and it doesn’t include blackout restrictions.

          • Kevin

            Lol, where you pissed?

  • I thought its $120 a year for mlb.tv premium?

  • CaptainHowdy13

    Selling a PS3 now if anyone is interested haha

    • What were you thinking…

      • CaptainHowdy13

        That everything I use for watching tv is available on chrome cast now. I still need the ps3 for blu ray though, and I guess amazon prime as well…

        • Amazon needs to get with it already.

        • CHRIS42060

          I was considering the same thing. I can get Amazon Prime Videos through my SmartTV, so I will just be missing a Blu Ray player.

  • jasenm

    If NFL does this I’m in trouble. Love my chromecast!

  • schex13

    Hopefully this will lead to other things that MLB Advanced Media produces also being put on Chromecast, like the WWE app.

  • Boblank84

    This is great. now hoping for blackout restriction reform. has anyone messed around trying to circumvent blackout restriction on the mlb app this year. Years ago faking gps worked, but did not seem to last year.

    • ddevito

      I use a VPN (paid annual service, $40/yr) to get around it – I say it’s worth it as I subscribe to MLB.TV for the Yankees and NHL Gamecenter for the Devils – both are local teams in my area. I usually use servers in FL or CA for the workaround, then turn my macbook into a hotspot in my house.

      • Boblank84

        thanks, i will look into this. pretty much the only reason i still pay for cable.

        • ddevito

          privateinternetaccess (.com)

    • schex13

      I’ve used the Hola Chrome extension for this and selected “United States.” I guess it used a VPN that wasn’t near DC where I am and was able to avoid the blackout restriction.

      • Boblank84

        interesting. was just looking and they also have an android app. have you tried that?

        • Nick

          The app does work, however it really slowed by connection. I set Mexico as my VPN. I’m curious to see if I’ll be able to connect to WiFi and use this.

    • JBartcaps

      It’s such a stupid restriction. My roommates and I don’t pay for cable and we live in the DC/Baltimore and are unable to watch any Nats/Orioles games through MLB.tv because of this rule.

      • LionStone

        Yup, it’s only worth it if you live OUT of the area that your team is in. ie. If I lived full time on the East coast I’d get it because my team is the SF GIANTS. So I just listen to it thru the app with my teams announcers. Even WITH cable on the East coast they won’t air the Giants games, only if, maybe, they are playing an East coast team, so unAmerican!

        • JBartcaps

          Right so let’s say you now live in D.C. and the Giants are play the Nationals for a 4 game series and you don’t own cable, you would be out of luck trying to watch the Giants via MLB.tv because you are in the Nationals market and they are televised locally. There should be no restrictions for streaming a game if you pay $25 a month.

          • LionStone

            Yep, they are missing out on some serious revenue because of their “restrictions”.

  • BillySuede


  • DanielMena9

    I just bought the non-premium one because I thought this would never come 🙁

    Might still have to purchase 😀

  • joseph barrientos

    wow, i don’t watch baseball too often but im excited to see sport streaming!!!

  • ddevito

    This is great news. I currently use my Apple TV to watch my MLB.TV games and since I’m a cord cutter (NY area) I have to use a VPN to watch Yankee games. This will undoubtedly make it easier.

  • IrmaEMontiel

    From any Android device that is currently running a Premium subscription to MLB.TV ($24.99, I believe), simply slap the Cast button found on the video, and off you will be. While the game is playing, you can use your phone as a second screen, checking scores and stats from around the league, getting the most out of your baseball time. http://buyh.tk/wC

  • XvierX

    This is so cool. Chromecast keeps getting better everyday. Hopefully there will be NBA and NFL apps that can do the same.

    • jddunkley

      Totally agree, if the NBA app gets it, I would love my life.

      • LionStone

        Yes! NBA and UFCTV too!

  • Chip

    Any guess as to whether the iOS app will be updated to cast as well?


      Yes, according to Google.

  • Arnold

    Wow. That’s pretty solid. I might actually pay full price for the subscription now..

  • Sean Dowd

    I wish they’d update their app for ART support. One step at a time I suppose…

    • ddevito

      why would they update it for ART when it’s not the default runtime for Android yet?

      • Sean Dowd

        Why is anyone updating their apps for ART then? Quiz Up just updated their app for ART. Why not be ahead of the curve?

        • ddevito

          I guess it’s fine to have it on the shelf ready to go, but I certainly wouldn’t update – too many headaches to support for right now.

          • JBartcaps

            Or the kinks will be ironed out before ART is default

    • mike

      My phone is using art and I use the app just fine. Haven’t tested Chromecast yet though

  • litobirdy

    Now that is a nice unexpected app to get chromecast update