MLB At Bat Premium Features Free to T-Mobile Customers

As hardcore baseball fans who are also on T-Mobile should know by now, much like last year, the carrier is offering a free subscription to the MLB At Bat application. For regular folks who are not on T-Mobile, the usual process is much more expensive. First, you can either pay for the app and its Premium features outright for $19.99 at the beginning of the season or you can sign up for a monthly subscription (which is new this year) for $2.99 a month.

On the downside, however, streaming games is not part of that package. Total ripoff, right? In order to stream games, you will need an MLB.TV subscription, which is about $24.99 a month to access games on all of your devices. Although, with a MLB.TV subscription, it comes with At Bat Premium bundled for your phone, so if you need your baseball fix on the daily, then a MLB.TV subscription is the way to go.  (more…)

Chromecast Support Headed for MLB At Bat App Today

Google announced that the official At Bat application from Major League Baseball will receive Chromecast support today, allowing baseball fans the opportunity to stream games right to their big screen.

From any Android device that is currently running a Premium subscription to MLB.TV ($24.99, I believe), simply slap the Cast button found on the video, and off you will be. While the game is playing, you can use your phone as a second screen, checking scores and stats from around the league, getting the most out of your baseball time.  (more…)

MLB At Bat Updated for the All Star Break, Brings Push Notifications for Teams


We are nearing the half way mark for the MLB season, meaning it’s not too late for them to push out new features for the official At Bat 13 app on Android. Inside the update, which is numbered version 2.3.0, fancy push notifications can be set for whichever team you would like, allowing for pings on when games start/end, there is a lead change and also when there are video highlights.  (more…)