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Motorola: RAZR HD and RAZR M Kit Kat Updates Arrive in a “Few More Weeks”

Over the weekend, Motorola’s David Schuster gave DROID RAZR HD and RAZR M owners some fantastic news on the Kit Kat update front. According to Schuster, Motorola has made “great progress” on the updates and should be able to deliver them within a “few more weeks.” 

Moto confirmed back in November that this family of phones would be updated to Android 4.4+ at some point, but doubts had begun to arise after months of silence. Well, we did see a special software “test drive” arrive in March, though nothing really came of it.

He didn’t mention the RAZR MAXX HD, specifically, but did say the “2012 DROID family,” which includes that model.

As we know more, we’ll be sure to pass it along.

Via:  +David Schuster
  • GlorNax

    I hope to he** that the issues regarding push updates and signing into guest networks are addressed

  • Tired of waiting for Verizon to roll the LG G2 kitkat update, I think when my contract ends it will be time to jump ship to another carrier that is a little more responsive to keeping things updated.

  • Man1

    Motorola suck outside of the US. I have 2 yes 2 current Motorola devices, the Razri and Razr HD and both haven’t been updated to Kitkat yet as promised. The Razr HD is 1 month old and I only purchased it because they promised it would be updated by now. This is the third time I’ve come back to Motorola and regardless of who owns them their treatment of customers outside the US still hasn’t changed. I have now ordered a HTC one M8 and will never again own a Motorola device! I will also tell everyone of how they treat customers outside the US both with product launch and customer service which is abysmal considering I’m probably one of the 1000 customers they have in the UK.

  • rodney11ride

    I love all the people on here claiming the phone is junk, moved on to an iPhone or Samsung. I’ve had both. Came back to the HD maxx purely for the battery. Nothing new out there besides a note that come close. 291 apps installed , no battery saving steps, notifications, three emails, 15 total hours. 6 hours screen on time. I was soooo tired of worried bout charging. Maybe its my routine where I can’t always be by a charger. Or hated when I get home from work and ready to go to dinner but phone was needing charging. Less attractive phone yes. But still sticking with a maxx new or old. No bloatware enough to send me to Samsung. Don’t get me started on LG. Moto for life! Lol

  • Jprime

    And this is why I dumped this phone for the moto x, free with an upgrade, on big red

    • rodney11ride

      And why you plug your charger in before me. Period.

      • Jprime

        but i dont; i literally just switched phones and my moto x’s battery lasts longer.

        • rodney11ride

          U gonna make me buy one to compare aren’t ya… Lol I just don’t believe it

          • Jprime

            24 hrs I was at 50%…good enough for me! My friend had one since launch, he’s down to 25% in 24 hrs. I’d be glad with that too

  • Calling it like I see it

    Longtime Moto fan. These update lags are inexcusable. Ready to move onto Samsung or (gulp) try the iPhone 6 in the fall.

  • patrick

    And no indication as to when the VZW Galaxy S4 gets the Kitkat update. What the heck is taking so long Verizon? How long does it take to make sure your bloatware works on Kitkat?

  • Motorola is the best

    It’s not Verizon with the updates, it’s the OEM and Samsung sucks anyway cause they take forever with updates and if your not in a major city your signal sucks and their laggy and that’s a lot of reviews by users and that’s also on all the newer ones. Also, touchwiz blows. Their more worried about giving you crap that you’ll never use than giving you a fast phone with great signal and battery life.

  • Eric Vandemark

    Oh you can update your old phones, but you won’t update the more popular ones like the Note 3 or the S4? You can’t even give info on those devices?! **** you Verizon!! Looking forward to the end of my contract!!!

  • Tom Z

    Hopefully this doesn’t break root or re-lock the phone.

  • Severo Rivera

    What about the atrix HD?

  • Kobe

    Am I the only one that doesn’t want this update? FoxFi>KitKat

  • Ryan O’Neill

    YES! This should tide me over for 6 months until my contract’s up!

  • I still haven’t updated my Droid Maxx so i can use foxfi.

  • Matthew
  • peggsie

    When will my S4 on Verizon get kit kat? to heck with the antique phones

  • good news for my pops since i gave him my hd after i got myself the x

  • Arthur Numeriano

    What about Razr i?

    • They didnt mention the date, but the update is happening. Im waiting too. I love the Razr i.

    • Man1

      I get the impression they don’t care about what happens outside the US. By the time they update the better built devices a new OS version will be out, My Razr HD is new and it came without KItkat. They have already updated the Moto G to Kitkat so it can be done when they want your money but once they’ve got it they don’t give a damn.

  • jonnyrazr

    When will Droid Maxx get 4.4.2?

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      David Schuster from the post linked above, in the comments:

      “we have had a number of different and unfortunately changing requirements with respect to getting these upgrades out to you. I am sure you are frustrated and we are too. Anyway, we hopefully past that now and are working to get you the upgrades as quickly as we can but it will still be a few more weeks”

    • Axel

      Might go to 4.4.3 instead

    • Ryan O’Neill

      Can’t you be happy with 4.4 for a little while?

      • rodney11ride

        My thoughts exactly. Jesus

  • RoomTenONine

    Meh. I’ve been Running the official CM11 nightlies (KK 4.4.2) for the 8960 chips (2012 razr family) since around late Jan. http://www.cmxlog.com/11/moto_msm8960/

  • WAldenIV

    Just in time for me to buy a Moto X. I’ve already given up on my Razr M. The performance the last few weeks has been terrible.

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      Someone on ebay is selling Verizon X’s for 220 shipped. Get on it.

    • bobbyp

      We retired a HD Maxx and and M last month and went to G2’s. The maxx is now just a kids toy. Shame actually but I’m not giving up my G2 anytime soon.

  • duke69111

    I hope they don’t get the update before the LG G2 on Verizon.

    • blahblahblah

      LG vs Moto. Think about that for a second, then read your post again.

      • JasonWhite

        Except every other carrier in the US has updated the G2. Even most carriers globally have. It has nothing to do with LG at this point. The hold up seems to be completely Verizon.

        • Cael

          That wireless charging must be giving them problems /s

          • BobbyG

            I was thinking it was the thinner rear buttons

    • K

      Hopefully Verizon is waiting for LG to add knock code cause this wait is terrible. Still happy I went back to the G2 after being with the Moto X for a few months but I need that KitKat Verizon! In the meantime the leaked build is running smoothly 🙂

    • Mike H.

      I have given up on my g2 getting the update. Verizon refuses to let it impede sales in anyway.

      • wtfsss

        Mine has it right now

  • ali jawad

    Any dice on the OG Droid RAZR getting Kit Kat too? Or is that too underpowered to run Kit Kat efficiently?

    • rodney11ride

      From all the talk. I believe just 2012 line. No original razr

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      My cousin has that phone and it’s God awful slow. I think it’d blow up if it gets an update

      • Have him root it and add Lag Fix. That will enable TRIM and speed up the memory for a day or two.

        • ali jawad

          lol, only for a day or two before it reverts to a crawl… or blow up?

          • Back to a crawl. lol.

            It suffers from the same issue that made teh 2012 Nexus 7 slow down until they enabled TRIM in Android 4.3. It would be so simple for Moto to fix this it’s a shame they let people’s phones do this.

          • But yeah just use Lagfix every other day and you’ll be fine. It will feel like new right after.

    • Six83

      No… Just HD, HD MAXX, M and i…

    • Cael

      It has an OMAP so nope!

  • P3droid

    yes the updates are real, and are spectacular. The M runs better on KK and people should see some improvement but it is not going to turn the M into a X.

    • rodney11ride


      • Daeshaun Griffiths

        …thats p3…he’s reliable. IMO. If you were in the rooting scene when Donut came out, you should know him.

        • blahblahblah

          Doesn’t mean sources are irrelevant. Regardless of someone’s internet status.

          • Exactly, remember Bionic? Sarge didn’t turn out to be very correct…

          • Sarge

            Hey now…

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            P3 has a nearly spotless record when it comes to Motorola. If he says it’s better, I 100% believe him.

          • tharealoc

            He is the source…

        • rodney11ride

          Sounds good to me!

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    “Few More Weeks” . . . DAMN YOU VERIZON!. . . Just like old times… Now back to my Nexus 5. . .

    • Henry Flower

      I’m running a Razr M but have thought of upping to Nexus 5. How big a difference?

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Ultimate Fluidity. It hangs with the big dogs no problem.