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Droid Life Q&A Sessions: Volume 20

It has been more than a month since we did a DL Q&A Session, and since then, we have seen the release of both flagship devices from Samsung and HTC.

In the comments section of this post, you can ask the DL staff members anything you might need to know, whether it concern which phone you should buy this year, what wearable device we are looking forward to the most, or an assortment of anything else that might be on your mind. 

This coming Friday, we will take a few of our favorite questions and let the team have at them.

To see all of our previous Q&A’s, check them out here.

  • Steveo

    Might be too late to ask, but really curious if there is any truth to last month’s Sony Xperia Z2 coming to Verzion? – http://www.phonearena.com/news/Is-the-Sony-Xperia-Z2-coming-to-Verizon-as-an-exclusive_id54359

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    Favorite kind of bagel? Cream cheese?

  • What is the largest number of Android devices you’ve used in one day, and what were all of them (as many as you can remember)?

  • Neil Fujiwara

    Considering that Samsung, HTC, LG, and Apple are all releasing slight upgrades to their 2013 editions, do you feel that either the OnePlusOne or Ara can capitalize on bored consumers?

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    opinions on Hera? Google has its core services, do you think they’ll make a skin and make all their apps feel like one browser ? “powered by android” seems to lead to that. Whats next for android? What do think will come out of i/o?

  • michael arazan

    Do you Know If Google and Dish are still going to Partner for a new Cellular Carrier? Or is Dish still working on a carrier?

    It was announced over a year ago with Dish predicting it would open a carrier by the end of last year. No official word from that.

    Also is Verizon still getting More Nexus Devices? Was the N7 it, or is their 2 more coming or One more?

  • Kree Terry

    What do you hope will be android’s next big feature? Do you think the next release of android will be more refinement or a feature release?

  • ChuckDz3

    Now that majority of the highly anticipated phones have been released.. If you could take certain features from each phone to make the best one, what would they be?

  • Richard Giordano

    what do u see or expect the next line of Verizon Droids to look like and what features would like to see added to them software wise? since the droid life team really didn’t seem to like last years DROIDS cause of capacitive buttons instead of on screen and the glossy bck.

  • ki11ak3nn

    Do you think the OnePlus One will be the S5 and M8 killer?? And if not, which phone do you think will do it??

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      if it isnt on verizon, and only as an unlocked phone for AT&T/T-Mo, probably DOA

      • ki11ak3nn

        I don’t know about DOA just for not being on Verizon, which we know it’s not gonna be available on. CDMA just isn’t used in other parts of the world. Which is where they’re marketing the phone. I’m sure it’ll sell well enough to see another phone. I’m looking forward to it.

  • Chuck Peebles

    What happens when you put a Verizon Sim in a Sony Ultra GPE? Does it get LTE data?

  • mbagasao

    What is your perfect burger/beer combo? On the tech side, do you think Android Wearables will be compatible for both Android and iOS?

  • Silver Veloz

    When you switch to your next device, will you miss the Moto X Active Display? Or will that become common on future devices? Are you gonna go for the next Moto X version?

  • Damian

    What’s your favorite beer?
    What’s your favorite restaurant or fast food joint?
    Boxers or Briefs?

  • David Field

    I currently have a Nexus 5. I like the camera of the GS5 and the build quality, sense 6.0 of the M8 – I am torn on which way I should go – OR should I just be happy with my nexus 5? after all – of all the reviews and benchmarks I have read – it seems like the N5 still beats out both in certain areas (which is one reason I am holding back a bit).

  • Corey Smith

    I’m in of “App-sistance.” I’m a user of the blu-ray.com My Movies app. It’s great cause you can scan the barcodes from your collection, and then store the information in the cloud. I’m looking for something similar for my music collection. Any help would be appreciated. I have an out-dated MS Access database but don’t have a good way to upload it into something useful anymore.

  • antwonw

    HTC One (M8), Samsung Galaxy S5, Moto X, Nexus 5, LG G2 or OnePlus One? Which one would you recommend the most?

    • Nexoduss

      Note 3

      • antwonw

        There, changed it. lol.

  • Brent Cooper

    When do you think the days of poor Android cameras and camera software will come to an end for most all flagships or Nexus models?

  • Brent Cooper

    What current phone(or rumored to be released soon phone) do you think is currently the “best”? In other words, what phone would you pick now(or hold out a little longer for) if you had to be on that phone for a long period of time(i.e. a contract)?

  • Damian

    What is the origin of Tim-o-tato?

    • Orgins

      Tim + Tomato + Potato = Tim-o-tato?

  • 1. Will Kobe’s Lakers get him Title #6? If not, will they at least be relevant again in the playoffs before his body forces him to retire?

    2. HTC One (2013 & 2014) got them back in the game; is this one device (Mini/Max included) enough to keep them afloat past next year?

    3. Is T-Mobile’s strategy really having that much of an impact on Verizon and At&T? If so, is it sustainable?

    4. Possible names for the next major iteration of Android? Licorice/Lollipop/Lava Cake/Lemonade/Lemon Meringue OR corporate sponsored brand name again?

    5. Once Motorola officially becomes part of Lenovo, will we have a “greater” chance of seeing a Motorola Nexus Device (or wearable)?

    6. Do any of you predict the ultimate end of all phone subsidies?

    7. Apple wanted to lead everybody, Samsung wanted to take out(replace) Apple; who has the greatest chance to eclipse Samsung?

    8. Speaking of Apple vs Samsung….regarding the court battles, are you: bored with it, intrigued by it, apathetic towards it, or really want one or the other to “win”?

    9. Marvel or DC?

    10. Will Ben Affleck nail it, fail miserably, or perform somewhere in the middle as Batman?

  • Mark

    Question to all of you….

    If you could be any tool from Home Depot, which would you be? And of course why?

  • Lavman72

    I’d like to see Kellen review the new Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 /Neo and compare it to the Toq he waxes poetically about. Also, why does he torture himself with the Braves hat.

  • Mark Aaron Collado

    What Flagship phone would you leave the Nexus 5 for this year?

  • BK

    Anything new on Google Voice?

  • Phoneyogi

    What we can expect from new moto X and Nexus? And will new nexus really be called nexus or Google has something different in mind?

  • Michael

    Favorite Super Hero?

  • Josh Martin

    So… Google updated Hangouts with Stickers and Short Video Messaging…. Still hasn’t been brought to Android after about 2 months. What are your opinions on Google neglecting Android by showing love exclusively to iOS? 🙂

    • BK

      Yes! Especially with Hangouts. Give us voice calling already!

  • Green

    I’ve heard rumors that there might be a new Droid coming in the 4th quarter. Have you guys heard anything? Possible?
    Kellex has a different wedding band. Why black? I like it.
    I went to DC for the Sakura Matsuri this past Saturday. On the Metro, talked with 3 guys that had Google Glass. They had met up with 4 other guys with Glass. Kind of a mini-convention. Said they’ll do it again next year. Is this normal behavior? 🙂

  • James Monday

    Is it too early to talk rumors/speculation on the next Nexus? Or the future of Nexus generally?

  • MichaelFranz

    Will you guys be getting a google glass explorer edition when it goes public?

    • I think they already have one in house. 😉

  • MichaelFranz

    Are we at a point where the only good custom roms are in AOSP? It’s hard to find custom roms built off of stock firmware with performace tweeks here and there. I remember the old HTC phone days where so much kernel dev work was done to eek out every little bit of battery on the d-inc and tbolt. Also those phones both had stock roms which were leaps and bounds over the OEM

  • Orion

    When will Tim rock a T-shirt that says “jank” on it?

    • Janky

      You’ll go Blind if you Jank too much : P

      • That was hysterical lol 20 points for Gryffindor.

  • What ever happened to the LG Lifeband Touch? Haven’t heard anything about it since its announcement at CES and I thought it was supposed to be a Q1 release.

  • WAldenIV

    What is the best off-contract phone for the money?


    Between the M8 and the S5, what do you think is a better overall “package”? I know the camera sucks on the M8, but the software experience seems to better on the M8. It’s faster, has less “jank”, but everyone loves Samsung.

  • SeanPlunk

    Even with very tiny bezels, do you think the LG G3 with a screen at 5.5″ will be too big for the casual phone crowd?

  • guest

    please tell us what going on with VoLTE, especially with verizon. This is all I will be concerned about until it is rolled out. Being off contract with unlimited data – the phones matter less to me than this does. Please cover it as much as you can in as much detail as you can.

    Thank you droid-life

    • Chuck Peebles

      You know there’s a way to upgrade at the discounted price and keep unlimited data, right?

  • ReturnOfTheMack

    How did your brackets fare??

  • BigTimmay

    Any new plans for the site for this year? New features planned etc? Or just plan to keep on keepin on..?

  • ToRok

    will my lg g2 on Verizon get the kit kat update…very frustrated all other carriers have received it…thanks

    • ToRok

      If so when?

    • Thomas O’Brien

      Yes, but not until Q4 2015

  • Alec

    Who would you guys want to make the next Nexus smartphone?

    • BigTimmay

      Oh now there’s an original question that’s not asked EVERY SINGLE Q&A.

  • qudwls6933

    Any update on kitkat update for verizon S4?

  • dcline

    Is there a setting on the s5 that when the battery is fully charged the screen does not stay lighted up. When I wake up my phone lock screen is always on.

    • MichaelFranz

      in developer options there is an option to always have screen on while charging. Check that

      • dcline

        Thanks, it worked!

  • Eric G Canoy

    Should I stick with Verizon and my unlimited plan?

    • Jonathan Williams

      Yes. Will it exist in 2015? Hoping yes, too since I have one as well.

  • KB

    What size screen will Ron go for on his iPhone 6?

    • BigTimmay
    • The Narrator


    • mustbepbs

      Is Ron still around?

      • grumpyfuzz

        Yes, he posted a review of an app recently.

        • DL4Lyf

          Ever watch the Droid Life show, he’s there every time,m except once

          • grumpyfuzz

            yes, I have… But he has also posted a review of an app.

  • Gato Mafioso

    If Apple does release an iPhone with a bigger screen, and possibly even a phablet variant, do you think it will have a big affect on android’marketshare? Obviously this doesn’t apply to the hardcore android fanbase.

    • Alec

      When Apple releases a larger screen iPhone, they are just filling the demand for it because that’s what people want. It will be like any other iPhone release, they will sell millions, but it’s not like there will be unusually high numbers.

  • Zain Kalwani

    Has anyone tried the Elix-R Rom?

  • Zain Kalwani

    Which Rom is the Best for the Nexus 5?

  • Cael

    If the rumors of the Z2 coming to Verizon are true, would you get it?

  • cj

    What about ICS on incredible 2?

    • Cael


  • I know this is not really for you to answer but I’m going to take a shot…

    would anyone know when the Note 3 is going to get Kit Kat on Verizon????
    Every other carrier has had their updates… whats the hold up on Big Red???

    • Thomas O’Brien

      You mean just like the G2?

      • Exactly!!! Big Red is always first for phones but last for updates…. SMH I don’t get it

      • Gato Mafioso

        Sad thing is a prepaid LG device just came to Verizon and it already has KitKat on it 🙁

  • HoosierDaddy

    If you could pick one phone to buy for 2014 what would you choose given the latest news?

  • Ricky Ortiz

    What price point do you think LG and Moto will have for their respective smart watches?

  • cransr

    Any idea when to expect kitkat to come to the GS4 on verizon?