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Developer of Today Calendar Widgets Releases “Today” Minimal Calendar App

If you are one of the few people out there who cannot live with the bland look of the Calendar in stock Android, but cannot bring yourself to leave the high level of functionality, Today is a calendar app for you. Despite being derived from the same base as the stock Calendar, the developer touts the app as a “truly beautiful app,” given the UI overhaul he has given to it.

Those of you who have tried the Today Calendar Widgets know Underwood’s taste for design, and likely will be pleased to know that the Pro version of the widgets come bundled with the Calendar app to make a full package. The developer has stated that, if you contact him, he will refund the price of the widgets if you have purchased them in the past and want to upgrade to the full calendar app.

In terms of functionality, Underwood states that, “Today contains all the features you would find in the stock calendar app,” but has made some improvements overall. For example, the Calendar’s Month view shows Today’s “All-In-One” view instead, which combines the Agenda and Month views  in order to increase productivity.

Also, the UI is anything but lacking for Today, making this app a huge recommendation for you to try out and let us know what you think.

Play Link ($2.99)

Via: +Jack Underwood
  • sski66

    I have the older widgets of this Cal. app & this looks pretty cool too. Anyone notice if u set a reminder in the app do u get [2] reminders sent to u, one from stock, & one from this even if u set witch one for alerts…has that happened to anyone ?

  • tom riddle

    Looking at the pictures…does this app not use immersive mode?

  • Raven

    My favorite calendar has long been Touch Calendar. Great widget and app both. I love that it show’s appointments in a small but readable font instead of showing useless colored dots for the month view and how slick the zooming in and out is. It also handles having 6 calendar sources just fine.

  • Hothfox

    Looks great! I like that I can see the month view and have individual day’s appointments below it – biggest complaint about the Google Calendar app. I threw $3 his way, and am not even going to bother asking for a refund for my widget purchase [because I’m not a cheapskate]. He does good work, glad to support this dev.

    • ilovetechnology

      Yes, the improved month view alone earned my $3. I have never cared for the stock calendar’s month view and this fixes it perfectly without messing much with the rest of the stock UI.

    • anezarati

      Can you get that month with agenda view as a widget or is that configuration trough the app?

      • Hothfox

        You could add both widget types to your home screen – that seems to be the only way.

  • Pretty horrible calendar since it forces you to sync just to use it instead of just being a simple calendar.

  • Kerri Struggle

    I have these same calendar functionality vs. design issues, but I’ve been pretty happy with DigiCal (Pro) for a while now. Always glad to see other options though.

  • Ryoen Deprouw

    Who will pay 3$ for a Facebook layout?

  • Jason Downing
    • Yes, but it’s time limited and should be self-destructing soon 😛

      • Jason Downing

        Figured as much, but if people still want to give it a try before spending the $2.99.

    • Mboogie

      Good looking out! I’m going to try it out for a few days and see if it can possibly replace the stock calendar.

  • sonicemerald

    why pay $3 now when I can wait for the next calendar ui for free?

    • Hothfox

      Because it’s three lousy dollars.

      • OF

        What if he only has two dollars?

        • Kerri Struggle

          ya geeeeez

        • Hothfox

          If you literally only have $2 disposable income, he should probably reevaluate owning a smartphone with a data plan.

          And yes, I know you were being sarcastic, but I just get really annoyed when people complain about a $3 app when they’re holding a phone that costs $600+ retail.

          • tom riddle

            $600+…you people are rich.

          • Hothfox

            These smartphones retail for $600+ usually. Some people buy them under contract. I feel like my point is still valid there, though. If you can pay $200 to sign a cell phone contract, you can buy a $3 app once in a while without breaking the bank.

  • Derek Duncan

    looking eerily similar to the leaked calendar…

    • He was hard at work on this way before, I was in the beta 😉

      • Derek Duncan

        Yea, I’m thinking someone at Google ‘borrowed’ the look 🙂

        • Cael

          Maybe Google bought them but has not released that information yet lol

      • Pete Arado

        Hey we just talked about this! Looks like it was ready a lot sooner than we thought 😉

      • Hothfox

        Is there a beta community on Google+?