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Sonos Adds Support for Google Play Music

Sonos makes high-quality wireless sound systems that support a respectable list of music services, but a list from which Google Play Music has long been a absent. Thankfully, that’s finally changing: Sonos revealed today that it’s adding support for Play Music to its range of products.

In the company’s announcement, Sonos touted a few key features that it believes makes its Play Music integration second to none. You can play music in “Hi-Fi” sound directly to Sonos from an Android device, for example, and use the Google Play Music app to start a song and control the volume in any room. You can also use the Sonos app to stream music to multiple rooms, or use Play music in conjunction with other services.

Google Play Music is supported by Sonos in 25 countries. Multi-room streaming requires adding Play Music as a service through the Sonos app, but Android users can simply cast songs to speakers for single-device play.

Those who control their Sonos systems with Android devices might be interested in downloading the beta app from the company’s website. No word on when it will see general release, but it features improvements like universal music search and a reworked interface.

Via: Sonos
  • Kregstrong

    Its not showing up in my Google play music app, but I can play GPM through sonos app, wonder why the cast icon isn’t there. Maybe its an update that’s coming?

  • ArrowCool

    Finally! This is great news!

    Now to decide to keep Spotify or to go full on with All Access only.

  • James Briano

    OK…. now we’re talking.

  • Ryan Heimerman

    I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. Wish I would have kept my All Access at the reduced rate now….Doh!!

  • Jordan Harvey

    So glad this finally happened. It was the only reason I kept Spotify over All Access. An awesome feature would be able to cast your music to your Chromecast and Sonos speakers as a “multi-room” setup. Easy way too add music in a room where you don’t have a Sonos Speaker.

  • That’s awesome. Hopefully we’ll see this added to more devices soon. Play Music with All Access is great, but it isn’t always the most convenient thing to attach a computer or phone to a set of speakers. It won’t happen, but I’d be thrilled if I could stream my library from my Xbox or Playstation.

  • Jaggari

    Hmmm, was thinking of buying the Sonos Playbar and one more good reason to do so.