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Screenshot Shows Off Alleged Flattened UI Coming to the LG G3

A screenshot is making the rounds today, reportedly taken from a device said to be running a new UI which will be featured on the upcoming G3 from LG. Since both HTC and Samsung have opted for flatter designs, it makes sense that LG would also find this look appealing. Not to say that they are copying anybody, as the “flat” look has been taking over the entire tech world as of late. 

We don’t have much to take from the screenshot, as all we can really see is that LG decided to flatten a few icons. With that move, any thirds party apps you install from Google Play will undoubtedly throw off the look of your app drawer, but that’s just nitpicking.

One thing we would like to stress is that this screenshot was probably not taken from a G3. If it was taken on a G3, we would most certainly see on-screen buttons at the bottom. Instead, this was probably taken from a test device running the new software, which the source later stated in the comments section of the article.

As for our personal opinion, it looks rather messy. There seems to be quite a lot going on in this screenshot, and anyone with OCD would probably ask this person to please check their 287 emails.

What do you think? Can LG pull off a flat UI with the G3?

G3 screenshot

Via: LG G3 Kopen
  • JoshuaAuerbach

    Naa… Im good with my G2. I’ll wait for the G4 or G5 to come out.

  • Ben Edwards

    I like it.

  • a) youth.in.asia

    Where did those awesome on-screen navigation buttons go???

  • sdcell

    Still could be a g3. The navigation buttons wouldn’t be there if they did a screen shot with quick memo

  • chris125

    Looks like a mashup of sense 6 icons and touchwiz. LG sure makes an ugly UI.

  • duke69111

    I like it. I just wish they would make their folders on the desktop round like aosp has.

  • Rob

    Not digging it, too many pointy corners.

    BTW, where’s my 4.4.2 update for the G2 on Verizon??? *Sadface*

    • Michael Martin

      its right here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2699123
      just like where I gave it to droidlife and they reported on it within the last week

      • Rob

        Honestly, not feeling like going that route. I would like to eventually sell this phone when I replace it and I don’t know many people to sell it to that would have to do their own updates, then again it’s not like there will be another update anytime soon on this phone.

        • Jacob Mustin

          Most of the phones Ive sold actually sold better rooted with a custom ROM. Just an FYI. Id say they usually bring in $20-$50 bucks more

          • Rob

            Hmm very interesting. Maybe I should root and ROM.

  • Disqus_n00b

    Someday we will look back and laugh at the flat design phenomenon

  • Cael

    Those icons are hideous. I wish an OEM would come out with good looking ones for a change.

    • Michael Martin

      unlike other OEM’s, the stock LG launcher (if thats what you use) gives the ability for you to change the icon

  • LionStone

    Oh lordy no, please don’t do that LG!

  • tylerc23

    and people don’t like Sense? Ha!

  • BobbyG

    It could be a G3. On the G2, If you take screen shot using the quick memo capture it doesnt show the soft keys

  • Sweet, Google Launcher will replace that nicely!

  • K

    So many dang icons in that notification bar. Oh, the humanity!

    • Daistaar

      Not feeling the gatorade icon on the page indicators?

    • Sadly, that’s what my mom’s notification bar always looks like…

      • joseph barrientos

        haha im with you! it drives me nuts

        • I just sigh and say, “Mom, you’re doing it wrong.” Then she proceeds to ask me to fix it -_-

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      Seriously, it bugs the hell out of me whenever I see that. I always disable the battery icon if I get percentage, and why the hell do I need a nfc icon?

    • TouchWizard_magic

      Temple Run icon FACE REACTION pretty much summarizes the “new much flatter UI by LG”.

    • Justin W
  • The google apps still look out of place, I wish device manufacturers would include a base icon pack for a good majority of icons, specially Google apps, to help make things a little more consistent. Or better yet, allow third party icon packs. That would be sweet.

    • Usaamah

      LG makes all the icons customizable I believe.

      • Interesting, course I’ve never played with one so I have no idea.

        • Usaamah

          Yeah, you just have to long press the icon, a little button pops up that allows you to swap icons (to whatever you want), resize the icon etc. LG has a ton of built in customizability in their UI. A lot of people just assume LG sucks, but they have really upped their game in the last couple years.

  • morteum

    Goddammit, LG.

  • Guy Pierce
    • rawr

      Because those are actually flat and minimal, LG has depth still in the playstore bag, and really everything else except for the globe.

      It is poorly done fanboy.

      • Guy Pierce

        You’re right I love everything about my G2 and looks like I’ll be switching to the G3 soon!

  • mcdonsco

    Would totally go for this phone if it weren’t for the freaking rear buttons it will almost certainly have.

    • Mark

      That’s the thing about this phone though, people aren’t willing to try it out because they’re unwilling to try something new. Everyone I know that has an LG G2 loves it, and the buttons aren’t a big deal.

      • mcdonsco

        Guess I should have mentioned…my comments come from experience…I just sold my G2

        • Mark

          To each their own I suppose. Doesn’t matter to me, the Moto-X is still my favorite Android phone of all time.

          • rawr

            Wouldn’t be a non-moto x article on DL without a mention of the moto x now would it?

      • Ryan Laursen

        I love my G2, but I can’t access my volume buttons while in my car dock…

        • rawr

          “Ok Google, take it to 11”

  • Ryan N

    Did anyone read the wallpaper? Hahah. Wow… “it’s better to quietly miss someone than to let them know and get no response.”

    I guess “depressed” goes with the whole “flat” theme…

  • RoadsterHD1

    If by flat you mean no dimension at all? Well that just looks lazy and plain. Not liking this at all. This is Android NOT Apple, come on……

  • XvierX

    I don’t hate it.

  • We want more G3 rumors!

  • Droid Ronin

    I’m waiting for Apple to start throwing lawsuits at Samsung, HTC, and LG because they “infringed” on the flat look.

    • derp

      you realize HTC went with the flat look before apple right?

      • Droid Ronin

        My comment was wrapped in sarcasm.

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          That wasn’t very good sarcasm though…. I’m sorry but we’ll still accept you.

      • rawr

        You mean third party icon packs went flat… Corporations are usually years behind people.

      • Mark Mann

        That won’t stop apple from suing

  • Abgar Musayelyan

    looks like an improvement.

  • Josh Nolte

    any ideas on what the G is located to the left of the homepage indicator? LG’s take on Blinkfeed maybe?

    • Abgar Musayelyan

      or maybe google launcher style google now screen?

    • Marc

      That only means that there are more notifications waiting than actually fit in the task bar.

      • Cesar

        I think you’re confused.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Google now? Would make sense I guess, nexus 5 sytle

      • calculatorwatch

        The weird thing is it’s not a Google G but an LG one. Hopefully it’s not the next generation of their crappy VoiceMate application or something.

    • Daistaar

      Gatorade screen for ordering.

    • Mark Mann

      Indicates the screen your on I’m guessing… Like on stock when it changes from a dot to a circle

  • The Narrator

    That’s hot. LG is known to keep it to the minimum.

    The person with the phone effed it up a little, so hopefully we’ll see a clean one soon

    • grumpyfuzz

      I saw an LG G2 in a store, and the UI is anything but minimum.

      • John

        Sir you are drunk (or a troll), skeuomorphism everywhere with really poppy colours, and you call that minimal…

        • grumpyfuzz

          I think you are replying to the wrong person… I was saying the UI is not minimal…

          • John

            I’m the drunk one here LOL, sorry, but yeah the UI is worse than Touchwiz.

          • grumpyfuzz

            It’s fine lol

    • Mike

      What?!?! My G2 (AT&T) straight out of the box with the notification drawer open didn’t even have enough space to show one complete notification, and I still could have turned on QuickRemote in the shade and other things that makes it so that no notifications fit on the notification panel and you have to scroll to see them. Their UI, the unlock screen and other extra “adds” in Settings, etc were like-wise as horrible. I ripped that out and put KK on it immediately to get a minimum/clean look. Their default look drove me insane with stuff just *everywhere*

      BTW, I love my phone. The G2 is amazing and I literally have zero want to move to any other phone currently. Screen is amazing, form-factor is great (minimal bezels), great battery life and performance, etc. Heck I might even skip the G3 if they make it much bigger than the G2.

    • Maxim∑

      “LG is known to keep it to the minimum.”

      was that a joke? LG’s skin is packed with useless crap at every corner (still better than touchwiz)

  • Mark

    I like it. Looks more refined, less cartoony. The G2 still impresses in benchmarks even now, I might be on for the G3.

  • Jacob Mustin


    oh wait, no thanks Im good. Jumped the gun there

    • calculatorwatch

      Lol I’m pretty sure it can be found on emo-wallpapers.com

      • Bobby Cornwell

        I clicked the link because I wanted a good laugh. Turns out the joke is on me

        • calculatorwatch

          Haha yeah I wish it was a real site. Unfortunately I just made it up.

      • Ry Sav

        Wish there was a way to actually tell how many people are going to click that link…

        • Ronald Lockwich

          lol I clicked it