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T-Mobile Announces Simple Starter Plan, $40 for 500MB of Data and Unlimited Talk/Text

This morning, T-Mobile kicked off three days of new Uncarrier announcements by introducing their Simple Starter Plan. The new affordable plan runs just $40 and lands customers with unlimited talk and text, plus 500MB of 4G LTE data. Keep in mind that T-Mobile also doesn’t do data overages, so should you hit the 500MB cap, they’ll only throttle you for the rest of your billing cycle rather than charge you extra. (Edit: This plan appears to be different than other T-Mobile plans. Normally T-Mobile would throttle you, but this seems to be a hard cap. If you want more than 500MB of data, you’ll have to purchase more.)

To compare, both AT&T and Verizon offer plans at around $45 with similar benefits. AT&T’s only includes 300MB of data, while Verizon’s matches T-Mobile’s at 500MB. To receive prices that low on Big Red or AT&T, you’ll either have to bring your own device or buy a new device through their monthly payment plans (with Verizon, you may be required to join EDGE).

The pricing wars continue, something we don’t have a problem with. For far too long have the U.S. wireless carriers slapped us around with insanely high usage fees.

As T-Mobile rolls out their other two Uncarrier announcements over the coming days, we’ll be sure to share.

Via:  T-Mobile
  • kelly1519

    Well, Last week,
    T-Mobile had kick started a drive to become more consumer friendly with the
    introduction of a “Simple Starter” plan, the cost of which has been capped at
    $40 a month, here are the details http://bit.ly/1hlKYtB

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  • Mansgame

    The new $70 plan is a giant step backwards. Going from unlimited data to 5 GB is doing what AT&T does. I’m locked into the old $70 plan but I would rather get the $50 than to pay $70 and get a cap. Once you get used to streaming Pandora, youtube, and podcasts, you burn through the 4GB data in a week.

  • James Vincent

    Here in UK, EE [‘Everything Everywhere’. The merger of T-Mobile & Orange] will stop all data when we hit our limit. We then have the choice of buying an add on pack for the remainder of our month. Or just rely on WiFi. I am happy someone has done this, stops the worry of having stupid charges banged onto the bill. Just a shame our other three Network Operators haven’t thought of that yet!

  • beav

    I’ll stick with good old AIO, or Cricket, or whatever it is.

  • Sporttster

    500mb of data is absolutely worthless, even to those who don’t use much at all. Use Pandora for a bit and bam, you hit it. It’s pathetic…..these companies are ridiculous….

  • Scott Smith

    Does this work with simple choice family plans? i.e. Can I get this plan and still add on additional lines for $30 for next line (with 1GB), and $10 (with 1GB) for lines 3-5?

  • So Verizon’s $40 unlimited talk, text, and 500MB of data is the same cost as T-Mobile’s unlimited talk, text, and 500MB of data, and both have hard caps.

    T-Mobile, your coverage is obviously subpar compared to Verizon, so you can’t be charging the same as them.

  • DavidFR

    Actually, customer who are scared by overage charges, are on target.. it is really a good plan for them……….for more details check out ..>>>>>> telecomvibe(dot)com

  • jrstone

    I just made the switch from VZW to T-Mobile and it was definitely a good decision. I like that T-Mobile at least pretends that they care about the customer where Verizon makes it very clear that all they want is more money while giving you less.

  • Franklin Ramsey

    Actually they don’t throttle you after you hit 500MB of data on this plan. After you hit 500MB of data on this plan you can’t use data until the next pay period unless you purchase a “day pass” or upgrade to one of their other plans.


    • Simon Belmont

      Yeah. That kills it for me switching my wife to this (also no international roaming like the Simple Choice plans).

      Damn it, I knew there was a catch. Oh well.

      • Franklin Ramsey

        Yeah, I think there needs to be some more reading done before Droid-Life makes posts stating it is throttled.

        • Simon Belmont

          Agreed. I was all ready to jump on it. 🙁

          Of course, I would have read the fine print, first, before pulling the trigger, and then cursed the fates. Thanks for speeding up the process. 🙂

          • Franklin Ramsey

            Well I was getting ready to try t-mobile again in my area by buying a cheap phone and this plan. I might still try it, though I think I might go with Metro PCS since you get the T-Mobile network, but cheaper rates.

  • Mauricio Sanchez

    My Mom started T-Mobile with the $50 plan. But they upgraded the 500MB to 1GB recently, didn’t they? Does this mean I can save even more money by bringing my Mom’s line back down to the $40 one? She doesn’t use data much anyway. Sorry if it’s a dumb question, Lol.

  • supremekizzle

    $30 unlimited data (5GB), unlimited text, and 100 minutes is all I got to say…

    • Cowboydroid

      I tried it for a month. I was surprised at how quickly I ran out of minutes, and I don’t make that many calls.

      • Nate Bousfield

        I’ve used it for over a year and haven’t ever ran out of minutes, it just depends on the user I guess.

    • I’d gladly pay $10 less with no taxes for 4.5GB more data and unlimited 2G data for fewer minutes.

    • Mansgame

      I have the $70 plan with unlimited everything right now. The new $70 plan also only has 5 GB of data. If I were a new customer I would use the $30 plan.

  • gintoddic

    500MB is if you never watch a video (which is basically impossible due to ads), get text only emails, and only send texts and make phone calls.
    So basically you’re putting yourself back into the late 90s era of phones in order to not go over your limits.

    • sagisarius

      I actually just have WiFi everywhere, which I don’t think it too uncommon anymore, so it kind of works out.

      • gintoddic

        it’s not uncommon, but people who commute to work/school do not have wifi during this process.

  • Obama’s_tranny_wife_yuck

    I don’t really stream music or watch videos on my phone. Social media, a few games, emails and I usually come up around 2GB – 3GB a month, also do download some ROMs on my phone and other things and apps

  • starnovsky

    Hm, I’d rather have 5Gb for $30 than 500Mb for $40. Who’s using phone for voice calling anyway?

    • michael arazan

      Tons of flip phones are still used today, especially for kids

  • Octavio Araujo

    The amount of the allotted data are for consumers that just check emails, social medias, internet searches and the rare viewing of YouTube videos. If you meet this criteria than this plan is for you.

  • Chris Wallace

    7gb LTE on AIO and unlimted edge after that + unlimited talk/text for $65 no tax on AIO. I’m good.

  • JonathonFlores

    Tell me Tmo… AT&T, VZW.. Why the h*ll do you even offer 500 mb plans!? Why!?

    • Simon Belmont

      To get entry level folks to buy a smartphone and get onto their network. It’s basically just targeting one more demographic.

      Smartphone use is starting to become a saturated market, so they have to dig somewhere. My two cents.

      • Obama’s_tranny_wife_yuck

        to get the old folks off their dumb flip phones or dumbphones

        • Simon Belmont

          Haha. That, too.

          Basically, yes. It’s to get people to migrate from feature phones to smartphones and higher cost plans.

      • kareem goddard

        That’s the exact reason they offer it it’s not that difficult to figure out lol

    • KChristainsen

      there’s other people in this world besides you pal

      • JonathonFlores

        I don’t believe you

        • Scott Smith

          It’s basically people like myself who are on wifi all day. I have it at work and at home, and so my monthly data usage is usually 300mb to 400mb. I have no commute, so I rarely stream large quantities of music/data while driving. Obviously I’m in the minority though.

          • JoshGroff

            I’m with you there, and pretty much everywhere has free Wi-Fi now so if you store music locally for commuting, you really don’t even touch data.

    • Charles Walker

      500MB is enough for a lot of users such as myself who use mobile for a little internet browsing, emails, and wanting to check weather quickly. App downloads and heavy media content are used on WiFi anyway.

      • gintoddic

        You think 500MB is enough, but once you start checking your email with 5MB+ attachments, open up that web page with a video advertisement, play a game that requires downloads, ads, etc. It adds up to 500MB without even trying. I think it’s pretty silly that you have to limit yourself to such a small portion of data. How about watching that funny youtube video, nope, sorry have to wait for wifi to be near by because I’ll go over my limit in the first 2 minutes!

        • Fritz Davis

          Except I have Wi-Fi at home, work, all my friends and family’s houses and at most restaurants and bars I go to. I’m hardly new to smartphones and it’s rare for me to even go over 300MB in a month. I like having the cheaper option of 500 MB instead of paying $10-15 more a month for data that I won’t use.

          • gintoddic

            might as well get republic wireless and pay $20.

          • Fritz Davis

            I actually just left Republic. Sprint for data away from Wi-Fi was painful. I couldn’t do anything. Now I’m on AIO’s Basic plan with pre-pay and I can actually use my phone when I’m away from Wi-Fi.

    • JoshGroff

      Some of us can manage our data and use Wi-Fi over 90% of the time, so why pay more for what we don’t use?

      • jamdev12

        Holy cow!!! No offense to the Hindus here, but what the hell are you downloading on your phone from the Play Store that requires you to download 60GB of data. That’s insane!!!

        • Aaron C

          It’s 17GB from Play Store. 60GB from “uninstalled apps,” which could be anything. Still, even 17GB is a lot in one data usage cycle for Play Store. 🙂

          • JoshGroff

            Yeah, I did a factory reset on my phone so most of that was setup and installing games.

        • JoshGroff

          This was a test month in which I cleared my phone and tried streaming everything just to see how much data I could use in a month. My actual phone data usage was like .5gb in comparison.

  • Matthew

    So once the 500Mb is hit, how badly are you throttled?

    • Simon Belmont

      Down to EDGE speeds, basically. That’s 2G.

      It’s still quite a bit faster than dial-up, though. Haha.

      • AnotherAndroidKid

        Edge, although terrible from a hspa+/lte point of view, does still allow some things to work. Not ideal, but in situations ok enough.

        • Simon Belmont

          Exactly. In a pinch, you can still navigate with maps, send emails, and do light web browsing (especially with compression turned on).

          It’s honestly not completely terrible and certainly better than nothing (or overages). It uses less battery, too.

      • Matthew

        Ok, so probably not much worse than VZW 3G in my area. I’m used to that since my GNex can’t hold an LTE connection for more than a few minutes.

        • Eric James Salcido

          You should be happy. LTE on that phone chugs the battery out of it. It was a 4G phone, but I mainly used it as 3G for that reason.

          • Matthew

            This is true, but it’s still infuriating when I’m trying to do something quickly and 4G isn’t working.

          • Simon Belmont

            If I’m honest, I couldn’t give up LTE / HSPA+ for that very reason (also I use a lot of data). That’s why I have the truly unlimited plan.

            I’m just used to the speed of a 4G connection (it’s basically as fast as a home ISP these days). But, some people use a lot less data and are more tolerant to slower speeds (call me spoiled).

        • Simon Belmont

          Haha. No, it’s slower than CDMA Ev-Do. You can technically pull 1-2Mbs on Ev-Do. Amazing, right?

          EDGE, you’re looking at a hundred or so KILObits per second. But it’s serviceable in a pinch.

          • Matthew

            True, if I’m lucky. The last time I did a speed test on 3G I was only pulling 700-800k. Still a pretty big difference from 100k, I shouldn’t have any trouble staying under 500M if I mind my Wifi usage.

          • Simon Belmont

            Yes. You’d likely be fine if you predominantly use Wi-Fi.

            It’s actually why I’m thinking about lowering my wife’s 3GB $60 plan down to this 500MB $40 plan. But, I need to examine her usage patterns first (and obviously talk it over with her).

          • Matthew

            Sounds like a plan. I can live with 500Mb of data. I can’t live with 100 minutes. So this plan is more viable to me than the $30 plan. I’ve been looking for an excuse to dump VZ and get a Nexus 5. This might be it.

          • Simon Belmont

            You’ll love the Nexus 5. I bought one on day one and I’ve been very pleased with it (definitely the fastest and most fluid phone I’ve ever owned, and the screen is really nice, IMO).

            As for the 100 minutes, that’s where I am, too. My wife and I use WELL over 100 minutes a month, so the $30 plan was out.

          • supremekizzle

            Even if she uses another 100 minutes a month, that’s an additional $10 and still a better deal than this. If she’s using way more than that still, have you considered VOIP?

          • Simon Belmont

            I know it’ll sound odd, but we use thousands of minutes a month. I, for business, and she for keeping in touch with relatives.

            I’ve looked into VoIP, but haven’t felt like dealing with it. It’s definitely something I’ll look further into, though.

          • Aaron C

            Yeah, if only the Nexus 5 had WiFi calling…

    • Brandon

      Edge is essentially unusable in my experience.

      • starnovsky

        Emails and messaging, basically. Connected games. No streaming of any kind and browsing is extremely painful.

      • Aaron C

        I was surprised. On vacation last year in rural NH I was still able to upload pics to FB and such on T-Mo Edge — as opposed to when I was on AT&T and I’d be in a major metro area with full bars and the network was so congested pics would stop uploading in the middle of the upload. Probably just depends on where you are.

    • pete

      You are not throttled, on this plan it just stops!!

      • Simon Belmont

        Is that true? If that’s the case, I won’t be moving my wife’s line over to that, because she needs data of SOME SORT in the event she somehow manages to blow through 500MB.

        I’ll have to look into the fine print, I guess. Thanks for the heads up.

      • Scott Smith

        Yeah, based on the wording they use (notice they don’t call it an “unlimited talk, text and data” plan like they do on their other plans) I think this is a 500mb only plan. If you run out, you would probably need to upgrade to one of the other plans, or wait for your next billing cycle when the 500mb would reset.

    • Steve B

      Your data connection is pretty much useless.

    • Franklin Ramsey

      You aren’t throttled with this plan. Once you hit 500MB you are given the option to purchase a day pass of data or upgrade to one of their other plans.

    • Simon Belmont

      After some reading, you don’t get throttled at all. They cut you off.

      Bummer: http://www.t-mobile.com/offer/simple-starter-40-dollar-plan.html?cmpid=WMM_PR_SMPLSTRTR_BMKQE3BET305 .

      • Matthew

        It’s always something… thanks for the link.

  • saimin

    Love my T-Mobile $30/month plan with unlimited data. Can’t imagine living with 500MB.

    • William Oh

      How do you get this $30/month plan with unlimited data?
      Is it for older customers?

      • ArrowCool

        It is available online, or through Walmart only. IIRC

        • JoshGroff

          You are correct, have to buy a refill card through them but then I believe you can set it to auto refill through T-Mobile.

      • JoshGroff

        It’s a 5GB soft cap on data, and you only have 100 minutes (unlimited text though.) You have to buy a refill card from Wal-Mart to activate though.

      • Order a T-Mobile SIM online, and when you go to activate you have a plan choice for the $30 unlimited text, 5GB of data, and 100 minute plan.

  • So there’s no more $30 for unlimited data and 100 minutes plan?!

    • bkosh84

      This is part of their Simple Choice Plans, not their Pre-Paid plans…

      • Ah ok phew. Does that pre paid plan count internationally as well?

        • bkosh84

          Acutally. I was half right. I did the whole “Don’t read the article but still comment like I know what I’m talking about” thing..

          They still have the pre-paid, but this plan is in between the Pre-Paid and Simple Choice. It does NOT have International.. Just domestic.

  • El_Big_CHRIS

    500 mb isnt much, I guess the pricing war is the only good thing that’s coming from all of it

    • AnotherAndroidKid

      500mb is enough for my wife. she has the $60 plan and we were already looking at lowering to the $50, but now she may go down to the $40. She uses wifi nearly exclusively.

      And because this is still simple choice, it should include the intl data/text/etc still.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    I guess this is the FLIP of the $30 5GB 100 minutes plan.

    • Maxim∑

      Yeah, 100 minutes was a bit tight sometimes. Although you could always just use VoIP

      • Chris Hannan

        If ~100 minutes/month is enough for you, but every now and then you need a little bit more, every minute after that was only 10¢, so an extra 100 minutes is only $10. It’s not bad.

        • superdry

          I’m on the $30/month prepaid plan and I keep an extra $20 (you can go higher to $29.90 if you want) in my account to cover any voice overages. I’ve only had to refill that once in the last nine months since I don’t talk on the phone too much on average. So, it hasn’t been that bad.

  • Simon Belmont

    Hmm. So, T-Mobile raised the price of truly unlimited LTE by $10 on the top end, so they could insert this value plan for $10 less than the previous lowest on the bottom end (interesting).

    I’m glad they let me keep my unlimited LTE, though, at the old price and raised the hotspot to 3GB. Can’t complain.