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Motorola Considering Benefits Packages With Free Phones, Rewards, Gift Cards for Credit Account Holders

Participants in Motorola’s Credit program are receiving surveys this week that detail future benefits which could potentially change the program dramatically. We’re talking benefits like free phones, discounts on products, gift cards, phone exchanges, free redesigns, invitations to Motorola events, and more.

The survey was passed along to us by two members of the program, so we were able to see exactly what Moto has in store. There are two possible new programs, one that involves Rewards and another that is more of a “benefits package” called “Elite.” 

In the Rewards program (which would be free), Motorola is considering letting participants earn rewards in “various ways.” I’d imagine that’s through purchasing Motorola goods, joining other programs of theirs, participating in social media events, etc. – the typical rewards program stuff. Those rewards, would then be eligible to be used for things like discounts on Moto products, gift cards, and more.

In the Elite benefits program, Motorola is considering a membership club with a “modest” monthly charge. That monthly charge would lead to a free phone along with other exclusive benefits.

Below, you’ll see the list of ideas that Motorola is currently tossing around as potential benefits for both programs. Things like using rewards points towards concert tickets,  a free Motorola Protection Plan, discounts on other Google products, extra Drive storage for free, and free upgrades are all on the list.

Would these types of programs get you to join Motorola Credit? Or would you rather they just create a Rewards program for all to join (yes)?

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Cheers Jeremy and Ben!
  • r0l

    I know in my case a refresh would make holding onto my X until the sequel is out a lot easier.

    • hoosiercub88

      I’m only interested in a sequel if it’s as amazing and close to stock as the original. Otherwise, I’ll be looking elsewhere.

  • Nikuliai

    I would get that credit card IF THEY OFFERED INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING, I actually had to wait for a friend to go to the US to get my damn phone last time 😛

  • I’m a Moto fanboy. I would do this.

  • Jon

    I wonder if this going to get canned once Lenovo takes over.

    • guesswhat

      moto will be canned after lenovo take over ..dont think moto will exist after year or two ..

    • zurginator

      Doubtful – credit offers are by far the most profitable thing a company can do. It’s why every store (including Lenovo) has a rewards card.

  • The one thing that I care the most is “Free Redesign” — it’s a shame that we can’t upgrade (or “sidegrade”) our Moto X.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    I would have to hear more. If I decide to be loyal to moto(unlikely), I could see it happening as long as its reasonable.

  • Droidzilla

    Phones with benefits, eh?

  • BenG

    I wonder if this has anything to do with that Moto X+1 logo leaked from the other day.

  • George Davis

    I wonder what “free upgrades anytime” means … sounds too good to be true?

    I could have earned several “refer a friend” credits in the past year.

    I like most of these ideas but “Moto Maker of the month” is pretty lame.

  • The Narrator

    LOL credit. You crazy Moto

  • Ry Sav

    Got the email last night. I like the idea but I’m really not interested in the credit card. I understand its a way to bring people in but I’m not going to use it more than once , maybe twice over 2 years… Wonder if there is other ways they can implement the rewards. Also wonder how much the “elite” is a month. I don’t mind free/ discounted phones

  • When I bought my daughter’s phone as a gift, they were doing a special interest-free finance plan. I was surprised when I the credit limit was far above what I’d spend even if I bought even 3 or 4 phones off-contract. I figured they’d have to do something to encourage using their credit line, because how often are you going to buy Motorola stuff (or use their credit account) after that initial phone purchase? Once a year, at most? I don’t think anybody’s paying over time for docks or cases.

  • Kevin Mcclain

    I too was selected to take the survey. I’m excited to see what they do. Hopefully it will be enough to keep me with Motorola products. Free phones would be nice. 🙂

  • Took this survey today. Since the Moto X Dev Edition force-fed me the gripless Woven White back, the “Free Redesign” option got an instant “Very Likely” vote from me.

    • Nicholas Alexander

      Yeah I had two arguments with Moto X customer service dept. at Motorola. I tried to trade in my Moto X woven back when they released the color options, but they claimed it was a different model. Even after I told them their CEO stated we could change the damn cover if we didn’t like it ugh… This is what we get for being early adopters. Great phone, crappy customer service.

      • K

        Early adopters also got a very high price tag

      • MistaButters

        Was it a dev edition?

        • Developer Edition, The phone is unlocked and sometimes Rooted if the carrier is feeling rather nice.

          • MistaButters

            I hate to say it, but the service department was right. The Moto X Dev is a different model. It has only ever been available in white. It was pretty well known when it came out that it came in one, and only one color. And that is still true today.

            So it wasn’t bad customer service.

          • My initial point: it sucks that Woven White was (and is) the only option for those who want the Dev Edition. Internally speaking, the phones are the exact same, so there is no physical reason they couldn’t have offered Moto Maker (or at least different colors) for Dev Editions. The only difference is that Dev Edition bootloaders are unlocked.

            If I really wanted to, I could buy a different color from eBay and use the iFixit guide to manually swap out the back cover, but then I run the risk of screwing something up. So that’s why I said I voted for “Free Redesign”. I’d happily send my phone in to Motorola for a professionally replaced back cover. I’d even pay them a fee to do it.

  • Alex

    I got that email but haven’t opened it yet. It might be interning to have options but with the interest rate they charge is it really worth it to keep charing money to the account?

    • Yeah, the interest rate is high, but they’ve been doing a 12-month interest free financing plan for awhile now. That’s how I bought my daughter’s phone.

      • billhong

        Yes, that’s how I got my Moto X. It’s an alternative to the installment purchase options the carriers have, albeit for a shorter term.

  • Nicholas Alexander

    Great Idea, anything that will take more power from the carriers will put more power in the customers hands! Good job Motorola!

    • BenG

      Breaking News: Verizon drops all Motorola phones.

      • michael arazan

        And moves Droid Branding to HTC