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The Walking Dead: Season One Now Available for Android Through Google Play

We might be done with the latest season of The Walking Dead on TV, but that doesn’t mean the zombie-killing action needs to stop. In fact, the official Walking Dead: Season One game has hit Google Play, with more seasons available through IAPs. 

In these official titles, you play as Lee Everett, a convicted criminal who has been given a second chance in a world infested by the undead. This series of games takes place in the same “universe” as the other Walking Dead storyline we are all familiar with, although I wouldn’t expect running into Rick or Michonne at all.

Actions you make and decisions you choose affect the overall gameplay and storyline of the game, so make sure you don’t go making the wrong ones. It is free to download and play through Google Play, so if you are already dying for more Walking Dead, go grab it.

Oh, and FYI, the game doesn’t appear to be compatible with ART if you are running Kit Kat. Weak.

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  • Anon

    A year too late. I already played it on my Nexus 7 (2013) after going through some backdoor loopholes. If telltale would have let me buy it earlier I would have and so would have my friends. But now we already have the entire season plus 400 days for free. Telltale needs to learn that if they don’t let us BUY it we WILL find other ways of obtaining it.


  • E A butler

    this is not a game .. it is an interactive story … i played this on my xbox and i wanted to kill myself, I cut it off after 10 minutes… give me a full game or a full animation .. this half assed interactive story is sboring … reminds me of those Choose Your Own Adventure books, or motion comics.. Gross… not quite fish not quite meat….

  • Jason Kahn

    No ART support boo

  • Elwyn Allen

    im impressed with how well it runs on android

  • DoctorJB

    One of the Dev’s similar games, A Wolf Among Us, is the weekly sale on Steam (40% off). Give it a try if you like the Walking Dead games.

  • JSo

    This needed to happen. A definite download.

  • Disqus_n00b

    I would rather pay than get a high quality game “free” on the market

    • portrub

      I believe you pay for the remaining chapters. The first one is free. I think there are 6 total.

  • ART 🙁

  • If you haven’t played this game, you really need to. Like really really need to.

  • flosserelli

    Great game but be warned: Additional episodes are $5 each, or buy them all for $15.

    • JSo

      Worth it

      • MReprogle

        If you don’t own a PS3 or Vita, totally worth it. Otherwise, just get it on the big screen.

        • JSo

          Agreed. I have already played it all the way through on the PS3. But my PS3 broke so I’m going to play it again on my 10 inch tablet and get ready for season 2 (which obviously, I can’t play on my PS3). Still worth the money. Hopefully they do in fact make season 2 for Android though.

  • BlackMaGiC1o0

    A year too late. Took them long enough to get this on the android store.

  • Tirrell Cotton

    Thinking about picking this up on the Vita.


    I’ll take it, but should I get it on PS3 instead?

    • Rafi

      its a great game, worth playing it on a big tv

      • Dave

        Screen mirroring.

    • BSweetness

      Completely depends on where you want to be able to play it.

    • MReprogle

      YES YES YES. You might want to hold off until it goes on sale again. During last Halloween, I bought all the episodes on PSN for $2.49. Waiting to do the same with The Wolf Among Us or Walking Dead Season 2 this year.