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Amazon Releases Fire TV – Gaming, Video Streaming Set-top Box for $99.99

Amazon took the stage this morning, unveiling its Fire TV set-top box for the living room. Much like many other media streaming boxes, the Fire TV comes with access to all of your favorite content providers (minus a few exceptions), such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, Watch ESPN, Pandora, NBA, MLB Network, and so much more. However, an update to the box will later hopefully bring HBO Go, which does not come with the service as of right now. 

The Fire TV features quite the little spec sheet, making it one of the most powerful set-top boxes available on the market. It comes powered by a Snapdragon 600 quad-core processor clocked at 1.7GHz, 2GB of RAM, Adreno 320 GPU, and dual-band/dual-antenna WiFi for excellent 1080p streaming – all in a slim package that resembles that of an Apple TV.

Not only do customers get access to shows and movies from its huge library of titles, but the Fire TV is also capable of gaming. Users can game away on Minecraft, The Walking Dead series, Riptide GP2, Asphalt 8, and many other titles available from Amazon’s Appstore.

As for what the Fire TV has over any other competitor, it’s the fact that it has access to games. This is kind of a first from the major companies, and as I have stated countless times, this is what I have been waiting for. On top of gaming, the voice search capability that is featured seems to be extremely accurate, as previewed by the lovely Gary Busey in the TV spot below.


Music lovers are also taken care of, as Fire TV has access to plenty of music/radio apps, such as Pandora, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, Qello Concerts, plus any others that are available through the AppStore. The Fire TV is also capable of photo and video syncing from your Kindle Fire tablet and Android device, thanks to Amazon’s Cloud Drive, which allows users to share their favorite moments right to their HDTV in seconds.

Topping it off is a feature which reminds us of information cards from Google Play Movies. When you pause a flick, you are shown information about actors, as well as other movies they have appeared in. Amazon has brought the same feature, with information being pulled directly from IMDb, meaning you can dive deep into your favorite titles with trivia, music, characters, and much more.

The price is listed at the same as the Apple TV, $99.99 with a game controller accessory listed at $39.99. The full package will come with a $139.99 price tag. Not too bad, but we would by lying if we weren’t hoping for something a bit cheaper.

Ready to own one? Get your Fire TV right now for $99.99.

Via: Amazon
  • EZTV2

    Recent years,TV Box is very popular all the time.But
    with the taste of the customer for life is more and more fastidious.EZTV
    announce first living room computer in history.

  • Puckyduck

    Fire Tv should include the Ouya’s store like the MOJO did. Amazon hired an inhouse team of game makers to make game exclusives. Only problem I see is the HD space is too small.3 Good games and your maxed out. Oyua fixed the problem quickly. I might just wait until. OUYA 2.0

  • kelly1519

    The new Fire TV of amazon will support thousands
    of Android games by next month. Users will then be able to play these games
    using an optional controller, which costs an additional $39.99 http://bit.ly/1h7HNds

  • KvinlonWeldon

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  • Trill316

    it seems to do the samething as my Vizio Costar including the gaming .

  • Marcus

    @Droid LIfe let me know how this thing works.. Until then, i’ll be good with my $27 Chromecast… $99? Really?

  • cardi dark

    im good with a computer hooked to a flat screen download all shows i want to watch for free

  • This is going to wipe out ouya, roku, etc. But Chromecast and Apple TV will have to upgrade to allow strong gaming applications. A bigger outlook is where this will be a year or so from now. Will the game streaming of bigger/more core console type of games come at current MSony/Nintendo levels? If so, we could see a big surge in this product over time.

  • radioactive2008

    Will this play video files on a shared HD or network drive?

  • Diablo81588

    The Roku has access to games through the channel store. They may not be Android apps but Angry Birds works pretty well with the motion controller.

  • GreeKNastY

    any word on twc app for this? looking for something to connect my tv to in a spare bedroom without running cable and my only options are roku right now.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    i’m not going to get it but I like it.

  • John Davids

    Garbage. This is exactly the *LAST* thing that consumers want. Yet ANOTHER black box under / over / beside our TVs. We already HAVE dozens upon dozens of stream boxes / solutions. We all have fully capable Chromecasts or Roku 3s or Apple TVs or built-in smart TV apps or PS3/4 or XB360/1 or streaming blu-ray players or Boxees or WD TV Lives or HTPCs or… you get the point. What we *WANT* is for it to be available on the most popular mobile OS on the planet, and by extension our Chromecasts.

    You have already made billions by forking it and using it to power your super popular tablets, how about you open up your stream library to the OS that you owe your mo*!#rfu&*ing digital media existence to.


  • d-rock

    I’ll run Amazon Instant video on my x1. No need for another piece of hardware!!!!!!!

  • Diego Diaz

    The interface looks like Plex

  • Bobbyn01

    Definitely not to be confused with the Fyre TV

  • BakerDude

    Depending on exact clock speed (how it throttles), this is identical to a Nexus 4, specs wise.

  • kyle

    boring/pointless/who cares about android games when you have more powerful hardware at home to play better games

    • kyle

      one other thing.. i don’t care about the android app so much as I want a TV style interface for their webUI.. i want https://www.youtube.com/tv but for amazon video.. that would be enough

  • Mario L

    Gary Busey is awesome, he is such a trip.

  • macdaddybuff

    My fav part of the presentation was that Amazon talked about locked down Closed system environments. Mentioned Apple tv.. Now I don’t even own apple TV but pot me kettle. Hello Amazon you have a Ipad and Iphone app but no Google Android app? Talk about closed environment. Why not come out and say we hate android users and give us the finger. Because that is sure what it feels like.

  • Michael Nyitrai

    am i missing the details on storage? any SD card slots? can i use my phone as controller?

  • Daniel

    Chromecast meets enough of my video demands at a far lower price point. Also, the game controller is too expensive and has the awful battery hump that 360 controllers suffer from. Also, no PlayStore is a pitty

    • JMonkeYJ

      That about sums up my thoughts, too. I’m intrigued and will keep watching, but Chromecast works more than well enough until there’s a more clear leader in this space.

  • Raven65

    Soooo… basically nothing I can’t already do with the Xbox360 I’ve had for years. How about this: GIVE ME AN AMAZON INSTANT VIDEO APP FOR MY ANDROID TABLET (like you did for iOS) OR P!SS OFF, BEZOS!!! Ridiculous.

    • JRomeo

      i did not know iOS has an amazon instant video app………. they should definitely give us an android Amazon Instant Video app…… and even better if they add chromecast capabilities to it !

      • Patrick Crumpler

        The one on iOS has no support for chromecast either. So for me Amazon is worthless. Unless it is for something other than digital.

    • Scott Tilney

      They do have it for Android, but only if you own a Kindle device.

    • Gideon Waxfarb

      Don’t you have to pay a monthly fee to access this stuff on the Xbox?

  • Tony Byatt
  • Colts5609

    Was waiting for a long time to hear about this device. I have been waiting for a Google TV replacement for the past 6 months, mine crashed and burned. Got to see what it was all about and decided that it is finally time. Bought a Chromecast from Amazon. If I cared about playing mobile video games on the big screen, I would probably get this thing. But I already have a PS4 and I don’t see the point. Cheaper games, yes. Better games, absolutely not. Can I play the vast majority of those games elsewhere (Tablet/phone) yes. Between my PS4 and Chromecast, I can stream everything I want.

  • jakemyster84

    $99 and doesn’t even come with a HDMI cable. $99 is too much for it, if it was $50 or less I would have already ordered one. I have a feeling that they are not going to sell many until they lower the price to at least $75 if not $50 or lower.

    • AbbyZFresh

      You can get a good quality HDMI cable for a low as 5 bucks on amazon. Problem solved.

      • jakemyster84

        Oh I know, monoprice is even better yet for prices. But I shouldn’t have to do that when it is $99, when a HDMI cable would cost amazon less then $0.50 to throw into the box.

  • Cael

    Apple should sue. That remote looks like an iPod!

  • Higher_Ground

    a bit off topic but does anyone know where you can d/l the pokemon challenge app from yesterday? Of course I miss out on the only decent april fool’s joke all day 🙁

    • Lewis Erbe

      There wasn’t an app to download. Open up Google Maps and you tapped Start or something like that at the top and the Pokemon thing started. Not sure if it still works.

    • There was no app for it. It was just available in the Google Maps app.

    • Cael

      Gotta have Google Maps 7.7.0. Took me hours to find an .apk that didn’t give me parsing errors.

  • The Narrator

    $99? Just ordered one tax free and 2 day shipping free. Gaming, streaming, no laggy software, portable, goodbye chromecast!

    • Cael

      Vita TV/Wii mini > Fire TV

    • Croq

      I hope you paid the $39.99 extra for the game controller. Otherwise, gaming may prove to be troublesome…

  • markswoods

    The ad alone makes me want one of these – even though I already have Roku, Tivo, and a SmartTV.

  • mcdonsco

    Still waiting for a set top box that will/can replace my $1210/month directv bills.

    • Ryan N


      • Ryan N

        Hope for your sake that’s a typo.

      • mcdonsco


        • Ryan N

          Ha. I was in my head trying to reach that price/month considering every single sports/movie package etc.

          • mcdonsco

            Sad part is its pretty much just basic hd on 4 tv’s…hence I would love a cheaper streaming option.

            I’d rather pay comcast or frontier $100+/month and have smoking fast Internet and stream all my entertainment.

            But can’t seem to get everything I watch without an actual TV provider.

    • OMJ

      How many TVs do you have in your house to rack up $1210 a month?

      • mcdonsco


      • mcdonsco

        14,000 square foot home with 17 rooms…All channels, all hd.

        • Patrick Crumpler

          Lol. Yeah right. And no picture.

          • mcdonsco

            Ever hear of sarcasim?

    • The Narrator

      directv blows

      • mcdonsco

        Point? Or just being a Jack ass as usual?

    • JRomeo

      you could get by on nothing but netflix/hulu+/youtube/ and just leave it at that.

      • mcdonsco

        Tried before…can’t get everything I like to watch and rarely new shows.

        Can’t wait for the day (if it ever comes) where we can have a la carte station selections for tv. I have at LEAST 200 channels I would never ever watch

        • Droid_Junky

          I tried it too. Ended up paying more for my crappy ATT DSL because I was going over every month.

        • joseph barrientos

          im in the same bracket. i pay for the lowest cable from comcast so i can get comedy central, usa, food and history and basic, everything else is netflix and hulu but even thats not enough most times #FirstWorldProblems /:

  • EC8CH

    Any streaming device that requires an on screen UI is inferior to Chromecast. Completely eliminating any interface on the TV is the brilliance of Chromecast. If at any point a text entry box appears on the TV screen you lose.

    • OMJ

      I think having both a screen and nonscreen interface is best. Kids that dont have their own smart phones/tablets cant do anything with the chromecast. Neither can old people that do have smartphones. My father in law cant figure it out for the life of him on his note 2 despite being shown several times.

      • macdaddybuff

        I agree and disagree. My kids all have Chromecast in there rooms. My youngest 6 year old before we bought her a tablet new how to cast from the pc to her bedroom. I agree with you on some parents my dad was like that. But my mother in law is near 70 and she uses hers all the time. I will say this I will never buy another amazon Digital movie until they either have an Android app or give you the ability to chromecast. All my purchases go to google play screw Amazon.

        • OMJ

          Im certainly not saying that Im buying the fire tv thing cause Im not. But I dont think Chromecast is perfect by any stretch. I use the chromecast a decent amount but it would definitely get more use in my house if it also had a remote of some sort.

          • Taylor Abrahamson

            Personally I hate remotes. I hate looking for them, I hate how they pile up and clutter the table, and I hate filling them with batteries. I don’t ever want another remote. I want to be able to control my home electronics with one device. That device would be the one and only device that I always have on me, my phone.

            The beauty of chromecast is that developers don’t have to develope a special version of their code just for a specific piece of hardware… Roku, amazon, wdtv, samsung smart tv’s lg smart tv’s.. the list goes on and on, and each app has to be built for that specific version of hardware. Chromecast doesn’t. The day that google upgrades chromecast with new internals, better wifi signal, maybe wifi AC… Everything that worked on chromecast before, will still work just as it had. No changes required. Did I mention no new remotes? Well if not, no new remotes 🙂

          • EC8CH

            and it costs $35 and NO NEW REMOTES!

      • EC8CH

        You do have a point, but for anyone capable of using a smartphone or tablet above a kindergarten grade level, completely eliminating the 10 foot UI is a huge step forward.

      • joseph barrientos

        i agree with this from the view of a Xbox One user. I love that it can all be voice controlled, I can use a remote control, or I can use my phone, this makes it easy for any and all parties to get on board and use the product

    • Justin Ellenbecker

      Except they moved the UI to the remote which is either your phone or your PC. A UI is still just that no matter where it lives. Also for people with Children who actually think the free time concept is a decent thing to have for consumers this again beats chromecast. Also I don’t have to give my kid another $200 device to use to control a $35 device.

      • EC8CH

        Moving the UI to the phone, tablet, PC is exactly what makes it brilliant. 10 foot UI’s are never as efficient. Instead of trying to make one that works, chromecast just eliminates them completely. Sure for some like the elderly and little kids, it has it’s downside, but for the majority of the population who have phones and tablets already and know how to use them, it is a great scheme.

  • moelsen8

    No thanks, I’ll stick with my Chromecast. Wake me when Amazon decides to release their instant video app for Android. B*stards.

    • The Narrator

      Chromecast can play games? learn something new everyday. ohh yeah about that. I like it, and it has all the apps people need.

      • moelsen8

        whatever dude. never said it did.

      • JBartcaps

        These “casual game” consoles never sell. This is a feature that will most likely never get used.

        • Gideon Waxfarb

          They might if they come from Amazon. From my experience, these casual games are often more fun than playing the $60 military shooter and/or interactive movie of the week on the big name consoles.

          • michael arazan

            They will be a huge hit once some people figure out how to sideload Google play store to it, hopefully it won’t be to hard.

            Seriously don’t understand why Google won’t come out with an android box or stick to turn my TV into a tablet with a controller and remote keyboard. Third party one’s are just bad.

      • Cael

        If the app developers get on it then it could.

      • ReturnOfTheMack

        It does with a mirroring app.

        • Rob

          Except it’s probably got significant lag and would make playing games a pain in the ass.

      • j

        Chromecast CAN play games.. the problem is the processing power is WEAK, so it can only play very basic looking games. It will only be a real gaming device by streaming to your screen, but playing on a different device. And since the chromecast won’t be doing the work, there WILL be lag and is will not work well. period.

      • Franz

        It can mirror the entire screen, therefore, it can do anything?

    • C-Law

      I agree. Pass. Chromecast is far better

    • morpheus282

      I have a feeling that the FireTV is their instant video app for Android.

    • envoy510

      Chromecast doesn’t do Amazon video, which is a deal breaker for many of us. This new device from Amazon is more equivalent to the Roku 3. For my needs, I need Netflix, Amazon video and Plex. The Roku does these well and it looks like the FireTV will do them as well or better.

      • A.Miller

        Is Plex going to work on the Amazon device?

        • envoy510


  • EC8CH

    OK Amazon TV….

    Find Amazon Instant Video Android App.


    still waiting.

  • Dan Churco

    I don’t like Proprietary TV Remotes…. It won’t work with my Harmony, so now I have to have lots of remotes again….

    • Mark Aaron Collado

      unless you have an HTC One (M8)

      • mmark27

        The One does UHF and RF signals?

      • Dan Churco

        won’t work… (if your thinking IR blaster, the Samsung S4, S5 have it also) Plus, I’m not giving my kids my phone to change the channels

      • mcdonsco

        That was dumb dude…really. really dumb.

  • vwbeetlvr

    One of the videos on Amazon.com shows clips from behind the candelabra…. An HBO exclusive movie…..

    • BSweetness

      I’m not exactly sure what your point is. Not only can you buy “Behind the Candelabra” through Amazon Instant Video, but it’s already been announced that Fire TV will have a HBO Go app.

    • Raj Bhatt

      But if you subscribe to HBO then HBOGO is free. Why would I pay for them over again?

      If HBOGO support does come to this, I’ll probably buy it to replace my aging Gen 1 GoogleTV.

  • Maxim∑

    Snapdragon S4, I’m sure games will run smoothly on a TV

    • The Narrator

      i bet you’re the life of the party