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Galaxy S5 Display is the Most Accurate and Best Performing Screen Ever Tested

Display expert and guru of all things pixel, Dr. Raymond M. Soneira of DisplayMate, released his latest shoot-out of top tier devices, this time focusing on the Samsung’s new Galaxy S5. As noted in his report, Soneira talks about Samsung’s move this year to not drastically bump up the display size or resolution and instead focus on viewing angles, display brightness, color accuracy, and power efficiency. In other words, fine-tuning their AMOLED technology was the goal.

How did they do? According to Soneira, the 5.1-inch FHD Super AMOLED display in the Galaxy S5 is the best display he has ever tested. 

Here are some of the highlights of his report:

  • Evolution of OLED Displays:  The Galaxy S4 and Note 3 both showed tremendous improvement in the OLED display category, but the Galaxy S5 brings a “major improvement” over both on a number of levels.
  • Best Smartphone Display:  The GS5 display is the best performing display that DisplayMate has ever tested. It set new records in performance for highest brightness, lowest reflectance, highest color accuracy, infinite contrast ratio, highest contrast rating in ambient light, and smallest brightness variation with viewing angle.
  • Highest Color Accuracy:  With the GS5 set to “Cinema Mode,” the device has the most accurate colors of any smartphone or tablet ever tested.
  • Brightness:  The Galaxy S5 is 22% brighter than the Galaxy S4 and 13% bright than the Galaxy Note 3. The GS5 also comes with a “Super Dimming Mode” for using the display in dark environments.
  • Power Efficiency:  The GS5 showed a 27% improvement in display power efficiency over the Galaxy S4.

I thought the display on the Galaxy Note 3 was the most beautiful display I had ever used, so after reading this report, I can tell you now that I cannot wait to get my hands on the Galaxy S5 for further testing. I’ve always been a fan of AMOLED displays, but if it is now topping charts of display gurus, I can’t imagine I’ll be in the minority with my love of this display type, even if Samsung is using a diamond pixel arrangement.

To read Soneira’s full and extremely detailed report, hit up the source link below.

Via:  DisplayMate
  • Wilbur Fake

    I heard the Sony Xperia Z2 is going to give this s5 screen a run for it’s money! Pair that with better battery life, dual front speakers, and 3gb of ram and welcome Sony back to the game! Let’s just hope they actually produce enough and launch them on actual us providers other than tmobile!

  • Wilbur Fake

    I heard the Sony Xperia Z2 is going to the this screen a run for it’s money! Pair that with better battery life, dual front speakers, and 3gb of ram and welcome Sony back to the game! Let’s just hope they actually produce enough and launch them on actual us providers other than tmobile!

  • marlowe

    Ok just buy your ugly looking phone and be prepared to be insulted. what’s that a band aide phone….. Just buy a another back case coz your phone sucks. It’s a made from cheap ugly looking plastic. So what! my phone has the best screen ever. Hahaha best screen, well as if I will always look at your screen. Where’s the privacy there.

  • Elliot Kotis

    Shame the rest of the phone is shite. Lol hard plastic bandaids don’t even help wounds.

  • Doctor BS

    Dr. Raymond M. Soneira? Which Medical school did he attend?

    • Adam Marr

      Probably not the one where they have to teach the Daft what Doctorates are.

  • NexusMan

    This device sounds more and more attractive to me as the days go on.

  • Jason Melling

    So what. It’s not the best screen out there it’s only the best screen that he has tested. There are many many phones he has not tested and it’s a well know fact that many of the Japanese phones win by a long way in the screen category.

    • 1) DisplayMate is the industry leader in screen quality testing and calibration
      2) Actually, the iPhone has been the display quality champion for a long time now.

  • ravenofdoom

    Isn’t this display still a pentile arrangement (e.g. not Super AMOLED +, but just Super AMOLED). I know pentile has come a long way and that at higher resolutions, it’s less noticeable, but I’m curious as to why Samsung has ditched full LED arrangements… I know it conserves more battery, but if they attempted to make gains in this regard for their 1080p displays over pentile, I think the observable difference would be greater than going to 2K screens.

  • chris125

    From playing with one in store I can see why this is. The s5 screen looked amazing and compared to the s4 it was clear improvements had been made. Good to see samsung continue to improve their screens without any added drain on the battery.

  • John Clausen

    Great screen, boring device with crap build quality and even crappier software

    • crazed_z06


      • John Clausen

        Let me dig through my bag of fucks to give… nope, I got nothin’.

  • crazed_z06

    So many mad people.. six months ago the haters were fawning over the Moto X.. Now The M8 is the Samsung killer.


    • grumpyfuzz

      Don’t get me wrong, I think the Moto X is a great phone. I also think the Galaxy S5 is a great phone and it will definitely sell like hotcakes. But the hate Samsung is getting from people is getting really annoying, at least to me. And also, i think the M8 is another good option for buyers, and some people will prefer it over the s5, and vice versa.

  • Nicolas Johnson

    I hope this is true. I don’t particularly like/care for Samsung, but seeing that color representation can accurate for an AMOLED display rather than the normal cyan-heavy examples I’ve seen makes me excited. I hope this screen tech makes its way to the next Nexus.

  • Colin Huber

    Comment sections on posts about Samsung or HTC are so interesting to me. Commentators go to great length to defend the companies that make their favorite Android device. This is ironic, however, because it reveals the single damaging trait of Android, as opposed to its primary competitor, Apple: fragmentation in software and hardware. Type away, warriors.

    • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

      You say fragmentation, I say choice. I loving having the ability to buy a phone based on any number of features I find desirable, versus having to hope a year from now a feature I really want makes it to my iPhone.

      • Colin Huber

        I agree with you. I was simply taking the stance of somebody critical of Android and relating it to comment sections. Reminds me of sports: When you begin beating a team, that team sometimes gets frustrated and starts arguing with each other. Then you know you have them right where you want them. These comments remind me of that, although probably less true. Sort of silly logic, but I digress.

  • Daniel

    But is it still a crappy pentile-layout of the pixels? Also, did this test even consider the screen on the M8?

    • MH

      Not pentile so far as the review says.

  • Intellectua1

    I read an article that says the S5 triumph in battery life test also.

  • Rohan Shankar

    April Fools!

    • shooter50

      haha, April fools is right. I’ll have to go back to best buy for a comparison, but the S5 turned all the way up didnt look as bright as my G2

  • sski66

    Just saying, I can’t imagine any display being more beautiful then my HTC ONE, plus the colors look pretty accurate to me.

  • mcdonsco

    I already sort of posted this in reply to someone else, but for all the Sammy haters out there; consider these points:

    -When is the last time a note or s series Sammy had a crappy camera?

    -How long does it take for a note or s series Sammy to get left behind in terms of updates (Verizon aside!)?

    -What other phone line allows you to NEVER have to charge the phone itself and never worry about it?

    -What other phone line has easily replaceable / repairable parts?

    -When resale is a significant issue (for phone freaks like us), what does quality build materials really matter when it goes into a case immediately anyway?

    -When is the last time an S or note series Sammy had call, data or other “connection issues/problems (networks aside of course)?

    -What other manufacturer consistently produces phones where onboard storage is of little concern thanks to sd card slots?

    -What other lines of phones have a fairly wide range of readily available accessories at or very shortly after launch?

    -What other phone lines are consistently spec monsters (or very close to it) at launch?

    -What other phone lines are widely available and give consumers carrier choice at launch?

    I could go on…but i think you get the point.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      -_- .. . tl:dr

      • mcdonsco

        Don’t even know what that means.

        • KyleWay

          Too Long:Didn’t Read….

          • mcdonsco

            Gracias…I’m old…don’t always get that stuff 🙂

    • AbbyZFresh

      Ignore them. They hate Samsung for the same reason they hate Apple. They are simply the “in” company to buy phones from. Yet Samsung doesn’t make much changes since the S3 while charging a high price. People always want to root for the underdog.

    • malcmilli

      i don’t hate samsung (used to own a note 8.0 and bought my mom a gs3) but many of your points either arent specific to the galaxy series, or arent always that important to most people.

      1- samsung phones do have good cameras… so do most other manufacturers now adays
      2- they are pretty good on updates, only trailing behind htc/motorola as of late
      3. replaceable battery is a nice feature (not a deal breaker for most people, but still definitely a plus)
      4. repairable parts is definitely not even a though for most users.
      5. resale value is good, but many people don’t use cases so you cant knock those who dont use cases.
      6. Samsung phones have been known to have in the past been rumored to have the worst radios and people switching from other phones to samsung have recorded minor signal issues.
      7. sd card slots are cool, but a featured reserved for a minority of users.
      8. they have the best set of accessories outside of apple.
      9. most flagships released are spec monsters, and most flagships share most of the same specs.
      10. Samsung was the first successful android to launch on all carriers, but now that is becoming more common.

      I agree that haters need to stop bashing things that don’t need bashing. But Samsung fanboys also need to realize that although the company is has been dominating… the galaxy s line no longer sets itself apart from the bunch like it used to. It’s very good, but it is now in a crowd of steep competition.

      • mcdonsco

        I disagree…for all the reasons I mentioned they are continuing to and will continue to dominate.

        Not all current phones have great cameras, I’m not a Sammy fan boy AT ALL; I’ve only recently come to have an appreciation for them (used to be a die hard moto fan, even when everyone hated moto, but their cameras, through to today (moto x, maxx etc; well, they suck).

        While I understand some peeps don’t use cases the overwhelming majority of people do.

        Most of your other points seem to be agreeing with me or are ones I don’t consider valid (like the multiple carrier launch…I can’t think of any that qualify there other than the moto x and maybe the m8 (though I admit I haven’t looked at the m8 carrier support as the phone doesn’t intrigue me).

        Are the samsung designs a bit stale? Sure…but so is iPhone and it has no trouble selling…it’s a matter of risking a winning recipe in the design department for them to shake that up.

        Do they make stupid mistakes from time to time (band aid rear cover anyone?) Sure, but they still sell the crap out of them despite that.

        • malcmilli

          when i said dominate, i wasn’t referring to sales, i was referring to product. The Note series has the phablet category on lock, but the galaxy s series is another story. If you just look at all of these reviews from 3rd party “objective and non-biased” sites you see that they say the galaxy s devices are good but no longer the clear cut favorite… i believe they all said it was a toss up between the gs4 and the one (later to be bested by the g2), and will probably be about the same this year with the m8 and the z2 coming out… galaxy s is no longer head and shoulders above the rest… its very very very good, but so are others.

          I actually don’t see an “overwhelming majority,” a majority yes, but not as much as people make it seem. As far as multi-carrier launches, the htc one, the moto x, and the g2 all hit the big carriers at launch.

          People arent mad that samsung didnt change its design just because they didnt change it, people were mad they didnt change their design because they never liked the design in the first place. There’s a little difference.

          But no one here is saying the gs5 wont sell, it will sell very well. They are just saying in terms of a quality product, when compared to its competition, it is not some undisputed champ, it is simply a contender.

          • LionStone

            Just read yet another review that said exactly what you just did.

      • mcdonsco

        Here’s another thing…I’m a MASSIVE gadget geek…I actually have been tracking my own tech gadget ownership since ios and android hit the scene…what I’ve owned since then:

        18 different smartphones
        12 different tablets
        8 laptops/ultra books

        That’s GEEK spending right there!

        But recently being a business owner I’ve come to a conclusion:

        While I absolutely LOVE typing on my mac book air (just really nothing else like it) and LOVE my ipad for battery life, screen sensitivity and accuracy as well as speed etc neither of these fulfill my BUSINESS NEEDS. So though I don’t LOVE anything about the surface pro 2, I’m ditching the ipad and mb air for it because it perfectly suits my BUSINESS NEEDS…I don’t love it, but it’s what I need.

        (But I’ll have either the rumored nexus 8 or ipad mini for reading / around the house use – wish I could find my damn nexus 7!!!)

        For phones, I’m starting to go the same direction. While the latest greatest tech is nice to have, only Samsungs have consistently really fit my needs. I’ve been changing phones based on spec, newness, build quality (being bored with the current one etc) but now I’m finding, I just want the one that fits all my needs and samsung is the only one delivering that; consistently.

    • shooter50

      I agree with all of the above, yet still bought a LG Flex and G2 because I was so tired of the same old design year after year, phone after phone, tablet after tablet. Just remove the iphone like physical button . Do something to change it up a bit.

      • mcdonsco

        Wouldn’t disagree…

        • PoisonApple31

          That’s been their staple for years (even though they were “inspired” by Apple). They don’t want to alienate the majority of their customers. The only way I could see on-screen keys with Samsung again would be another Nexus or a different line from Galaxy. It would be like telling Apple to have an on-screen home button after all this time.

          In comparison, this is the 3rd year in a row HTC has changed the button layout on their flagship device. LG was able to switch it up because after copying Samsung with the home button for a while, they realized it didn’t make them stand out on their own (volume rockers on the back of the phone sure do though).

          • LionStone

            ”That’s been their staple for years…” You mean their Home button, it’s only been out since S3, June/2012 right? Hasn’t even been 2 years! Nah, hasn’t been that long, they need to change it up. Definitely not the same with the iPhone because they actually have been doing that, for years.

            In comparison, HTC has made the final leap towards the Android standard with software keys (whether you prefer or not is not my point) as well as Moto and SONY and LG and others but LG did add an extra key I believe. And I don’t like the size of the keys on the LG and Nexus 5, I like the way HTC did it by making them smaller.

          • Marikel

            They’ve been using physical home buttons since the Galaxy S, but only on the international variants up until the S3.

      • Gideon Waxfarb

        If you wanted a fashion accessory, why didn’t you just buy an iPhone?

        • Marikel

          Nobody said anything about “fashion accessory”. He just got sick of the same design every year. That doesn’t mean “fashion accessory”. But honestly, I think there have been some significant changes in design since the S3. The only reason people say they look the same is because of the same button layout (except for the S5, it has the recent apps key) on the front. Besides that, I think they’re pretty goddamn different.

    • DainLaguna

      While i totally agree on a lot of these points, signal/gps issues have always been present on every samsung i’ve owned.

    • Will Frame

      Everyone loves to toot the “SD Card slot” horn (even the manufacturers, when they include them), but people seem to fail to understand that it can only be used for certain things, which does not include apps. And with the newer Kitkat restrictions, it’s even LESS useful (unless you root and apply a patch). So it’s no excuse for offering only 16gb of internal storage with a little more than half available. 32gb should be the minimum in a modern flagship, especially in 2014.

  • AbbyZFresh

    All hail King Samsung.

  • Ralph Bretz

    Power Efficiency: The GS5 showed a 27% improvement in display power efficiency over the Galaxy S4.
    That seems like the best aspect of the phone

  • Smellynachos

    Blackberry makes the best phones no doubt all these android phones suck hahahahahaha pathetic go blackberry

  • Nw_adventure

    Make the screen viewable outside- Thanks

    • Justin W

      That’s where the brightness comes in… Considering it has the “best brightness” compared to other smartphones and tablets, I’m willing to bet outside viewing won’t be a problem. Also, since when has this been a problem? My Moto X, and previous Droid RAZR HD (for a short time, anyway), had no problems when using the screen outside, and both had OLED displays…

      • LionStone

        Don’t know about the Motos but my buddy was showing some pics from his S4 outside and we literally could not see them.

        • Justin W

          Must have had it manually set for brightness – even with my Note 3, I had no issues with outside viewing. IMO, AMOLED viewing issues are a thing of the past as long as cheap screens aren’t used (i.e. not likely in newer “flagship” devices).

    • guest

      YES! Mirasol Display! thanks for the comment!

  • Tiago Pestana

    S5 all the way

  • Droid Ronin

    Agreed. I’ve been a fan of the AMOLED display ever since the Galaxy S2.

  • James Jun

    Just waiting for @supercurio AKA Francois Simond for any display measurements. That’s really the only person I go to for Android display measurements.

  • The Narrator

    That’s until Apple releases their Full HD phones, which could take a while, ha

    • Adam Marr

      Most of these measurements have nothing to do with size or pixel density.

      • Marikel

        Nobody said anything about measurements. He simply stated that it’ll probably be a while before we get a 1080p Apple smartphone.

        • Adam Marr

          Safe to say one or both of you don’t understand “context”.

    • Intellectua1

      With Samsung made displays.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Wrong. My Moto RAZR does… I have proof…

    • T4rd

      Nuh uhh! The Droid 3 and Bionic still reign supreme!

      • turdbogls

        Gnex for life!!

        • rawr

          Maybe not your life, or my life, but it’s life. Which is probably only a few more months in my gnex’s case…

          So about that Z2…

          • KyleWay

            I was sure you were going to go for a battery life comment there…

          • rawr

            I have no idea how long this battery lasts anymore, it is constantly connected to office charger/car charger/home charger

  • Severo Rivera

    The Nexus 5 has the best calibrated display in my opinion.

    • T4rd

      That’s quite the factual opinion you have there.

      • Jason Downing


    • guest

      I’m using nexus 5 right now and typing this reply and I can CERTAINLY tell you that what you have said is NOT TRUE. it’s washed out with hideous backlit and it has some serious light bleeding problem.

      • PoisonApple31

        The Nexus 5 has the best price for a flagship in 2013. There you go, that statement is true.

      • Severo Rivera

        I guess you just got a lemon then. My Nexus 5’s screen is pristine. The colors are gorgeous the whites are very white and there’s no bleeding on my display either.

        • Marikel

          I’ve seen the Nexus 5 at the T-Mobile booths at the mall, and the screen is pretty washed out. Granted, I LOVE over-saturated displays (the only thing that I like about my DROID RAZR). But still, I’ve seen great displays that weren’t over-saturated, and the Nexus 5 is still washed out compared to them.

          • Severo Rivera

            Well good thing it doesn’t look under saturated to me.

  • The Narrator

    Samsung cash payment confirmed.

  • See this is why I’d likely buy an S5 over an M8. Solid pragmatic results. Best screen ever is a functional achievement. All the hoopla for the One has always been about “materials” and “build quality”, and I keep hearing them take jabs at Samsung for “cheap plastic” phones. Guess what? Some folks don’t care what material the phone is made of. We care that it’s highly functional, lightweight and thin enough to put in a shirt pocket if necessary. If I scratch up my battery cover on my S4, I can just get it replaced. How easy is it to replace the aluminum unibody on the One? /EndRant

    • JimmyHACK

      Damn straight!

    • The Narrator

      Some us enjoy working phones with more than 8gb of usable space. Regardless of SD options.

      • That was a poor rebuttal.

        • The Narrator

          If you like no space, plastic, slow software, by all means, have at it

          • Another well thought out response. Bravo.

          • The Narrator

            Thanks, it means a lot

          • jnt

            I appreciate where you’re coming from in your arguments against the S5, but wouldn’t it behoove you to wait until the S5 is actually released to place judgment? I’ve been reading a lot about how TW on the S5 is extremely fast/snappy.

            Also, and I mean this seriously, why is the plastic on the S5 potentially so much worse than the aluminum on the M8? What is it about plastic that’s so bad?

          • Because Apple said so! Don’t question it!

          • LionStone

            For me, it looks bad and feels worse… not a big deal if it wasn’t something I look at and touch every day. Especially since I don’t use a case, even if I did use a case I’d like something with a little more heft.

        • Denvertoad

          Narrator is right with the space comment. So long as 16GB is the standard offering you’re coming up short on usable space. KK gimps SD card usage.

          • I suppose you could nitpick about a couple of gigs, but i honestly don’t ever fill my storage up. All my data and music is cloud based, (VZW Unlmtd) my photos get backed up to G+ daily, and on to my PC monthly. So I honestly don’t care about total storage that much. Even on the internal, I’ve never filled up a phone with apps.

            To each their own. I was just pointing out poor marketing by HTC when it jabs a competitor for “build quality” just because plastic doesn’t have a “premium feel” like aluminum. I wouldn’t mind owning an M8, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy one when my functional priorities for a phone are different.

          • turdbogls

            “KK gimps SD card usage”

            mind explaining. I’m not a SD card user so I haven’t gotten into it too much, but it seems that apps can only read/write to folders they created….which, seems like a really good move to me. I dont want apps dumping crap all over the place. but again, this is just me, living happily with my Nexus 5.
            I just want to know what harm this causes an average user, who has been using KK from the beginning with a clean SD card as my mother is probably buying an S5 soon…and I want to warn he about anything that might act….funky

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            The essential run-down:
            By default, apps only have write access in folders they create. If they want to write to a folder owned by another app, that app must register itself as a Content Provider, and must give permission for a folder to be modified by other apps. Things like the DCIM folder are accessible by nearly any app so long as they request access via the Storage Access Framework. Also, when an app is deleted all of the folders it owns (and their content) is immediately deleted as well.

            As you can imagine, the upshot is that the developer has to enable all of this access properly, otherwise when they try to modify outside folders their app will fail (similarly they will need to give access to their own files if they desire). This effect is especially painful for non-root file explorers, which are essentially precluded from moving, modifying, or deleting files they didn’t create unless they are given permission to do so by the creating app.

            Essentially, it is the same theory as the internal storage, but the Storage Access Framework handles the read/write priveleges rather than the file system itself since FAT32 (the standard SD Card file system) does not have a secure permission system like, say, ext4 or NTFS. Security is greatly increased, which is good, but it requires devs to update their apps to make everything work right, and until they do users will be frustrated. Worse yet, some are beholden to other devs making their apps work right, which can be a major pain point.

          • Eskimo128

            Thanks for that explanation! Sounds like Google has required developers to step up their game and tighten up their code. I’m not a programmer, but deal with lots of poorly-written internal code on a daily basis at work, so I’m all for forcing dev’s to write better code.

        • LiterofCola

          Just because you don’t like the answer doesn’t mean he isn’t right.

          • I didn’t say I didn’t like his answer. I was saying his rebuttal was poor. And no one said he was right Lol.

          • James

            Talk about a poor rebuttal. If you “weren’t saying you didn’t like his answer,” and “no one said he was right,” then are you saying you did like his wrong answer?

          • James

            I can’t believe I just defended The Narrator. First time for everything I guess…

          • Nope. But if those are all the permutations you can come up with, awesome.

          • James

            Well you either liked his answer, or you didn’t. And he was either right, or he was wrong. If you’re going to call out others for giving poor responses maybe you should try a little less obfuscation yourself.

          • HdzBlue

            Apparently you were never taught the neutral perspective. Pity.

      • hot_spare

        You should do some proper reading. You are way behind the curve here.
        GS5 has about 11GB of free storage.
        HTC M8 has about 9.5GB of free space.

        //you were saying something

        • The Listener


        • D.B.Evans

          Depends on where you’re located – if in a country where the 16GB model of the M8 is sold, that may be true.

          In the USA, all carriers I’ve checked appear to only be selling the 32GB model of the M8. I haven’t seen pricing on the S5 through US carriers yet; but last year the 32GB M7 was introduced at the same price as the 16GB S4. If the same holds this year, for the same price you would be able to get more storage on the M8 than the S5.

          Granted, promotional pricing offers shift constantly; so the actual cost comparison becomes a moving target.

        • Fatty Bunter

          Let’s hope he wasn’t Narrating anything important, amirite?

        • Will Frame

          The M8 has 9.5GB free out of 32 total? Really? Mine says over 20 now and I have all of my apps and data installed.

          • hot_spare

            Why on earth should I compare free space between a 16GB S5 and a 32GB M8? Which idiot will compare free space on a 16GB phone vs free space on a 32GB phone?

        • MicroNix

          Not hard for Narrator to be behind the curve.

      • chris125

        So then you get the 32gb and get the same/if not more storage than on the one… That argument would be valid if they *only* had the 16gb version, but that’s not the case.

    • Arnold

      Don’t scratch the BandAid material!!!

      • Jonathan Williams

        Band-Aid on a Band-Aid battery cover?

        • William Kister

          At least it has a replaceable battery and micro SD slots.

          • Tony Byatt

            The M8 has a microSD slot if that’s what you were comparing…

          • Justin W

            Shhh don’t ruin it for the fanboy

          • PoisonApple31

            I’d take a Verizon logo in the upper right hand corner on the front of my device over that useless black bar on the front.

      • Tyrone_83

        that joke is so old..

    • Chris


    • Will Frame

      Don’t forget the predictable touchwiz lag and the Knox flags when you root. Also, no internal storage with the SD card having even less utility than before.

      • “Predictable”? I actually don’t have any touchwiz lag or Knox issues on my S4 and I’m rooted. I have an SD card that expands my storage and provides an actual utility. How is it “less utility than before”? Before what?

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          “And I’m rooted” Probably running is custom ROM. Isn’t exactly the same experience normal folks get.

          • Nope. Bone stock.

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            Then there is no possibly way you don’t get delayed animations/lag with the S4.

          • Mike

            I can’t wait to hear the evidence Pinocchio provides with his response….

          • DainLaguna

            he doesnt need to. its well documented and plenty of users here have experienced it.

          • How do you know? Are you looking over my shoulder as I type this? Creepy.

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            I’ve had the S3 and the S4 and I’ve recommdned them both to man people, add that to the fact that after a few months you see the posts popping up about S4 LAG I’m pretty sure I can say that it’s a definite issue with TouchWiz. You can ignore it all you want…or call it a “hiccup” here and there but there is no doubt TouchWiz still lags on the S4. In comparison with a phone with identical specs from last year the M7…it still runs like butter.

          • Oh so this isn’t even your own experience. This is “the grapevine”. Got it.

            Sorry to disappoint. My S4 is still running like butter.

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            Reading is fundamental. Start from the top and work your way down.

          • Will Frame

            There’s really no point in arguing with him. Blind fanboyism is a recognized handicap. Add to that, when people buy a device they feel the need to justify the purchase and will defend it to the bitter end, despite the truth right in front of them.

            I currently own: HTC One M8, Note 3, Lumia 1520, iPhone 5s, Xperia Z1, Moto X, LG G2 (don’t even get me started on Tablets). I’m as unbiased as you can get, yet because I point out the obvious to someone who only has a GS4 and has no other comparable experience, I automatically hate Samsung devices. Perhaps after owning every Samsung phone from the original Galaxy S to the Note 3 and multiple Samsung tablets, I simply got fed up with trying to tell myself that performance was fine. It’s not. Touchwiz needs a serious overhaul and optimization. HTC did it when they reinvented Sense and it’s one of the smoothest experiences out there. People need to stop making excuses for Samsung just because they already gave them their money.

          • LionStone

            My buddy is on his 3rd S4, ….it keeps freezing, I’m sure he’s not the only one and I’m also sure not all S4s behave that way.

          • Maybe your buddy keeps tinkering with the wrong RomsRoms/kernels, dirty flashing etc.

            I’m on my second S4. The first was bought near launch in-store and was a lemon (charging issues, overheating, reboots, etc). But my certified refurb has been flawless for 5 months now. So Yea, there will be folks that have stories about bad luck but it doesn’t always apply to every phone.

          • LionStone

            No it’s not that, he doesn’t do any of that, he keeps it stock.

          • Marikel

            First sentence:

            “I’ve had the S3 and the S4”

            Reading is a great thing.

        • Bruce

          Mine is rooted and I’ve ran TW, Apex and Nova. I haven’t noticed sizable lag with TW several people keep complaining about.
          Those do must have very sensitive nervous system than others.

        • Will Frame

          Then there are only two possible explanations: 1) You’re in denial (please note: this is the most likely explanation) or 2) You own the only Samsung Galaxy S4 ever made that doesn’t lag.

          Please try telling someone who didn’t own one that it never lags. It was the most horrendous experience out of the box. Updates improved it, but also made it much harder to root. And it was still there.

          Your SD card is only good for photos, videos, etc. The “apps2SD” feature is a lie. It mounts the data on the internal SD and nothing ever actually goes on your SD card. So, as far as apps and app data are concerned, the SD card is useless. If you install any significant number of apps/games, you will be hurting for space. If you don’t: Good for you. With Kitkat and the new permissions on SD cards, there’s even less you can move to the SD card, so enjoy your 16 gb internal.

          As for Knox. If you root, you trip the Knox flag. Since there’s no way to hide that now, you pretty much have to disclose it when you resell it, which hurts its value, or discourages rooting. If you root, Knox also continually pops up with annoying messages. SuperSU fortunately disables this now, but before that, it was a pain. And I’m sure Samsung will only make it worse over time.

          • Thanks for taking the time to clarify all that, but I assure you none of these points apply to me and my usage/resale of the phone. Please don’t stress out.

          • Will Frame

            Please try harder to come up with a snarky reply to literally every point someone makes that you don’t agree with.

          • Nothing snarky about it. Just saying, I don’t use my phone to way you do, and I doubt your usage habits and experiences constitute the majority of the Galaxy wielding population. So again, while I enjoyed reading your points (I wasn’t aware of the apps to SD impairment but I also don’t need it), none of them apply to me and my usage/resale of the phone. That’s all.

          • Will Frame

            “Please don’t stress out” wasn’t snarky? “That was a poor rebuttal”. “Another well thought out response. Bravo.” Those aren’t condescending? In an effort to sound superior, you’re coming off as a douche. If you don’t see that, then it’s pretty sad.

            I can accept that you don’t use your phone the way I do. But I’m definitely not alone. Samsung used to be my choice because they seemed to cater to power users, but it has been slowly becoming the opposite. They still bring the hardware, but they’re nowhere near as dev friendly now and their insistence on releasing flagship phones with 16gb of internal storage is maddening, especially when almost half of that is taken up by their own apps and carrier bloat. It would be different if SD cards worked like they did in the days of Froyo when we could move literally anything to them. As it stands, the SD card is only really good for relieving the storage burden of photos, videos, and music. Personally, I’d rather have 32gb of internal so I can install whatever I want. Or, in the case of the M8, 32gb internal AND an SD card slot.

          • Douchey snarky comments are only dished out when someone else is being douchey and snarky first. It has nothing to do with disagreement. Those early comments were in response to The Narrator who came off douchey and condescending. If you don’t see that, then that’s pretty sad. (I’m sorry, is that too condescending for you?) =P

            I’m sure you’re not alone in what you’re claiming, but “power users” and devs are not the majority of the cell phone population.

            By the way, what would you say constitutes a power user in your opinion?

          • Will Frame

            A Power user generally wants to get the most out of his/her phone. There are varying degrees, as not everyone wants to install a custom rom, but I would say at the very least that he/she would at least root the phone, disable/remove any bloatware, and try to right any perceived wrongs (tethering blocked, ads, modifying the notification bar, etc). Samsung used to be very dev friendly, but since the introduction of Knox, they have gradually been making it much harder to root and modify their phones. And when you do, you usually permanently trip a Knox flag that voids your warranty.

            From a marketing standpoint, I get it. They’re catering to business users with enhanced security. But from a consumer perspective, it means restrictions that we don’t have on other devices. Notice that there are dev editions of HTC and Motorola phones, but not Samsung (or LG as of now).

      • Intellectua1

        The lag thing is getting kinda lame. I’ve owned several Samsung devices and I’ve never experienced lag. There was 1 report about lag on some S4 devices which received an update to fix now every Samsung hater wants to hold on to the “lag” issue forever. Just drop it already what else bad can you say about Samsung phones..

        • Jkdem85

          My note 3 became super laggy over a few months of heavy usage

          • Will Frame

            Yeah, I swore my Note 3 was lag free when I first bought it, but it creeped in after a while. The power button on/off lag was the worst.

        • Suhas Vemuri

          S2-Note1-S3-Note3 Never seen lag ever.. I use a nexus 7 and bought my mom and dad a nexus 5 and moto x, I know pure android is the best, but touchwiz is unnecessarily despised though it performs well.. i use nova though, cant stand touchwiz launcher..

        • DainLaguna

          The lag thing will stop being ‘lame’ when samsung gets their software together. I’ve had an s3 for the better part of a year and touchwiz just slows and bogs it down tremendously. dropped frames, super delayed inputs….its freaking awful and its REAL.

        • Will Frame

          I have owned every Samsung flagship device for the last two years. The lag is real whether you want to admit it or not. The Note 3 had the LEAST, but it was still there. Most notably, the power button lag when turning the device off and on. Since I bought so many Samsung devices, I’m clearly not a hater. It’s the fanboys who refuse to acknowledge what’s right there in front of their faces.

        • Marikel

          There’s definitely stutter in random places where there shouldn’t be on flagship devices like that. But I’m pretty sure that’s all fixed with the S5. I used it the other day at Best Buy and it ran buttery smooth.

      • Guest

        Haven’t experienced lag.

    • mcdonsco

      I used to always buy Motorola and build quality was one of the reasons.

      But I’ve been going samsung as of late for customization, accessories and reliability.

      With my current note 3 I rarely, if ever, plug it into a charger, I just cycle between two batteries. Easy peasy and zero concerns now of the phone dying on me. I keep the spare (in the charging case) plugged into the arm rest cig lighter in my jeep which charges even when the jeep is off, so no matter where I’m at I always have a ready to go spare battery on hand…it’s become MUCH more important to me than build quality and it eliminates the need (desire?) for wireless charging completely.

      And with the sd card slot, though IMHO no phone should come with less than 32gb in this day and age, it doesn’t matter to me how much onboard storage there is, I’ve always got 80gb’s minimum, so no need to wait for and/or pay more for the 32gb or 64gb version.

      More over, I have yet to see a recent samsung phone with a crappy camera, so whether it’s a note or an S, I know the camera will be good.

      And last but not least, since the original droid I’ve AVERAGED 5 months max ownership of a given phone (3 months if you include phones I ultimately ended up returning) so resale is important to me and thus, my phones ALWAYS go into a case immediately so whatever the fancy schmancy build quality is, it gets immediately covered up and protected when I get the phone anyway, so it doesn’t matter to me. Plus, as others have mentioned it’s MUCH EASIER AND CHEAPER (and possible!) to replace / repair samsung materials than it is other manufacturers if you do mess it up.

      All of these things combined are likely going to keep me on samsungs for the foreseeable future.

      With my current note though I always love it off the bat (2nd time with a note 3, 3rd time with a note in general) but quickly get tired of the size (tough to handle sometimes) so going to try to stick with the S series from here on out…just need the s5 to hit verizon.

      I will admit though, someone at samsung was smoking crack when they came up with that pitted back; thank god for cases.

      • All great points that apply to me as well.

      • crazed_z06

        Note 3.. still undefeated

        • Thank goodness you posted! I was just wondering what phone you own.

    • reyalP

      Plus, when you drop your Galaxy S5 you can pick it up and check your heart rate to make sure your not having a heart attack from dropping the phone. I hear it will also detect if you are crying an notify your parents if the phone did indeed get damaged from the drop! And if you ever cut your arm while out hiking, just take the batter cover off the back of your phone and put it over the wound.

      • Best comment ever.

      • michael arazan

        As much as I hate TW, I have dropped my GS3 20 times hard, hard enough for the back plate and battery to pop off and out, with no damage to the internals or screen. The build quality is definitely there on samsung products. I got it as an Asurion replacement for a Gnex, and it is as tough or tougher than My D1 was, and that thing was almost indestructible.

    • Nicholas

      I agree, display performance is something that could use much improvement and I’m not diminishing the gains there. You do ignore the fact that the M8 has the best audio output in any android phone to date, and possibly better than the 5s (time will tell)

      It also has apt-x for Bluetooth, which is always welcomed for when I’m going wireless. If you want a spec war, there you go.

      FWIW I will be getting an M8, and I extremely dislike both Touchwiz and Sense. Touchwiz is getting more and more bloated, and sense will probably always be too bloated.

      Either way, the hpo on the M8 is too good to pass up for a music junkie like myself. Not build quality, not software, and phones are effectively point to shoot devices so I won’t cry too much when my twitpics look terrible.

      • BeefJerky

        My Galaxy S3 has apt-x, so that’s not exactly a unique spec for the M8; the S5 will have it also. But, you are likely correct about the built-in speaker being special; the M8 is great in that regard. It helps that it is on the front of the phone as well. However, it does make the phone longer, so that is a negative. I also don’t like the increased weight of the M8 as it makes it more noticeable in my pocket.

        All that said, I like my S3 and plan on upgrading to the S5. I don’t care what the back looks like, as I will be putting it in a case anyway. I’m neutral on the Touchwiz on the S3; it was worlds better than the abomination on the Droid Charge. It sounds like the S5 will be another improvement in Touchwiz, so that’s a good thing. And to top the S5 off with a top-notch screen makes it all the better. The only thing I really wish Samsung had done with the S5 is give it 3GB of RAM.

        • Nicholas

          I honestly think Touchwiz has gotten much worse since the S3. Hopefully you still like it.

          While the front facing speakers are supposedly good, I was actually referring to the headphone out. The M8 has one of the most powerful and reportedly cleanest amps of any phone to date. That in itself could tempt me even to a crappy phone.

          I completely agree about the case thing, and the idea that the aluminum body is a godsend is kind of ridiculous. Yes it will withstand falls better, but it will scratch extremely easy. I’d put a case on both.

    • UncleFan

      Thank you for calling out the phony “build quality” meme. Even my old “cheap Samsung plastic” Nexus S backup phone still looks and works like it was brand new, same as my current GS3. That’s what I call build quality!

      • Gideon Waxfarb

        Anything’s gotta be better than my glass Nexus 4, which has a huge crack on the bottom-right corner of the phone, after suffering a 2 foot drop. (Not the screen, thankfully.)

      • DainLaguna

        you must baby your s3 then. i’ve had mine for about a year and normal wear and tear looks awful on this device.

    • ImmaDroid

      But thats the thing, sure an aluminum body phone is nice and all. But in reality the large majority of people have cases on their phones made of plastic or rubber, which kinda kills the point of having a phone made out of metal. Ive had 4 Samsung phones in a row now, they’ve all been pretty good, and all have been plastic. I could care less if its plastic, faux leather, or aluminum. Because a case is going right on in anyways! Plus i like having the removable battery. And if someone wants, its very easy to buy a metal battery cover on ebay, and theres your metal Galaxy S5!

    • jeff manning

      Functional running TouchWiz. Does not compute

    • malcmilli

      yes and some people don’t care about sd card slots and removable batteries and like to enjoy looking at the front of their phone, some people think all phones are light weight… no one is forcing you to buy an m8. But a phone feeling like its lesser quality is a thing. I had the note 8.0 tablet, although it felt fine, the home button did feel raggedly. It wasn’t the end of the world but it was annoying considering i paid over $400 for it.

      What people keep acting like is that the m8 and the s5 arent battling on on equal ground. They are both excellent devices and do 95% everything the other can do. So when it comes down to it, some people will probably pick the more attractive one if most other things are equal.

      • LionStone

        Its justification why we see these long lists blah, blah…you nailed it though, they are both great devices and the only reason I see someone choosing an S5 over an M8 is form factor, they want a little bit smaller phone, that’s it. Even then, I could see people saying they’d rather have the better speakers or better feel than form factor.

  • Samsucks

    April fools!

  • T4rd

    In b4 haters. Crap.. Ray beat me.

    • JimmyHACK

      LOL he sure did.

    • The Listener

      Well you know what they always say, The Narrator gonna hate, or something like that.

    • Ray

      Haha I only beat you because I get a push notification from pushbullet everytime droid-life publishes a article IFTTT works great.

  • Jkdem85

    Of course when I finally dump Samsung for HTC this comes out!

    • The Narrator

      You won’t notice.

    • jxcgunrunna

      A good screen on the new Samsung does not make your old Samsung’s display better.

      • Jkdem85

        No but I bought the m8 instead of a s5

    • Cael

      Return it?

  • Ray

    Wonder how much they paid him

    • Kane Desousa

      Nothing, I don’t understand how its not believable ?

      • I still don’t believe it. Samsung continues to use AMOLED, which is known for off-color whites and over saturated colors.

        • Kane Desousa

          It all has to do with how its calibrated. So no definitely not correct in that aspect, even a really crappy 100$ monitor can be improved greatly with calibration. Same applies here.

          • Mike

            Ray is a prime example of the types of sheep I didn’t want in the Android ecosystem.

          • Ray

            good thing this is America and i get to decide what ecosystem i want to be in not you.

          • Second this. I tuned my GN myself and got massively improved whites.

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          Any screen can be poorly calibrated and experience the issues you stated.

          Oversaturation is pleasing to most people when it comes to displays, so long as it is reasonable. That’s what makes a display “pop”. Samsung intentionally makes their screen oversaturated as a default to suit the tastes of the majority of the population and to be eye-catching when on display. To their credit, they also have alternate calibration modes, one of which is a super-accurate Cinema mode, which as described, provides near-100% color accuracy.

          Thankfully, with AMOLED, if you don’t like the default settings, there are ways to recalibrate easily through software alone.

    • j

      Yah I agree. There’s no way that one of the world’s largest display manufacturers, who spends more money on screen tech R&D than we could fathom, has even the potential to make the best display as tested in the year 2014. Total hogwash I tell ya, hogwash.

    • Azn_Android

      I’m a little bit skeptical myself. I cannot stand off-color whites since I do a lot of web browsing/texting on my phone. The slight tinge of blue or yellow just gets to me which is why I’ve avoided AMOLED screens ever since I had a Gnex. I’d be willing to get the GS5 if this report turns out to be true and the screen is indeed more accurate than that of the iPhone 5s or HTC One.