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Wonder Momo: Typhoon Booster Launches for NVIDIA SHIELD, Priced at $14.99

The streak continues, as yet another title has launched onto Google Play as an NVIDIA SHIELD exclusive. The game is called Wonder Momo: Typhoon Booster, and while it is stated that the game will come to additional Tegra 4-powered devices in the future, this is still a pretty small percentage of Android gamers.

In Wonder Momo, which is apparently a comic strip that has been around for years and years, you play as Momoko, a well endowed schoolgirl/bikini model/superhero who battles the evil forces of Waru. Alright, you got me, this sounds pretty hot. 

The game plays as a kick ass side scroller, as Momoko jumps and kicks baddies, collecting in-game coins to get more continues and for use in a mini game inside the app. Naturally, as it is built specifically for SHIELD portable gaming consoles, the controls are smooth and the graphics are superb.

Got a SHIELD? Got $15 to spend on a game you can only play on that device? Well, there you go! Rest assured that after you purchase this game, you will not be pestered by IAPs.

Play Link ($14.99)

momo_screen_01 momo_screen_03 momo_screen_06 momo_screen_07 Wonder Momo

  • Eric G Canoy

    You had at the screen grab of the main character kicking a tyrannosaurs in the face

  • Are there any tegra 4 tablets with hi res displays? I’m waiting a refurbished Nvidia Note to drop into my lap for a good price. I can deal with the screen for great graphics processing and good stylus support.

    • Vizio 10-inch and Asus Transformer TF701T. They were at CES last year but not sure if they are out yet.