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Samsung Debuts LED Smart Bulbs with Bluetooth Connectivity

So-called smartbulbs appear to be all the rage. Merely days after LG unveiled its new line of remotely controllable home lights, Samsung is doing the same. Today, the Korea-based company announced it will launch a range of new wireless Smart Bulbs at the Light + Building architectural conference in Frankfurt, Germany.

Samsung’s Smart Bulbs are, at least on paper, substantively similar to other competing products on the market. The LEDs utilize Bluetooth for connectivity, and up to 64 of them can be dimmed or power toggled via a mobile app. Samsung says the bulbs should last for approximately 10 years.

Anyone pumped for wireless lightbulbs?

 Via: Samsung

    I just read the source link and found they have LED T8/T12 tube-type bulbs as well. This would be awesome for fish tanks. I’m almost certain they’d be much cheaper than an LED fixture that has a limited life. When the LEDs go bad in a typical fixture, there’s not much you can do. Now you can just get a regular shop light and swap out the bulbs when they go bad (hopefully after a long time).


    I’ve wanted Phillips Hue bulbs for awhile. Maybe if they’re significantly cheaper, I’ll grab these.

  • djdsf

    I’ve been trying to get the Phillips HUE lights for a while now but I can’t.Not because I can’t find them, but because I need the ones they sell in the UK and Germany due to the difference in voltage. I plan on installing them in my apartment in South America and they use 220V down there so the HUE lights they sell here in the states would blow if I screwed them in.

  • Bluetooth for connectivity? So they have limited range for me to turn them on. And I can’t turn on the lights from outside the house. I prefer my Philips hue lights anyway

  • MJ
  • Rodeojones000

    No, not pumped for smart bulbs. Sometimes keeping it simple is the best option and with lightbulbs that’s the case.

  • Chris Hughes

    Lets see how much wireless/EMF signals we can jam into our homes at any given time.

  • matti861

    Does anyone else know if this blub flashes to the sound of music like the lg one. I could use that for my den for get togethers but other than that mostly useless

  • RoadsterHD1

    How much$$$$$


    Funny Sammy announced something right after LG… how the tables are turning

  • Shane Redman

    This could be useful in photography lighting. Sounds interesting.

  • Seems appealing product from Samsung. In one way or other they are trying to make secondary devices that are compatible with their existing products. For instance Smart Watches and now these Smart LED Bulbs. Love the way technology has been evolving!! 🙂

  • AbbyZFresh

    Now which bulb to buy, Samsung or LG?

  • We are overcomplicating the most simple things, first watches now lightbulbs *smh*

  • MacNificent

    Will only work with the Galaxy S6s
    And Galaxy S6s Active

    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      the sad thing is, if they made all their appliances strictly galaxy friendly, all my products would be samsung lol. Pre-heat the oven from my Gear is bawsin.

      • MacNificent

        That’s a great idea!
        And I enjoy there technology.
        I just won’t buy another one of their phones..

  • Alexander Munnerlyn

    Really…Samsung wants to make everything

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Honestly…it’s Samsung. They’ve always made everything.

    • Intellectua1

      Samsung already makes everything. You can deck your whole house out with Samsung appliances if your heart desires it..

  • Guest

    Cool idea. I tried these at my Apartment building but people steal them. Cool ideas but the world is too shady smh -__-

  • sirmeili

    My issue with the majority of these “smart bulbs” is that they remove all control-ability from the switch itself. I could understand wanting to use it in the occasions that you have a light without a switch, for instance a lamp.

    I happen to use a z-wave and a veraLite and just find it easier to replace a switch or add a plug in module than it is to replace ALL of my bulbs with these “smart bulbs”. Lets not forget that these are all proprietary to some degree so you can’t really mix and match bulbs from these different companies. The only ones I might consider is one that can be controlled from my Vera with a plugin (IE: Hue or the TCP Connected bulbs). But even then, I would rather maintain control at the switch with the OPTION of controlling it from my phone.

    • sirmeili

      I will say that the one benefit I can see from most of these bulbs is the ability to change the color. In normal every day life though, I don’t find too many cases where I want to change the color of a light in any given location (I have some spots I will be adding LED strip lighting (RGBW), but those are not places you’d put a regular bulb anyways).

    • Intellectua1

      I would love to remove the light switches in my home and replace them with Tablets. My goal in the next 5 years is to have my whole house run by tablets. I’ll have about 3-4 tablets on the foyer table so as soon as you walk in the door you pick one up and it’s yours during your stay to control lighting, entertainment, temperature, curtains etc.

      • joseph barrientos

        just make sure no one around knows about what you have inside and you’ll be fine.

        • Intellectua1

          Horrible neighborhoods are off my radar. I enjoy the fact that my neighbors have careers, families, and pay taxes..

      • sirmeili

        I have a similar plan, but I still prefer to have switches for most places (hallways, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen). It’s just “easier”. For instance, when I’m walking into the hallway, it’s easier to hit a switch without having to really look than to have to make sure I hit the right thing on the tablet. For advanced control I want tablets or I will use my new bRightSwitch (http://www.getbrightswitch.com/) for that. I already use Tablet control for bed side and on my sofa Table for control there. I do want to add more.

        For instance in the master bath, I want a tablet on dock next to the claw foot tub (We already have a table there next to the tub to set it on). It doesn’t make sense to have one on the wall when you walk in because you’d have to walk in to see it. Putting it outside the bathroom removes any control from inside the bathroom (I have 5 switches, 4 lights and 1 exhaust fan), so now you’re talking 2 tablets for that 1 location (costly). With my method, I have a switch, when you flip the switch (main lights) I already have it turning on the tablet, opening the home automation app and turning to the default screen for that time of day (which includes app links to things like Hulu). Soon I will removing the need for the tablet and doing motion based control (this already happens in my kitchen). Why use a tablet or a switch? This is home “automation”. I want things to happen because their supposed to, not because I tell it to (of course there will be overrides for party mode (in place), Away, Vacation, etc).

        I would rather not have people walking around with tablets though. They can be cumbersome to walk around with. Also, I can easily have 13+ people at my house. The cost for that just skyrocketed.. “How do I turn on the bathroom light?” “Did you take your tablet with you?”

        Same for curtains. I would rather adjust curtains and blinds based on the position of the sun and the season than to manually have to do it.

        • Intellectua1

          Motion based controls sound bad ass. And I do agree home automation is the future sorta like what Bill Gates house does but on a consumer price level (no telling how much his setup cost, even though he made it himself). I like your idea. I may steal it lol.

          • sirmeili

            If you go into using motion sensors, Look into a system that you can integrate an alarm panel and it’s wired sensors into. Wireless have a slight lag. I currently use wireless and it works for my current needs, but I plan on installing a DSC panel and sensors for “occupancy” detection. There is already a way to tie it into the MiCasaVerde Vera that I use for my z-wave network.

  • Mike_Cook7

    yep I would be

  • T4rd

    And thus dawns the age where we can “hack” our neighbors lights to turn on at 3 AM and flash different colors at strobe light speeds.

    • morteum

      That sounds hilarious.

    • Intellectua1

      Start a disco in my neighbors living room while they’re enjoying family movie night sounds way too awesome to resist..

      • Silver Veloz

        Ha! And I have all the disco music necessary.

  • Lake

    Have a set of 4 LIFX bulbs that keep getting better as their Android app updates

  • picaso86


    • yankeesusa

      Probably 49.99 with a 2 year contract and only works with galaxy phones running kitkat

      • Adrynalyne

        Don’t forget, they only display crayola colors :p

        • michael arazan

          Perfect for displaying my vintage movie posters

      • poop

        49.99 *Single color bulbs only (add $10 for each additional controllable light up to 99.99 for a total of 5 colors)

    • Dan

      probably $100 a bulb. Something ridiculous.

      • Obama’s_tranny_wifey

        LIFX are $100 each