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Deal: Amazon Gold Box has 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB Samsung microSD Cards at 65% Off

Just in time for the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One (2014), Amazon is hosting a Gold Box deal on Samsung micro SD PRO and PLUS cards with prices up to 65% off. Since both devices have a slot for expandable storage, you may want to think about picking up a card to take advantage. We should point out that the Galaxy S5 was announced with a micro SD slot, while the “All New HTC One” is only rumored to have one at this point, but all leaks currently point to it having a slot.

The PRO cards start at $15 and go up to $50 for the 64GB version. These cards are capable of transferring data at 70MB/s. The PLUS cards are the slightly cheaper model with prices ranging from $10 to $36 and can transfer data at speeds of 48MB/s. All cards are Class 10 UHS-1, and come with adapters. 

PRO Cards:  16GB ($14.99) | 32GB ($24.99) | 64GB ($49.99)

PLUS Cards:  16GB ($9.99) | 32GB ($17.99) | 64GB ($35.99)

  • skinja

    Am I Missing something?
    Is the deal already over?
    I see the Pro 64GB as being $69.99. Even when I add it to my cart.

  • ghostrigger

    clicked the link for pro and the 32 gb comes up as 29 dollars and the 64gb comes up as $59.04 might want to correct that
    in the post here

    • Scott

      It was originally discounted, then I refreshed the page on Amazon and I watched the price increase right before my eyes. Looks like Amazon got cold feet.

  • ravenofdoom

    Sandisk Extreme Plus does read/write at 80/50 (these are $80 on Amazon). The Samsung Pro does read/write at 70/20. The big deal for the Note 3, GS5, etc. is doing 4k recording, so you want as high a write speed as possible.

    Does anybody have a benchmark or link to a comparison of the Samsung Pro to the Sandisk Extreme Plus… I’m wondering if the throughput of the Note 3 (which is a good comparison to the GS5) caps out around/below 20MB/s write… thus making a moot point of the 50MB/s write speed of the faster Sandisk Extreme Plus compared to the Samsung Pro.

    • ravenofdoom

      Found a benchmark:


      While this doesn’t look to be a very thorough test… it looks like it gives the following speeds:

      Sandisk Ultra (spec of 30 / 15) – Note3 actual = 15.7 / 10.1
      Samsung Pro (spec of 70 / 20) – Note3 actual = 23.7 / 15.0
      Sandisk Extreme Plus (spec of 80 / 50) – Note3 actual = 24.1 / 19.2

      So it looks like The Sandisk extreme plus gives you +4.2 MB/s write speed compared to the Samsung Pro when in the device… the read speeds are a wash. I can’t be certain, but that could make a difference in 4k recording (would definitely make a difference in file-transfers via USB).

  • r0l

    Is there no Class 11 or UHS-2 certifications yet? Same speed ratings but different speeds seems to somewhat ruin the whole point…

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Ahhhh this time last year I was like ….dman these deals are good, but my HTC ONE doesn’t have an SD slot….let”s see what I’ll be saying from tomorrow!!! (Oh Looking at you funny right now nexus 5)

    • ReturnOf`TheMack

      Not sure if I’m still the minority or not but actually prefer built in batteries and storage. As long as my phone has 32gb built in, I’m set.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        I couldn’t care less either way, if I have 32GB I’m fine. But can’t go wrong with flexibility.

      • r0l

        I used to feel the same up until the last month or so and I’ve finally come close to filling my 32GB Moto X. Of course I can probably clean up my phone it free up a few GB, but I have to imagine if not this year than next a 64 GB option will be a must if there’s no SD.

        • Ralph Bretz

          Same here, didn’t use to care but I’d love for the next Moto X varient to have a SD card.

  • Picked up a 16GB plus for the wifey. her class 2 from the 80s died this weekend.

  • Ray

    I wish the 128GB ones were on sale!

    • rawr

      Yeah but the bleeding edge never allows for that.

      The 1TB WD Raptor is the same price as the 150GB was when it was new.

      Maybe when the 256’s come out they will sell the 128s 50% off.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      They are onsale. Amazon has had them discounted (like they have everything else) since launch.

      • r0l

        Well that’s because the list price is not real and no one pays it. It would seem 50-55% off on Sandisk cards is the normal price and any additional discounting is an actual sale.

        • NigelTark

          Amazon has them for like 120, while Best Buy is selling them for 200. I’d say they’re “on sale” at Amazon.

          • r0l

            IMO if the price (or very close to) can be had 365 days a year it isn’t a sale.

            That’s the the psychology that brick and motor stores have been working with forever in most types of goods. Sell something at an inflated initial price to create a false sense of value and let the early adopters/suckers buy it, then soon after put it on sale forever (real price) and let people believe they are getting a deal.

    • Jeff

      Why, Google’s been gimping SD card support in Android. Eventually, that SD card slot would be useless on Android.