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Amazon Posts Up More Free Apps and Games for Its Birthday, Valued at Over $50

To keep relevancy up surrounding its birthday, Amazon continues to mark down apps and games through its Appstore for Android device owners. This weekend, you can play a handful of new games thanks to Amazon, all for the price of free.

Let’s talk about what you can download for free this morning, shall we? 

Today, users can grab EA Game’s Monopoly game for free, Worms: Armageddon 2 for zilch, SketechBook Pro for nada, Polaris Office for nil, Ski Safari for zippo, and plenty of other sweet titles.

All of the savings adds up to over $50, so that’s quite the generous gesture from Amazon. Head on over to their site for a look at the full list of apps and games.

Again, you will need to install the Amazon Appstore to take advantage of these deals.

Via: Amazon
  • cornfan

    SketchBook pro is still showing $4. What’s up with the free promo? Or is this bogus?

  • Raven65

    Awesome. Now, when are they going to post an Android app for streaming Amazon Instant Video like they have for iOS???

  • Isi

    Even though I don’t actually install any of the Amazon apps, I still get all the free apps/games I find. Just in case I ever get an Amazon tablet or phone.

  • Kyle

    I downloaded Worms and received a $1 credit towards Amazon MP3 as well….

  • OFD

    hey droid-life, would you consider using different color links for external sites and keywords within the site?

    • black_sea

      Yes, that’s an excellent suggestion.

    • athorax


    • TalonDesigns

      I’d be behind that one 100%.

    • michael arazan

      Just always look for the “VIA or Source”

  • Tim

    I do not see Polaris Office!

    • Koo Tran

      Neither do I, and I’m on a Galaxy Note II…

    • D.B.Evans

      I see it from my when I go to their website. But it shows as not compatible with any of my Android devices. I’m guessing it’s only the Kindle version that’s at the sale price.

      • Tim

        Must be…thanks.

      • Raven

        Egads, I have 37 Android devices registered with them according to their website. I have probably only really registered 10 devices with them at the most. And, apparently Polaris is not compatible with any of them (even though it is already installed on my ASUS Transformer). It must be a Kindle exclusive.

    • Raven

      Me neither on my Nexus 7. Polaris came with my ASUS Transformer and I have often considered it to be the best Android Office app available. I have several Office docs created on PC that I view on my tablet and Polaris is the only 1 (I have 5 different Office clones installed) that actually displays the pictures embed in the documents properly.

  • Higher_Ground

    I downloaded monopoly and worms a few years ago. Sad to say that playing them on the phone really doesn’t live up to playing the board game or Worms on a PC.

    • Edwin M

      Those are the same exact 2 I just downloaded right now.