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Drizly, the Alcohol Delivery App, Makes Its Android Debut

An app that lets you order a bottle of alcohol and then track it as it is delivered within an hour (often within 20-40 minutes) to your front door? Why this has not already become the next global phenomenon, I do not know, but it has finally arrived on Android. It’s called Drizly, and if you live in New York City or Boston, you can fill up your NCAA opening round weekend with driver-delivered booze at what the company describes as prices you pay in-person at the liquor store. 

The app doesn’t look half bad, but since I live out west, am not able to fully enjoy it. From what I understand, you can order everything from liquor to beer to wine, and pay non-marked up prices. The app tracks orders as they make their way to you, shows you big beautiful images of your favorite beverages, and even lets you choose soft drinks (read: mixers).

A map of the areas they serve can be found below.

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drizly app

  • Brandon

    For the extremely lazy drunk

  • RichardRooks

    wow VERY cool…. if only it was in North Carolina! http://num.to/5620*8988*2943

  • Hugh Hansen

    I just used the app. Got a bottle of scotch delivered to my office. It’s really classing up the place.

  • AJH

    They deliver to my neighborhood. May try this next time I don’t want to leave the couch…

  • j

    niche market.. won’t catch on. they may do ok, but don’t expect it to come to your area.

  • now i want a gin and tonic…i might leave work im not paying attention to anything but basketball and dl anyway

  • Raven

    I will never forget when I was staying in a hotel in St. Louis 7 years ago for a convention and we found this Pizza place that would also deliver almost any alcohol as well as several things listed under Other on their menu (cigarettes, condoms, ice, etc.). We placed an order for over $300. I thought that was brilliant back then, and now there is an app for that.

  • Higher_Ground

    Seems like this is geared towards cities that aren’t car friendly.

  • Abgar Musayelyan

    what would make or break this for me is if they deliver the bottles chilled. or have that option at least.
    anyone know?

    • JoshGroff

      This is America, anything that saves us effort is usually worth doing, especially if it does it at no additional cost. (Besides a tip, but the gas and time saved make up for that.)

  • malcmilli

    I’ll be all over this as soon as they get Queens on that map

  • JonathonFlores

    In my attempt to start this business I found laws prohibiting delivery of alcohol unless…. Blah blah blah… Licenses…. Blah blah.. Permits… Blah.. Blah…. This law prohibits this and that… Give me $900K and we’ll work around the system..But I live in Texas so the laws may be different.

    • Menger40

      Good thing we have so many “helpful” laws to protect us from convenient alcohol delivery services, eh?

    • michael arazan

      I remember when Missouri and Texas had drive through liquor stores, for the alcoholic always on the go,back when I was a kid in the 80’s.

      I’m lucky, my best friend imports and contracts wineries, not only does he deliver me fine wines of the world, I get them for wholesale prices. Terrible how much wines are marked up. Can get $100 bottle of wines for $20 and less.

      • PA has a lot of drive through beer places. They have weird rules so you can’t buy beer in a gas station, but you can drive through the beer warehouse next to it and buy beer. But only at certain hours.

        • gunslinger

          I think there’s a sheetz (gas station) in Altoona where you can buy beer. But the place is considered a restauraunt because they do offer food and have seating (more weird rules of what can be bought where).

          reminds me of SC. beer and wine could be sold just about anywhere, their own store, or within grocery or gas stations. but liquor had to be sold in it’s own “store” so there were a number of buildings where you walked in the “front” door, then went through the left side door to the liquor side and right door to the “beer/wine” side.


  • The Narrator

    When will Taco Bell deliver!?

    • gunslinger

      free roll of TP!

  • evan brown

    We have achieved the pinnacle of smartphone technology

  • Tripod4

    They even deliver WIN?! WIN!