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Download: Google Play v4.6.16 – Batch Installs, Menu Tweaks, Require Password, and More

A new version of Google Play is rolling out like molasses this week as v4.6.16 (staged rollouts, so fun!). The update isn’t major by any means, not like when we first exclusively showed you version 4.0, but does include a bunch of tweaks that will satisfy the geekiest of Android elitists. We’re talking the little things that annoy you as you use the Play store.

We also have it available for download below, so feel free to sideload away.Β 

We don’t have an official changelog just yet, but so far this is what we are looking at:

  • Settings and Help menus have moved into the side navigation menu.
  • There is a new option in Settings that you can set to require passwords for all purchases.
  • The “Auto-add widgets” option has FINALLY been changed to “Add icon to Home screen.”
  • You can force check for updates of Google Play by going into Settings and tapping on the build version.
  • Batch multi-select installs from the “All” page in My Apps.
  • If you remove an app from the “All” list, it no longer jumps to the top.
  • The rest is all incredibly minor stuff.

Download Link

Via: Β Android Police
  • ddfuji

    Oh thank you Jesus for this update.

  • Jamen Tyler Lang

    i wish they would block in app purchases on a store level πŸ™

  • nevermindhoser

    Sideloading like a boss!


    Some really nice changes for us geaks

  • Anyone know why the Google Music store won’t load for me for several weeks now? I’ve tried reboots, cache clearing, and now installing the update and nothing has worked. I just get the “No connection detected” message, but all the other stores work just fine.

  • Menger40

    There is a special circle of hell for people who make those ads that just say “download”

    • michael arazan

      DOWNLOAD download DoWnLoAd dOwNlOaD, it’s like russian roulette with spam

  • Cowboydroid

    “If you remove an app from the β€œAll” list, it no longer jumps to the top.”

  • JoshGroff

    They finally updated the purchase password settings? That’s awesome.

  • crazed_z06

    Why do they refuse to bring back a tab where it shows just your purchased apps?

    • JoshGroff

      So that those of us that spent a bunch of change on a mobile gaming library have to sort through every free app we’ve ever installed to get to what we actually want. Obviously…

      • Gideon Waxfarb

        There’s actually an app for that …


        However, from my experience, it doesn’t work for everyone, as reflected by all the 1-star reviews πŸ™ Anybody know of another one?

        • michael arazan

          My Purchase app only shows about 90% of my apps I purchased

        • JoshGroff

          Would be nice to not have to resort to a third party app for a feature that was baked into the android market and removed for whatever reason. (Especially one with less than stellar performance and device compatibility.)

  • Jeralmac

    Every download link I click directs me to Mobie Genie download….anyone know what to click to get the right file???

    • jboogie1289

      I found the Android Police link at the end of the article and they had several mirror links available. I don’t like to deviate from DL but I had to in this instance.

      • Jeralmac

        Thanks. I eventually discovered that if you just let the page sit there without clicking anything, the download of the correct apk file eventually kicks in.

        • jboogie1289

          Lol, I wasn’t that patient!! I wanted it NOW!!!!!

  • bkosh84

    Batch installs!??!?! Freaking finally! Something I’ve wanted for like two years now!!!

  • Sean Walton

    Thanks Kellex for letting us know and providing the sideload link as you always do. Installed on my Moto X and working great!

  • faganm24

    As part of this update they removed batch removal of apps from “All Apps” list. Or am I missing something?

    • Brian Walz

      I didn’t know you could do that. I wish I would of known. I would of removed a ton of things

      • faganm24

        I didn’t know until I read this article and tried to see if I had the newest version by testing it out. The nice thing is that it doesn’t jump to the top of the list every time now.

    • bkosh84

      Yeah, looks like it’s either batch installation or batch deletion (although I don’t know why we can’t have both), but at least when you remove an app from the list one-by-one it doesn’t shoot back up to the top like it used to do.

  • The Narrator

    Oh look a Samsung plug in. It keeps getting worse

  • jboogie1289

    What the hell is Mobogenie? And why am I being redirected?

    • Bigwavedave25

      Cancel that one and close the Add page that it came from. Then you will see the toast for to dowload the vending.apk

  • JSo

    Guess they added the password setting since they got sued by a woman whos kid racked up some money on in-app purchases.

    • The Narrator

      She deserved it. If she was responsible, shed make a fake account just for her kids.

      • hfoster52

        I agree. I never had the play store store my password for that same reason. Sometimes a little common sense goes a long way.

        • flosserelli

          Common sense is not common.

      • JSo


      • Bubba Gump

        How would you do that?

        • The Narrator

          It’s pretty simple.

  • Tyler

    “You can force check for updates of Google Play by going into Settings and tapping on the build version.”

    Let’s hope this works better then the update phone in settings.

  • Tony Byatt

    Batch multi-select installs…A win on every level…

  • Batch installs have been MIA for too long! =D

  • jboogie1289

    Ok, lets do this.