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Verizon Introduced a New $75 Single Line 2GB Plan, Secret 2GB $60 “SAVE” Plan Too

Verizon quietly introduced a new $75 single line plan today that gives customers 2GB of monthly data, along with unlimited talk and text. According to sources of ours, this new plan is a “limited time promotion,” though we have no word on when it will end.

If that plan doesn’t sound like the deal for you, know that Verizon also has a semi-secret option called the “SAVE” plan that is $60 for 2GB of data, plus unlimited talk and text. You need to qualify for it, but it’s worth knowing about should you be in the market for discounted service and a new phone.Β 

The $75 plan works like this – sign-up for service (appears to be no-contract) and receive 2GB of data with unlimited talk and text for $75. If you want to lower the monthly price by $10, you can also sign-up for Verizon EDGE, which is Big Red’s device payment plan that spreads the cost of a full retail phone out over 24 months.

verizon 75 plan

The “SAVE” plan – should you qualify – is probably your best value. From our understanding, this is a plan you’ll have to specifically ask about, as Verizon may not offer it up front. The plan looks like this – for $60, you get 2GB of data and unlimited talk and text. You do have to sign a 1-year contract, so this is not a month-to-month plan. In order to qualify, you have to be within 12 months of a contract end date or already out of contract.

We should point out that with the “SAVE” plan you cannot share data, use mobile hotspot (unless you pay extra for it), or receive the $10 EDGE discount.

verizon save plan2

If you are within a contract end date and don’t mind signing a 1-year contract, think about asking for the “SAVE” plan.

  • John Davids

    “Great value for customers ringing the bells of chum”

    Um. Wut?

  • br_hermon

    The 60 plan is the same exact thing as their Customer Loyalty plan. They’ve had it for a while, I got it in like… December? Right before I left them πŸ™‚ its not a limited time offer though. just FYI, your ETF for this plan will start out at 175 reduce monthly at $5.

  • master94

    Wow Tmobile even made VZ the company that said it would never enter a price war enter a price war. Go tmobile

  • guest

    These saving money plans are a joke! I just want more data. Let’s say 30gb for $75.

  • Brooks566

    Big Deal, This is a $4.98 savings over the plan I had 2 years ago (700 min & 2GB & 1000 Txt) The only thing it adds is unlimited talk & text, which I personally never come close to using what I have.

  • IanAndersonLOL

    Anyone who still has unlimited data can get the “legacy plan” which is $60 unlimited talk/text 2gb/data and $10/gb overage. Much better than this deal.

    • Fresh360

      WAIT! Whaaaaaaa?!?!?!!? Why would anyone with an $29 unlimited plan want to pay $60 for 2gb of data?

      • devman

        The $29 was the line-item price for the unlimited data only, you still had to pay for the rest of the account items (i.e. minutes, text, line access, etc). The $60 the OP mentioned covers the entire plan. Not saying its a good deal, but the comparison was off.

        • Fresh360

          I agree I was just being facetious…With that being said a person with unlimited data even with the add ons (keep in mind no access fee back in the day) would not benefit with this plan…

  • Derrius Marquis Byrd

    Can new customers get this deal also?

  • trixnkix637

    Eh. I’ll keep paying my $80 for unlimited everything.

  • Lonnie Brownell

    In the graphic, under the $60 save plan, why does it show $15/30 minutes? Implies perhaps not unlimited talk? Or…something?

    • Sam_K

      I have the exact same question. If the $60 “SAVE PLAN” includes unlimited talk then why does the chart say “$15/30 minutes”.

      I’m with Verizon now but I’m about to leave even though I have a grandfathered unlimited data plan. These plans won’t stop me from leaving because my reasons for leaving are more than cost. My service in Jersey City where I work is terrible because the cell site that my phone is connecting to across the Hudson River in NYC is overly congested during business hours because it’s in the financial district.

  • M3D1T8R

    That’s 2GB per _day_ right? (Aka two hours of Netflix.) That wouldn’t be so bad, though still less than I use, for the ~$75/mo I’ve been paying them for years.
    Verizon just keeps getting worse.

  • bionicwaffle

    What!? That’s awesome! I’d even call that competitive especially when you consider Verizon’s coverage, LTE coverage, and building penetration.

    I just signed up for SAVE! Thank you very much Kellex and Droid Life!!!

    • Fresh360

      Actually ‘SAVE’ isn’t new or awesome it is just a rebadged ‘Loyalty’ plan the only difference is that with ‘SAVE’ you have to sign a contract whereas ‘Loyalty’ can be used as a month to month and does not extend an existing contract.

      • br_hermon

        In December they switched me to a loyalty plan and I had to be there a year (though I paid the ETF and got the hell out of Dodge.)

      • bionicwaffle

        I’ve called begging and pleading for a better plan and I sure couldn’t get a “loyalty” plan of any kind out of them. It’s $10 less than what I was paying and I’m going from 450 minutes to unlimited and no messaging to unlimited. On my planet that’s fairly impressive. It’s probably not impressive on any other carrier but it is on Verizon! Thank you T-Mobile, Sprint, and maybe even AT&T a little for pushing/competing enough to make this happen!!!

    • Sporttster

      Seriously if you think about it $60 for a measly 2gb is ridiculous. Makes more sense at maybe $40 and 6gb or more at $60 but hey, it’s their fricking cash cow and they’re gonna ride it right over the consumer.

      • michael arazan

        1 Year ago it was $30 for 2 gb. I guess next year it will be $90 for 2 Gb at this rate

        • bionicwaffle

          You’re comparison is not valid…It was $30 for 2GB and $40 for 450 minutes. I had no texting. I was paying $70. Now I’m paying $60 total, and I still have 2GB of data but I also have unlimited calling and unlimited texting (including photo and video messaging).

  • Fredrol

    Thats pretty expensive.. πŸ™‚ I pay $50 a month, for free call, free sms/mms, and 5gb of data.. πŸ™‚ No contract, i can change whenever i want. πŸ™‚

    • bionicwaffle

      Yeah, but you don’t have Verizon voice calling coverage, Verizon LTE coverage, or Verizon building penetration. I haven’t had t-mobile but I’ve had AT&T and Sprint for at least two years each. The difference is huge at least in the area where I live. Neither of those can compare and based on what I’ve heard from others t-mobile in my area is not very good.

      For Verizon, this is a major change.

  • Shane Redman

    Hi, former VZW GNex owner here. Good men of Droid-Life.com, can you do us all a huge favor and stop reminding us that Verizon ever tried to have a Nexus device. It wasn’t what we thought it would be and it hurt our hearts, so stop reminding us by using pictures of it to cover articles. As much as they put that damn check mark on everything else, I’m sure you have alternatives. Thanks a bunch!

    • jimt

      It serves as a reminder as to one of many reasons to leave Verizon.

  • maxx1987

    one year contract? not bad. what kinds of phones are you allowed to purchase with this contract?

  • warsaw79

    I stumbled upon that $60 plan a few months ago. It was called the loyalty plan then though.

    • Wesley Stout

      yep as I call it the I really had to get upset for them to give it to me plan

      • warsaw79

        its not that bad of a plan for verizon. allowing an employee discount and hotspot would make me consider staying with them.

        • Wesley Stout

          I have happily been away from them for 6 months, just waiting to get my wife away. Like you said not a bad plan for Verizon.

          • warsaw79

            i left them for a year but went back because they were the least awful provider at my current place. Once i leave there i’ll go back with pre-paid and unlocked phones.

        • jimt

          With 2 gig of data total, why have a hotspot?

          • warsaw79

            i only really use about 1g a month. I’m on wireless most places i’m at.

          • bionicwaffle

            Everyone acts like you need gigs and gigs. As long as you’re not streaming media all the time you can do all the web browsing and email you want with 2GB. Web browsing generally isn’t heavy on data usage. Web pages, historically, were designed to not take a lot of bandwidth.

  • fauxshizzl

    $75 for 2GB is a sale?

  • Yawn.

    • ams165

      That is F…….in Funny….

    • fauxshizzl

      Awesome, but how?

    • gintoddic

      that’s why regular people don’t have unlimited data anymore.

      • By “Regular People”, do you mean folks who subscribed to VZ after the unlimited was taken away? And are you calling me irregular? lol πŸ˜‰

      • master94

        VZW is over charging their customers. Those who have unlimited need to do this. Only way VZW will stop this BS no one uses over 2GB policy

        • LiterofCola

          Over-charging my ass. You expect the company with the BEST network to just simply give you service for 99 cents? Give me a break.

          • michael arazan

            135 Billion in profits last year and also paid 0 taxes for the past 4 years. Yeah, I’d say they overcharge a lot

    • Guest

      Psssh…amateur πŸ˜‰

      • Post ’em if you got ’em tough guy lol. πŸ˜‰

        • Open1Your1Eyes0

          Sorry deleted my comment accidentally there. πŸ˜›

          See below –vvv

          • Oh Yea

          • needa

            now i know why people complain about noobs and their gifs. this isnt the verge you know.

          • Detonation

            So what are you doing that uses this much data?

          • Open1Your1Eyes0

            That’s between me and my carrier πŸ˜‰

          • tu3218

            think I stared at this for 5 minutes haha

          • I stared at her for 10 minutes and she isn’t even getting tired

          • Ryan

            You sir win the internet award!

          • M3D1T8R

            That’s about what I use. Though the highest I’ve had so far was 99GB. Only had LTE here since last June though. Average probably 70. Just a couple hours of Netflix a day will do it. Zero torrenting or anything like that.

          • michael arazan

            I use it the most when Uploading videos to my drive account, eats up a lot of data and really turns up the heat on my phone.

          • michael arazan


          • DK

            That’s a hell of a lot of streaming ghey porn.

    • Rashad

      Not as good as you but I’ve been slacking this month.

      • Fresh360

        How do you have shared mins/sms with unlimited data? What kind of sorcery is this?

        • superlee

          Verizon had Unlimited data and minutes a long time ago. If you did not resign a contract for a discounted phone you were able to keep it. It was a “grandfathered” plan.

          • Fresh360

            The “shared” part threw me off I have a grandfathered unlimited plan also…Didn’t know u could have shared mins/SMS with unlimited

      • superlee

        You guys are nuts. I think I used 20 texts and maybe 15 minutes last month.

    • Rand Paul 2016

      Not sure why adblock uses 2 GB though.

      • I believe adblock still downloads the ad, it just blocks it from view.

  • jimt

    I left for every reason except the overall size of the network. One out of a million isn’t so bad. Thank you Tmo.

  • invincible1914

    Just put my fiancΓ©e (She has never even gone over 500MB) on it. All you have to do is call 611 and ask for the $60 loyalty plan. It was in and out. She’s been working from home and had $58 minute overage fee. So this was perfect for her. Thanks Kellex!

  • PuttsMoBilesiCit

    I’ll stick with Straight Talk and my Nexus 5.

    I left you for a reason Verizon, and it will stay that way.

  • jimt

    Pass the vaseline, please.

  • flosserelli

    Meh. I’ll keep my unlimited data for ~$60 a month.

    • Jason Downing

      What plan are you on?

      • flosserelli

        Grandfathered unlimited line + employer discount.

        • Jason Downing

          Yeah. I have the unlimited and I just applied a new corporate discount. We’ll see what it turns into.

        • picaso86

          I have unlimited + employer discount 25% = $77 with tax included monthly πŸ™‚

  • Also, on the Save plan, you can’t use your corporate discount. Found this out the other day.

    • iamevie

      You can’t use your corporate discount on any of these new single line plans.

  • Tony Byatt
  • JSo

    I thought their 2GB plan was already $60 a month. Or is this for the line AND the plan? And the $75 plan is no contract?

    • Fresh360

      It is BUT this new and improved plan has an awesome new feature you must sign a new 1 year contract or extend your existing contract. Because you know who wants a $60 plan without a contract :/

  • chris125

    Or go with straight talk/AIO/tmo and save more money and not get stuck with only Verizon phones. Wow this is a ripoff. Verizon doesn’t care. Everyone else drops prices, Verizon raises them

  • Scott Breitbach

    “…existing customers ringing the bells of” churn? chum? what?

    • ilovetechnology

      Ha, I thought it said “chum” also. Was scratching my head at that, but churn makes sense.

  • imlip

    If I were a regular Verizon customer, I would threaten to move to Tmobile (they pay your ETF) if they won’t give you this plan. You win either way.

    Edit: I am a Verizon customer on an employee plan (no longer an employee). My bill is $26 a month for unlimited 4G, 1500 minutes, unlimited SMS (limited MMS)… and that’s after tax.

    • Wesley Schwartz

      Same plan but my taxes must be higher. 28 a month

    • Detonation

      You don’t win if you live in my area.

    • needa

      with a price like that… that is something you bequeath to a favorite relative. good on ya.

  • MichaelFranz

    To qualify for SAVE, you need to have unlimited data so they can try and take it πŸ™‚

    • AjMobileGuru


    • michael arazan

      Sad, but that is probably true, just like the 6GB for $30 plan only for unlimited users

  • Josh M.

    If I am currently using a Share Everything plan with a single line, am I able to switch to a single line plan? I’m not seeing that option on the website.

    • StargateNH

      Im wondering the same thing. Im a 1 line Share Everything plan (was 2GB but was just raised to 3GB). And would the $75 2GB plan also allow tethering?

      • M3D1T8R

        They must allow tethering by law. Hate using the word “allow” as it implies they have any right to decide how you can use the data that you pay for.

  • randompsychology

    Wow. As if Verizon’s plan were not complicated enough before, they need to add all sorts of crazy new configurations.

    I used to be able to keep pretty good track of what they offered, but nowadays I’m not sure that I could compute my monthly bill without an extensive spreadsheet.

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      Haha its like you need an accounting degree or something

    • master94

      I’ve resorted to using the Matlab program at my work. Shh dont tell me boss

  • KleenDroid


  • Fry

    Does it come with ky?

    • Tim242

      Yes Fry the Narrator. You’re in luck.

      • The Narrator

        Fuckk off Tim, your shyt is just overkill now.

        • Tim242

          Your multiple accounts…the true definition of overkill. You up voted your own comment…again hahaha

          • The Narrator

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          • JSo
          • The Narrator

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          • JSo

            Nah, I don’t take the internet seriously. πŸ™‚

          • The Narrator

            I don’t either, there just comes a time when the stupidity of somebody makes you lose faith in humanity.

          • Justin


          • Tim242

            This is not the first time you have been caught up voting your own comments. You are such a loser.

          • The Narrator

            I haven’t been caught doing anything. This conversation is over. I’ve flagged them to be deleted because they dont relate to the topic.

          • Tim242

            You deleted them so that they aren’t tied to your most used user name.

          • The Narrator

            And yet, you have the audacity to call others, trolls.

          • Tim242

            You are a troll. Even your KY comment is out of line. That is not relevant to the topic, and points to your juvenile ways.

          • The Narrator

            Tato, clean up the junk. Thanks.

          • Tim242

            Haha, you want someone to clean up all of the junk you posted.

          • The Narrator

            Tato can show IP addresses, im sure. Id be more than happy for him too. Anything to shut tou all up.

          • Tim242

            Dude, we have posted screenshots of you up voting your own comments, about a minute after posting. It has happened too many times to be a coincidence.

          • CaptM

            You know the rest of us are here for Android and phones, not to read about the love affair of you two. Go get a room, take care of business and leave the rest of us out of it, Both of you are trolls and deserve each other as you do this in almost every story that they post here.

    • Thomas

      I’m an Astroglide guy myself

    • The Narrator

      It’s best if you don’t up vote my comments. Don’t need to feed the trolls.

    • LiterofCola


  • Open1Your1Eyes0

    I see lots of the word “unlimited” being used for all these new Verizon plans but sadly the word “data” does not follow them anywhere.

    • ReturnOfTheMack

      Unfortunately I don’t think that will ever happen again on Verizon.

    • Kyle

      I still wonder how they’re going to do Voice Over LTE…..if I’m on a 2GB plan will all my voice calls and SMS now eat my 2 GB of data too?

      • Tim242

        No. SMS uses data, but they have always separated that from data use.

        • M3D1T8R

          Unfortunately true (so they can charge more for them). Since texts use literally nearly zero data.

          • michael arazan

            text is like 1kb or less, even pictures through a text is like around 128kb

    • The Narrator

      WiFi is like a unicorn. It’s magical and awesome.

      • Open1Your1Eyes0

        Yes…because a WiFi router has the same distance coverage as a cell tower.

        • The Narrator

          Unless you’re homeless, most places have WiFi too. And it’s usually faster.

          • Open1Your1Eyes0

            Yes…because people that travel in areas outside of WiFi coverage don’t exist.

            Sidenote: If I wanted to use a device that relies on WiFi I would just take out my laptop or tablet (and even then I would probably just connect to the WiFi hotspot on my phone). I explicitly got a phone NOT to have to worry about finding a data connection or checking if I still have data left for the month to use.

          • The Narrator

            Life isn’t fair. Gotta work with what ya got. I use my data for a lot and my WiFi and never hit over 3gb

          • Open1Your1Eyes0

            Life is also full of choices. My grandfathered unlimited data plan is literally the only thing keeping me on Verizon right now. The moment they start to forcefully move grandfathered customers on to tiered plans (it will definitely happen one day, just a matter of when) is the day I realize Verizon doesn’t like my money anymore and I switch to T-Mobile.

          • michael arazan

            Can’t wait for the T-Mo Commercials the Day Verizon Kicks off Unlimited Users

          • lynn

            I just upgraded my phone with verizon and was forced out of my granfathered unlimited data! As of right now the only way to avoid losing the unlimited is to buy a newer phone outright or not upgrade your ecisting phone. Great options if your existing phone still works properly or you can afford a couple of hundred dollars for the new phone! Sadly my old phone was shot and outright buying a phone wasn’t really an option. Personally I think the phones are designed to start failing when the 2 year contracts are up for renewal, forcing people to upgrade or replace their phones.

          • ann

            Just get a second account with a 2 year contract and get the subsidized smart phone.

  • besweeet

    $5 more for unlimited data on T-Mobile. I guess this is fine as far as Verizon goes.