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Users No Longer Need Plex Pass to Use Chromecast With Plex

Previously, when users wished to use Plex with the Chromecast HDMI dongle connected to their HDTVs, they would need to download a separate app called PlexPass and be a member. Starting today, the official Plex app is completely supported with Chromecast, no extra software needed. 

After beta testing with thousands of users, the service has launched to all of its users, as “promised” by the company. Not only is it now available to all, but the service has received a few enhancements as well, which includes 1080p content to stream without transcoding.

To top it all off, the app and the streaming method underwent a few bug fixes as well, so everything should be very smooth.

Plex users, go grab it.

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Via: forums.plex.tv
  • lamenting

    As a bonus, Plex for Android will now cast to the Roku 3. Just download the Plex app on your Roku and open it.. then with the Plex app on Android, you can select the Roku as a casting device. Why would you cast to the Roku 3 over the Chromecast? Being able to natively play more files without transcoding. The Roku 3 has much better audio/video codec and container support than the Chromecast. You can stream your h.264-encoded MKVs with 5.1 audio without transcoding, for example.

    • Jim

      There is also a Roku plex app.

      • lamenting

        Well yeah I said that in my comment.. “Just download the Plex app on your Roku and open it” 🙂 But the Roku plex app is ugly as sin.. I’d much rather use the Android or iPad app to navigate.

  • lamenting

    “they would need to download a separate app called PlexPass and be a member” – partially true. You do need to be a PlexPass member, but you didn’t need the Plex for PlexPass app. You could use the regular Plex for Android app – you just needed to be a PlexPass member to use the Chromecast features. Also if you’re thinking of being a PlexPass member, don’t buy the Plex for Android app. Download the free Plex for PlexPass app then sign up for PlexPass.

  • JRomeo

    Can i cast an mp4 movie from my google drive to the chromecast for free using the plex app ?

    • Joey Provolone

      No, but you can use bubble upnp to stream from google drive, dropbox, and one drive.

      • JRomeo

        do you know if the Allcast app will cast mp4 movies from google drive to chromecast?

  • Fresh360

    Quick question…I have a DLNA equipped TV and I just drop my movies into a accessible folder on my PC and hit play on my remote (more or less) and bang movies on the big screen. What is the advantages of using Plex over DLNA?

    • lamenting

      DLNA is just a way to get it to your TV. Your TV itself needs to be able to play all the media types that you want (h.264-encoded MKVs with 5.1 DTS surround, for example). If your TV doesn’t support the audio and video codecs and containers that you want, then you’re screwed. That’s where Plex comes in. It knows if the device you’re streaming to can handle the audio/video codecs and containers and will do its magic to transcode your video and audio to be able to play on any device you stream it to.

      • Fresh360

        Thanks. I downloaded Plex and gave it a spin before work today, very nice interface much more so than my built in DLNA UI…

        • lamenting

          On the last screen before you hit the Play button up top, there’s a section for subtitles: http://i.imgur.com/35ZSJOk.png

          • Fresh360

            Thanks but I had to rename my subtitle files so Plex could recognize them. I am really liking this Plex tho, seem like it’s less taxin on my PC too, my fan doesn’t whirl like it did when using the built in TV DLNA.

  • Jason V

    Plex is the best media player out there. I highly recommend getting and it setting it up. I rip all my blurays and dvds and can watch them on the go. Or you can share your library with your friends. Its amazing!

    • Fresh360

      Quick question…I have a DLNA equipped TV and I just drop my movies into a accessible folder on my PC and hit play on my remote (more or less) and bang movies on the big screen. What are the advantages of using Plex over DLNA?

      • Jason V

        You can categorize all your media into different categories. Say you have 5 seasons of a tv show. It will download all the names of the episodes and synopsis of each. It will also show you if you if you watched it or not. If you had to stop in the middle it will allow you to resume from that point and will mark off if you watched it from any device that you connect to it. The interface is very nice too. Even if you don’t download the android app setup a plex server and enjoy it.

        • Fresh360

          Thanks for the reply, I will def give it a shot…I’m a sucker for a good interface, and DLNA thru the TV is kind of clunky…

    • JRomeo

      what software do you use to rip your DVDs? I’d like to be able to watch my movies on the go also.

  • bqluong

    He liked his own video. lol

    OH and who lets their dog lick their tablet?

  • litobirdy

    Can I get plex from Amazon app store and it would have the Chromecast feature?

  • Alica788

    Nice post.thanks a lot for great sharing…

  • trixnkix637

    does this cast local media files stored on your phone or sd card?

  • jrgray27

    About time, I almost signed up for PlexPass…ALMOST… : D

  • Finally!

  • Zach Davis

    Awesome! Been waiting for this, definitely gonna get used at home a ton

  • veRdiKt

    avia is just “meh”. Been using that. got the job done by streaming from my plex server. Now finally I can use this. So excited.

  • Chris

    chomecast; FOR those who hate interfaces

    • lamenting

      For those who love small interfaces. 🙂

  • Beavis

    About time.

  • Alex Coldstone Simon

    got avia from the amazon app store as a work around for this for a while. i got it from amazon because had $5 credit and it was only 2.99 as an IAP. this will be a great purchase.

    • litobirdy

      Does the plex from amazon have the same features?i have credit for the amazon app store

      • Alex Coldstone Simon

        the versions aren’t the same(amazon has 3.2.7 and plex support came with 3.2.8). it should get it eventually, but not sure how long that’ll be. they aren’t the best with updating their apps to play versions. just get google rewards app and build credit that way; still takes a while though.

    • jrgray27

      AVIA is a very good alternative indeed.

  • jwildman16

    Sweet! Been waiting for this addition.

  • litobirdy

    Darn.thought the app was free

    • dizel123

      So you wanted a free app and a free service? Cheap much?

    • Dave Whyte

      Purchase it. They put a lot of work in Plex and it is one of the easiest and nicest media servers I have ever used. Definitely worth the purchase.