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My Verizon Update Brings Auto-Refresh Back to the Data Widget

Over the coming weeks, Verizon will push out an update to its “My Verizon” app for Android devices. The update doesn’t change the UI or offer a new experience, but it does bring back automatic refreshing to the app’s data widget. For those not familiar, Verizon broke the auto-refresh functionality of the widget shortly after the company introduced shared data plans in 2012. Users had to tap the widget in order to refresh their current data usage status. While not the most inconvenient change of all time, no one will argue with automatic.

Here we are almost two years later and the functionality has returned. Good job, dev team.

The new build isΒ v10.0.615.

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Cheers Rashad and John!
  • terrorist96

    They also fixed the huge menu overflow button at the bottom on HTC devices.

  • scastro87

    Nice to have unlimited data

  • Jeff Carrington

    157gb used of unlimited

  • gpzbc

    Do the permissions weird anyone else out? Why does this Verizon app need to see my running apps as well as send and receive text?

  • Johnny Steele

    I don’t think I like the new widget look…But, I will take my auto-update.

  • ja7lewis

    could they make the lettering any smaller? i need a magnifying glass to be able to read it.

  • Tomen8r

    It broke my version. Error 1000. Marvelous

  • Joe

    I cracked 150 GBs for the first time! Woohoo! Next goal, 225GB, gotta make the Verizon bill worthwhile right??

    • Joe

      On moto x Dev.

    • You’re probably the reason why they took away unlimited data, and implemented sharable data plans :-

      • LiterofCola

        Just about

      • michael arazan

        Yeah it’s not because Verizon did the bare minimum in setting up LTE towers just enough to label an area covered? Damn that Verizon for offering unlimited data usage, everyone should of dropped it to pay more money for less, like a good corporate stooge

        50% of Verizon users use LTE and the entire system is bogged down with low speeds as it is now. Because there are too many people using one tower at any given moment.

        Here in St.Louis they have 7 lte towers, outside their regular towers, to cover over 800 sq. miles and over 2 million people in St.Louis city and counties.

        An LTE tower cost $150,000 each, and Verizon made 135 Billion last year, without paying taxes for 4 years. They made around half a Trillion dollars the past 4 years, granted they paid 130 Billion to buy back the rest of Verizon, but they still had enough to double the system in place.

        • Tim242

          See below.

        • I understand where your going with this and do agree with you…but there are other items in place here verizon cant just decide to knock down trees in the forest n start poppin up towers all over the place…but your right they dont care enough

        • tg1088

          We have enough damn cell towers already. I can see 3 spaced out in less than a 2 mile radius around my house. Verizon just needs to beef up their network on existing towers to the range a tower could withstand a while back ago. I remember 1 cell tower could provide coverage in a 5-10 mile radius instead of a 1-2 mile radius that they do today.

    • Dude

      I can’t think of any reason to ever use that much data. I have a 4gb plan and I rarely ever go above 3 gb.

    • w t f are you doing….i dunno why your proud of this its a*holes like you that made verizon kill unlimited data…i hope they throttle the sh*t out of you for every oz of data u use going forward

      • Joe

        Yea…I’m an a hole for using a service I pay for. And I’m suuuure I am the sole reason unlimited got killed off… I signed up with Verizon the day before they killed unlimited, so your theory is kaput already. But way to be a total tool and insult a complete stranger. And for what reason? Because I use more band with than you. Some one call a waaambulance for this douche.

        • I didnt say you in particular…i said people like you…and its a fact that people like you who abused the unlimited data is the reason they cancelled it…and the reason we are all coming out of pocket for phones instead of using 2 year upgrades…so yes it may not be you specificially but youve added fuel to the fire…the fact your abusing data like this (which seems for no reason) is a little ridiculous…god knows why or what your doing i mean go get triple play or something n stop running your entire house off your cell phone like a bum
          n dont be using wambulance on me buddy…i created wambulance

          • Iamjackspost

            They didn’t cancel it because people were abusing it, they canceled it to make more money. And if you read the fine print, they can cancel any contract any time for any reason. So if Verizon has a problem with 150gb a month, they could just bump the individual off. So no one is “ruining” anything, who cares if Joe wants to use 200gb.

          • Joe

            But by not paying Comcast I have extra cash to buy all these butthurt users panty un-bunchers!
            That would just add to bills for what reason? While I have Verizon blasting me in the @$$ with my monthly bill, I should invite Comcast to blast me in the @$$ as well? Forget that.
            But seriously, I Dont get what all the fuss is about. The people who implemented all Verizon’s plans got paid big bucks to figure out every way to get every penny they can. So while they scheme to rip people off with bloated service charges, I see what I do as returning the favor.

          • tdurden64111

            I’ll take you up on your free offer.

        • tdurden64111

          Insert TBL yourenotwrongyourejustanasshole.png. No one is denying that what you’re doing is within the bounds of your contract, but we are implying that you are grossly abusing it.

          • Joe

            And those stuck on 2GB plans don’t feel like Verizon is abusing them? I pay $29.99 for my data and $29.99 for my fiancΓ© to have 2GB on her plan. At $60 a month for data alone, I’ll “abuse” every ounce I can. Sorry, but I’m not sorry.

          • tdurden64111

            Have you ruled out the possibility that they’re losing so much money from people like you, that to make up for losses there they have to increase costs somewhere else?

          • Joe

            You’re not really that diluted are you? If that were the case prepaids wouldn’t exsist, T-mo would never be able to consider making the moves they have, and there would not be such a gap between what big red charges vs. the competition. I mean there are so many reasons I could like why the notion my usage is to blame for their prices, its absolutely laughable. The prices were set well before I showed up, and have even dropped for some services since my joining. (Thanks to good, recent competition)

          • tdurden64111

            I see. So for your approval I have to say that Verizon is the worst company in the world and deserves to be fucked every way possible.

          • Joe

            No, far from it. But referring to me as an a hole warrants a response. And being that your argument has broken down into making completely ungrounded statements, I’m going to do what your dad should have done at your conception and pull out.

          • tdurden64111

            Cool story, bro.

    • tdurden64111

      I’m sure Brazzers appreciates your traffic.

      • Joe

        Well played Mr. Durden, well played

  • Chris

    I remember this during the short six months I had Verizon.Widget never worked then….

  • Judd Smith

    I have unlimited sooooo its cool to see how much data I am using. 83gb so far. Bwahahhahahah lol

  • Marc

    If they took two years to fix their own crap, what hope do we have of seeing kit kat anytime soon.

    • LiterofCola

      I’m on KitKat.

  • Dave

    Screen bleed on the Moto X…..yikes.

    • Godzilla

      None on S4. Probably because Moto used a POS screen on the X

      • T4rd

        Kinda hard to have backlight bleed on an AMOLED display (that lacks a backlight).

      • lmao…pos screen on the x…my screens pretty beautiful

    • Kevin

      Looks more like a reflection than a screen bleed. I’ve never seen an AMOLED screen bleed before.

  • Blue Sun

    What a rigorous certification process… /s

  • Shane Belanger

    This widget hasn’t worked for me since I rooted my phone 2+ years ago.

  • gonecks1

    Nice, hated to always have to manually check.

  • Godzilla

    Yay verizon. You did something that makes sense twice this month. Gave people more data without higher prices and a widget that is a real widget and not simply a shortcut.

  • Guest

    Look at that light bleed on that Moto X. -__- still awesome though

    • Franklin Ramsey

      I’m going to guess that is reflection.

      • Guest

        Im just bitter. I sent a link to a site where a pic was taken using the Lg G3 and way to use chromecast with show box to watch movies with that and nothing. But if Moto X has a speaker change its articles everywhere.

        End Rant

        • UniBroW

          make your own blog then, I’m sure Droidlife and other sites get tons of tips so one can’t really expect for them to catch and publish an article on every tip they receive.

          *edit* also, moto x screen is amoled, it can’t have light bleed.

  • Keith

    I have unlimited and now Verizon has sent me an email that they will take away my 20% discount if I don’t give it up. Just another way they want to screw you

    • Tim242

      That is a lie. They are just wanting you to verify.

  • iamevie

    Got this update last week… so much better!!

  • Quint

    The update was last week… Well it was updated last week on my Note 3

  • flosserelli

    Too bad they didn’t update the UI during those two years.

  • Lazy

    Is there a way to check my monthly usage? I can’t seem to find this feature in the app.

    • flosserelli

      Nope. It just tallies your ongoing usage. For monthly totals, login to your account on their web site.

  • Eric G Canoy

    doesn’t work for galaxy nexus, oh wait, I have unlimited data hahahahahahahahah

    • Kevin

      I’m so sorry. πŸ™

    • Thomas

      I’d laugh at myself if I still had a Gnex πŸ˜‰ Just kidding bro.

      • LiterofCola

        I lol’d

      • Franklin Ramsey

        I’d laugh too, but I still have one. *cry*

    • michael arazan

      My GNex contract runs out in 2 weeks, anticipating annoying calls from verizon to change plans or update my contract to switch me off.

      • Mine’s up in six weeks. Same day my baby is due. Not sure what I’m more excited for: first child or getting rid of this P.O.S. phone.

        • NeilGeorge

          Jimmy So what is your next phone πŸ˜›

          • Ha. Was initially excited for the Moto X, but I don’t want to be locked into an already dated device like I mistakenly did with the GNex. Gonna have to read the hands-on reviews of the new One and S5. I’m sure it’ll be one of those at this point.

          • NeilGeorge

            Oops forgot.. Congratulations on your first child πŸ™‚ .. I have the S4 .. My choice would be HTC M8.. and not the S5

          • Thanks! Just curious – why would you choose the M8 over the S5? I agree that it’s definitely more aesthetically pleasing, but that’s not a huge concern of mine. Is TouchWiz as horrible as I think it will be? If so, HTC might be the one for me.

          • NeilGeorge

            S5 is not much of an upgrade even from SIII… If you are willing to wait, see what LG G3 has to offer.. HTC M8 kooks interesting to me anyways… They have finally a micro sd slot.. and front speakers πŸ˜›

  • Pedro

    They had to figure out how to create a 1MB download with every update.

  • Beavis

    Probably would be useful if I didn’t have unlimited. πŸ™‚

    • Rashad

      I have unlimited data, I just like to see how much data I use while only paying $30 for the data.

      • Beavis

        Good point. I’m at 8.7GB now.

        • scastro87

          Did over 12 last month. Tethering to my tablet+ streaming netflix.

    • The Narrator

      Useful for those without too. WiFi is a savior, and faster

  • Franklin Ramsey

    That’s pretty quick for a Verizon update!

    • Scott Tilney

      Slow day for android news?

      • Franklin Ramsey

        Probably, but that’s what happens around this time of year. Waiting for things to come out.

    • jboogie1289

      Funny how they can update their crap, I mean stuff but slack on the OS updates……namely the Note 3!! I’m just saying…….

      • Franklin Ramsey

        Um, well, this update took two years. So, not really all that fast.