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Moto X “College Collection” Now Available, 9 New Colors Added to MotoMaker

Just in time for March Madness, Motorola has introduced the “College Collection” of colors and cases to its 2013 flagship, Moto X. Through MotoMaker, and using 9 new color options, Motorola hopes that you can create the phone for the ultimate fan in you. If not, they put together a gallery of pre-set color schemes for over 40 major schools, including Georgetown, Kentucky, Kansas, and Stanford, that should make the process painless. They even have clear cases for many of the schools that only feature a school logo.

If you are a student, faculty member or alum, Motorola will give you a special discount by registering at motorola.com/college with a valid .edu address. The discount will land you an off-contract Moto X for the discounted price of $339. 

The nine new colors are purple, hunter green, blue, dark teal, orange, golden yellow, red, smoke, and slate. There are also three new accents of metallic orange, purple, and green. The College Collection can be found here; new MotoMaker colors here.

Here is a GIF of some of the design ideas with cases:

College Collection-small

Via:  Motorola
  • Jd

    They should have made one for each top 25 team. Including SMU

  • Suman Gandham

    No Duke?! Shame on you, Motorola…

  • DanielMMiles

    His wish comes true one night, and if you could only imagine, he gets into a whole bunch of awkward fun when he lands a job at a toy company. And wouldn’t you know, he even gets a crush on one of his co-workers. http://num.to/51-77-88-26-78-42

  • FknTwizted

    you seem to be a real pac-12 fan….. all bout the []_[] !!

  • anezarati

    Is there a way to get the cases separately from the whole package?

  • morteum

    If they launch this stuff fairly quickly with the Moto X successor this year, I’m getting it. Not only am I a college student, but I’m on Verizon and can’t spend $600 on a new phone whenever I want. Looks awesome. Lenovo or not.

  • Sean Plantz

    James Madison is there but no Syracuse? FAIL! GO CUSE!!

  • trwb

    Go Cuse!

  • Chris M

    Will have to wait for the X2 to get my Canes phone!

  • Justin Jordan

    Go ducks, and go Motorola!

  • Bryan

    I was actually thinking a few months ago that they should do this during college football season. Good to see that they are doing it now, right before March Madness.

  • id love that red though…meh friggin moto maker should allow us to send in and change for a price…id pay 50 bucks for a new design if i could…just to mix it up

  • 2 things…1 where my suny albany great danes(lol/smh)…and 2 people before you go all waa how can they not do my school u suck moto blah blah…they need to make a deal with the school to do this…so blame your beloved school before you blame poor lil chinese owned moto

  • Michael

    No Kansas State…

  • DC

    Isn’t that Gonzaga and not Georgetown?

  • Nicocat

    Oh, now I’m mad. I settled for teal when I got mine for the Black Friday deal. I really like that hunter green :<

  • EC8CH

    Anyone complaining that their school isn’t there can go here and make a request:


  • Ender311

    No Ohio State….lame

  • samari711

    Uhhh? White and green for Notre Dame? go home MotoMaker, you’re drunk

  • NexusMan

    Dope. If they had my college, I’d definitely get it.

  • Derrick

    How can they not have North Carolina? One of the best all around sports program in both men and women. One of the biggest public universities and clearly the best school in the nation 😉 (biased I know)

  • Nolemiwi Witawemat

    Needs more Drexel Dragons

  • Colin Huber

    Alright, let’s go Beavs.

  • Weber


    They don’t have my college either 🙁

    • Nolemiwi Witawemat


  • Blue Sun

    No Banana Slug love from Moto.

  • Jonathan Williams

    Go Gators… and Hail to the Victors….. That kind of household….

    • Michigan Guy

      Amen! Brother in law is a Gator and my brother and I are Wolverines. Go blue!

  • Malcolm James II

    Each new motomaker option just makes me more disappointed that we cant send our phones in to get these new goodies!

  • Brady Wassam

    Of course no Montana…

    • EC8CH

      Can’t wait to see the Grizz in Fargo.

      Go Bison!

  • Drew Blaskoski

    I guess Motorola doesn’t watch college football. Auburn’s logo is completely outdated

  • shkrmkr79

    I’d jump on the U of I one, but they are changing their colors and logo soon.

  • Matthew Morgan

    No Duke, Unc, NC State? Way to support the Sec…

    • Azn_Android

      You mean the ACC…?

      • Matthew Morgan

        No, there are way more SEC schools on that list than ACC.

        • Azn_Android

          Duke, UNC, and NC State are all in the ACC.

  • trevorsalienarms

    Where’s the South Central Louisiana State University Mud Dogs?

    Yay sports! Do the thing! Win the points!

    • MichaelFranz

      Ma’am said motomaker is the devil!!

  • Ryan B

    It’s so awesome that they are taking advantage of the whole NOT mass producing things.

    • AbbyZFresh

      It’s not good because mass production = better chance of high sales.

  • Remember that the universities have to approve the license deals. As a Buckeye fan, OSU is notorious for denying the use of their brand for a lot of third parties like this. It sucks, but that’s why.

  • Silky Johnson

    I see a few complaints about them not having Penn State. Fear not, I’m sure Penn State will sneak in from behind and make it on the list….

  • Paul


  • Damian


  • hoosiercub88

    Oh sure.. now we get an orange Moto X option Pbbbbt!

  • Fry

    Geaux Tigers!

  • donkeykong85

    No penn state????

  • AbbyZFresh

    Dammit Motorola, you forgot to put U of Maryland.

  • James_Kernicky

    I really want this, Rock Chalk! Too bad the phones already old, it wouldn’t make sense to buy it now.

    • Dominic Powell

      it does work perfectly? and its only $349.

      • James_Kernicky

        But if I can hold out just a while more I can have the latest and greatest…I’ve been saying that for a long time now.

    • hooligan

      Me too! I’ve had the KU inspired MotoX saved in my designs for several months now haha. I reeeeeally wanted to pull the trigger and get one, but my N4 is still serving me quite well. I’m cautiously optimistic for a MotoX2 though …

      • James_Kernicky

        What I wonder is how the Blue compares to the Royal Blue.

  • bobbymay1

    Goddammit Ohio State!

    • ja7lewis

      GO BLUE!!

      • Michigan Guy

        Go BLUE!!!!

        • I like to say stuff too

          GO GREEN!!!

        • Froosh Freak

          Go f#%k yourself until you are blue in the face?

          • Michigan Guy

            I don’t think that is possible?

  • Prox

    they completely skipped my community college…….

    • AbbyZFresh

      Community college?

      They mean real universities buddy.

      • Prox


      • James Monday

        “Real” universities. There’s a lot of great work going on at community colleges. Understandably they aren’t going to get Moto X cases. But the fact that you completely missed the point of Prox’s comment suggests your presumed education at a “real” university missed a few things.

        • C-Law

          I got a bachelors at a major university. A few years later I took some courses at the local community and I gotta say my teachers there were just as good. And if anything, they almost seemed to care more. I remember them posting much more online like powerpoints and reviews

      • The Narrator

        Sounds like you wasted your money.

      • vzwuser76

        Guess they didn’t have Sarcasm 101 as a course at your institute of higher learning.

      • Froosh Freak

        Christ, where is the down vote when you REALLY need it?????? RETARD!!!

  • Mario Williams

    Yeah Florida! GO GATORS!!

    I love you, Moto.

  • Zach Constan

    Dammit, I already HAVE a Moto X!

  • Aaron Hearne

    Nice job using Auburn’s logo from the 90’s. Nobody’s going to buy that outdated crap.

  • Tony Byatt

    Yeah, this must be the first of multiple releases…

    They are missing several pretty big schools…


  • MichaelFranz

    I’m sure mor eare going to get added once they hear more demand. I just wish they did the more colors sooner

  • EdubE24

    Scarlett and Grey!!!

    • Michigan Guy


      • EdubE24

        Loves victories in the Big House!!

  • Marcus

    It’s about time they did this

  • Chad Oliver

    Hard to believe that Duke, UNC, nor NC State made the cut.

    • You know none of them can hold a candle to Marshall… =P

      • Bootleg Zani

        I cracked up when I saw James Madison on the list. No Penn State or Ohio State? How is that even possible?

    • dreadnatty08

      Yeah I was a little shocked no UNC. My only guess is licensing problems…

  • Bootleg Zani

    No Penn State WTF!

    • Yeah… And no Ohio State, either. Yet, they have Cincinnati, and both Michigan schools… And Marshall? wth

      • Tony Byatt

        And James Madison…


        • LOL James Madison. I missed that one… I wonder wth their selection process consisted of?

          • epps720

            Probably the schools the people who work on Moto X went to.

          • Mark Mann

            The ones they could get licensing from?

          • Welcome!

      • In order to do this, they need license approval from the Universities. Ohio State is notorious for not approving these kinda of things. Blame Ohio State, not Moto… it sucks, cause I love my Bucks.

        • Fair point. I know OSU does tend to be stingy with the licensing. :/

      • Bootleg Zani

        Yeah I saw that. I can’t believe they have James Madison.

      • Michigan Guy

        Gotta be some deal with Addidas and Nike wouldn’t give up the TM

  • ross

    Wait I’m confused is this just a case for the matching colors or can you actually get the logo on the phone?

    • Cael

      I think the case is clear with the logo of the school…

  • Thomas

    Awesome !!!

  • Droid Life, do you like the Moto X? I couldn’t tell, lol

    • flosserelli

      Yeah, I keep waiting for them to announce changing the site name to “Moto X Life”.

      • What kind of passive aggressive comment is that? Was the Moto X not one of the bestest most coolest phones of 2013? Gosh… /kidding

        • flosserelli

          It’s ok, Tim. All of the hardcore readers will still come to the site even if you change the name.
          Geoff Johnson and I are merely highlighting the impression that DL is fascinated with any and all Moto X news, which is decidedly not the case with other android blogs. It is your site, promote the news as you see fit.

          • Thomas

            Well said my good sir !!!

          • The fact that MotoMaker brought a few new colors is definitely what I’d consider newsworthy. If you don’t, I understand. Thanks for letting us do whatever we see fit, though. I appreciate that! 🙂

          • BK

            Keep it up, Tim! It’s beyond me how reporting this latest new and relevant development makes this site inappropriately biased toward Moto. It’s an Android news site, and this seems squarely within that mission. Plus, it’s not like coverage of Samsung or HTC has been missing lately.

          • Tyler

            I thought it was just for that moto money but that works too.

          • EC8CH

            speaking of passive agressive comments…


          • Damn right 😛

      • vzwuser76

        Yeah this isn’t news, but hey, the Samsung Galaxy whatever is now available in GOLD, OMG! YAAAAYYYY!

    • BK

      Maybe I’m the only one, but I welcome this coverage.

      • 4n1m4L

        Its a good phone that tries to be a good phone instead of trying to win the spec war.

        • AbbyZFresh

          But they do need to make money. And the Moto X isn’t exactly selling well enough to make decent profit.

          • 4n1m4L

            Yeah. I’m happy with mine though 🙂

    • AbbyZFresh

      The Author of Droid Life is known to be a total Moto X fanboy. Don’t be surprised at his biased writing towards Motorola.

    • dannyWHITE

      This is an Android website. Is this not news related to Android?

    • Ralph Bretz

      Should Droid Life stop covering news? Motorola is updating the X almost every day. What new Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony news was there this morning? The anti Moto crowd is getting pathetic.

      • No, but they cover every single update on the Moto X, ranging from a difference in price, to a new color choice, to the website being down, and every review of a phone they post they always compare it to a Moto X.

        • Ralph Bretz

          The website crashing from how many people attempted to buy the phjone at once during the sale was new also. And price changes, addition of colors is new also.
          They’ve done that with every phone. When the HTC One 2013 addition kept being released in new colors there were article. Same with the Note 2 and 3 and Galaxy S fill in the blank. And they always compare new phones to others. All the time.
          Where have you been? Last year every phone was compared to the GS4 and HTC ONE or Nexus 4. That is until the Nexus 5 and Moto X came out. Since it appears they consider the Moto X the number 1 Android phone of last year (I think they do based on their comments) it only seems obvious that they would compare new phones to that one.
          If you don’t like seeing the Moto X articles why go read them. But you could always just go somewhere else.

          • Nikuliai

            Totally agree, the X hate is basically stupid since they cover all brands, it’s just the X makes more changes every month.

            PS: I feel like a grammar nazi but… it’s “news”, new is something fresh, something that just came out :B

        • vzwuser76

          Do they not do the same for every update to a Galaxy device? Or when a new color comes out for it? Or the same for the HTC One, or G2? I’d rather they gives us news on everything rather than pick and choose what we see. If you’re seeing a lot of news on Moto, maybe it’s because they’re coming out with more offers or updates than the others.

          While the college color thing might not seem newsworthy, the offer where you can get one for $339 if you register as a student or with a .edu address I would say is.

    • Kevin

      Moto X phone, best phone.