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Deal of the Day: Refurbished Jawbone Jambox for Just $57.99 With Free Shipping

Usually priced at around $150 on Amazon and other e-retailers, the Jawbone Jambox is today’s deal of the day. Priced at just $57.99 on 1sale.com, this is a pretty good deal, even if it’s factory refurbished. Both Kellen and myself rock Jambox speakers in the house, as they are quite the little package from Jawbone. 

Even with its small stature, they do get quite loud. With Bluetooth connectivity, pretty much any device you have can run through them, but they also feature an input jack if Bluetooth isn’t your thing.

1sale.com has them in four different colors, so if you are interested, you should be able to find one that suites your taste.

To take advantage of the deal, follow the via link below.

Via: 1sale.com
  • rutgersjaffo

    I have to admit that I absolutely love my Big Jambox. The thing rocks.

  • Wyveryx

    I remember wanting to get one. VZW had them on sale for $179 when they came out, there was also the Beats Pill for $199, and the Bose Mini Soundlink for $199….

    Both Beats and Jambox lost easily to the Bose. Been using it ever since and people are still floored that much sound and quality can come out of something so small, or for some reason that I can use bluetooth with it. I must admit I meet some archaic people 🙂

  • jim

    I have one and you will never get 15 hours out of it, but I do like it, have a big Jambox that I think might get close to that

    • rutgersjaffo

      Yeah my BJB easily gets a full day’s worth of music on one charge.

  • DJyoSNOW

    I had heard these suck a$$ 1st hand. So a refurbished slae, one would think there not ment to hold up in the first place? (my 2¢)

    • jim

      its a damn good little speaker, and that’s a great price

    • Tim242

      I’ve had the big jambox for almost two years. It still sounds great.

    • Jim_in_Denver

      Generally speaking “factory refurbished” units are usually a better quality buy as they are all individually inspected before going out the door. New items off the production line are spot checked in batches.

  • Jeff Helget

    the website makes me hesitant… anyone had nightmare scenarios with 1sale.com?

  • T4rd

    Instabuy! Been wanting one of these for a while! Just in time for the wife’s b-day too! Hah

  • bitpimpin

    Beware though guys this is the old model. The “jambox” has been replaced by the “mini jambox”.

    The mini provides the same sound quality that the jambox does but it a much, much smaller package and at the same $150 price point. That being said, if you’re looking for a great deal on a refurb, you can’t beat the price. If you’re looking for the latest and greatest, check out the mini.

    On a side note, the $299 “big jambox” is on its way out as well (presumably for a newer model). Best Buy just put in on clearance sale at like $269, while Costco has it for only $229 (and Costco even includes the overpriced $50 carrying case for it for free).

    • joseph barrientos

      thanks for the heads up! luckily the size doesn’t really matter since i’ll have it just near my grill hanging around

      • bitpimpin

        Lol @ the size comment

        • El_Big_CHRIS


        • joseph barrientos


    • jnt

      So a brand new Mini is the same price and pumps out the same sound volume / quality as this refurb “old” model?

    • jim

      will be interested in seeing what replaces the big Jambox, that baby rocks, got mine in custom colors

    • Raven

      I know the Mini is newer and smaller, but I have never heard that it was the same sound quality as the original. I am a bit skeptical that it could have as much bass with that much smaller size.

  • Intellectua1

    My coworker has one of these and it sucks, it’s not loud at all..

    • jim

      its good in the backyard, but if you want to hear it load even when at the beach, get the big one

  • Menelaus

    Goodness, what a deal! I love my little Jambox, one of my favorite gadgets ever. Perfect for BBQs and pool parties.