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Thursday Poll: What Android Launcher are You Currently Using?

What Android launcher are you currently running on your phone? In March of 2013, we asked you this very question, with 45% of the vote going to Nova Launcher. Well, it’s been a year, so it’s time we ask you again.

Over the past year, Google’s own Google Now Launcher, previously known as the Experience Launcher, has become quite the little launcher. With built-in Google Now accessibility by sliding to the right on your screen, we have found that a lot of people have fallen in love with Google’s stock launcher. We know not everyone has access to this launcher, since it’s a Kit Kat exclusive launcher, so if you are still running the “stock” launcher, then just answer Stock Launcher down below.

Nova Launcher’s developer is still working on features for the application, so it would be hard to imagine that many people have left Nova for something else. But hey, you never know.

What Android launcher are you currently using?

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  • A few Android Launchers here for comparison: http://www.grantbarker.com/android-launchers.html

  • Josh Meade

    Nova? really? what about action and apex and GNL? those are much better!

  • guruleenyc

    Go Launcher has 20x more reviews and a better score than Nova

  • DaveIsAwesome

    Lightning Launcher. Blazing fast and super customizable.

  • JT

    I tried to go back to Nova after using the stock for a week, but I missed the clean feel and simplicity, along with swipe left and “OK Google”.

    Now I use Xposed GEL Settings (Xposed Framework), and it allows more customization, everything I want. Icon size, grid, hide hotseat, gestures, hide search bar (but maintain “OK Google” voice detect), resize widgets, and more.

    Xposed is where it’s at!

  • Pam Oakea

    I love the Google Now launcher and from the results I guess I’m not alone!

  • rutgersjaffo

    Still on Go and haven’t really found a reason to change.

  • Epic Tea

    There is a Reason Nova Launcher Prime is in the top 10 paid apps on the play store….everyone hates OEM Skins.

  • yak

    Holo Launcher

  • David Hyman

    No Avaite love?

  • NeilGeorge

    No Themer option?

    • Tim242

      Themer is cheesy.

  • Snowbo13

    Moto x stock. Never put nova back on after the switch .

  • Droid Ronin

    Why no Themer?

  • jmevee


  • Honestly i been using Nova for so long its just standard for me….am i missing something not trying another launcher i see some aviate which i never heard of and action launcher comments…maybe i should dabble in something else…its like i been banging the same chick whos not my girlfriend forever while others are hitting me up but i just been to lazy to answer

  • Guest

    Why Nova over Apex? I did a little comparison between a few of the top Launchers, and they all seem to essentially have the same features. But I can’t think of anything more I would want Apex to do that it doesn’t already.

  • tdurden64111

    Why Nova over Apex? Does it offer anything that Apex doesn’t, or was it just released first?

    • nova always ran a little better for me then apex…dunno why

  • BobbyG

    I’ve used NOVA since it was released and haven’t looked back. I love it

  • Daistaar

    Why no option for Stock OEM Launchers? No Sense or TW option?

    • bc i think this is kind of like “what launcher do you use Besides what the phone came with” poll

      • Daistaar

        Yeah that makes sense. Guess I was looking more at the wording of the poll. Still, I believe the vast majority of Android users (not DL or XDA users) are pretty much stock. I’d make it an option.

  • NexusMan

    The selections in the poll on this post are inaccurate as the Google Now Launcher is NOT the same thing as the Stock launcher. The Stock launcher should be a completely different option for people to choose from. Therefore, the results of this poll, as is, will be inaccurate. The Google Now launcher is a launcher included on the Nexus 5, and now available for download in Google Play for other Nexus devices and Google Play edition devices. Even after installing, officially, or side loading, you then have to choose, in settings, whether you want to use the Google Now Launcher or the Stock launcher.

    • Tim242

      Google Now is the STOCK launcher on the S5.

      • NexusMan

        The Poll is “What Android Launcher Are You Currently Using.” The S5, comes out in April. So why exactly are you talking about the S5?

        • Tim242

          N5, Fixed.

          • NexusMan

            The Google Now Launcher ships exclusively on the N5, but again, it is not the STOCK Android launcher. If it was, it wouldn’t be an exclusive. The Poll is “What Android Launcher Are You Currently Using,” not “What Android Launcher Are You Currently Using on Your Nexus 5.” For that reason, as previously stated, Stock Launcher should have been listed separately from the Google Now Launcher, as they are 2 different things. Your observation would only be relevant if the purpose of the poll was to find out what launchers people who use Nexus 5s are using on their Nexus 5s.

          • Tim242

            The stock Android launcher isn’t available on a non stock Android device. It is only on Nexus/GPE evices. Therefore, lumping them together makes sense.

          • NexusMan

            How does that make any sense? No it doesn’t, because they are different. And, in actuality, the stock Android launcher IS available on a Moto X and Moto G, which last time I checked, are not Nexus nor GPE devices (though there is a GPE version of the G). Lumping the 2 launchers together makes the poll innacurate because there are people who are using stock launchers on any of MULTIPLE devices, including the Moto X, Moto G, and EVERY OTHER Nexus device ever released, save for the N5, who will click the Google Now Launcher button/selection, because they have no choice, since there is not a specific Stock launcher selection for them to choose.

  • Higher_Ground

    Wow Apex only at 5%? Half of what it was last year. Maybe I should jump ship!

  • andrewfblack

    Using Nova Prime with my own custom Ingress Theme

  • irtechneo

    Themer for me. I am a theming addict so I love the community aspect of sharing themes. I usually change it up at least once a week. Nova is my choice however when I want the stock look.

  • JeremyRoenickDanceParty

    Stock stock. Google Now Launcher should not be considered stock. Google Now is already easy to get to and the specific launcher for it is a waste of a home screen space. It also makes the home screen icons fisher price style big.

    • NexusMan

      You’re right. They are not the same thing. The results of this poll will be inaccurate.

  • As im about to type “What about LauncherPro!” i notice all the comments about it already lol…good ol og droid days man that launcher was great n fluid for its day…and i miss a lot of those widgets…although now i feel ripped off he just gave up on it after gingerbread

  • Pete Arado

    Do you think Google will ever allow third party icons to work with the stock launcher?

  • athorax

    I really can’t recommend Smart Launcher 2 enough. I love it. Cleans up the home screen so much. It is very minimalistic though which won’t work for some people

  • I’ve tried to go Stock but without gestures support I just can’t do it. Swipe Down to expand notifications has become such an intergal part of the experience for me that I absolutely cannot do without it. I tried Next Launcher but it really takes up a lot of the systems resources to drive those graphics so for me it’s NOVA all the way.

  • Scott Breitbach


  • InyRules

    I heart Apex. You get a lot of features for free that I would have to pay on Nova. Apex is on my Moto X and Nexus 7. I wish the Google Now Launcher allowed for icon packs and some other options that Apex and Nova have. Tried Action Launcher once and my phone seemed a little laggy.

  • Woopwoop

    What about Trebuchet?

  • Garemlin

    Where’s all the love for Apex??? It used to be very popular. To me it is a 50-50 toss-up between Apex and Nova because they are so similar. I run Nova on my G2 and Apex on my N7. And gotta agree with the comments on Launcher Pro. It was awesome for it’s time. We were promised time and time again that a complete rewrite was in the works. Federico left us all hanging. Me thinks the competition got the best of him. he just didn’t have anything fresh and new to compete so he scrapped it.

  • LiterofCola

    Love Apex!

  • Jordi Agricola

    Action Launcher. I’ve switched between Nova and Apex for a while, but after getting used to things like the quickdrawer and shutters, I can’t live without them. The amount of time it saves it amazing.

  • Genaro

    Action launcher… best option for me, it’s totally customized for my daily use. I get completely lost now using another launcher.

  • Been LOVING Aviate for a few months now…

  • Alon Fital


  • No launcher can beat the simplicity and efficiency of the Google Now Launcher. Also, it’s Google, the best company in the world!

    • Tim242

      Too simple, no customization.

  • I’m using Aviate for a while now.


    i use stock launcher on nexus 4 and nexus 7, but not Google Now Launcher (there should be two options). google now is just app from google play, not my stock launcher on android 4.4.2 for this particular devices… 🙂

  • dan


  • TheUndertaker21


  • Arthur Dent

    Nova launcher FTW

    Aviate blows…

  • chocolate8175

    Kit Kat launcher

  • Patrick Crumpler


  • droidftw

    Aviate is amazing

  • aman

    1)aviate and 2) google stock launcher

  • oldsentinel

    Dodol launcher 😉 so minimal and fast 😀


  • Nicolas Pipitone

    Aviate is actually getting better now. They’ve updated a few times now since Yahoo took over. The Listening space is pretty cool and now it supports Icon Packs!!

  • Daniel

    Why can’t I vote on this? ADW EX Launcher is still my favorite even after all these years, I have no complaints

  • Jodesama

    I voted other for aviate

  • sgtguthrie

    Nova on my Nexus 7, but a molded Samsung stock launcher on my Note 2.

  • WK

    wow. so little love for apex? i’m surprised. i know its pretty much the same as nova but nova was buggy for me way back in my OG Droid days so i switched to apex and never looked back.

    • Tim242

      Buggy 4 years ago? Hahaha

  • Paulo Cesar Medeiros

    stock xperia z1 launcher

  • Stock.

  • henry_oo

    Launcher Pro on my GS4! Still believing in that promised rewrite! !

  • Camilo Martinez

    To anyone using GNL on a Moto X or another phone with a 720p screen, is it just me or do the icons look like they didn’t upscale properly?

  • [A]dri[A]n

    I’ve had Nova launcher on my last few phones, but now that I have a Sony device, the launcher is perfection as is 🙂

  • Genesishep

    Love. TSF Launcher more and more each day. Always smooth as butter and beautiful. Next Launcher is a copycat but not as efficient. TSF Launcher runs smoothly on even lower spec’ hardware.

    • Tim242

      That is too busy…

      • Genesishep

        That was my custom Homescreen with UCCW widgets. The ability to customize the whole point of Android. You can have a blank screen if you wish. And the side drawer collapses unless you open it. Or turn it off of you don’t like it.

        Here’s a shot of only a clock, a power toggle widget and a single folder of that’s more your speed. 😉

      • My name is….

        And ugly, i might add

  • johnathan denney

    kit kat launcher, just like stock launcher, but with support for custom icons and other great options

  • Rand Paul 2016

    Can anyone recommend a launcher for the VZW LG G2, I’m running Xposed with G2xposed and G2 tweek box? I wank to keep my clear status/nav bar and need some fresh icons badly.

    • Tim242


  • DanWazz

    I used to use Nova Launcher Prime, but I like the GEL launcher and the swipe to the left to launch Google Now. I use Google Now a lot more now. If Nova could add that feature, I would switch back.

    • Chadwick17

      You can with Nova. Just swipe up from the home button. The added benefit to this is you can access Google Now from almost any screen instead of having to go to your home screen and then swipe.

      • DanWazz

        Yeah, of course, but I don’t use that way of accessing GN as much.

    • Tim242

      You can set a swipe gesture in Nova to launch any app.

  • PyroHoltz

    Where is the option for Trebuchet? Is CyanogenMod no good round these parts anymore?

    • Tim242

      Nope, we have moved on.

      • Woopwoop

        Such brave

  • Joel Mair

    Aviate is a great launcher.

  • Chadwick17

    What’s the big deal of having Google Now a swipe to the right? Isn’t it just as easy to swipe up from the home button?

    • Cesar

      I’ve always wondered this exactly.

    • John Motschenbacher

      I don’t think it is a big deal…I use it for ease of searching with “OK Google”

    • KG

      Not on my Note 3, I would have to hold the home button and click google if I didn’t use the GNL

  • Cesar

    I could never leave Nova for GNL. There’s simply too much that Nova can do that GNL can’t.

    • Tim242

      Preach it!

  • John Motschenbacher

    I’m surprised themer isn’t on here seems to be popular now days

    • JD_26

      themer is pretty awesome !!!

  • Anthony Tyson

    techincallly i switch between nova and GNL

    • Tim242

      Why switch between launchers?

      • Anthony Tyson

        Because I can

  • Mathew Colburn

    I use Nova on my Note 3 cause I can’t stand Touchwiz launcher. Then I use GNL on my Nexus 5 with slimkat cause I use Google Now all the time on my Nexus 5. Really the best of both worlds for me personally.

  • calculatorwatch

    Actually using Lightning Launcher right now. Mainly because I got tired of waiting for Aviate and pretty much every other launcher to reload itself after running out of memory on my GNex. The level of customization is actually pretty awesome as it allows you to add homescreens both vertically and horizonally and lets you do smooth scrolling instead of separating things into pages. There’s also tons of other possibilities which I can’t figure out because the one downfall of this launcher is that the customization options are incredibly confusing. If the developer can manage to make it more intuitive I definitely see Lightning Launcher going places in the future.

  • rcrow490

    I think the survey is flawed. You should have had stock launcher and GNL listed separately. For most people, GNL and stock launcher are not the same.

    • Tim242

      They are both stock launchers.

      • rcrow490

        Thanks for the clarification.

  • tu3218

    It’s interesting to see how Nova Prime just took over Apex. What made the decision for me was when it was on sale for 50 cents for I think for Google Play’s birthday last year when they had the 50 cent app sale. Just remembered!

  • Anthony F

    I have the now launcher on the nexus 7 and nova on my s3 running slimkat. I really couldn’t pick one over the other for performance but Nova wins big in customization. I like to keep the nexus experience as the nexus experience and the google now launcher seems to fit that bill fine.

  • KidFlash1904

    I’d be using ADW if got updated to have the transparent notification bar and on-screen buttons. Instead, I’m using GEL.

    • Tim242


  • Adam Elghor

    Why does this website always say I voted when I haven’t yet

  • reyalP

    TSF launcher for now. I love the grid option that TSF launcher offers. I have used Nova launcher in the past as well.

  • emoney

    the amount of customization you can do with nova launcher is unparalleled

  • Dave

    Anybody know of a pie launcher that can come from the bottom of the screen? This way using Nova I could have zero icons on the screen for a nice clean look. For now I just swipe the dock a page over and have multicon set up to the left and right of 3 home screens, nothing in the main page dock.

    • Tim242

      I only use one home screen on Nova I have my most used apps on my home screen, but it is mostly clean. I don’t use a dock. I use the gestures to access more apps. All other apps are just in the app drawer. I use the two finger swipe down to access the app drawer. I hide the apps in my drawer that are on my home screen, or used with gestures. I like things to be simple and uncluttered

      • Dave

        Thanks….I’ve just never got into gestures, but I should. Nice thing with Nova is with 3 home screens, I can still swipe the lower dock bar each way and stay on the main screen. So I just stored some apps (stacked) on the left and right swipe. Thanks for the good info, you always seem to reply to people in a positive and helpful way. I use an app called minimalist home screen, pretty nice check it out. Later.

  • I currently use the GNL because I find myself using Google Now a lot more. However, it would be REALLY nice if Google added just two, tiny little settings:

    Adjustable Grid
    Custom Icon Packs

    • John

      Yeah but you know it won’t ever get that capability.

  • Using that Yahoo one until I learn how to root and enable wifi tethering for kitkat on my droid maxx. Until then postponing my upgrade every day.

    • Tim242

      Have you tried FoxFi? No root required

  • JasonCalifornia

    I use the Google Now Launcher for my phone, and Nova for my tablet.

  • Trevor Hicken

    I’m using Aviate Launcher. I was on Action Launcher but the listening feature on Aviate is amazing.

  • furryfrog


    • Pam

      I agree.. I’m loving Aviate.. simple and intuitive..

    • John

      Preach. Very surprised Aviate isn’t more supported here

    • Yup, Aviate has been fantastic for me.

    • TheDrizzle

      Same here. It’s very simple yet powerful. I feel way more productive with it than any other launcher so far.

  • Anthony Oviedo

    Nova Launcher PRIME Master Race Reporting In.

  • nosedive94

    No Aviate option? SMH

  • cgalyon

    I feel like I’m overlooking something obvious, but how do you add additional pages to the GEL? I tried it out on my Moto X, but had only two pages and couldn’t find a way to add more.

    • Dorian Brooks

      Long press (hold) the app you want to add from the menu. When the homescreen pops up scroll the app to the left or right edge to add a page. Remember…. Long press (hold) the app all the way through.

      • cgalyon

        Figured it would be something simple.

    • Sebastiaan Chia

      just drag an app to the side of your last page (similar to iOS)

  • Michael

    Definitely Aviate.

  • tu3218

    Wow, surprised to see so many people using stock(google launcher). Now is it because those users aren’t aware of the third party launchers, or do they actually enjoy the stock more so than third party launchers?

    • Sebastiaan Chia

      I have used almost every launcher in this list (had used Nova for over 2 years) and love Google Now launcher. I love the way it looks and enjoy having Google Now a swipe away!

      • Chester

        same experience here as Sebastian.

    • Woopwoop

      Option 3: Don’t care enough

  • daboyz1223

    +1 for zeam launcher. And I’m probably the only one using it still.

  • mrmacatac

    MotoX w/ Nova Prime

  • Eric

    Espier launcher 7 pro! 🙂

  • JSo

    Google Now Launcher with xposed GEL settings.

  • amazing to me that Go Launcher EX is down to 13% share. Wow.

    • Detonation

      Go Launcher (and pretty much all the Go products) have become far too bloated and require too many permissions they shouldn’t need.

  • David

    I was with Nova on my Note 2, but switched back to Apex because I ( blasphemy) like the ios folder look the best

  • Nicholas Ruiz

    Nova on my phone and Google Now Launcher on my Nexus 7

    • MacNificent

      Same for me. And lol I didn’t see this option on the vote

  • Eddy Edd

    Nova Launcher Prime best of both worlds

  • SplashMTN

    Apex Pro on both my G2 and 2012 N7.

  • TylerChappell

    Google Now Launcher on my Nexus 7 FHD, Nova Launcher Prime on my Droid DNA.

  • I’m mostly using Nova Launcher. These are other launcher’s I’m playing with –

    Google Now – along with the xposed module for extra settings. It is still not there. Once it adds tabs in app drawer and a few other settings, I’ll switch to it.
    Themer – I want to use it. I set it up and use it for a day and always go back to Nova. I guess I’m just too much comfortable with Nova.
    Aviate – i like Aviate’s approach. One page with all your apps, one page with categories, one page with your favorites. Let me create custom categories and let me add pages; then I’ll use Aviate more.

  • Rodeojones000

    I’ve purchased the prime versions of both Nova and Apex, but Nova is my go to on both my G2 and my Nexus 10.

  • StrictlyGeeky

    Google Now Launcher for me.

  • Mark Luna

    Touchwiz stock launcher

  • kixofmyg0t

    Google Now Launcher on all my devices.

  • Nova Launcher is good but lack of updates. Trying out KK Launcher now. I like it a lot. I used APEX for a day and it was good but went to KK.

    • Tim242

      Lack of updates? There are no issues. Are you suggesting they update for the sake of updating?

      • Dec 10 last update. When APEX is Feb 1 and KK Launcher is Yesterday. So yes lack of updates. I’m saying there isn’t any more options being added like these other launchers have.

        • Tim242

          Again, there are no issues. Why should they update it? You make no sense.

        • George Davis

          What specific options would you like to see added to Nova Launcher? Maybe the other launchers are updating more frequently because they are trying to catch up to the number of features Nova already has?

  • Dan

    Nova launcher sometimes…BUZZ launcher and a KK Launcher clone which is AOSP4.4 based with extra features..includes the google now slide feature too.

  • PuttsMoBilesiCit

    GEL Nexus 5

  • Tim242

    Nova Launcher Prime! I don’t see how any Android enthusiast could use the Google Now launcher. It has absolutely no customization.


    Google Now Launcher + Xposed = Happiness

  • brkshr

    I’ll admit I didn’t like the Google Now Launcher at first, coming from Nova. Now I can’t go back to Nova.

  • Intellectua1

    I’ve tried every launcher that comes out and I can’t find any launcher that makes me wanna switch from Nova. I really wanna use the GEL but it lacks the basic customization like being able to choose the rows and columms and gestures.. Like dang Google get with the program..

    • Tim242

      My sentiments exactly! Nova Prime!

      • Nicolas Pipitone

        I switched back to Nova when 4.4 came out but went back to Apex as soon as they supported transparency. The features seem the same and the swipe in Apex just works better on my Nexus 7, not sure why.

        • jd26

          this ^^^^^^^

        • tdurden64111

          Yeah. I can’t think of anything that Apex doesn’t have that I could want. And my favorite feature of Apex is that swipe. Swipe up on any dock icon is so handy. Almost #2handy4me

        • Raven

          What I find really interesting about this poll is that Nova and Apex used to run about neck and neck in popularity, but it looks like now Nova is dominating between the 2. I wonder what feature differences have lead to this?

    • Only one I’ve found (which I’m currently using) is Themer by MyColorScreen. It is essentially Buzz Launcher but you don’t have to install outside widgets. I’m too lazy to want to take the time to put together (or copy) an awesome theme by myself (which would take a substantial amount of time as I understand it), but I do want cool themes. AFAIK, Themer is the only one that gives this to users.

    • Josh Meade

      action? apex? give those a shot.

      • Intellectua1

        I used to use Apex before Nova, and I’ve purchased Action Launcher didn’t like it because no scrollable dock but now that I only use 1 dock page I may try it again..

  • Orion

    Nova for sure.

  • memnoch73

    Man I was a Nova fan for years but action launcher has stole my attention for quite some time. Not sure I could go back to the app drawer style. Pull out menus and especially the pull out recents are the way to go. IMO…

    • cizzlen

      Action Launcher is awesome. So easy to look up an app, go to the play store etc.

    • My name is….

      I want to love Action, i really want, but its performance is sub-par.

      Noone can match nova’s smoothness.

  • ChristianPasquariello

    Nova beta.

  • ThePandemicMoon

    Atom launcher, love the top bar with quick access.

  • duoexo

    G2 with stock launcher and xposed mods.

    • Brandon

      Yep. If only the weather widget would work with other launchers. At least the stock is pretty decent.

  • Teryl Todd

    Nova on the Note 3, the only recent phone I haven’t felt the need for Nova is the LG G2, it’s stock launcher wasn’t perfect but plenty good enough.

  • crazed_z06

    Nova Prizime. I found the GEL to be pretty spartan when it comes to features.

  • Proioxix

    Action Launcher. Just looking at the list of launchers reminds of why I love Android. Just so many choices, there is something for everyone.

  • Trevor

    Moto X stock launcher (not the official Google Now one) with Unicon so I can switch around icons. Once Unicon lets you change individual icons, this will be golden.

    • brkshr

      There’s another app/module that lets you change individual icons. Just can’t remember what it’s called right now.

      • Trevor

        Is there really? That would be spectaculous!

        • brkshr

          I’m pretty sure this is the app others talked about. From what I’ve heard, you have to change them all individually and I don’t think it changes icons system wide, like Unicon does. It’s just on the launcher.


          • Trevor

            Thanks for the link! Though I’m going to wait it out and hope Unicon gets updated to change individual apps throughout the phone.

  • hyperbeatser

    Stock Moto X launcher…

  • Nova Launcher continues to offer the best mix of performance and overall customization, while retaining the “stock” feel.

  • Jonathan Bunch

    I’ll switch between Google and nova…I want Google now to support icon packs…I know about unicon but native support would be amazeballs

  • Jeff718

    No LauncherPro option? I am disappoint.


    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Launcher Pro!. . .DAMN IT! I loved that damn thing…. Fredrico just left us to die…..Last updated May 2011 lol

      • Christen Lawson


        ◆◆◆ ◆䷚◆◆ ◆◆◆ ◆◆�◆ ◆◆◆So I only use 1 home screen and even though I still require a scrolling dock I only use one dock page also

      • NAblencesee

        мʏ в­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ѕт ғʀι­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ɴɖ’ѕ мօм мαĸ­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ѕ $74 αɴ нօυʀ օɴ тн­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ ƈօмքυт­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ʀ. ѕнɛ нαѕ в­­­­­­℮­­­­­­­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ɴ օυт օғ աօʀĸ ғօʀ ѕ­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ʋ­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ɴ мօɴтнѕ вυт ʟαѕт мօɴтн н­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ʀ քαʏƈн­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ƈĸ աαѕ $21858 ʝυѕт աօʀĸιɴɢ օɴ тн­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ ƈօмքυт­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ʀ ғօʀ α ғ­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ա нօυʀѕ. ʟօօĸ αт тнιѕ SaveJury&#46com

        • The Narrator

          If she’s out of work, she isn’t making money. Slooooot

    • Anthony Oviedo

      It really is too bad that the dev just seemed to stop supporting this launcher. It was my first launcher and I loved it. But… Like all good things, it died.

      • brkshr

        He made his money and notoriety, probably got a good job from it, and said the hell with re-writing everything from scratch for Android 4.0.

        • Anthony Oviedo

          More than likely. It makes you think that if he made so much out of it, he would of created something greater. Oh well.

    • MistaButters

      Still waiting for the re-write….

    • evltwn

      By far the best launcher there was. I loved the 3D scrolling of the app drawer.

      • Steve B

        Ah the built in widgets. Damn they were nice.

  • Booyabobby

    Nova launcher on the Moto X. Action launcher on the Nexus 7.

  • moew

    Google Now Luncher… yeah, bring me a sammich!

  • Kevin McDole

    Sense 5.5 with BlinkFeed

    • Eric R.

      I’m using Sense 5.0, without BlinkFeed though on my DNA

  • Ben Murphy

    Nova Launcher Prime – I’ll never understand the allure of the Google Now Launcher.

    • callumshell1

      nova free master race

    • Me too. Absolutely love Nova…

      • Josh Meade

        i prefer apex because it is more like stock and a bit faster for me

    • staticx57

      Same here. Nova does EVERYTHING and can be very plain as well.

    • Intellectua1

      I think the biggest allure is the side swipe for Google Now feature. Other than that its really lacking the basic features..

      • brkshr


      • tu3218

        I think that’s a nice feature, but it would completely disrupt the way I set up my home pages. To the right of my home screens I have all my media, games, entertainment. Then to the left of my main screen, I have my Evernote task widget, calender widget, and productive apps. Google Launcher would completely disrupt my flow lol

        • brkshr

          That’s what I said at first. I had my personal stuff to the left and my work stuff to the right. It doesn’t bug me anymore. I adjusted. I like having Google Now easily accessible and I use “OK, Google” multiple times a day.

          • tu3218

            Yeah, I’m sure I could adjust. It just reminds me a little of iOS and having to then scroll over a bunch of pages to get to an app or widget. I have a Moto X so I can just Ok, Google Now whenever.

          • brkshr

            I complained about the iOS similarity as well 🙂 You could look up my comments on DL or AP. It probably took me a week or so to really like the GNL. Just saying. I know we all have different preferences.

          • Josh Meade

            yes, i have the moto as well, but being able to command straight from google now is a lot better and faster. this is why i use the GEL. It also has a really nice app drawer and well integrated search at the top.

        • Intellectua1

          Yes I remember those days I used to setup my launcher like that. Now I’m a folder user I have about 5 folders on my home screen for social, audio/video, shopping, travel, and financial. So I only use 1 home screen and even though I still require a scrolling dock I only use one dock page also

          • tu3218

            I have to search for the latest apk for GEL. I think I’ll give it another shot. Guessing you don’t use widgets? The two main widgets I really use are my calender one, and my Evernote task widget. I probably could condense it down to 3 pages with some more folders.

          • Intellectua1

            I only use 2 widgets and that’s Any.do and Yahoo Weather. I’m looking to replace Any.do though, I’ve been using that app way too long. I’m an out with the old in with the new type guy..

          • coolsilver

            I’ve still yet to utilize this feature beyond the initial “Google” folder.

      • Jeff718

        I used Nova because GNL was lacking, as you said. But now there’s an Xposed module called Xposed GEL Settings which brings a lot of features to the GNL. Now I’m back on it. [Cue the people chiming in about preferring ART over Xposed.]

        • Intellectua1

          Yes I’ve tried that but I’m running PAC ROM 4.4 and closed doesn’t work well with it for some reason

      • Defenestratus

        The Google Now launcher has all the features I need. Hotword detection, folder support… what else do you use?

      • Brandon

        I never really saw the point of it considering you can either swipe up from the home button or hold down the menu button to access Google Now, do you really need a third way of accessing it?

        • Josh Meade

          from my experience when google now is built into the launcher it will load much much faster. and swiping up will get to it faster, and so will the search at the top. GEL is very good, but could use some more customization.

    • NastyEmu

      Can it launch google voice search from the home screen without touching it? (like by saying “ok google” with the stock launcher) That’s the biggest thing for me now.

      • Ben Murphy

        Tasker w/AutoVoice and I get to retain all the customization features that come with Nova. It’s just not feature-rich enough for me to make the switch. Even without Tasker, that feature would only save me what, 2 seconds at the most? Personally, I’ve never had the desire to access Google Now with my voice any way. That’s the beauty of Android though: choice. =P

        • brkshr

          I’ve never been one to talk to my phone, but I actually use “OK, Google” all the time. Makes me a little jealous that I don’t have a Moto X, so I can do that with the screen off as well. If I wasn’t stuck on Nexus’, I would most likely have a Moto X.

          • Josh Meade

            I have a moto x and the homescreen hotkey is a lot faster than when your using touchless control. the moto x is also really small coming from an s3 user. i really want the nexus moto to be at least 4.8 inches

        • NastyEmu

          Thanks, I didn’t know about AutoVoice. Tasker never ceases to amaze me (except for not handling google voice texts)

        • William Peterson

          Can you share how you got Autolaunch to work with Google Now possibly with a play by play action. Or direct me to a video that shows step by step hpw to get it to work. So far I do not get anything when I tey to use autovoice with Google now.

    • bimsebasse

      I use GNL because it is exactly how I want my homescreen to be and function. Perfect grid size (for me), easy and convenient Google Now access, good looks. Got nothing to change so no need for customization. Obviously, if you want something else or more, you need another launcher, but anyway, my “allure” explained.

    • schlanz

      nova is just so damn good