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Solid Explorer Uses Chromecast SDK to Add Local Media Streaming

Once Google released the SDK for Chromecast, developers everywhere were able to get their hands on the code, and figure out a way to integrate their apps with the streaming dongle. We definitely expected larger applications to bring this service to their users like VUDU is working on, but any developer (large or small) can do so, as shown by the developers behind Solid Explorer

One of the biggest complaints about Chromecast since its release, is the inability to play local media files that you have stored on your device. With a new update, and the help of a plugin, Solid Explorer is going to take care of that for you. Solid Explorer already has a long list of features, including independent panels for easy dragging and dropping, plus every cloud storage option you can think of.

The new Chromecast plugin works alongside Solid Explorer. Once installed, users will click on a type of media that they want to play, select the “Cast” button, and the app will do the rest. There seems to be a few bugs that still need to be worked out, but with the plugin being new, that is to be expected. If you are looking to Chromecast a few of your pet’s videos onto your big screen, check out the Play links below.

Play Links: Solid Explorer | Chromecast Plugin

  • Michael Hammond

    Would be nice to see the dev actually show what file types it will stream successfully. All my video content is .mkv and so far nothing that is available can stream mkv from my DLNA media server. There was one dev I saw a demo from, and his app could do it, but at the time, due to Google’s hush-hush on the code, he couldn’t release it and you had to have your chromecast rooted.

  • steveliv

    I just started using BubbleUPNP and works great and it’s free. I just needed an app that will stream videos from a DLNA server to the chromecast, and this app fits the bill. AllCast can’t do it, but this one does. There is a limitation of 20 minutes of chromecast streaming but it would be worth it to buy a license. it does what solid exp does but more. i am using a moto x and a nexus 7 (2013).

  • jbreezy

    tried it today. videos were pretty much unwatchable due to stuttering/buffering. was really difficult just to get a photo to show up on my TV. Allcast doesn’t seem to work for me on my motox, so sort of without any options now.

    • steveliv

      Have you tried BubbleUPNP?

  • mrjayviper

    how does it compare to localcast? I used localcast the first time yesterday and it work nicely. hardly any stuttering/buffering.

    thanks 🙂

  • Tim242

    Videos are choppy. No app has working video streaming. It must be the WiFi in Chromecast.

    • Pedro

      The WiFi in my Chromecast streams House of Cards in HD without an issue.

      That’s okay. Jerk your knee. Find fault without data.

      • Tim242

        You obviously have no clue what I was talking about

  • Mark

    Side note: I just realized the icons for Kit-Kat in the navigation bar are really bland from the above screenshots. I mean you have a beautiful operating system and these great high definition screens that show off amazing color and then you go with plain white icons? Seems like a step backward IMO

  • Synacks

    Still waiting on Soundcloud support before my Chromecast experience is fully satisfied.

  • Question. I just implemented a series od XBMC computers in my house. Is there any advantage that a Chromecast will give me that XBMC + Yatse remote app don’t have?

  • K

    Offtopic, but anyone else annoyed Plex is still doing their chromecast “preview period” for plexpass members? Total BS

    • Wolfpack93

      Not at all. – PlexPass owner

      • Beavis

        You don’t own PlexPass, you subscribe to it. smh

    • John Davids

      Or you could just cough up the $70-$80 they are asking for the LIFETIME membership instead of crying about delayed access to a service that you are paying literally $0 for. That service is so goddamn sexy and works so well, you really should support them. Frankly its a steal. With the lifetime membership, you get infinite number of Plex for Android for free which is normally $5 per account. Not to mention all the other great stuff you get.

      • K

        Nice advertisement. I purchased the Plex app a while back so I’m not “paying literally $0”. Going to college and those $80 can be put to better use in my case. Maybe when I graduate but not now. Good day.

        • John Davids

          Not advertisement, just common sense. You are pissing and moaning about a premium feature of a product that isn’t available in the free edition. If you want it sooner, pay. If you don’t want to pay, you have to wait. End of story.

          Also, L2internet. If you are going to “Good day” someone at least have the common decency to link the GIF. Thats like invoking Ron Paul without linking the GIF.

          Now, GOOD DAY.

  • Ben Murphy

    Who said anything about pet videos? >.>

  • Robert Macri

    Any need for allcast then?

    • Raven

      It is just nice to see other alternatives. AllCast and LocalCast are currently working pretty well. All 3 have very different UI’s so you can use whatever suites you best.

  • Transverse45h

    why a separate plugin?? why not integrate on the same app??

    • Rorix

      he is probably testing it….if it messes up the entire app i bet you and thousands more will get mad

    • jdhas

      Likely because some folks won’t want a simple file explorer to have the kinds of permissions necessary for a Chromecast streaming app. Breaking the Chromecast features out into a separate plugin keeps the permission-flogging folks at bay.