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Droid Life Q&A Sessions: Volume 19

The Galaxy S5 was unveiled last week, and the HTC One (2014) is coming up on the 25th of March. With that said, we know that a lot of you might have questions about what to do, so Volume 19 of the DL Q&A Sessions is the perfect time to ask the staff what you need to know. 

If you aren’t in the market for a new flagship, you can ask us anything else that might be on your mind that is Android related or even non-Android related. Want to know our thoughts on the Oscars? Curious about which Android accessories we just can’t live without?

Shoot your questions down below and on Friday we will wrangle up a few of our favorites and let the team tackle them.

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  • Derek Duncan

    Why does everybody hate the S5?

  • Rob Tendy

    What do you think will be the state of Motorola’s flagship this year? Many of us with older phones are looking at the Moto X with envy, but do you think that the Lenovo sale will decrease the quality?

  • wonderrx

    Galaxy S5 Question – Longtime Verizon customer grandfathered in with unlimited data. I have rooted all prior phones both to tweak/play but also to use hotspot in rare times of need (I’m rural with occasional ISP outages). I expect the S5 to be fairly locked down with Knox and all. What do place chances for getting root, or even getting bootloader access? Any rumors of a Google Play Edition that would work on Verizon?

  • WAldenIV

    What is the best hands free app for Android? It has to read text out loud automatically and be able to respond by voice. Ideally it should do so without requiring any touching of the phone.

  • Trevor

    Do any of you guys have college degrees? If so, in what (or in what are you currently majoring)?

    If you dropped a salaried, career-type job to work at Droid-Life, how scary was it to make that decision? I would absolutely love to talk about cell phones/technology for a living, but am too scared to drop everything to pursue it!

  • JMonkeYJ

    What are your thoughts on the Xperia Z2?

  • Ben Myton

    What’s the holdup on a new Battery/Camera phone? It’s been a while since the MAXX, will the big manufacturers dip their toe into that market again?

    I only really have problems with my HTC-DNA when I’m traveling, but that’s when I am least able to deal with it. I was eagerly hoping the newONE might have a jumbo battery in it, but now I’m thinking the S5 and a backup might be my best option.

  • Darrell

    Contract coming up should i get current moto x or the new one expected this summer? Also what features do you think the new moto x will have, and can you speculate the new moto x vs sony Z2?

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    How do you picture a mash up of the X and moto actv? What improvements do you want to see with Assist, active display, and touch less control? there are ridiculous pieces of hardware on phones, like heart rate scanners, what your dream piece of hardware? (Single components, single components that have secondary functions)

  • jdiamjr

    Will there be a GPE of the S5? What about other flagships released this year?

  • Eric R.

    Will we get Android 4.5 or jump right to 5.0?

  • austing

    Do you think smartphone screen sizes well level off or continue to grow ?

  • Ryan

    I haven’t heard anything lately about Verizon forcing people off of unlimited data. How much longer is Verizon going to keep the unlimited data around? Do you think they are going to eventually offer a really sweet deal to get the final holdouts off of unlimited data?

    • calculatorwatch

      I’ve actually been holding out on upgrading because of the possibility of a really sweet deal. I know they won’t let us keep unlimited data forever, and honestly I don’t usually use more than 2 GB a month but 5 would be a lot more reasonable so I don’t have to worry about going over. Besides, they’re always claiming that 90-some % of unlimited data users don’t go over 5 GB a month and it’s the others that are ruining it for the rest of us.

  • Brad Miller

    I’m trying to hold out for the possibility of the Galaxy S5 “Prime”, any further details on possible release and if not, does anyone think the LG G3 would be a next best option, or even the better option. Also any details on its specs and possible release date?

  • berto79

    I have a upgrade, I have the galaxy nexus Verizon. I waited for the S5 but wasn’t really impressed, now I’m looking at the note 3 but I don’t know if I should wait to see what else comes out or just get the note 3. I like the big screen, and I do like using my phone a lot for pictures… So any advice will help?

  • calum wilper

    What are you expecting from the new moto x (as in possible hardware customization, a not botched motomaker rollout, etc…)?

  • T4rd

    Is Ron still using his iPhone?

    • Yep, it’s his main phone. I believe he doesn’t have an AT&T line, which is what his Moto X uses.

  • Michael Schnider

    If every phone manufacturer was running stock vanilla android, what hardware would you choose? knowing there is no special software?

  • Arty McBert

    I have a few questions:

    -How do you feel about Lenovo’s acquisition of Motorola? Will they ruin it or take it to places that Google couldn’t have?

    -How would you improve Android 4.4 / KitKat?

    -Who do you think will sell the most flagship Android devices this year? Who do you want to root for?

    -Why is Vladimir Putin such a badass and why is Obama such a spineless weakling? (Sorry for putting needless politics in an Android blog).

    • The Narrator

      Because we have no reason to pull another Bush and have another few thousand soldiers die fighting for nothing.

      • Arty McBert

        I wasn’t referring to the whole Ukraine situation, more so in general. Have you ever seen Obama pitching a baseball? The guy is all talk and has no backbone. He says he’ll do things, but doesn’t.

        • The Narrator

          It’s better than doing something physically. Everyone tries to say that Bush made us look tough and what not, but look at how that ended.

          One thing is for sure, they aren’t going to risk another Cold War. We need Clinton back, keeping peace.

          • JDub

            You mean the same Clinton that let Osama Bin Laden go?

          • The Narrator
          • JDub

            So you followed up with a link that used to confirm what I said and now says maybe. That’s nice. They knew he was involved in the 1993 bombings of the World Trade Center and just pussed out in taking him.

        • Dunkoff

          That’s why Leaders like the Germany”s Merkal said that Putin is paranoid and has lost touch with reality after talking with him after the invasion. She publicly said this when her country depends on Russia for energy.

          Putin is about to turn into another Stalin, losing his mind, growing more paranoid by day.

          If Putin was Smart, He would of just offered Ukraine 35-70 billion for Crimea instead of Invading it. It would of gave Russia the security of Crimea and the Ukrainian’s a way to help their people and Country. He blew 51 Billion on an Olympics more than the past 5 Olympics combined, so he has the money.

    • GJV

      Do you have a better solution? Would you like to go to war vs Russia? Guess what, pack your bags. They’ll be drafting the lot of us if that happens. Feel like a tough guy now that you’re freezing your ass off in Russia while the red army shoots at you?

    • Arty McDooped

      Bad asses don’t invade other weaker countries during hard times for no reason other than “To protect people who speak Russian”

      You sir are FoxNews Moron.

      BTW FoxNews is registered as an Entertainment Channel in the FCC so they can’t be held accountable for LYING to the public, look it up!

  • Stephen Loosli

    I’d like to hear more about the welcome return of the MicroSD card to flagship phones, e.g. Samsung G5 and HTC One (2014). Is it a result of carriers’ data caps making cloud storage/access less desirable? Support for the new Class 10 128GB card?

  • Bryan Merrick

    I must be honest with the new phone out now it is a monumental day for us all on Android,as since giving my iphone to my daughter she is all happy when i bought a temporary Samsung S4 just to get used to the whole Android way of life. As someone kindly use Black Mart Alpha for paid App’s free and it was to my massive suprise the special programs all free from this one amazing App is just so worth downloading …You Wont Be Dissapointed it is so good 🙂

    • Daistaar

      I wouldn’t go around promoting pirated apps or black market storefronts ’round here… No reason to cheap out on an app that costs a dollar on average. Cheap out on coffee and gas, not apps.

      • Weber

        I’m surprised you understood what he wrote. I gave up trying to make sense of it.

  • Droid4Life

    Could Kyle and Rithvik be part of this? Kyle has done some group stuff but we know literally zero about rithvik

    • BigTimmay

      We didn’t even get an introduction really..

      • El_Big_CHRIS

        Yeah this. They kept saying soon and the I remember reading a comment from a moderator saying they had been introduced. But I don’t think they have, officially.

  • Alix8821

    ElGoog telling Samsung to tone it down was interesting news a few weeks ago. However, the S5 isn’t exactly toned down. I like the KitKat update and visual changes, BUT its not enough.

    **any ideas/guesses/opinions on when Sammy will do as they are told?**

    I LOVE my Note 3, but obviously would love to see TW toned down to a minimum, if not gone all together.

    • Daistaar

      I’d think the S5 was probably way too deep into production to reflect that agreement but I was wondering the same thing. Mainly because of the multitask buttons. Google needs to drop the hammer on custom button layouts. It makes it more difficult for my techs to assist users when they instruct them to press a button and it’s not there.

  • OneForTheGoodDays

    What is your phone’s spirit animal?

  • Juan

    All Apple jokes aside, if Apple does increase the iPhone’s screen size this year (as is rumored almost every year lol), do you guys think it will hurt Android’s marketshare? Quite a few people I know left Apple because of their small screens. Just wondering how many of those converts will switch back to Apple.

  • Charlie

    It seems to me that where Android really needs to start making up ground is in the tablet arena (excluding, of course, the N7 – i need a 10 inch tablet). What, if any, tablets are you excited to see coming out? What tablets do you see as having the ability to be real workhorses, especially for those of us who need a tablet to double for work and personal uses?? I have a tf201, and i’m looking to get something newer.

    • Raven

      I think that Samsung currently has the winning 10″ tablets, but I personally believe that the Asus Transformer series was the best. I have a TF101 and a TF201 and I still use them both. I think the keyboard dock is the killer feature of all 10″ tablets out. Asus just seriously needs to release a new edition with top of the line specs and then actually advertise it.

      The problem with their last flagship TF701 was the 2560 x 1600 resolution was higher then the CPU/GPU could handle which lead to lots of performance issues and thus bad revues. They need to stick to 1920 x 1200 and use a faster CPU/GPU to eliminate their performance issues.

  • Larry Bublitz

    What is there to be excited about this year, honestly? I feel we’ve reached a point in the Android experience where it’s pretty darned good on most phones (buttery smooth, fast, enough horsepower). so the spec wars really don’t matter as much anymore.

  • Weber

    Who is your daddy, and what does he do?

  • Nayners

    Who are these random (random to me. I’m sure they don’t consider themselves as such.), new people posting for DL? Did I miss something? No intros?

  • Droid Ronin

    Which upcoming flagship phone are you most hyped about?

  • Kevan Acker

    With the Nexus line (rumored) to be dying out soon. and Samsung to start using their own OS (as seen in the new Galaxy Gear). Where is the best android phones going to be made?

    • Mike

      How do people make the assumption that an OS for a watch will replace a mobile OS that has made a Company billions of dollars?

  • Jordan Long

    moto blur is now gone, what skin will fall next?

  • Daistaar

    Any thoughts on the upcoming YotaPhone (2nd Gen) that was previewed at MWC ’14? I’ve seen other sites give their thoughts but there is tons of bias and I’m more interested in journalism than op-eds.

  • Orion

    Where’s the so called moto xplay lol?

  • me

    Is it true galaxy s4 cannot be updated thru the phone but rather by using a computer to get the software updates? Is this true and if so, will the s5 be the same way???

    • PoisonApple31

      The S4 can be updated using either method.

    • 213ninja

      no and no.

  • imHOWIE

    Why do you like stock Android so much? I know it can run a little faster, but developers have made some useful features that are in different stock ROMs that stock Android users miss out on.

    • Orion

      For me stock just looks much more nicer and simplistic. Skins and bloat are just all over the place(example Touchwiz). Stock just needs more added features like what moto did with the X. I would love stock to incorporate stylus capabilities like the Note series. That would be awesome.

  • The Narrator

    What do you think of the upcoming Oppo Find 7?

    2K display
    Removable Battery
    SD Slot
    Water Resistant screen
    Possible 4000mAh battery

    Sounds promising.

    • SplashMTN

      I read a rumor of a possible 50 mp camera as well, but I’m not sure how much credibility there is to it. http://www.engadget.com/2014/03/03/photo-suggests-oppo-find-7-has-50mp-camera/

      • The Narrator

        Haha i was just about to edit my comment with that. Not sure. Their camera’s are nice, so i would welcome it.

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      Sounds awesome but it’ll probably be unlocked and for T-Mobile /AT&T only.

      • The Narrator

        True, i wish they’d get a bigger presence. The Find 5 and N1 are great. They just didn’t have LTE, which sucked.

  • Alec

    Do you think HTC are a bunch of losers?

    • BigTimmay

      I feel like I’m back on YouTube when I see questions like this.

  • Jprime

    Will the lg g3 have a multitask button?

  • Mark Rising

    How pumped are you guys for Project ARA?? What are realistic timeframes for consumer phones?

    • Orion

      This! So much win and possibilities with this project.

  • Mario Williams

    The Gear Fit appears to be a strong step forward for wearables. What functionality that has yet to be incorporated into a smartwatch/band are you hoping for?

  • John

    Sony Xperia Z2 tablet or Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1? Wifi editions only.

    • The Narrator

      Well, do you like quality products?

      • John

        Of course I like quality products but my delima is the samsung is 2 GB ram and I have heard so much about touchwiz slowing things down that I am wondering if a 3 GB ram on the xperia might be better. I don’t want the 12″ screen so I would have to stay with the Tab Pro.

        • The Narrator

          The Xperia Z2 is pretty great in all aspects. 3gb ram, solid build quality, waterproof, Snapdragon 801, great software, nice screen, etc.

    • Mark

      Take a look at the resolutions and you have your answer. If you’re really worried about RAM get the Note 10.1 2014 edition which has 3 GB ram and is only $50 more (plus you get the S-Pen).

  • Ricky Ortiz

    TouchWiz vs HTC Sense? Which do you prefer and why? Also do you think these skins are as bad as people make them seem to be?

    • The Narrator

      Add in LG.

      • Eric R.

        I wonder if MotoBlur is coming back now that Google no longer owns them?

        • ReturnOfTheMack

          Do not bring up those bad memories ever again…

  • chris kilps

    Do you think Nokia has a chance in the android market?