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Hangouts App Sees UI Makeover Plus 10-second Videos, Animated Stickers, Favorites, Swiping Actions…on iOS

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I don’t know that we always look to iOS to see what’s next in Android app development, but when it comes to apps like Hangouts and Gmail from Google, we certainly have more than once (calls in Hangouts, anyone?). Take for example today’s Hangouts overhaul that just went live through iTunes. 

The update introduces a brand new UI to the app that makes it “optimized for iOS 7.” I can’t exactly say that I’m a fan of the 4-category paginated approach, but some of the new features would be more-than-welcomed on Android. In version 2.0 of Hangouts on iOS, users can send animated stickers, favorite conversations so that you aren’t always looking at an endless list of them, send 10-second video clips, and swipe across conversations to get actionable items like Favorite, Video, Mute, and Archive. There are deeper controls over specific contacts as well.

Tough to tell if or when we’ll see any of these new features on Android, but I’d be surprised if 10-second video clips, animated stickers, and favorites don’t make their way over at some point. The UI setup can stay on iOS, though.

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  • Chris Dooley

    Because just like the example given with Sony.. They care about their home ( Japanese market ) the most. Google obviously is going to do their beta testing on the user group of the least strategic value so when they release the new features to their high value Android users the r experience is smooth since they worked out the bugs with the iOs folks. They have done this with other apps in the past just look at the UI overhauls done on YouTube. The new UI was rolled out months sooner on IOS but it was buggy however when the android app was updated it was flawless.. At least on my devices.