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Developer Attempts to Make the LG G2 Camera Even More Boss, Exclusive to Stock ROM Users

If you are the owner of a rooted LG G2 device, running a stock Android ROM (there are plenty out there), then you will want to check out a modification currently available through XDA. The developer’s goal is to bring more functionality and performance to the camera, which we all know it is capable of. 

LG’s stock camera software is already quite good on the G2, but there is always room for improvement. For example, the developer added in the ability for 4K UHD video recording at 120fps, an HDR video mode, extra manual ISO options, faster focusing times, increased general photo quality, and a whole lot more.

Down below you can view the full list of features the mod attempts to bring to the device.


  • 4K UHD and 120fps video
  • Added EIS on top of existing OIS (which I think is all the upcoming GPro2 is doing)
  • Extra manual ISO selections
  • HDR video mode
  • 60fps 720p recording mode
  • Faster focus times and better responsiveness in low-light
  • Increased framerate in low-light
  • Bypassed some of the denoising/processing that some pro reviews hadcomplained about
  • Increased photo quality

As stated, this is only for rooted G2 phones, running a stock Android ROM. If you are looking to root and ROM your G2 to check this mod out, go hit up those forums.

Via: XDA
Cheers Mr. Pants!
  • Charlie P

    I have a (vzw) LG G2 and I have never rooted any of my phones, but I REALLY want to and are going to on this one. But, being new to this and not how is your boy about it(Sorry,typo)…*and not having any experience with it, my question is should i wait (with Verizon, I may be waiting a long time), for the KitKat update and root afterwards…or does it not matter?

  • feztheforeigner

    Anyone have before and after shots?

  • J2886M

    Can someone post link for ROM and root.method . have T-Mobile version. Looking to root now. Thanks guys

  • Drew

    I have LG G2 but I don’t really care about this mod because I love MOTO X and my next phone will be Nexus 6.

    • Ugslick

      Bro, I’ll take that G2 off your hands if you don’t need it 😛 Let me know

  • nate

    Is this mean stock as in as it came from LG or True GPE stock?

    • Chippah


  • David Dzado

    No CM11 yet… BOO!

  • Droid Ronin

    Interesting… I always thought that the OEM camera drivers and apps were closed source. I guess they can be modded after all.

  • xzero425x

    Bah, thought this was for vanilla 4.2.2 :'(

    • skubadoo

      The 1.5 update is the one you want for 4.2.2
      Unfortunately the 4K video is only for 4.4+ but all the other improvements are worth installing. We will have to wait for VZW to push out 4.4 before we can use the 2.0 mod update.

  • hoyce1212

    My wife and I both have this phone and constantly get blurry pics. My wife actually has been talking about going back to her S3 because of it. I love the phone for everything but the camera, which i RARELY uses. Are we the only ones that have this problem?

    • thisiscorrect


    • skubadoo

      No, a think a lot of folks have had problems with the autofocus and blurring of images. Low light especially. There’s a lag between the shutter and the time you actually take the pic. I’m sure the next update to kitkat will solve a few of this problems, but personally, this update has made the camera much better.

    • Adrynalyne

      Wipe the fingerprints from the lens cover :p

    • Ryan

      I get phenomenal pictures with the G2. it depends on lighting, zoom, and if you have intelligent auto on. mess around with a few of the settings outside where there is light. If you still dont you might have an issue. I doubt it if both of your phones have an issue.

    • droidify

      I’ve heard people that have kids have hard time getting a clean shot because of the constant movement. Have you tried the sports mode? It is designed to take pics of moving objects without blur. Hope this helps. I love the camera but I came from a gnex which was a bad joke.

    • teevirus

      I have had my for a little over a week and have not noticed any blurry pics except in low light conditions with the flash. But I expect that with any phone or camera for that matter.

  • WK

    might want to mention in the article that the 4K 120fps feature is only available on stock KitKat builds only.

  • BobbyG

    Been using this for over a month. Really awesome so far

  • Chris


    • The Narrator

      Stupid how? The top Android device getting better? Unless you’re mad that you can’t have it, which, sucks to be you.

      • MH

        At best it’s tied for top with the note 3, even if it has TW.

        • The Narrator

          Maybe if the Note 3 had OIS. When I used it, it was pretty slow.

          • MH

            The note 3 is the best android camera out (until the S5 is released). OIS only benefits low light, and per this article it does not work terribly well (same issue on the N5)

          • Chippah

            I own both. and you sir are talking “Bravo Sierra”

          • MH
          • Adrynalyne

            Reviews aren’t the most substantial source.

            http://www.engadget.com/2013/09/09/lg-g2-review/ This one says its below the HTC One.

            http://mashable.com/2013/11/16/lg-g2-review/ This one says its better than the S4, which has the same camera as the Note 3.

          • MH

            Same HW, not the same SW. Until they perfect the OIS and have 4k in the stock OS, the note 3 still rules the roost. Now, that’s not saying the G2 sucks in any way…just the note 3 has the better camera.

          • Adrynalyne

            Purely subjective.

            Between Note 3 and S4, the software may be different in features but thats it. Quality is the same between both when comparing same OS level.

          • The Narrator

            Do you even know what you’re talking about? Guessing no. Read anywhere, ask anybody. The G2 is top dog. When the Z2 and G Pro 2 re released, they will take over.

          • droidify

            How does a feature that eliminates shake only work in low light? I love the note 3 camera on my girls phone. It is excellent too but not better. The OIS is the best camera feature available. Which one is best is subjective but they are the two best I’ve used.

      • Chris

        Why would i be mad? If I wanted it i would have it.

  • TSY87

    Given the direction LG has been heading… I think I might have to jump on the LG G pro 3 if it comes out for verizon since the 2 is not…

    • Ugslick

      LG G3 is coming up!

  • Chippah

    “If your on 4.2.2 I feel bad for ya son, ATT got Kitkat and bitch Verizon got none.”

  • Guy Pierce

    Awe man! Super stoked! Downloading and installing now.

  • F1nders

    It’s for stock LG roms (as in, not AOSP, CM). I’d guess because they are the only ones that contain the necessary support files. All you need is root. Pretty impressive mod. Playing with it now.

    • JoshGroff

      I’m so used to AOSP being referred to as stock that I was thrown off by the article. Have an upvote for clarity!

  • Jeff Broders

    Been using this mod for a while. The developer is awesome. This mod has brought the g2’s camera from really good to fantastic. Things like this are a perfect example to root. This is the first device where I felt after rooting that running a custom rom would actually take away from it’s capabilites. Imo stock + xposed is the best…

    • Chippah

      Chip Chipperson agrees with this message.

    • grayson360

      Simply because I’m new to this, a stock rom is the lg software still on top right? Or is it like using vanilla kitkat or cm11?

    • michael arazan

      Please tell us how much memory 4K video recording is taking up, I’m very curious. 20 Minutes of 720 is 1 gb memory, and 1080 for 10 minutes is 1 gb, I”m curious to know what 4K does/eats in memory.

      • Jeff Broders

        I’m sorry that I wasn’t clear. Currently the 4k mod is only avaliable for stock 4.4.2 roms. Currently I believe only AT&T and maybe a Korean version have 4.4.2. I’m on Verizon so I’m still on 4.2.2 and the mod version I have been using doesn’t support 4k. So maybe in 2015 when Verizon releases it I can find out. 🙂 head over to xda and try it!

  • Chippah

    Shows Picture of Verzion VZ980 – LG G2.

    New Version for STOCK LG 4.4.2 KITKAT builds only.

    Quit trollin’ fool!

  • droidify

    As a recovering flashaholic, I have been able to resist a custom rom on this phone because it just works. This is very tempting but I’m quickly reminded of the buggy ass roms I flashed several times per week on my Gnex. It has been awesome having a phone that works so great and virtually bug free. Any recommendations on a jank free stock rom?

    • Chippah

      Stock + Xposed seems the best. Unless you wanna get back on the flash bug after bug train like the ol Gnex days.

      • droidify

        Yep, I’m running Xposed now. Killer features.

        • panicswhenubered

          Install Xposed framework and get the G2 Settings module. I’m running the rooted stock ROM with all the 4.4 visual enhancements turned on; stock lockscreen, bleed immersive mode, volume up/down music controls, and turned off all the stupid LG notification panel icons. Since it’s rooted, I uninstalled all the VZ bloatware, deleted all the nightmarish Vienna Boys’ choir notification sounds. I still have all the LG apps; Slide Aside, Qslide apps and Memo Pad.

          I used to be a flashaholic, but didn’t want to deal with unstable ROM builds, strange bugs, and the constant backup/restoring. My job has me relying on my phone 24/7 and traveling.

  • Genaro

    When you guys say “stock”, it means LG stock android rom or “Stock Android” as in pure android? The text is a little bit misleading about it.

    • duke69111

      I think they mean Stock LG rom, not AOSP

    • droidify

      I understood it to mean stock as in a pure android rom like CM

    • ramifications

      He means LG stock rom. It has the required files for the LG camera software that this dev has taken and upgraded.

    • GJV

      “Stock” is commonly understood on XDA to mean the software that came on your phone from the factory – i.e., STOCK. If you flash CM or some other AOSP ROM, you’re not running stock, unless you own that oppo monstrosity.

  • much sourcing such wow

  • litobirdy

    What with all the exclusive TWRP love, can’t flash it in CWM?

    • Cory_S

      Even Koush says CWM is obsolete and needs to die.

      • JoshGroff

        I can’t even remember the last time I used CWM. Maybe on my T-Bolt…

        • dreadnatty08

          When KK ROMs, primarily CM came out for the G2, you had to use CWM to flash. Was a pain, and I’m honestly still using it now on mine.

  • WCM3

    Interesting to see it for stock 4.4.2 builds only. I ran a few and had some issues with SOD and minor other things. Changed to the stock 4.2.2 rom with Xposed G2 and everything has been great.

    Anybody out there running a 4.4.2 build with no issues? If so, which?

    • Shawn Spring

      I’d probably wait until newer builds based off the AT&T Kit Kit device tree shake out…shouldn’t be too much longer. Most of the 4.4.2 AOSP builds have some form of issue – the XDA threads do speak of folks who have a particular flavor that runs flawless every now and then.

    • ramifications

      It’s actually for stock LG roms. NOT AOSP or CM. And it says it works for both the LG jelly bean and LG kit kat roms.

      • WCM3

        Really? Maybe i’m misunderstanding this:

        “Version 2.0.3:
        NEW 4kUHD and 120fps video recording modes
        This version is for 4.4.2 stock KitKat builds only.”

        I didn’t see 4kUHD and 120fps anywhere else in his changelog.

        • ramifications

          Looks like the version that has 4k UHD and 120 fps is just for kit kat but the one for jelly bean has all other features. You’ll see them in the download list. If you meant just the 4k and 120 fps features, sorry I misunderstood.

        • ramifications

          You’re right that the 4K and 120 fps are only for kit kat. But all the other features are available on the Jelly Bean version.

  • litobirdy

    This phone needs more articles, super underrated dammittt.. G2 Xposed needs its own article on here

    • Ryan

      This site is all moto X. Every price drop, change, or anything is its own article.

      • Eric R.

        Thus site was created because if the creator of the Moto X, Motorola, created the DROID. Be thankful, this site and android would not be the way it is today without the Moto DROID

        • Guest

          lol you do know that the moto droid was the 2nd major adroid phone released right? not only that but “android” was acquired by google not too long ago.

          and the reason the G2 doesn’t have many articles is because theres nothing to write about

          • Eric R.

            Google acquired Android in 2005, and the DROID was the first big Android phone thanks to Verizon and Moto’s marketing. It was the first real iPhone contender.

          • Ryan

            I realize how this site all started but I am just saying that it is biased ATM for the Moto x. I mean the 4.4 update for the G2 was mixed with the HTC one article. If it was moto X it would have been all over. The g2 has dropped in prices here and there but there was no article other than I think one. There has been no coverage of the G Pro 2 and knock code from MWC either.

          • michael arazan

            That’s why 50% of the last articles were about the S5 this week? Because it’s all about the Moto X

      • Kevin

        This site was found upon a device called the Motorola Droid.

  • The Narrator

    I gotta root and rom now! Hahaha



  • Logan Jinks

    4K @ 120fps… Well at least the 2sec of video you’ll actually record will look really awesome. Might want to look into picking up that 128GB micro SD card now.

    • Mike

      The LG G2 doesn’t have an SD Card Slot. Still a cool option though.

      • Brian Roskamp

        The international model does.

        • Mike

          You are correct. The one sold in Korea does. So I guess that’s the version you have. Cool.

          • Brian

            Nope, I have the Verizon model which doesn’t have an SD card slot either.

      • Mark Aaron Collado

        http://www.meenova.com/ this will solve your problems. i use this with my N5.

        • Mike

          Very cool! I haven’t seen that. It would be more cool if they could integrate something like that into a case, like they do with batteries, but then it would have to be specifically designed for each phone. Thanks

    • Bubba Gump

      Cloud storage works.

  • Trent Russell

    Damn 120fps @ 4k? If he can do that, how about 240fps @ 720p! that would be awesome.

    • Rob

      Yeah, that sounds crazy that it can do 120 fps at 4K. How on Earth is it “only” 60 fps at 720p??

    • It’s actually 120fps at 720p