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Deal: Get 50% Off TYLT Accessories With This Coupon Code (Updated)

tylt vu wireless charger

Update:  TYLT reached out to us to say that they are NOT currently running a 50% off promo. In other words, the code we originally posted shouldn’t be working. And don’t bug their customer service trying to get it to.

On Cyber Monday, we tipped you to a deal through accessory manufacturer TYLT that would save you 50% off of purchases of their high-end accessories. We basically crashed their site, which caused some of you to not be able to take advantage of the deal. Thankfully today, TYLT is running another 50% off promo by using coupon code “50TYLT-T4102711” during checkout. It appears to be 50% off of your entire order as well, so feel free to gobble up brightly colored accessories.

Not familiar with TYLT? They are mostly known for the TYLT VU wireless charger, but I’ve also used their portable battery packs and USB cables. All of it comes off very well-made, in a variety of bright colors, and is a solution for anything from car charging to audio splitting to case protection. 


Via:  Slickdeals
Cheers Scott!
  • chudilo

    I have an order confirmation in my email (including the discount). No order , in order history. and no status updates about it being canceled or shipped.

  • Anthony Johnson

    I don’t like these wireless chargers as they have small
    area on which I am able to charge one phone at a time. The wireless charger should be broad enough so that they can handle charging of at least two qi
    enabled Smartphone simultaneously.

  • Patrick Bateman

    Does it work for the droid maxx????

    • Charlie R.

      Yes, the wireless chargers do. It’s unfortunate that they are not honoring the promo code now though. $70 is just to much.

    • Lab639

      read the pdf doc on there website ( duh yes its a qi integrated device)