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Specs: Galaxy S5 vs. Galaxy S4 vs. Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Notes

Specs comparisons are always fun, especially when they involve new phones like Samsung’s recently announced Galaxy S5. While they only tell a portion of the story, putting specs for devices on paper gives you an idea as to how big or little the changes are from one device to the next. From reading your responses to yesterday’s unveiling, we get the feeling that most don’t consider the GS5 to be much of a boost over the GS4. 

So we’ve taken the Galaxy S5 and put it up against the Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note 2. This is as simple of a comparison as it gets, but it also shows what has changed and what hasn’t. I think it’s clear that Samsung gave us much of the same, but tried to show they can innovate in new areas, like with sensors, rather than with a QHD display.

Let us know your thoughts.

galaxy s5 specs comparison

  • yesenia

    Phones are the same no matter how much they upgrade it not to mention stupid and pointless to up grade it for exsample I have a galaxys3 and I can record videos on my phone but I cant send the video by text message, email or anything like that and I cant change the setting to fix it cuz there is no way of changing it there’s no setting for it which really makes me upset!

    • David Martin

      I agree with you yesenia as you are right in some extent but there are still lots of things to consider. Earlier , I was using S4 but when I went through at this informative article http://www.cheapmonthlymobile.co.uk/samsung-mobile-phones/samsunggalaxys5mobilephone.asp#reviews I felt the reason to upgrade my handset. So, finally me and wife chosen to go with the new Samsung Galaxy S5. It’s simply and outstanding device when it comes to latest mobile technology.

  • Niet Bekend

    1.4 GHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A9

  • Niet Bekend

    Galaxy s3 has quad core CPU not dual core and its not 1.5 but 1.4Ghz

  • Pat Dixon

    WHERE’S the comparison of sound quality – since that’s a crucial element. Strange how few reviews deal with this.

  • King

    well luckily I skipped the s4, and so hopefully the s5 will be a big jump from the 3. So far it seems like it.

  • I think Note 4 is much better in comparison to Note 3 as it is very much different in all it’s features such as size of RAM is increased in it.The camera quality is much better in comparison to both of them and yes it will also have wireless charging feature.

    • naomicas

      Note 4 will be much better in all perspectives and about Galaxy Note 4 features I have seen various new features on many blogs.And, I highly recommend you to go through this mentioned blog http://galaxynote4uk.com/ for further specifications.

  • Regardless the model the samsung battery life is a joke!!! The best thing I ever did for my Samsung S3 & S4 (when I upgraded), was get a Zero Lemon extended battery. I now get a good 48HR’s life with high usage on my S4. check them out if you get a chance; http://www.zerolemon.co.uk – highly recommend.

  • Spotmonkey

    Need more RAM!! 4GB PLEASE!

  • sarat chandra

    Want to buy S5 ?? Get it here @http://efyo.weebly.com/1/post/2014/02/samsung-galaxy-s5-out-already-wait-its-not-yet-april.html

  • nyn8tve

    The new comparison doesn’t help. Samsungs putting new paint on an old bench and added an arm rest

  • john doe

    The galaxy s3 only has 1GB of RAM, where are you guys getting the specs for these phones from?

    • rageboardr

      The US version had 2 GB RAM, and a Dual-Core.

    • Chris

      Yeah S3 19300 only 1GB, S3 19305 has 2GB.

  • ComputerBlu3

    My situation is a bit different than most people so some might not understand. My company pays for my monthly bill, allows me $200 a year for an upgrade, unlimited everything, and all I have to pay is $30 a year to stay on a one year contract with Verizon. With that said, this announcement is really disappointing and even though I’m already due for an upgrade, I’m inclined to wait potentially all year for something better than the S5 (or S4s as I like to call it). My previous phone was the RAZR Maxx and my only hesitation to upgrading to the S4 was the reduced battery. I root my phone so I still maintain a decent battery life with the S4 (still does not compare to the Maxx). But going from an S4 to an S5 seems almost worthless. Going from 2600mAh to 2800mAh when the RAZR Maxx battery technology is almost 2 years old now is no less than pathetic. Sure, the S5 is ‘feature’ driven, and does have a beefier CPU. But, what good is that when you have to leave bluetooth on (if you get the smart watch) all day, you become obsessed with checking your heartrate, and all those camera features going to do when your battery is constantly at 10%? And before you mention the new ‘Super duper battery save’ app that their introducing, please note that there are several apps on the market that already do what they’re referring to. I love my S4 but this announcement is again, pathetic.

    • Whocares

      This is the only value sentence in your comment:
      “I love my S4 but this announcement is again, pathetic”

      The rest was just like Samsung bloatware.

  • Tim Guthrie

    Keeping my S4! Love it. I added a 64G sd and that’s all I needed to improve it.

  • fillyo75

    Looking at all of the phones, the S4 does look the best, it has the smallest bezels and size is right. Sticking with my S4 until I see what the new One has to offer.

  • Becky Parrish

    I have a Note 3 that is my right arm. Plus I added 32gb, for a total of 64gb, so unless they come out with one that cleans my house, I’m sticking with this one.

  • RichFromBX

    I’m don’t see any immediate reason to go for the S5 over the Note 3

  • Ajmobileguru

    Any idea what contributed to the 15g increase in weight? BIgger Battery? Heavier Plasic? I doubt .1 inch would do that.

    • flosserelli


  • AnotherAndroidKid

    No wireless charging?

    • Craig

      If this is confirmed it would be a definite deal breaker for me. I love wireless Qi charging and would not give it up. I need a heart rate monitor like I need a hole in my head and I would never be caught wearing one of those gay useless watches. C’mon Samsung, give us features that we will use in the real world.

    • Kurt Weber

      They said in the announcement yesterday that there is wireless charging

  • chris_johns

    ah yes…that speaker is in the perfect place….to be muffled by my hand while i hold it….. ?

  • Dave

    I still wouldn’t trade my Note 2 for anything currently available. I had a Moto X for a few days, since everybody made it sound like I was missing out on the best phone ever. Near stock was kind of cool, but battery life couldn’t touch what I’m getting, and performance was nearly identical, or not the increase I was expexting to experience. Maybe I’d jump on a 5.-5.2″ Moto next time…

  • Neil Fujiwara

    I believe the S3 has only 1GB of RAM. I know that I saw big reduction in lag going from the S3 to the S4.

    • theycallmeWat?

      Some S3 variants do but others, like the one here in Canada, have 2GB RAM

    • Ajmobileguru

      VZW S3 has 2 GB RAM

  • Skrewee Lewee

    Yeah, I’m gonna stuck with my Note 3. I didn’t think I would dig the stylus, but dammit I’m hooked!

    • jim

      Me to , nothing tops it

  • C-Law

    Up in size and weight. Pass. Well weight probably wouldn’t bother me but the moto x seems the perfect size to me.

  • cb3fsu

    I can’t believe how whiny people are being about this. Saying they are done with Samsung…what is wrong with you people?

    What have they done that is so offensive? Make an awesome product?

    I had a Galaxy S3 and thought when I got the S4 it wouldn’t be that big of an update. I couldn’t have been more wrong. It’s a much better phone in every single way.

    My GS4 is incredible. I have ZERO complaints about it.

    Are you guys still crying about Touchwiz? Really? Are any of you not using another launcher? Whaaaa it doesn’t have stock Android! Would you really not use Nova Launcher if it did? You really wouldn’t want to customize your phone? I call BS.

    Samsung makes the best Android phones by far. Whaaaaaaaa it’s not made of metal! You are going to put a case on it anyway.

    • HarvesterX

      Well, I was done with Samsung after getting the G2 and replacing my old Galaxy Nexus last year when it was released. It’s still one of the best devices I’ve ever used. Nothing was inherently wrong with the S4, but it just wasn’t on par with the G2. Nothing seems wrong with the S5 either. I doubt anyone with a G2 or Note 3 would even consider switching to it, but I’m sure hoards will.

      The fingerprint scanner would have been better paired with a 64bit processor though (*gasp*, like the iPhone 5S), but I’m sure it still works lol. It’s exactly what I would have thought the S5 would have been.

      • Nathaniel Otto

        im waiting to see a LG G3. hoping that is a nice jump from the G2 i use now. the s5 isn’t a big enough jump to consider getting it from the G2

        • iTpHo3NiX

          Note 3 user here, I convinced my buddy to get the g2 from an s3 and he loves it. Im into the “phablets” and can’t wait for the lg g pro 3 now that will be something 😉

          • Nathaniel Otto

            Hah yeah if i was into phablets I would be digging the G pro 2 now, and as you say the G pro 3. Phablets are a bit too big for me to use comfortably though.

    • Whocares

      Well, people expect GS5 with curved screen since Samsung showed it off at CES, 4GB of RAM and 64-bit processor (as they promised) even though android wasn’t ready for 64-bit yet, Iris scan (as they said) and nicer body chassis. I bet you with all that, they will sell like hotcake. Android users love specs and can’t accept the marginal upgrade like this: nothing special even compared to GS3.

    • SamsungHater

      Are you kidding me? The S4 is in no way really different than the S3. My wife has the S4, I have the S3. It’s basically the same phone with a little bit bigger of a screen, the OS looks a tiny bit different, which the S3 was upgraded to look the same. It has a bigger battery that dies just as fast as the stock S3 battery. What is so much better that your creaming your pants over?

  • Stevo

    I absolutely love the fact that it has an IP67 rating. I trash phones all the time due to getting dust, sand and metallic shavings stuck to the speakers. I think that alone might make it a “BUY” for me. however, since I’m still unlimited on VZW, it’s going to take some time to save up for it!

  • Cael

    They didn’t bump the ram up to 3?

    • fillyo75

      For what? Just to say 3gb of RAM? Outside of the Note, don’t know why you would need more then 2gbs of RAM

      • Cael

        Yes just to say 3GB just like why bump the screen up only an inch when they could have did 2!

        • fillyo75

          It was 0.1, and I wish they kept it the same size. Otherwise, get a Note.

          • Cael

            My bad, that’s what I meant but my point still stands! And the camera could have been 20 MP! but I guess they’ll save that for the GS6

  • AbbyZFresh

    The Galaxy S5 is basically the Galaxy S3 DS(or SS). No real improvement besides specs for the past 2 years.

    • needa

      the bezels are wider. that is i real improvement.
      nevermind… they still have the exact same cheap ring of plastic protecting it. my bad.
      but hey… it flexes when you sit down on it. that is all that really matters.

      • fillyo75

        You needa get some better arguments

        • needa

          i dont buy samsung because of the cheap build, crappy radios, and all of the bloat that chokes android up. it is all the argument i need. nothing i have said is untrue. rumor had it that samsung was going to turn a new leaf. they did not. all they did was spew the same crap that they have put out the last two years. people like you should wise up and put your money on one of the many other mobile products out there that are tons better than anything samsung has thought about putting out. then and only then will samsung put out something worth talking about.

          • Good Samaritan

            In your opinion which is the best maker at this time

          • needa

            moto – cause they have the highest quality internals of any smarthone. <–which is why i own one. if there was no moto x, i would either still be using my nearly indestructable and extremely aged gs2, or i would have gone with the g2. the g2 suffers from a lot that samsung suffers from. but at least they are trying.

  • mrbeen38

    God that phone is ugly.

  • Michael

    I think mentioning that its USB 3.0 compatible is a notable spec boost

  • Eric Sorensen

    I would add 4K video recording on the Note 3 and S5. And micro-USB3 on those two, also.

    • Eric Sorensen

      Also, the new S5 is one of the first phones to accept 128GB microSD cards. All the others are 64GB (or less?)

  • jbreezy

    are we still pretending the heart rate monitor is real?

    • The Narrator

      Apparently you can read it by flashing light on it. But hey, let’s not burst their bubble.

      • 213ninja

        i thought the light was just an indicator, like the one on my fingerprint reader on my laptop, like it’s ready to use. i’m interested in the tech behind it.

        • JMac726

          It works on regular android cameras with a flash (although probably not as well).

          Basically by putting your finger over the bright LED/flash, your finger lights up red, and the camera can detect the color changes as blood pulses through your finger. Look closely and you can see the color change with the human eye

    • 213ninja

      i haven’t seen any science on it so I just assumed it was as real as the one on my elliptical machine, which definitely isn’t one you’d see in a doctors office, but it gets the job done close enough…

      if you know something, please share.

    • needa

      its probably the same sensor that is in an oxygen meter. the little thing that clamps on your finger… shines a light. and reads the oxygen and heart rate levels. you can pick one up for twnety bucks where ever you go. seems legit enough.

  • Mort

    So… no wireless charging, even with a replacement back cover and battery? Or are we speculating that is yet to be announced? Wireless charging is so damn convenient!

    • The Narrator

      It’ll cost you $50+

      • Obviously True

        $50+ is chump change.

        • fillyo75

          Not really, I value $50 in my pocket more than I value a $50 wireless charger, why not just plug it in if you are setting it down? Cables are $1.20 on Monprice. I can take the $48.80 and go buy some beer.

  • BTLS

    makes me feel better about hanging onto a free S3…

  • Guest

    I don’t know what people are looking for from major OEM’s. Keeping the same basic form factor makes sense to help the product sale. Other than Motorola they always use the latest and greatest processors. With Samsung I think they dug themselves into a hole with Touchwiz yes it is bloated but if they remove the bloat now people that actually use the built in crap ware would be stuck and have to switch.

    • Guest 2

      Keeping the same form factor isn’t really the issue. The issue is with ugly design choices like a dimpled back and plastic made to look like metal.

      • Guest

        Plastic can be done better for sure but some people demand removable batteries and right now that takes plastic. Look at the Droid Ultra and the LG G2 both are finger print magnets so Samsung is not the only one getting it very wrong.

        • Guest 2

          I’m not looking for a metallic unibody design but Samsung indeed makes plastic look cheap.Take a look at the GS4 Black Edition. It’s back looks a lot better than a bunch of dimples imho

          • Guest

            No argument there.

          • Garrett

            Surprisingly enough I’ve seen an article or two where the author was quite glad they didn’t go with the faux leather back; and was quite happy with the feel of the dimpled back.

        • needa

          htc has a removable metal back. just saying that doesnt mean plastic. still though.. as you said, plastic can be done much batter. which is what my issues are with the gs5. they try to copy apple too much.

        • Tmac

          OG Droid had a removable battery w/o a plastic back 🙂

          • Ryan N

            ^ At which time I looked up from my screen towards the ceiling, reminiscing of a phone from another time…

          • Preeth

            my dad upgraded from an OG Droid to a Galaxy Note 3…that’s like going from a Model T to a Ferrari! I love the OG Droid though…its still here at the house.

      • Ryan N

        Agreed, not a big fan of the galaxy series but the prior speculation of a metal option almost resulted in me giving samsung the rare nod approval.

  • Sven Enterlein

    Would somebody please explain why the speaker is still on the back? Or am I mistaken?

    • j

      Because it’s easier to design a small-ish bezeled device with the speaker on the back. … ..


      • Sven Enterlein

        Yeah, I figured it must be an engineering thing and nothing that has to do with the usability of the speaker : I just hate that the one holding the phone hears the least while everyone else gets the “full blast” (as tiny as that might be…)

    • Daistaar

      Because no one asked for it in the front. Apparently Samsung heard from the people of the world that they want a kids mode and a heart rate scanner to use after your kids drop you seven hundred dollar phone while using kids mode.

  • Greg

    The chart is missing the microUSB 3.0 port on the s5 and note 3.
    Thanks for the chart though. I always enjoy looking as specs.

    • BigTimmay

      Ya. K’s slackin. It’s probably because of all that damn ridiculous food they’ve been eating in NYC.

      • Bob

        What’s even better is that we are paying for it by coming to this site…

        I demand more giveaways now 🙂

  • Ryan

    2800mah battery smh. If it was built in it would be a bigger battery. I would rather have that

    • j

      Not me. Show me a 2 year old phone, and I’ll show you a battery that is nearly dead. Batteries do not last. period.

      • guest

        Well my wife’s Razr M is holding up pretty well after 2 years. I won’t throw my Razr HD Maxx into the conversation because that is not even remotely fair.

      • Ryan

        The problem is the battery tech. OEMs make high end specs and components but no battery tech. LG is the only brand making battery improvements.

    • Guest

      But then you’ll be stuck with no expandable storage… Unless you are a power house user i believe 2800mah should be sufficient for a day’s use. Also, i’d rather have the option for expandable storage then being stuck with only 7-10GB of usable storage with no option.

      • The Narrator

        3200 and SD card in the Z2. Same with the G Pro 2 I believe. Or wait, that’s removable.. Not sure lol

        • Guest

          I see what you mean but you have to consider the Z2’s dimensions. It is a few mms taller and wider than the s4 and only a few mms off compared to the Note 3. So, in theory they could include a bigger battery if they made the S5 slightly bigger. In the end i’m just saying i don’t think it would be a significant improvement as the other Guest has said the battery generally diminishes later on. Either way that is the beauty of Android devices. OPTIONS!

          • The Narrator

            I’ve never come across battery problem, so I guess it’s up to each individuals use.

  • Mike Aurin

    We had the same discussion when the S4 came out last year. People on contracts will pick up this phone because it is leaps and bounds better than whatever they picked up 2 years ago. People with S3’s thought the S4 wasn’t a huge jump. Same with 4 to 5. They are less than a year apart. I don’t know why people think that these days consecutive flag ships are going to be game changing devices.

    • The Narrator

      The Sony Z2 is. The only OEM working on improving things and not gimping their phones.

      • MichaelFranz

        The Z1 was nothing to really to brag about. I will say the Z2 looks better spec wise, just not a fan of glass build

        • The Narrator

          Better than plastic, and waterproof.

          20.7 mp camera, 3200mAh battery, 3gb ram, way better display, I mean, it’s all there.

          • 213ninja

            is glass really “better” than plastic? i’m not choosing a side because i’m on the fence, but i recall the drop test challenges with iphones, nexus 4, and galaxy phones, and i think the galaxy phones didn’t shatter… maybe it feels more premium, but, better is really a matter of personal taste in that regard.

          • The Narrator

            Maybe not better, but be careful with the phone and it won’t matter. Glass is definitely more premium. That’s forsure

          • 213ninja

            easier said than done, but i hear you.

          • Garrett

            The Z2 has the same waterproofing standard as the SGS5. 30 minutes at up to one meter. They’re both IP67, the Z2 has simply been marketed as being more waterproof than the SGS5.

          • The Narrator

            False. S5 is IP67, the Z2 is IP55 and IP58. Fully waterproof. The S5 is only resistant.

          • Garrett

            I see that. The article I read stated IP67 as the Z2’s standard, I wish I could find it. That definitely makes the Z2 look nicer.

          • The Narrator
          • Garrett

            I was referring to the article I found which listed it as only being IPx7 compliant.

          • Bootleg Zani

            I just read the Z2 is not IP67 but IP58. “It’s also rated IP 58 for water resistance, so the phone is fully waterproof; it can be submerged in up to 4.9 feet of fresh water for 30 minutes.”

            Article: http://gigaom.com/2014/02/25/sony-unveils-xperia-z2-and-m2-smartphones-z2-tablet/

          • Cael

            Please dunk your Galaxy S5 in a pool and show us how that goes 🙂

          • larry

            All there except software. Sony always disappoints with dated interfaces you probably have to plug the phone to a computer to transfer music and files. Samsung link is awesome all my computers files on my phone anywhere. Flawless not half arsss

          • SoMuchDeterminationDoe

            on verizon?

      • j

        When Sony sells more than 5 phones on multiple carriers, they can enter the discussion.

        • EdubE24

          Preach on!!!

        • The Narrator

          Lol again with people thinking just because they don’t have a bunch of uneducated buyers makes them a non relevant OEM

        • chris_johns


        • Intellectua1


      • Eskimo128

        The lack of Qi & really tall height with the giant top & bottom bezels are the only thing I’m not crazy about on the Z2, but everything else looks like a home run. I’m buying outright, but want something that will perform OK for the next 1.5-ish years, and the lack of bloat on the Z2 & the good specs makes me think it just might.

    • Averix

      Maybe Samsung should adopt the Apple habit of marking the incremental updates with a letter rather than bumping them up a whole version number. This is clearly the Galaxy S 4.1 or Galaxy S 4s. I’m going to miss Motorola when they get sucked into the Lenovo void. They were starting to do the right thing. Make the OS close to standard and add USEFUL features like the active notifications. Samsung keeps loading their flagships down with gimmick software and minor spec bumps.

      • Ryan N

        literally the thought I had just prior to reading your comment.

        Last year was the S3s. Now its the S3s+

      • bbautista7

        I understand everyone giving up on motorola, but don’t they still have at least one phone yet to come out from the google motorola era? As in the next version of the moto x

        • Ryan N

          I’m with you. I’m putting all my eggs in the moto x2 basket. I got my x off contract so as soon as the sequel drops, she will be mine.

          • bbautista7

            Yea I was very tempted to get the moto x off contract, but seeing as my upgrade is in november I thought I’d wait it out. So far it’s looking like the xperia Z2 but im hoping for a stellar device in the moto x2 and continued updates like they have done with the moto x

          • pizzlewizzle

            LMAO yeah thats what i thought when i had the Droid X…The Droid X2 was not that much more impressive… might want to move your eggs…

          • Intellectua1

            Same here I had the Droid X 1 and was highly disappointed with the X2 “update” I held off and got the Note1

    • MichaelFranz

      THANK YOU!!….Nowadays when most people either 1) wnat the latest and greatest 2) are on non-contract plans or 3) just got money to blow they all think it isnt a big deal. I think samsung did a good job minus certain aspects as ive mentioned in other posts. But if you compare this to the S4 it might be incremental update, but compared to the S3 its great.

      Just like last year when a lot of S3 owners said, nahhh i’ll wait for the S5.

      • BananaBob

        If I was having to sign a new contract, or pay $600 its not worth it coming from an S4. . Im not upgrading anymore with Verizon since the whole Unlimited data thing went away. So you still can get the latest and greatest phone without blowing away much money, or using an upgrade.

        Example: I bought my galaxy nexus for probably $250 on contract. Sold that for $250. Bought the Galaxy S3 for $300. Sold that for $380, and bought a new Galaxy S4 for $420. So if I can get a new phone every 6 months to a year, and spend 0-$50 out of pocket for the new one, or break even, then that’s great. I will continue to do it and there’s no need to upgrade! Then its worth it to make the jump from the S4 to S5 if it costs next to nothing out of pocket.

        • billy jo

          Thanks for sharing. Very interesting story. Looking forward to your next sell and buy story.

          • SamsungHater

            Basically samsung did absolutely nothing new with this phone. The Note 3 is the better choice and it’s already been out for a little while now, it’s already quad core, it has 1 more gig of ram than the S5. The only difference in the S5 is that it comes water proof and dust proof, has a heart rate monitor, and finger print scanner, whoopie dooo. That’s so impressive. The Sony X2 is even better than the S5. Samsung has basically turned into the Apple of Android. Putting out phones that are not much above the one prior and taking forever to get updates out to users.

          • kathy

            It is somewhat smaller. The Galaxy Notes are great phones but too large. I really do not watch movies on my phone. I have Galaxy Note Tab for that if I need to. I have an S3 now and I love my Samsung. I am not missing the update to darn much. It will come soon enough. I would rather they wait to do a number of things than have one every couple of months or so.

    • Dave

      Holy cow….. somebody gets it! Thanks.

    • Jordan

      True. I didn’t think of it that way.

    • Michael Hammond

      With that, I agree … S3 to S5 great investment; S4 to S5, not that big of a jump …. I’m in the S4 group ….. I don’t see anything remotely interesting about the ‘5’ version …. and heck, since Samsung is trending in this manner, I highly doubt that even the ‘6’ will be any great achievement ….

      ….but i digest….

      • SamsungHater

        I have the S3 and I’ll be completely honest nothing about the S5 has me wanting to rush out and upgrade to the S5 from my S3….

      • BLynn

        i have the S3 and am considering going to the S5 mostly for better camera and battery.. i love my S3 but its about worn out

      • Kathy

        I also have the S3 and I am thinking about the S5. I truly really like the Galaxy line. However the S5 is new and I think I will wait a few months until the price drops. Competition will force the price lower.

    • Ryan N

      Hold on… screen size is 5.1 up from 5.0 on s4. but resolution is the same… same to assume the ppi dropped from 441 down to around 401?

      • AMGala

        Another site said that the S5 ppi is 432

  • Ryan N

    Samsung has worn out its welcome here. Please take notice DL team.

    Sincerely, Everybody

    • Sincerely, butthurt MotoX / Nexus fanboys

      • The Narrator

        Shut up

        • aaaaaaand just for that, I’m sticking around to annoy your sorry ass

          • The Narrator

            Good for you. Just shows how ignorant you are to think that everybody bashing Samsung must own a Moto X or Nexus. A little hint buddy, we don’t.

          • Duh Again

            And this thread is officially high jacked smh

          • The Narrator

            It was hijacked the minute he decided to say something ridiculous.

          • Ryan N

            ha, shouldn’t disqus have a built in timer now for thread jacking. “This thread became a lost cause at 12:33p on 2/25/14”

          • EdubE24

            If everyone would just agree to ignore his ridiculous comments and quit commenting he would just go away. Or he will change his name again, but his stupidity shines through, and he is outed instantly.

          • The Narrator

            You think I care? And me stupid? Stupidity is thinking everybody owns a Moto X or Nexus 5. I’m not going anywhere. So get over yourself, buddy

          • Ryan N

            i think he was referring to kryptos… at least I was. oh well.. water under the bridge.

      • Daistaar

        LOL FYI, the term butthurt NEVER gets old. LOL

    • Jeff Miller

      Please don’t speak for me. I enjoy Samsung, Moto, Htc etc….

      In fact why are you even commenting if you don’t care about it/them….