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Nokia Announces Three Android Powered Phones You Won’t Care About

Rumored for months and hypebeasted for no apparent reason, the Nokia X and its brothers, the X+ and XL, are now official. Yes, they run Android. No, you shouldn’t care about them as an Android fan. All of the devices sport the “Nokia X Software Platform,” which means they forked Android, include no Google apps, and are trying their hardest to still get you using Windows Phone, even though these aren’t Windows Phone devices. 

All three phones were created for emerging markets, feature insanely low-end specs for a 2014 phone, and are filled with Microsoft services.

Since they run Android, you can sideload almost any Android application, but the Google Play store is not included. You have to download items elsewhere or from Nokia’s store, where I can’t imagine there being many great choices.

In terms of specs, the displays range in size from 4-inch to 5-inch, the cameras are anywhere from 5MP to 3MP, and the RAM never comes close to 1GB on any of them. Again, we’re talking emerging markets here, and phones that aren’t going to be for tech enthusiasts that need the latest and greatest in specs.

nokia xlnokia x plus

Via: Nokia
  • Kaveramman

    High level Corruption and Conspiracy killed Nokia.

  • LucidSomnia

    Go CyanogenMod go! Then maybe, maybe, we ‘ll see something better.

  • HotRodJohnson

    Seems like a better strategy would be to release a Microsoft launcher for Android with access to Microsoft apps, with a premium for access to Office Online apps.

  • Droid-Lover

    Can I at least toss it at the floor and not have it break into 2 pieces (minimum)?

  • Prime7

    “Look how bad Android is. This is what you wanted? Wouldn’t you rather get Windows Phone?” -Nokia, probably

  • LTE?

  • subiedude85

    These aren’t the droids we’re looking for…

  • Bootleg Zani

    No gapps no sale.

  • Kevin

    Don’t be surprised Kellex. You knew these were going to be low end Android phones without gapps. Yet you were still covering these phones.

  • tomn1ce

    they took the names for these things from HTC… -_-

  • TSY87

    I know they use to be quite anti android in the past… but is this a sign of things to come? I for one would LOVE a nokia android phone. I think they make some great hardware. Dat camera doe.

  • EnterTheNexus

    The way you all didn’t say “Cheers Bryson”

  • Chris Stuart

    I just want the 1020 or it successor to get android. That camera is sexy. Or they shoudl just make a phone that runs full windows 8.1. I don’t think that is too far off. I have a tablet that runs one of the new baytrail intel chips with full 8.1. Its plenty fast and has battery life for days (about 8 hours of usage). The only thing is MS would need to improve on power usage while “asleep” because you don’t want your phone asleep if you are expecting a call.

    • Hell, I’d take a 925 running Android.

      • The Narrator


  • Brian Walz

    They’re still windows phones right? 😉

  • mcdonsco

    Too bad…I’d love to see a high spec Nokia running vanilla android…oh well…ms owns them, what would we expect

    • SchwannyT

      Exactly. Nokia jumped in bed with Microsoft years ago.. and apparently still prefers Blonds.

  • AndySamberg

    Someone will eventurally get a rom working on it, then can we care about it?

    • breadable

      Sounds like there is not enough RAM to even consider it.

  • breadable

    I was always a Nokia guy before the OG Droid came along, and I’ve been hoping Nokia would finally come around to giving us an Android option… These aren’t for me but eh, I guess this is a start?

    • Tony Byatt

      I think we were all Nokia folks in the early days of affordable cell phones…

      I’d love to see what the dev community will do with it though…

  • JSo

    The phones and the OS are ugly as hell. I think they are trying to intentionally make Android look bad so people pick it up and say “This is Android? Eww” and get a Windows Phone instead.

    • breadable

      “Yeah, see we tried Android and it was too slow, ugly and no one liked it. A huge loss! Now Windows phone for life!” – Nokia

  • Miguel

    This is the worst mutant ever, why just why, you won’t win any Android fans with ugly thing.

    • akhnaten

      Forked Android combined with Metro UI… the worst of both worlds. And here I thought Android could have saved Nokia (if they had gone with it instead of Windows Phone). Foolish me.

      • chris_johns

        i like metro ui…except its far to simple for me…but its a really fluid ui i dont see the hate people have for microsoft when windows computers easily trump all and their outside competition is our hated rival apple

        • Ryan

          When it comes to the desktop OS market, its really only Microsoft. I don’t think anyone will admit, but Microsoft really does have a monopoly on the desktop market in terms of what OS you can use. Sure, you can install linux, but in most cases, only (maybe) 2% at most consumers will even have it.

          I’ve messed with Windows 8 a bit, and the Metro UI is ugly to me. Like, uglier than I thought Aero was when it first came out. It’s way too boxy (also, I was never a fan of the boxy look of 98 and back), and it didn’t flow right with me anyway on how they changed things so much. Besides, they made Windows 8 for tablets, that UI doesn’t work very well on desktops IMO. Course, if people like it, I’m not going to stop them from using them. Just something I’m going to avoid this time around. /rant

          Far as Nokia android phone goes, dunno really. Nokia lost its touch for a while when Microsoft bought them out and I haven’t seen anything come out from them since one of the first Windows Phone devices came out. Grant it, not even touched it once but I’ve not heard real good things on it anyway. Stuck with Android since the Droid X, and I doubt I’ll ever change that.

    • starnovsky

      This phone is not meant for winning Android fans, it’s a Symbian/Asha replacement.

  • I’m split across the Android and Microsoft ecosystems (very much Android for phones, very much Microsoft for desktop/server/web). I’m finding it funny what some of the Microsoft analysts are predicting with this phone ranging from it “infiltrating” the Android camp to steal away its users to the handset alliance thing and how this is the beginning of the end for it!

    Just like Kellen said, “you shouldn’t care about” these!

    • I think this is perfect for Microsoft/Nokia. MSFT should just kill Windows Phone and fork Android just like Amazon does. Microsoft/Nokia have great replacement services to Google and puts them one step closer to a better app ecosystem. Windows Phone is growing but the marketshare pie is getting bigger.

      • starnovsky

        The problem is that Windows Phone is running better on low end devices (like Nokia X). Verge reported that X lags badly. Killing WP would be sad, it’s not a bad OS, just unfortunate one.

        • True, at least the X+ and XL have 786mb of RAM so it helps a little compared to the 512mb on the X. Also, these phones need to be running KitKat not 4.1.2

    • Jarred Sutherland

      It can’t infiltrate the Android camps because while it can run APK’s most of them will not work properly/at all. Since Google has switched almost all APIs to closed source any apps that depend on this will not function properly. Also since Nokia now uses forked Android they won’t be seeing Play Store support anytime in the near future. In fact, they can not produce a single device that runs the real Android since they have a fork running. Interesting move.

  • JohanV