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Samsung Exynos Infinity Processor Debuting at MWC, Could It be 64-bit?

Samsung’s Exynos Twitter account posted an image this morning with the tag “Exynos Infinity, in Barcelona,” a pretty clear hint at there being a new mobile processor ready for arrival at Mobile World Congress next week. The rest of the image includes a bull, but that is likely a reference to Spain and the location of MWC, rather than another hint.

So what is the Exynos Infinity? No one knows at this point. Are we talking Samsung’s next-gen 64-bit processor that will compete with Apple’s A7? Maybe. A recent Linux kernel patch outed a Samsung processor under the codename GH7 that appears to be 64-bit. 

Are we talking a next-gen 64-bit processor made for the Galaxy S5 that will also be unveiled next week? Maybe. Then again even it were put in the GS5, we have seen Samsung launch a variety of phones over the years running different chipsets depending on the market. We tend to see Qualcomm-powered phones here, while the rest of the world’s Galaxy line runs on Exynos SoCs. Who knows if U.S. consumers would even be a part of the fun.

We’ll know next week, that’s for sure. Actually, we’ll know on Monday, if not sooner. We often see chipset announcements the day before big mobile devices are unveiled, so keep an eye for something on Sunday.

Via:  @SamsungExynos | GforGames
  • nosy_parkar

    Reply to Geoff Johnson :
    See samsung already has an iris scanning tech but it doesn’t offer it because apple doesn’t offer it. Samsung has tech for weapon detection (X ray skimming ) but doesn’t offer it because apple doesn’t offer it.. It keeps competition to as low as possible but if apple introduced it samsung would be inclined to offer it because of bussiness competiton, Now samsung has the tech for using the mobile phone as a drone but you know what I said earlier keep the competiton to as low as possible they don’t offer it.!

    ( Jokes apart ) You can say that samsung offers best phones for those who don’t have unlimited money.

  • buckley101

    A 64 bit architecture is actually slower for a phone application. 64 bit architecture is better is when you are dealing with memory intensive applications. The throughput is more with a 64 bit architecture but the latency will be slower. It’s a marketing gimmick “bigger is better.” Well actually, since a 32-bit architecture has to only search 32-bit fields, it has to search through half as many bits as a 64 bit register in order to find something in memory. With a phone, I will take a 32-bit, faster, architecture than a 64 bit.

    Everyone needs to stop falling for these marketing gimmicks:
    1) More cores is better
    2) 64 bit architecture chips
    3) bigLITTLE architecture

  • Asmodai

    My guess is the Exynos Infinity is a indeed an ARMv8 based SoC however it will not be in the S5 or any other smartphone. The S5 will ship too soon and likely feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 SoC. Instead the Exynos Infinity will be announced/paper launched at MWC and arrive first in a tablet not a phone. Possibly the launch tablet will be the new Nexus 10 and launch along with 64bit Android 5.0 at Google I/O in late June.

    • Franklin Ramsey

      I doubt the S5 with feature a Snapdragon 805 SOC since Qualcomm has said those wouldn’t start shipping till Q2. That would mean the earliest they would start shipping the SOC would be April. Samsung would have a very hard time making a large enough batch of S5’s to launch in any kind of volume until May-June at that point, IF there was no testing that needed to be done.

      • Asmodai

        I was just going by this: http://www.sammobile.com/2014/01/13/exclusive-galaxy-s5-specs-confirmed-galaxy-s5-mini-and-s5-zoom-also-in-the-pipeline/ for the 805 rumor. Anyway that wasn’t my main point, the main point is that I think 64bit SoCs are likely to show up in tablets before phones and will likely launch on Android alongside Android 5.0 so will probably happen at Google I/O this year. The move to 64bit isn’t just another release of a progressively faster architecture it’s a big milestone. I suspect Android 5.0 will be the release with full 64bit support and likely move to ART (Android RunTime) by default.

        • Franklin Ramsey

          So you are going by an old rumor, when most of the new rumors state that it will be coming with a souped up Snapdragon 800, not an 805. And you do realize even if they start releasing 64bit SOCs, that would cause any device running a 64bit version of an OS to actually run SLOWER at this point regardless of the added benefits, because it would have to emulate the 32 bit OS at the same time. Unless of course, With Android 5, Google decides no previous app will run on it, and only 64bit apps will run with Android 5. Pissing off a lot of developers and users in the process. At this point, I don’t understand why Apple released a 64 Bit SOC except to say they had it first. None of the OEMs currently have any devices that use 4 GB of ram, and the other gains that could be had by the 64 bit architecture are lost because the OS still has to emulate the 32 bit side.

          • Asmodai

            It’s only a month old not like 6 months and they claim it’s confirmed so yeah I was going by that. Again though what the S5 may be running was NOT the overall point of my comment, just that it wouldn’t be running a 64bit Exynos since it is coming out pretty soon. That’s why I said “likely” when I echoed the 805 rumor. I’m not sure why you’re fixating on that but fine, lets way the S5 comes with an 800, it doesn’t change the point of my comment at all, it’s a trivial detail. Also ARM 64bit CPUs are fully compatible with 32bit just like you can run 32bit programs in 64bit windows. It does NOT require emulation, the chips natively support 32bit instructions right alongside 64bit ones. ARM also used the redesign to clean up and improve of a lot of the internal systems so while it’s true that simply going 64bit doesn’t necessarily give you a speed boost there is A LOT more going on then just implementing the exact same architecture in 64bit and it does indeed improve performance. Furthermore unless an app uses the NDK (Native Development Kit) the regular SDK compiles to bytecode that is platform independent (Like Java and MS .Net) and so as long as the Virutal Machine is 64bit all the regular SDK apps will automatically become 64bit, no changes required by the developers. That’s much different from Apple where apps are native code and must be recompiled to support new architectures. Furthermore Samsung Tablets already come with 3GB of RAM and as I stated I believe the 64bit chips will show up in tablets first so it’s not a huge jump to think that Galaxy Note 4 or whatever they choose to put it in will have 4GB of RAM. Sure it may be a year or two before they get to that on phones but for tablets I could totally see that happening by Google I/O in late June. Just in time for a 64bit Android 5 release.

          • Franklin Ramsey

            You realize that the way a 32 bit program runs in 64bit windows is by emulation, right? If you have 64 bit windows on your computer, bring up taskmgr. You will see any of the 32bit programs in there have a 32 identifier in them. Yes, the 64bit chips can handle 32bit OS and applications native. You can not, however, run 32 bit processes under a 64 bit OS without emulation being done. They are two different architectures. I also acknowledged that the 64bit SOCs being released have more going for them than just the 64 Bit part, but I’m saying over all they would still be slower as they still have to emulate the 32 bit processes. I am just saying, maybe in a couple years I could see a reason for switching over as more 64bit applications would be available and higher amounts of memory being used would utilize it. At the current time, it offers no benefits.

            Also, my original argument was only that I doubted the S5 would come with a Snapdragon 805. It could, however come with a 64bit Exynos chipset as we know nothing about their chipset. All we know is that Qualcomm has said their 805 won’t be shipping until Q2. And since every rumor SINCE they one you are going off of has pointed to no 805, including leaked benchmarks (I realize, those could be faked), I just don’t know why you would reference that it likely was coming with an 805.

            You are entitled to your opinion though, and I don’t care either way as I’m not going to buy an S5, I was, originally, just pointing out it probably wouldn’t come with an 805.

          • Asmodai

            I think the “emulation” disagreement is just a miscommunication between hardware and software. My point was that it doesn’t require HARDWARE emulation like when you run a console game on your PC that takes a substantial performance hit. What you are apparently referring to is software emulation which is what Windows is doing when you see the little 32 identifier in the task manager. Software emulation incurs a very small performance hit however and again does not even apply to Android Apps developed using the standard SDK which would compile to native 64bit apps from the platform independent bytecode they are distributed as, only apps that use the NDK would need to be “software” emulated at all. Furthermore again the architectural changes made with ARMv8 have made a large speed boost so using a 64bit ARMv8 CPU will give you a performance boost over an ARMv7 32bit CPU even if you are just running 32bit apps. It’s simply not true that the only advantage of 64bit is larger memory support. Even if it was however Samsung already has tablets on the market pushing that limit with multiple tablets currently featuring 3GB of RAM.

            Again I don’t care what specific SoC the S5 is running, it was a tiny off hand comment that had nothing to do with the greater point of my original post. You seem to have latched onto that and just won’t let go. I already said in the last post “lets say the S5 comes with an 800” (trying to agree with you to get beyond that) Heck I don’t care if the S5 comes with an Intel or AMD SoC, what it comes with isn’t important to the point I was trying to make.

          • Franklin Ramsey

            Well I never said that the only advantage to 64 bit comes from accessing larger amounts of Memory. I’m simply stating If the ARMv8 chips were 32 bit chips without the 64 bit support, they would have the same performance gains that we would see over the ARMv7 simply because of the betterment of technology. The Fact it has 64 bit support doesn’t give it the advantages, and in fact, it does give it a performance hit.

            Also, I don’t care what chip the S5 has, I was just pointing out I only said it was doubtful that the S5 would have it. Not latching on or even trying to make an argument it wouldn’t have it. Simply saying it was unlikely.

  • bionicwaffle

    There is no reason to get excited about a 64-bit processor. In general,
    people will see no performance boost at all by virtue of moving from
    32-bit to 64-bit. In fact, there’s more potential for compatibility issues than anything else.

    64-bit processors don’t inherently have a speed advantage. They have the advantage of greater direct memory (not storage, storage is not memory) address-ability. A 64-bit processor can directly address 4GB of RAM. A 32-bit processor can’t. Right now THAT DOESN’T MATTER. A few Android devices have 3GB of RAM, most are 1GB or 2GB now. None of those Android devices have any need at all for a 64-bit processor.

    • Franklin Ramsey

      Well, there are some other advantages that come with a 64bit architecture, but you won’t see any of those come into play either as long as the device has to be able to emulate the 32 bit parts of the OS for backward compatibility.

    • MH

      Exactly! That’s the main reason for switching to 64bit. Ram access. As you stated, it will matter in the future and as you also mentioned it’s not a selling point…it’s just something that needed to be done. Apple can say whatever they want in their keynotes (which usually lack information of any technical nature and are what confuse people into thinking 32bit bad 64bit good), facts are facts. .

    • Jason B

      64-bit processors can access a whole lot more than 4GB. It’s 2^64. 2^32 shows the 4GB addressing limit for 32-bit processors. But it doesn’t matter because mobile apps aren’t even that memory intensive by themselves at the moment. It’s just the sheer quantity that people load up on their phone (and many of them will gather your personal information). If you have so many apps that the entire 2GB or 3GB of RAM is taken up with apps in memory (cached or active), you may have an app addiction.

      When someone shows me an LAA 32-bit mobile app that gobbles up 1GB of RAM by ITSELF, then we’ll see a need for 64-bit (eventually). We’re no where near that threshold. Besides, the front and back-ends of the SoC can’t handle the data transfer needed for that. Memory bus width is too narrow (32-bit dual channel vs 128-bit dual-channel in PCs). System bus width is pathetic. I/O performance is generally poor. etc. etc.

  • David Gray

    Let’s not forget who manufactured that 64 bit Apple SoC….

    Apple uses the APL0698 variant of the A7 chip in the iPhone 5S and the second-generation iPad Mini.[20] This A7 is manufactured by Samsung on a high-κ metal gate (HKMG) 28 nm process[21][1] and the chip includes over 1 billion transistors on a die 102 mm2 in size.

    Samsung FTW

  • genesis

    The should introduce blast processing while they are at it

    • flosserelli

      And lasers. Because everything is better with lasers.

  • Chippah

    Exynos is a overhyped pos platform.

    Had both Nexus 10 and a 10.1 2014 edition with both generations and they both suck hard.

    Plus Development sucks for them as well..

    • MH

      What development? It’s a glorified movie viewing platform.

  • hero

    Kellen, what do you mean when you say “Are we talking Samsung’s next-gen 64-bit processor that will compete with Apple’s A7?”

    maybe this is a stupid question but competing with the A7 in what regards?

  • Jason B

    64-bit is just stupid for mobile. Android will need both 64-bit and 32-bit libraries for backward compatibility, so essentially, you’re running 2 OSes at the same time. You’ll boot into a 64-bit OS, but the 32-bit version runs on top in emulation.

    Apple’s 5S took a huge battery life hit because of that. It doesn’t make sense.

    If you want 64-bit for mobile, it needs to be a full native 64-bit OS with no backwards compatibility. That’s years (maybe a decade) away.

    It’s a marketing tool at best.

  • Mark Aaron Collado

    I have no problem with Samsung copying. I just hope Moto, HTC, and LG can learn from Samsungs mistakes and put out a more complete product.

  • Danny Dodge

    What has Apple done with a 64bit mobile processor? Nothing, that’s what. Who cares about numbers that add nothing? Lol

    My Dell Venue 8 Pro 32 bit Windows and does far more than any android or apple product on the market now or in the foreseeable future.

    • The Narrator

      Except Dells are sh!t.

    • Chris

      Who sues dells anymore?

      and what has Apple done? Sold phones with them. remember the 5S is the first phone with it

      • Danny Dodge

        What can the 5s do that any 32bit phone can’t?

        Il assume you mean who uses Dell anymore?
        Considering the popularity of the aforementioned tablet, millions of people it seems.

        Quite funny, while running office word, I was running Skype, viber, chrome and iTunes in the same window and iTunes was syncing with the ipad… And in a separate window on the screen I was running a YouTube video in Metro app mode. No slowdown and the Dell made the ipad its bitch. While syncing the ipad couldn’t run Netflix without lagging…

        Not hating on Apple, I do enjoy using the ipad for facetime and infinity blade.. But come on. .. All this raving on about 64bit chips like they are the second coming of Jesus… Slip them in when hardware requires requires it or whatever, don’t make a big deal about it when it does absolutely nothing.

        Another example of how little it does… Dell Venue 8 Pro goes from off to usable in about 3 or 4 seconds. Note 3 takes about 24 seconds. IPhone 5s takes about 50 seconds and it it’s the only 64bit device and it has has the lightest OS.

      • Danny Dodge

        I’d be happy to hear “new device with 8gb ram, running with new 64bit processor” as that makes sense… Right now we are raving over milk bottles without a cow in sight.

  • John

    This most likely won’t apply to US users at all as samsung never uses their own processors despite constantly touting how amazing they are.

    • Adrynalyne

      They do occasionally.

    • The Narrator

      Because Qualcomm is better anyways.

    • crazed_z06

      The Note II doe

    • michael arazan

      I thought they didn’t use the exynos because of the LTE when it first came out. By now they should of been able to fix that software.

  • brkshr

    I could care less about Exynos processors. Maybe when they become more developer friendly…

    • T4rd

      So you do care at least a little bit, since you COULD care less? =p


      • brkshr

        I guess so… :-/

      • Michael Nichols

        I’ve always hated when people say I could care less!!!!

        • Chris

          Theres much more important things you could be doing then crying over silly nonsense like that

          • There’s much more important things you could be doing then telling a stranger on the internet he has more important things he could be doing -_-

          • Michael Nichols

            There could be so much more important things you could be doing than reading my comment.

      • Tim242

        I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one to call out this bad grammar.

      • Ever since I saw this video some months ago, I’ve always paid MUCH closer attention to people saying the “could/couldn’t care less” line 😛

    • Tim242

      *couldn’t care less

  • droidify

    Of course it will be 64bit. It will also be available in gold. The home button will surely be in tact but now with a finger print sensor. If apple introduces an iPhone that doubles as a 6″ vibrator, Sammy would offer an 8″ and 12″ within 6 months. Seriously, it’s embarrassing.

    • At first I felt bad for Samsung with the lawsuits, but now they are blatantly just copying Apple.

      • Eric R.

        How can you say that? Samsung is advancing with technology, just like Apple is. I know Samsung will make better use of a 64bit chip than Apple and all other major Android manufacturers will also.

        • The Narrator

          Advancing because others are doing it before them. They are little children over there.

          • Qwerty

            Have to agree. Offering their phone(s) in gold because the iPhone’s champagne color scheme is so popular. Fingerprint sensor after Apple touted more security on the 5s. Samsung may not be copying Apple to the dot, but they aren’t necessarily being too discrete about it either.

          • The Narrator

            There’s always people who will buy a pos product because they say it’s cool on TV.

          • RonD

            Says the apple fantom.

          • JoshGroff

            IPhone screen size increase, notification bar… Need I continue? The tech industry is full of copying, and it goes both ways. When someone does something innovative and successful, you better believe the competition will copy it.

          • The Narrator

            That’s acceptable. Samsung did it first, so it doesn’t matter. They all drinking kool aid anyways.

          • JoshGroff

            It doesn’t matter who does it first, as long as everybody does it, the consumer wins. Assuming that people like the change of course. (What’s not to like about bigger screens/batteries and more functionality/security though?)

          • David Head

            My favorite thing is when people forget that Samsung among other Korean and Chinese oems make the stuff inside their precious iPhones. Both eco systems are fantastic because they steal from each other and fight to figure out the next big feature first. IOS 6 and 7 blatantly ripped off plenty of Android features and no one says anything.

        • Let’s see, Apple talked up a 64 bit processor, Samsung adds it. Apple adds a fingerprint reader in the home button, Samsung adds it. Apple adds dual flash, Samsung adds it. Apple releases a gold iPhone, Samsung does as well.

          I’m not saying these aren’t good things to add, but Samsung obviously is copying popular features of Apple.

          • Simpsons Did It

            Intel creates x86, AMD follows
            AMD creates x86-64, Intel follows

            This is how the world has worked, and will forever work.

            This is progression, not invention.

            You sheep are basically saying everyone who used altimeters in their airplanes after the first airplane used altimeters are copying.

            Guess what you do when the market demands something (as a company)?

            You PROVIDE it.

            So keep on baaaahing from your armchair. They will keep making billions regardless.

          • The issue is Samsung and Apple claim their features as “revolutionary” when they just copied what others have done.

          • Simpsons Did It

            Keep pretending the marketing departments and the engineering departments in companies are the same.

            You and “The Narrator” make for funny fools.

            Every hardware release Nvidia posts fps figures for top games, guess what cards won’t go up on that list? Ones that beat them.

            The tech is what it is. Marketing is a completely different monster meant to sell it.

          • Jarred Sutherland


          • Adrynalyne

            Actually, Intel licenses x86-64 extensions from AMD.

      • Tim242

        They all copy each other. Apple has copied many things from Android. Steve Jobs famously said, “Good artists copy, great artists steal.” Apple was not the first to any of that.

        • iamjackspost

          “Good artists borrow, great artists steal,” a quote stolen from Pablo Picasso, who stole it from T.S. Eliot

        • Jarred Sutherland

          Yes, they all copy it just seems Samsung’s goal in life is to listen to rumors and come out with a product before Apple can. Not that I like Apple these days (quite the opposite) but good lord .. rumors of the iWatch come up and bam Samsung slams out a subpar product to “compete”. 12 inch iPad? We have the Galaxy Tab Pro! I am all for them releasing products and I don’t care in the least if they copy .. just make the copy good.

      • nosy_parkar
    • hot_spare

      I am sure they started working in a ARMv8 SOC just after A7 was revealed. They engineered and designed the SOC within a matter of few months and now it’s going in production to be used in their flagship. They must have some crazy-ass engineers with them to be able to do that.
      While you’re at it. why don’t you also say that ARM also copied Apple’s 64-bit SOC? Are you going to also use the same tone when Qualcomm shows it’s 64-bit SOC in a few months? Maybe you should start reading about ARMv8 before spilling your drivel.


      Check the date of the article, and check the names of ‘partners’. You’re reducing the IQ level of the whole street.

      • droidify

        Explain the gold devices they coincidentally started offering within a month of the 5S. Explain the finger print sensors. I don’t care when they started researching, Apple was first. So they obviously started researching first. Since Samsung builds so many parts for Apple, I’m sure they heard about it and started developing it. The CEO of Samsung was out the day after Apple announced the 64bit chips saying their flagships would have it too. That looks desperate and unoriginal.

        • hot_spare

          I don’t need to explain anything. Do you think I have any interest in explaining Samsung’s strategy on forums to random posters who thinks he knows everything? But I will tell you this that you have an infatuation with Samsung. Not good for your health.

          It looks like you’re typical iTroll. Why don’t *you* explain why Apple suddenly used multiple colours in 5C? Why is Apple increasing the screen size of the phones? Who was the first company with smaller tablet size? Why is Apple increasing the RAM in their devices? Why did Apple copy Moto in finger print sensor?

          1] Samsung first marketed a 1GB phone, so Apple shouldn’t be allowed to do that.
          2] Samsung first marketed a large screen phone, so Apple shouldn’t do that either.
          3] Apple shouldn’t be allowed to create plastic phones because Samsung did that earlier.

          Is that what you saying?

          You’re nothing but a typical troll. And if you’re educated, the following screen-shot from GS2 should be enough explanation. If you don’t understand it, don’t bother asking for explanation.

          • droidify

            Wow. Thanks for the detailed explanation and the name calling. Very mature. If you seriously think any of what you say is logical, congratulations. Calling someone that has been posting on this site since the OGD in 2010 under the name “droidify” an iTroll is very logical.

          • hot_spare

            Are you sensibilities are hurt because I called you an iTroll? Let me correct this for you — “Troll”. I think ‘troll’ sounds perfectly good for you.

            As for ‘Gold’ Samsung phones, here’s some history I just found. Indulge yourself.

            BTW, AnyCall is a Samsung brand.

          • droidify

            I think it hilarious how much time and effort you have put into this. Tell me more…Please! We all know that Samsung has never copied anybody. You are right. Me and the courts are wrong. The home button and all the similarities are coincidental. The Galaxy S was available long before the iPhone, so you are right. I lose.

          • Jarred Sutherland

            Yeah your problem here is you believe people in a jury are intelligent. I’ve been in a few of them and “this group is really in the know” has never crossed my mind.

          • hot_spare

            I don’t want to spill drivel and utter non-sense like you. I gave all facts, and not some useless garbage that you pasted from the very beginning. Obviously, I took time to check what I am writing. Guys like you won’t ever appreciate that, coz all you know is trolling.

          • Proioxix

            The shade of gold on these phones is ugly as f**k. Apple’s choice of gold is really toned down, and it looks great. I see Samsung picked a similar shade of gold for their “rose gold” S4 for the Asian market. Just Samsung copying Apple again. We all know Apple isn’t the first to sell a phone in gold color. The shade of gold in phones up until now have been too saturated, over the top and ugly.

            Apple went with a toned down shade of gold and suddenly Samsung is doing the same. Also, that Anycall phone is more of a bronze color. Not sure why you think it’s gold, maybe you need to have your eyes checked. But yeah, point is Samsung seems infatuated with Apple, even in their cheesy adverts they talk about Apple.

            Then again I don’t really care what happens to these two companies because I don’t use any of their products. Nexus all the way. I just felt like adding to this not so interesting thread.

        • Arslan Jumaniyazov

          So. Much. Misinformation in this post.

          “the gold devices they coincidentally started offering within a month of the 5S.”

          Nonsense. Samsung STARTED selling gold Galaxy S4 before Apple ANNOUNCED gold color iPhones. While Apple offered gold-color iPhones, Samsung sold real gold S4s. It was a limited edition destined specifically for the Middle East where there is high demand for such products (some rich Arabs have an infatuation with everything gold). If Samsung intended to copy iPhone’s gold color, Samsung would have marketed its gold S4 all over the world, including North America. The whole story about Samsung allegedly copying Apple’s gold-colored iPhone was bogus.

          “Explain the finger print sensors.”

          We don’t know it yet. Wait until we see it.

          “The CEO of Samsung was out the day after Apple announced the 64bit chips saying their flagships would have it too.”

          Again, nonsense. Samsung did not announce ANYTHING. As is typical of rivals in these cases, the Samsung CEO responded to questions about iPhone 5s’s release by the Korean media. “Not in the shortest time. But yes, our next smartphones will have 64-bit processing functionality” doesn’t sound like an announcement, but rather a reply to a question. What was the CEO of Samsung supposed to say in response to a question whether Samsung was planning to bring 64-bit chips in its future products?

          It seems, bashing Samsung is becoming as popular as bashing Apple. People jump into the bandwagon without checking for facts.

          • droidify

            You’re right. I’m wrong. Samsung has never blatantly copied apple. Happy now?

          • Arslan Jumaniyazov

            So you are putting words I never said in my mouth now? If you don’t know how to argue, by all means don’t even try.

          • droidify

            I’m not arguing with you. Thank you for teaching me. You are so cool and awesome and I just love your name. Sounds like a movie star. Thanks again Mr. Jumaniyazov

          • Arslan Jumaniyazov

            The point is not about being cool or awesome. As I said earlier, people shouldn’t be jumping into bandwagon without checking for facts and evidences. If you mentioned Samsung copying Apple with Galaxy S and S2, I wouldn’t say anything against your comment. You just brought examples which were not examples of copying.

          • droidify

            But you are, you’re both. I’m dumb and I don’t understand. As you pointed out, I’m not even smart enough to make an argument. We all know that Samsung is not copying Apple. That is also why my comment isn’t the top one on this post, It’s because nobody agrees with me :-/ Thanks again for educating me with your detailed post. I’m glad you took the time because I’ve been convinced. So that wasn’t a total waste of time. I feel like I have a new lease on life. Wow, it is so refreshing.

          • Arslan Jumaniyazov

            You are on top the worl. err the commentary section of a blog post? Wow, congratulations! YOU are awesome and cool and everything else, you are a superman. Congratulations again!

        • Jarred Sutherland

          Dude, Apple licenses their core CPU architecture from ARM. They did not create 64 bit, they simply have the plans for it from ARM and implemented it. Granted they have customized the SoC for their specific needs, but the instruction set was developed by ARM. I am not arguing for Samsung, I just get sick of hearing Apple invented technology they didn’t invent.

    • Jeff C

      thats why apple is announcing a note 3-esque sized iphone 6. if they copy each others best features its almost best for everyone. cuz most android users arent going to iphones and vice versa. android users just get butthurt when apple takes android OEMs ideas and apple people (like yourself?) do the same.

      • droidify

        I’m a huge android fan. Only iDevice I’ve ever owned was the original iPod. I have a G2, G Pad 8.3, Nexus 7 2012, Transformer Prime TF201, and a Galaxy Nexus currently. I hate apple but I’m sick of Samsung making android look like copy cats. I rufused to buy an LG until they lost the home button but now I love my G2.

        • Jeff C

          true. if anyone is gonna get the label of copy cat, its gonna be samsung not apple. they both do it, but public opinion always wins.

      • Franklin Ramsey

        I love how you are addressing the iPhone 6 as if we are sure it is going to be an increase in size, when there is nothing besides analyst opinion on the matter. Apple hasn’t said they are increasing the size, analyst’s have. We have seen how often Analyst’s are wrong.

        • Jeff C

          you’d have to be at least a little naive to believe they wont increase the size. plus you think apple is just gonna come out and say “hayy, we’re releasing a bigger iphone”?

          • Franklin Ramsey

            I’m just saying, people keep floating the idea that Apple is going to increase the screen size. Apple keeps saying they aren’t. I’m not saying Apple won’t be increasing the screen size, but treating this like a sure thing just doesn’t make sense.

          • Jeff C

            we deal in speculation here in the comments section, thats what we do!

          • Franklin Ramsey

            I understand that, but saying speculation as if it is fact is just misleading.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    I wonder how Samsung sees their Socs? I still really don’t understand why they Split the Galaxy Devices between EX and Qualcomm procs. I mean I trust Qualcomm socs but I just don’t get why Samsung just doesn’t use their own since they push it so hard. Like this news, doesn’t excite me at all because I know it won’t be any US flagship

    • brkshr

      I’ve always heard it’s because Exynos processors don’t play as nicely with LTE as Qualcomms does. I would rather have Qualcomm anyways, so it suits me fine.

      • Snow02

        That was true about two gens ago. It is likely a supply issue. I don’t know that Samsung has the fab capacity to handle a worldwide galaxy flagship launch. But that’s just speculation.

        • Justin W

          IIRC, they explained it as a supply issue after one of their events, but I don’t recall where that was posted.

        • brkshr

          I’m aware that Exynos does work with LTE now, but I still hear that it’s not the best with LTE. LTE is not quite as built up in other countries as it is in the U.S. So Exynos can stand to not work the best in other countries. That won’t fly in the U.S.

      • mrjayviper

        note2 uses exynos and it comes with LTE. surely they can make it work in other phones.

        • brkshr

          My comment below

          “I’m aware that Exynos does work with LTE now, but I still hear that it’s not the best with LTE. LTE is not quite as built up in other countries as it is in the U.S. So Exynos can stand to not work the best in other countries. That won’t fly in the U.S.”

          • Adrynalyne

            So is this Samsung admitting they don’t have the know-how to make it work better with LTE?

          • brkshr

            Maybe they got it going good and Exynos will come to the States now, idk.

          • Tim242

            The US Note 2 variants all have Exynos. The battery life was actually better than the Note 3.

          • mrjayviper

            LTE or 4g like what they call it in my country works fine to meme on my note 2

        • JoshGroff

          Exynos processor doesn’t have an LTE radio built into the soc, but Qualcomm’s processors have it built in. That allows energy savings and stuff through some technical stuff I can’t remember at the moment. If I remember in the morning, I’ll back this up with some more details.

          • Tim242

            The Note 2 on all US carriers has LTE and Exynos. Works great.

          • mrjayviper

            4g (what they call lte over here) works fine where available

          • JoshGroff

            I’m well aware of it, but it’s an extra component and not built into the SoC, which saves power. I’m assuming because it’s on the same chip as the CDMA or GSM radio.

          • Tim242

            That is not my experience. The Note 3 gets less battery life than my Note 2 did.

          • JoshGroff

            Add .5″ and make it 1080 over 720, and that’s enough to put a nice dent in your battery life, considering the battery capacity is similar between the two IIRC. Note 3 is 3200, whereas Note 2 was 3100mAh. (Gotta love gsmarena for those quick spec checks) 😉

          • Tim242

            It only added .2″, and 100 mAh more battery.

          • JoshGroff

            I thought it was 5.5 to 6, i derped a bit, but yeah, the jump in resolution is a good way to drain battery. (but definitely worth it on that behemoth of a screen)

    • Franklin Ramsey

      I’d assume it is a supply issue. They have some Fabs, but do they have enough to make the SOC for Apple, AND enough for all their flagships? I mean, they don’t quite have the capacity to make SOCs that Intel has, so I would guess, if they didn’t have to make the Apple chips and their own, they might be able to put the Exynos in all their devices, but even then how do you keep a supply of chips for all the tablets, phablets, and phones they push out?