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Sprint Rolls Out Spark to Customers in Philadelphia and Baltimore

Sprint’s legacy network may not be the fastest, but the carrier is taking steps to improve it. Today, the Now Network announced it has begun rolling out Spark, the carrier’s tri-band 4G LTE designed to improve speeds in congested markets, to customers in Philadelphia and Baltimore. Sprint also said that the network upgrade will include HD Voice, a much-improved voice codec that increases the call quality. 

The rollout brings the total number of Spark locations to 14. That’s only a fraction of Sprint’s LTE network, though. We can only hope that the carrier’s recent losses and Softbank backing will help to motivate deployment in the near future.

In order to use Spark, you’ll need a compatible handset. Only the Galaxy Mega, Galaxy S4 mini, LG G2, and HTC One Max can take advantage at the moment, but Sprint promises future smartphones will incorporate tri-band radios.

Via: Sprint
  • Mikey Styles

    These are my thoughts with Sprint(Lol)……..

  • Kelly OBrien

    is it just me or is there no more pinch to zoom on this website I can’t do men on any of the pictures or any of the articles a little help would be greatly appreciated

  • Tony Byatt
  • TheRobotCow

    People still have sprint?

  • Is this something that is conventional LTE or is this just another fork? Are they setting up for another WiMAXX disaster?

    • DimStyle

      in a nutt shell, if I remember correctly, the tri-band LTE (Spark) operates on 800MHz, 1900MHz and 2.5GHz frequencies. The 800mhz band allows better penetration into buildings. The 3 bands “read” traffic congestion on each other and direct your phone to where there is not as much congestion. The 800MHz is pretty much for when you are inside buildings.
      Just looking over at Android Forums and noticed a speed test in a Spark area posting speeds of 57.52Mbps download and 13.45Mbps upload…screen capture of his phone using Ookla Speedtest
      That’s the dumbed down version at least

  • DimStyle

    The ZVA update to Sprint phones was released at the end of January activating all 3 bands. No spark in my area but from what I have seen of screenshots of people within spark areas, the speed is pretty impressive.

  • motox

    A.K.A: Spanky

  • besweeet

    I tried Spark at a few Sprint stores, and it was slower (0.480Mbps download) than their regular LTE (about 1Mbps download at one particular location). Amazing stuff as far as Sprint goes.

  • Wesley Stout

    The Nexus 5 can also use Spark, but you need to enable the bands. A future update should enable it also.