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Quick Look: SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive, Transferring Files From Android Devices Made Easy

SanDisk introduced a new product this morning called the Ultra Dual USB Drive (long name, eh?) to help you easily transfer photos or files from tablet or phone to PC and back again. The product sports both micro-USB and USB 2.0 connectors, with the idea being that you could attach the UDUD to your phone or tablet, put a bunch of recently taken pictures on it (or files), and then unplug the drive on your way to a computer for enjoyment on a bigger screen or sharing. 

The unit comes in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB variants with a price range of $19.99 to $49.99. You can pick up the Ultra Dual USB Drive at a variety of retailers, including SanDisk’s site.

As you can see from the images of the device in my hand, it’s quite small and compact. If you were looking for an all-in-one solution that doesn’t involve a USB OTG cable, attached to a flash drive, this might just be the ticket. There are sliding doors to protect each end, a loop in case you want to connect it to a string or keychain, and is completely pocketable.


It should most definitely be noted that compatibility is something you will want to research before purchasing this product. Your phone or tablet must support USB OTG (on-the-go) in order for this to work. That means that Nexus devices and the Moto X are out unless you are rooted. Once rooted, you may find support, though nothing is guaranteed at that point. SanDisk lists out the Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Note 3, HTC One, and Sony Xperia Z as being some of the supported devices. The full official list can be found here.

After spending some time with the UDUD, I can safely say that the product makes a lot of sense. If you don’t have any sort of cloud backup solution setup or don’t feel like emailing files or photos to yourself on the regular, this could come in handy. I easily attached the UDUD to my Z1 Compact, added some photos, unplugged, and then transferred them to my iMac pretty quickly.

To learn more, hit up SanDisk’s site or watch the video below.

  • laheelahee

    OTG cable, anyone?

  • LionStone

    Still haven’t needed any use of these devices with my usage and my media Auto Uploaded from my HTC DNA, which btw supports this device. I can see those without cloud services using this but those with an SD card not so much. Yet mentioned are 5 phones that have SD cards and only one that doesn’t?

  • noc007

    Why not just plug the phone into the computer? This middle man device is just a bunch of extra work and time. Or one could have the photos automatically backup to a could service or a home server or desktop all wirelessly; this is my current method.

    • Josh Shaw

      I use an OTG cable to transfer music from my computer> to my phone> to my radio, in my car. It’s a lot easier than taking the Micro SD card out of the radio, and remembering to put it back in.

  • Hoffman

    Wouldn’t it be cheaper to just save stuff in the cloud and then download it onto the device of your choice. Something like this would have been great a year or two ago.

  • Rev. Bob

    All in all, I think I’ll stick with a different SanDisk product: their Wireless Flash Drive. Similar idea, but instead of sporting a microUSB connector as the “bridge” mechanism, it is its own Wi-fi hotspot. Just push the button, and anything with a web browser can connect to it. (And yes, you can password-protect its network.) It’s a bit more expensive, but far more flexible.

  • Anon

    I use Wifi File Explorer Pro. It runs a mini-web server so that you can connect to your Android phone from your PC using a web browser and download files, or copy to your phone. One of the neatest apps I’ve ever seen.

  • gpaine

    LG G2 Wireless storage. Done.

  • Ajmcnicol

    I have a meenova. But i still think this is a great product. It eliminates the middle man. Not every PC has a microsd slot..and carrying around a microsd to usb converter is an extra thing to carry around and lose.
    This is great to go straight from almost any android phone to any pc with no middle man component.
    I am seriously thinking of getting one.

  • duke69111

    That video demonstrates a good way to catch an STD. Just keep sticking it in.

  • Jedi_Skote

    There is also the stellar otg/usb 3.0 drives and cosmos otg/usb card reader form patriot, that have been around for at least a year now.

  • g_what

    Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a bad idea, but is it really necessary? Just plug your phone directly in to your computer to transfer files. Then you only have to transfer 1 time instead of from phone to USB to computer.

    • Blue Sun

      I can think of only two situations were I would use this:
      1.) OTG transfer files to the thumb drive, disconnect & plug the larger USB connection into my Chromebook. The Chromebook has not added OTG functionality yet. Although I hear it is in the works.
      2.) (least likely scenario) I’m on travel outside of the US, I don’t have Wi-Fi access & want to save a backup of my mobile phone photos.

      • JSo

        For me, being rooted, I would find two things this would be useful for. Backing up apps and app data from Titanium Backup and full phone backups in recovery then storing them on the external device for when I need them. At least they wouldnt take up space on my phone since those two things take up the most.

        • Blue Sun

          Good call. I would use it for that too.

    • Phillip Burns

      Think about Mac users here. I know when I just have my Macbook Pro around, hooking up my Note 3 or any Android device to it to do large data transfers just isn’t easy, convenient, quick, or reliable. This would be a great product to solve such issues for me.

      • Brian Roskamp

        Solution: throw away your mac and get a PC.

        • Gideon Waxfarb

          Exactly. You guys wouldn’t have that problem if you used real computers 😛

  • Jeff Badger

    Nexus devices and others can use this with a file browser app. SanDisk recommends their custom app (Memory Zone), but I bet other, more popular ones can do it.

    • ROB

      File Explorer

  • crazed_z06
  • fauxshizzl
    • Blue Sun

      Yes, but it does it slower. The Leef Bridge is USB 3.0, the “UDUD” is only USB 2.0.

      • fauxshizzl

        Ha, nice catch!

      • itznfb

        The Leef Bridge comes in USB2.0 and USB3.0. And I’m no Android phone expert but I never thought these required OTG compatibility. My Leef Bridge works just fine on my Moto X and according to this article that shouldn’t be the case.

        • fauxshizzl

          Yeah I am pretty sure paired with the Astro app on just about any Android device the Leef would work just fine.

        • Kwills88

          I was going to buy this until i read what you write, i am gonna get me a 32 gb (USB 3.0 version) leef bridge from radioshack

          • itznfb

            The Leef is a higher quality device all around for not much more money. Well worth it.

  • Johnathan Downer

    and here i thought having a USB charging cable for the phone worked perfectly well for that…

    • Brandon

      That’s exactly what I thought while reading this, but then again this would be an easy solution for people running Linux like me where MTP doesn’t work at times.

  • Sankyou

    I also have a meenova but this is a nice hybrid. I would prefer to have one thing on my keychain as opposed to two. Unfortunately no USB 3 at this point kills it for me.

  • Alejandro González

    Seems odd it doesn’t include USB 3.0 support, but still seems kinda useful, maybe?

    • tyguy829

      considering pretty much every phone except the note 3 only supports usb 2.0, a 3.0 on the pc side would be pretty useless

      • duke69111

        They could of made the standard usb plug 3.0 though.

  • Guy Pierce


    • jolt.ball


      • Brandon

        Can’t remember math that well but wouldn’t that be UU*UD*UD*DD?

  • Wifi storage on my G2. Haven’t used a usb cable for anything but to charge since. Hope all phones get this support.

    • Daniel Richardson

      Wifi storage, and wireless charging.. haven’t used *any* cable on my G2 other than for rooting, flashing, etc… 🙂

      • litobirdy

        What about for desktops? How to access the g2.gonna need that usb cable right?

        • Daniel Richardson

          no, you can still access the wireless storage feature from a desktop.. as long as it’s on the same network.. the wireless storage feature turns your phone into a network drive that any computer on said network can access, it doesn’t create a peer to peer connection with another device.

    • litobirdy

      What about for desktops? How to access the g2.gonna need that usb cable

      • Nope, thats not what it means by wireless storage. It shows up as a computer in your network using wifi. You can access it like any other computer via \local_ip method

        • Raven

          So, it is essentially creating a Samba share. There are a few apps that will do that for any phone although it is not quite as nice as being integrated into the OS. Just search for Samba in the Play Store.

          • Yep. Yea i don’t doubt there is but it really should be standard for stock android. Its in my quick panel so i just pull down, tap it and open my mapped drive. I cant really think of a faster way to get to my phones files.

          • JSo

            I have a NFC tag on my computer screen that opens up FTPserver on my phone when tapped, then just open Filezilla, quick connect to the saved connection in the dropdown box and transfer. It may or may not be faster but its still easy and doesnt require a USB cable.

        • litobirdy

          Wait but your desktop needs to be on the same wireless network no?

          • Yes, same network. Doesn’t matter if its via wifi or Ethernet.

          • litobirdy

            ah ok, guess at work thats a no go. but at home, i should be able to.

  • Voyageur

    Already bought one of these through a kickstarter project, Meenova (www.meenova.com) which you can use your own microSD cards. It’s $15 which is cheaper than SanDisk’s.

    • Jason

      Does the Meenova comes with an SD card? If it doesn’t, the SanDisk would be a better choice imo.

  • BSweetness

    Nice. I use flash drives and a USB OTG cable all the time with my Android devices. I won’t be ditching my OTG cable anytime soon since I also use it to connect to other devices (mainly cameras), but this is definitely something that a segment of Android users will find very helpful.

  • T4rd

    Seems cool. But not sure why you’d buy this over a cheap USB OTG adapter and your already existing thumb drive or external HDD. Or just transfer your files directly to your PC from your phone if you’re already at your PC.

    • Adrynalyne

      Right. I wouldn’t want to replace my thumb drives just for the sake of an OTG connector.

    • Kwills88

      I have a USB OTG and use a usb stick and man, holding that sucker in landscape is a pain in the ass.

  • JSo

    Not to hijack the article and the comments but have you guys heard of the MeeNova micro SD card reader? It was made by a kickstarter company and its only 12 bucks. It would be cool to maybe see a little comparison between the two.

    • charesa39

      +1 for the Meenova. Works perfectly in my N5 and N7.

      • meijin3

        That’s great to know. It doesn’t work with my Nexus 4 but I plan on getting a Nexus 5.

      • Nexoduss

        Thanks for mentioning this. I picked one up after I looked at it. For 15 bucks you really can’t beat it because you can choose what size memory you put in it. I have a lot of music and only 16gb moto x, so I’m just gonna put all the music on it. Does anyone know of a way besides doubletwist to put iTunes music on an Android phone? I just hate the thought of having to use a separate music player for just that music. Or can I still play the doubletwist music with power amp

        • charesa39

          I know power amp supports a lot of formats, so I would say power amp is the way to go.

    • Voyageur

      Works perfectly on my G2 as well. $15 with shipping and you can use your own microSD card is a no brainer.

    • artsr2002

      Thanks for the headsup. I just ordered one. Nice.

  • morpheus282

    UDUD? That sounds like a rejected Star Wars vehicle name.

  • TokedUp

    When/where is it available?