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Togethera Launches on Android, a Private Family Photo Sharing App

For families that want to keep their photos more secure and private, without worrying about Facebook creepers and random Instagram likers, a new private photo sharing application called Togethera has launched on Android. Previously an iOS exclusive, Togethera only allows you to be added to a group of people who already have your email address. Once a group is formed, you can share photos and videos of kids, family reunions, or anything else all privately through the group. 

What makes it special for families is that you don’t have to worry about being added or getting friend requests from people you don’t really know. It’s not about seeing what your friends are up to, since you can do that on any other social network, but it’s more about the going ons within your own clan. Inside the app you can also create separate groups of people to share other things with, such as a group for just your cousins who you like to make jokes about other family members with. The app is all about family and making sure you are sharing with only your family.

The app is free and there are no monthly costs or upfront fees. As a bonus, there are no ads either. Check it out on Google Play and tell your family to hop on board.


  • PRIVATE SHARING: only you and your family can see your photos, videos and updates. No friend requests, no followers, no subscribers.
  • SIMPLE: we work hard to make Togethera easy for all members of your family to use, from young children to elderly grandparents.
  • MULTIPLE GROUPS: Create separate private groups so you only share with the right people.
  • ON ANY DEVICE: you can access Togethera on a smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • NO ADS: only your family’s content and nothing else. We won’t share your data with a third party.
  • FREE: no monthly fee or upfront payment.

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Via: TechCrunch
  • SokratisP

    I’m one of the co-founders. We built Togethera because it was really difficult to get everyone in our families to use products like Facebook or G+. Both are great for the right audience, but some of our users find them too complex or simply not appropriate for them. Togethera is absolutely private with no visible profiles. You can’t be added to a circle by someone you don’t know or a person you’d rather not connect to. You’re also not shown recommendations of people you may know, you don’t see options for events, hangouts, communities and nearby. Those may seem innocuous, but can really overwhelm less savvy users. There’s also the fact that you have to be over 13 to use G+, which immediately stops you from truly connecting your whole family.

    We’re just starting and we have a long way to go. Please feel free to email me at [email protected] with any questions, comments or ideas 🙂

  • No_Smoking

    Private between you, your family…. and the NSA


  • Tatsuo

    In unrelated news, Google swallows up small photo sharing company Togethera for a drop in the bucket and is never heard of again. The end.

  • S. Buckets

    I use BBM for this as the group sharing features are awesome! Besides sharing photos you can share calendars and lists. Super easy and handy.

  • Disqus_n00b

    Bro on the bottom right is stoked

  • Chris

    Kind of ironic given the amount of downvotes for the no everyone uses Google plus comment.

    • Ryan B

      The exact reason I hate Facebook. Everyone over-sharing dumb articles I don’t care about. (not talking about this article)

      • Chris

        Same can be done in Google plus

        • Ryan B

          But its not, because annoying people haven’t made it over to google plus yet.

  • Philip J. Fry

    Much rather use something like this than g+/facebook but that’s probably jmo

    • starnovsky

      You can do exactly the same thing on G+ when you create a circle for the family. Except you’ll be utilizing all the power of Google, not this unknow app which can shut down tomorrow taking all of your pictures with it.

      • Under the bridge downtown

        If I could only get my family and friends to use G+… **sigh** They use Facebook and cant be bothered with another social network.

        • starnovsky

          Right. But would it be easier to get them to use Togethera?
          – Dad, you’ll need to install Togethera to view the photos I sent you
          – Toge… what?
          – All right, I’ll just email them to you…

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    Should’ve read the comments first.

  • waiting so long

    FINALLY!!! A photo sharing app. I thought we’d never have a way to share photos. This is…REVOLUTIONARY!!!

  • Shaunwin

    Ummm…. G+?

    • Chris

      ummmm CHOICE..

      not everyone uses google plus

      • Shaunwin

        Agreed choice is good. Just sounds a lot like G+ to me, that’s all.

        • Chris

          As does a lot of apps that do the same but are different names.

      • starnovsky

        And nobody uses this app.
        Choice is good though.

  • Daniel

    And this is different than just making a Family circle in G+ and only sharing things with that circle how? Besides requiring a new app and account…

    • John Legere

      The app is probably more secure, and a lot of people have phones and tablets. Making it a lot easier than a computer.

      • starnovsky

        G+ has great Android and iOS apps.

    • Drummer62

      Using this app does not require anyone to get a G+ account if they don’t want to or have a need to? It does not appear that it was an “iOS exclusive” as far as I can tell, as it appears to be new on iOS also. There is NO user feedback or ratings on this app on iOS App store. fyi.

    • turdbogls

      yeah, my thoughts exactly….thankfully, i have converted my family to G+/hangouts for the video chatting alone….so i can just use G+ to share pics of the little one

      • Chris

        I fell sorry for your family.

        • CheeseMcGee

          I’m sorry that you fell, sounds painful.

          • turdbogls

            he was probably born that way…give him a break

    • Chris

      Like others said not everyone has Google plus.

      • Ryan B

        Umm, then get it?!

        • Chris

          Ummmm maybe I don’t want it.