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Contest: Win a Red Nexus 5 16GB Just for Being Awesome

Yesterday, we unboxed the red Nexus 5 in typical fun fashion. It was a good time and all, but during the clip, we mentioned that we had a second unit floating around the DL offices that would more than likely end up in the hands of one of you. Because we stick to our word, it’s time now to give this bright red Google flagship away.

The red Nexus 5 was introduced earlier this week as a third colorway for Google’s latest smartphone. Outside of the bright red exterior, it’s no different than the black or white variants that have been around since late 2013, and even comes in both 16GB and 32GB models at $349 and $399, respectively. From the comments of our unboxing, we can tell that people either love or hate the color – there isn’t much room for a mixed opinion on this one. Personally, I’m a fan, but I’m a fanboy of all things bright, shiny, and Google.

Whoever wins this, let’s hope you like beacons of bright red light. You ready? 


Prize:  1 (one) red Nexus 5 16GB.

How to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Tomorrow (February 7) at 10AM, we will randomly choose our winner.

  • Tim Wooten

    Nexus is Red hot!

  • doug rodewald

    Would love to have a Red Nexus!!!

  • I want one please

  • Robert

    Congratulations, Michael!

  • Sad

    I hate Michael T. Lucky Bastard

  • Alisan_C

    They do moderate this tho ?

    congrats anyway Michael

  • Matthew Castillo

    Congrats Michael T.

  • eugaet

    Fairly certain that’s not me. It would have had proper capitalization if it was. :/
    Congrats to the other Michael T.

  • artsr2002

    Congrats Michael!

  • Steve Yobs

    will i ever win a contest lol??

  • Christopher Lawrence

    Congrats Michael T

  • temasek2005

    For the pure android.

  • PudgyPanda

    its pure google

  • Patrick Tudela

    And the winner is…..

  • Josh Fischer

    Pure Google experience in the awesome red color!

  • Tim Baldwin

    Love the color. I want a red one now.

  • Alisan_C

    7min left

  • George Cherian

    Would love to win 1

  • Adam Kaczmarek

    A beautiful phone that feels much more google for some reason than just the standard black or white.

  • Alexander Ruiz

    I love the awesome support from Google!

  • Mark Aaron Collado

    IMO the best thing about the Nexus 5 is the customability.

  • LorenzoAmati

    i love the phone, and it’s even my hair color 😀 just perfect

  • Benito Wood

    Its so purrrty

  • Erkenntnis

    The freedom from carrier contracts.

  • vijet

    If only I get this nexus…

  • rafael

    I want the red one!

  • Bram Jacobs

    Best phone in very cool color!!

  • AtMostSphere

    My favorite color is Nexus red!

  • Greg M.

    Like a Nexus 4… only better.

  • Enflu3nza

    Nexus devices give me access to custom ROMs and thats all i need.

  • jdbarn

    I like it!

  • Giovanni Palazzo

    Red and black. Just the perfect combination for anything…and for a nexus 5?? Couldn’t want more.

  • Stephen Morrow

    Easy to unlock boot loader.

  • pizzaparties

    Another great contest. Thanks!

  • Amar

    The Nexus 5 brings top of the line specs, a decent camera, a boatload of developer support and custom ROMs and kernels, all into an affordable package. It’s a great phone.

  • Peter Blanco

    Must have, thanks Droid Life 🙂

  • jbreakfield

    I would love a red Nexus 5…

  • Honey Velasquez

    It needs me to fondle it

  • Haz Haque

    Nothing out there compares to the stock android experience. The build quality of the device is amazing as well.

  • Manhattan_Slacker

    Woo red Nexus!

  • John Daugherty

    The nexus line says it all, plus it has a vibrant color.

  • John Fisher

    Sweetness ! I never owned a Nexus …curious how it compares…?

  • ezbbycame2play

    I need this phone!

  • Boostified

    Nice and bright so my wife can’t lose it in the couch from playing candy crush

  • Carlos Fernandez

    I Love That Red, It Would Be The Perfect Present For My Girlfriend This Valentine’s Day !!!

  • aMe

    The Nexus 5 is awesome, not too big not too small with great specs, not to mention sooo cleeann!

  • Faster Google updates!

  • Mike

    I’ve always been a pure AOSP enthusiast and have created a few custom ROMs for other Nexus devices. The N5 is a top of the line device for a great price. I recommend it to everyone looking for a new device.

  • HyperKabuto

    Android as Google imagines it.

  • Frank Messner

    The phone is just sexier in red

  • Devraj Parmar

    I’m a Huge Fan of the Contrast between Red and Black and I’m Such a Huge fan of this Red Nexus 5. I want it so Bad 🙁 Fingers Crossed and Hope I Win!

  • Tim

    I’ve always wanted to try a Nexus! And its red!

  • Raul Romero

    Wow! Red looks awesome!

  • Jonathan

    I love the color. And access to Google Now is a feature I’ve been craving.

  • Matthew Castillo


  • Debra Torpy

    Perfect for National Wear Red Day!! TY DL!!

  • Femto Femto

    Nexus serious is the best Android phones !!

  • DanSan

    its bright!

  • mipd1980

    Yes, I’ll take the red nexus 5

  • Rich Nahra

    Nexus. That’s all there is to say.

  • Jonatan

    Nexus is just great! I love Google and their Nexus phones, just because the simplicity and the direct updates. And the red one ist just amazing!

  • Muffstic

    It’s faster than the speed of light.

  • MichaelGalarza

    It’s a true beauty and can blow an iphones design away with a better price point to boot.

  • [[[…babysmoker…]]]

    Because it’s THE Nexus… hopefully not one of the last… & i love y’all!

  • Martin Robertson

    My friend has one and its so smooth. I’m jealous, and now I want one.

  • Mike M

    I love that it’s not garbaged up with extra stuff and the functionality of the device.

  • Ahowe125

    Vanilla Android for sure.

  • mdrag2001

    it’s soo purdy

  • Cesar

    It’s my favorite color.

  • anon

    Awesome giveaway!

  • Jared Kennington

    NEXUS!! The only word needed to describe why I like it

  • Roy Harrigan

    I want to win.

  • Ksorota


  • Jordi Agricola

    I love how super-bright this thing is. Look at it!

  • Hendrik Liu

    Awesome!! It’s Red just like the color of kit kat packaging!!!

  • Jacob Stabl

    <3 in Red!

  • Tyler Bui

    Its red!

  • Martin Chavez

    I really hope I win this!!
    What I really love is the perfection of the nexus community and the hardware. Being on a pre-paid plan having a phone that’s unlocked is so great bc you can go to the carrier that’s the best deal!!

  • Zach Logsdon

    Freedom to manipulate the software to do what you want. Aesthetically pleasing and functional.

  • mcmb03

    I love that it’s straight Google. No carrier bloat whatsoever.

  • Lilia Kharabora

    I Love that its Google!! 🙂 Best ever. Thank you

  • geedee82

    Unlocked bootloader, unlocked sim, no bloat, just pure AOSP baby!

  • ADAM

    This is a good phone

  • Dustin Church

    I love a nexus. Pure google, sexy red, what’s not to love.

  • jafunk

    the fact its a nexus! no bloatware, no carrier crap, just pure open android!

  • Widyas Nugroho

    one of my friends use the white version, it’s really beautiful, can’t wait to have the red one. 🙂

  • jiggaman508

    My galaxy s2 might disagree, but I think this would be the perfect upgrade. I’ve never owned a nexus device, and this red is just perfect.

  • Chris Nasca

    17k+ entries+ 😮

  • Alex Kumar


  • Joey Costa

    Pure Google. No bloat, just goo.

  • John Hall III

    I love the open platform mainly but the ergonomics and speed of this device are what I really love.

  • garret moore

    Ooh I so want

  • Greater Gnoll

    Awesome giveaway! I love my Nexus 4, and I’m excited about the
    possibility of upgrading the latest pure Android experience phone.

  • Dave

    I’d love to win it, but it might take awhile to get used to that bright red…

  • Jivester

    Cmon sweet valentines love. Need to get my wife on the nexus bandwagon.

  • Andy Brownfield

    The pure Google experience. I loved my Galaxy Nexus, but was disappointed when they stopped supporting it.

  • Luke E. Svoboda

    I’m still flabbergasted how Google makes such good quality and good spec’d phones for such an affordable price. Crazy!

  • Rohan J Singh

    things to love in nexus 5
    1. it’s a nexus
    2. it’s a nexus
    3. it’s a nexus
    4. it’s a nexus
    5. it’s a nexus

  • Tony Buss

    Nexus devices are some of the best phones to use because they are the most open of all android phones in terms of customization.

  • bunnybash

    Pure and simple Google, by Google, to connect me to Google.

  • jolt.ball

    Love that color

  • Urvesh

    I wanna own this please.I love this Phone.

  • Sampath Cool

    5 things which i like in Nexus are ;

    1. It is a Android Mobile
    2. Processor Speed
    3. Large screen
    4. stylish
    5. Camera

    OVerall it is super cool 🙂

  • Phil Austin

    the color. duh.

  • Charles Kevin Lim

    I want this beacon!

  • Eric

    I like the customizable LED notification light!

  • justin philp

    I hope it not true that they are doing away with the nexus name and going with Google edition I’m in love with my nexus 4! I would have gotten the nexus 5 but can’t afford it right now!

  • The one thing i love the most is its stock OS

  • Nissi Edward

    A red nexus….

  • MasonFernandez

    I have always loved the stock android experience. Though I have never owned an “unskinned” phone I would love for this beautiful majestic beast to be my first. I love it’s simplicity and its elegance. In my opinion it doesn’t get better than a sleek and sexy phone that offers my favorite operating system the way it was made to be. And on a side note red is hot af 😀

  • brian

    Can finally have a good looking phone abroad

  • JoshuaNewsome


    …This means I win,,,,,right? 😛

  • wnagatani

    How do I love a red Nexus 5? Let me count the ways: Kit Kat. Unlocked. Snapdragon 800. True HD Capacitive Touchscreen. 445ppi. DEAD SEXY

  • Robbie Gerling

    I like LTE, as opposed to the Nexus 4 😀

  • Ivan92116

    it’s a Nexus and it’s red.

  • Hippypower

    This looks hot!

  • Urvesh

    Plzzzzz I love this Phone and want it.

  • Bryan Jones

    That red will get my valentines heart pumping super duper fast! 😉

  • Huzaifa Suri

    The best about the Nexus 5 is that its incredibly fast with the pure Kitkat version. Stock android is <3 and having a high-end phone with this funky red can't be more better, I must say.

  • Dvickers

    Nexus Power!

  • brianbrain

    Perfect valentines day gift!

  • HaveSomeVodka

    I love the Nexus 5 because it offers great specs, beautiful aesthetics and overall simplicity for a fraction of the cost of a normal flagship!

  • Pete V

    The screen is beautiful, the fact that it runs pure Google-Android realness at KitKat and beyond. Add in that it’s the first LTE Nexus device, meaning fast data speeds. Let’s not forget that the red color is AMAZING! What’s not to like about the Nexus 5?

  • Tirrell Cotton

    I need an upgrade, and it’s my favorite color 🙂

  • San Pinijchob

    Stock android in red!

  • EJ

    Would love to win the red nexus 5

  • Natalie S

    Love the red color! And love that it’s a google phone 🙂

  • RoboRobP

    The red!

  • ndzyuba

    Newest and pure version of Android

  • blackshowman

    Let me get this red Nexus 5..

  • Keith Taylor


  • Eric Sherman

    i would love one!

  • Dan Bracey

    A red Nexus 5? I want it!

  • laitosto

    By far Nexus would be the way to go with any phone, it is simple and yet powerful. Not to mention this user is in need of a Smart Phone Overhaul and this is the perfect upgrade and it is RED!!!! Who wouldn’t want or like a RED phone Right!!!!

  • David N

    Nexus FTW 🙂

  • Jucef Martinez

    I’m switching to AT&T from Verizon, and I could really really use an unlocked Nexus phone. (It being red is just a bonus!!!)

  • Impheatus

    Pure Android at its best… In a red package? Hell yes!!

  • benjamin Kilar

    Price to performance ratio, also with no ‘bloat’ or skins added on.

  • Luis Gabriel Barona

    great device!

  • Corbin


  • zizo79

    What is not to like about a red Nexus 5 with a pure, unbloated Android OS?? I want one!

  • eibook

    That red is sexy.

  • Hernan Rosario

    I like the simplicity of stock Android

  • Daniel Watkins

    I like the red a lot

  • Andrew Egger

    Would be nice to have.

  • cardi dark

    Love the nexus 5 cause its pure google and red is my favorite color

  • Johnny bananas

    Lemme get dat sonnnnnn

  • androidaw

    Stock Android

  • Marcus

    Its red. Its a Nexus..> I love it

  • Stan D

    I may be colorblind, but I still want that black Nexus!

  • the Goat


  • JD Stoever

    Its a Nexus….. open open open. I love my moto x but i miss tinkering with ROMs. I hope I can have this to play with, Im jonesen for a flash session. I dont have Facebook, so its a no go there, I wish contest entries wouldnt include Facebook its so over anyway.

  • That bright red is so eye catching! I’d love to have one of these.

  • Joshua Waymire

    Stock Android!

  • Scott Waldrup

    I’ve owned the Galaxy Nexus on VZW in the past, but have a strong need for a new GSM phone now with my newest carrier. PLUS it’s red, and that feeds an obsession of mine, haha. A Nexus with the specs this has, in red, that’s 4G (unlike a certain older sibling of his)… It’s a definite need, in my book.

  • rohail6


  • Dustin

    I love the nexus experience and the love makes it all the more unique!

  • Cyn

    Perfect experience all neatly wrapped in red. I’m in dire need of a new phone!

  • Jason

    That red color is hot!

  • michael arazan

    My first was the Galaxy Nexus, my contract is up next month and the Nexus 5 is the best phone out and to leave Verizon with.

    Nexus is what android is supposed be, and offers everything you need and the perfect Android experience.

  • bathroom guy

    i heart red

  • luckyaussiebob

    So red!

  • George Cloud III

    Definitely digging the red because it reminds me of the Horde’s colors. For the horde!

  • dazz1996

    Being that red is my fav color I hope I win and thanks

  • roy69

    Its a Nexus rippn red! Need I say more.

  • John H.

    No bloatware!

  • David Wimmer

    i love it because red is my favorite colour… and my nexus 4 broke because of water damage
    so because if i didn´t win it i´d buy it anyways ^^

  • Shivam

    It’s my dream to have a Nexus 5. And that too Red, OMG! Awesome.. Love it..
    With Red, Nexus 5 got more stylish along with the superb specs!

  • Антон Феоктистов


  • kfath1978

    I like Red!

  • kfath1978

    I like Red.

  • Rob B

    Its a nexus thatll blind people!

  • Tyrian

    its red!

  • Gregory Manzano

    Red is awesome.

  • BlackT5

    It would be cool just to switch between black and red from time to time.

  • Tom Kuhl

    I like the Nexus line for its speedy updates

  • Ron_Swanson

    Red like Ketchup.

  • wxruss8

    I love that day glow red on that awesome beastly non-janky phone!

  • Norm Robinson

    The screen is truly the greatest draw with this phone. Also, you can’t go wrong with stock Android.

  • Blake Mathis

    It’s pure Google and that makes it awesome!

  • Sean

    A great phone, made for people who use the technology, not just because it looks pretty! also red is my favourite colour

  • Martin Pelant

    Maybe I’ll finally get a new phone

  • Kevin Watkins

    It’s a nexus…but in a different color

  • Nick Anziano

    A red Nexus for a birthday treat!

  • Kyle Coppess

    I love that it’s a phone :p

  • Ben Dyer

    Stock Android

  • realfoxm


  • Pedro O Raposo

    It’s a Nexus and it’s fast as hell!

  • Brian Tehan

    awesome hardware, unlocked, great price

  • Jason Wu

    No bulls*** bloatware (Samsung).

  • oscar m

    I like red nexus

  • Shrey

    The stock vanilla Android with endless options (after rooting it) along with the powerful Snapdragon 800, makes it the best phone yet

  • I’ve been an Android user since the G1, but I’ve only owned one Nexus device (Galaxy Nexus). I’m trying to be abut that red nexus life.

  • Michael Broderick

    Looks awesome. Good luck everyone

  • Kenneth Blair

    Definitely looking forward at a shot to win a N5! 🙂

  • Sheila

    It’s simple and sexy!

  • alexb1111

    Pure Android (4.4!) and great hardware.

  • Krish Gogineni

    I love red nexus I would love to have one

  • Alex

    Nexus = Google… That’s right.

  • Brad L.

    Make my jump to T-Mobile easier.

  • Scott Stutzman

    Would love to see a blue one also.

  • Darek

    Lumia like color, Highend specs, Nexus logo and Google behind the updates. I’m starving for this phone! 😉

  • young jsyn

    stock android – red – Nexus phone – I’m in!

  • mouxo

    love the Nexus for the pure android experience. simple as that!

  • Pete

    Digging the red, being a nexus is enough for me!

  • Josh Shaw

    I love the Red nexus, because it’s red, and maybe the last nexus ever(maybe).

  • artsr2002

    Nexus FTW!!!!

  • Thomas

    It’s everything a phone should be, and it’s red! My constantly charging GNex is black, like my soul will be if keep not winning N5’s

  • TylerChappell

    I love its sexy facade.

  • Syed Tauha Aqeel

    Stock Android, what’s not to love? 😀

  • Steven Lam

    It screams I’m a bloody fan boy.

  • Jon Krueger

    my daughter had a nexus 4 and lost it after only owning it for 3 months and now uses a old samsung flipphone until she can afford to get a new phone and im sure she would love having a new nexus 5 for her bday in a week.

  • Fizman Jamal

    It’s just so simple, it has nothing to complicate. It’s pure Android, do i need to say more?

  • michael carrion

    The fact that it’s runs pure Android makes it more than appealing

  • betax25

    Red. Nexus. It’ll free me from Samsung!

  • Rounaq Talwar

    there isnt just one thing to mention..
    the list of things i like abt this phone is sooo long..!!!

  • Alexandr Ryabov

    I am Win!

  • Lionel Mandrake

    The clean look of the nexus line is what I like

  • Michael Luscher

    Because Red. And NOT on Big Red LOL!

  • dannyyang524


  • Harriet Tubgirl


  • Mahesh

    The soft back cover that is hard to match any phone’s which truly the best innovation for the nexus 5!

  • XX7

    I love the nexus 5 screen..

  • Juxhin Millona

    I really want to try a Nexus with pure Android!

  • aaronmydlen

    I like it

  • Edward

    I love how the Nexus 5 has no bloatware or horrible ui. It is pure vanilla which makes it amazing, simple, and smooth. It runs the latest software which is Kit Kat.

  • Robert S

    I love about nexus devices, that you get pure android and fast updates. It is really annoying that most manufacturers bloat their phones with ugly UIs…

  • mercado79


  • Chaz Carsten

    Carrier portability with no contract!

  • gabe1989

    By the beard of Zeus!

  • Jose Armenteros

    This is the perfect distraction free show piece for android. It’s all about the os.

  • Wendy Moore

    Sweet. Need a new phone, my droid 4 is having issues 🙁

  • Martin


  • Mastabrozif

    The stock Google experience with those instantaneous updates.

  • John Smith

    I would love it replace my ancient gnex.

  • Frank

    Quick updates!

  • it’s from Google, that’s why i love it 🙂

  • Justin Kliskey

    I like free phones.

  • Bojan Milojkovic

    Nexus 5 is almost all what I need to be happy. I want its magic in my hand. High-end performances packed in most beautiful phone – it is Nexus 5!

  • maniel

    i just want frequent updates and vanilla android;-)

  • peter

    Its red! Burning with the flames of passion!

  • Jeroen den Dulk

    Because pure, unadulterated Android. Now sexy too!

  • eltacoguapo

    stock Android and the color red!

  • iheartred

    There’s nothing to hate about the color red.

  • Truman

    Google Now Launcher, in Red.

  • HeLLkAt31

    If its true that the Nexus 5 will die off. Well this Nexus 5 in red proves it can be with the rest of the OEM’s. What I mean is that the Google experience can appeal to a broader audience. With the three flavors of selection it has now. It could have been put out as exclusives to three carriers. We would hate the subsidies but hey, I’m just saying… =)

  • Lawrence Garcia


  • Jose Alvarado

    I would love to win this beauty. Pure android their something so great about it.

  • Akshay Sharma

    Red is my lucky color! 😀

  • ipowyourface

    Whatever color, the Nexus 5 rocks!

  • Alex W

    Vroom Vroom!

  • SK Tan

    I like it for the pure Android experience.

  • OneThriftyMomma

    I like that it’s current and free!

  • Brooks

    The Android 4.4, the speed, and the development community behind it. Love the Nexus 5.

  • bassmaster118

    Cause its a Nexus!

  • Sean Ang

    I like the clean design of the phone.

  • evltwn

    Pure Android. Enough said.


    For the Pure Vanilla and it will match my red HTC ONE

  • Nick

    IT DOESN’T HAVE A GLASS BACK THAT I HAVE CRACKED 3 TIMES. Nexus 4 is great and all, but having a solid back would be amazing!

  • Erick Wright

    Loving the first Red

  • needa

    unlock. root. rom. thats why

  • jim

    Tomorrow’s my birthday, what a gift!

  • ProfessAndObey


  • Adam

    Love the pure Android – also the Red version looks reeeaaal nice

  • Alexandra Diana Dydy

    It’s sexy and I like sexy things. :}

  • Ricardo Bhoorasingh

    Fantastic speed and updates on time !! Nexus 5 FTW

  • Bobby A

    Stock Android experience.

  • m1cke

    I don´t know (yet?) but just holding it in a store for a minute I knew this will be love.

  • Kahsay Cooley

    I love the nexus because Nexus 5 = Pure Google + Whatever else i want!

  • feedhead

    Luv me some Nexus

  • Ruvim

    pure google android!

  • dannycardoz

    stock android at its bloody red best ..!!

  • Eyal Shalev

    The fact the giveaways won’t stop 😉
    The design
    The instant updates
    Comes with bootlocker unlocked

  • Hoffman

    Can’t beat that great color.

  • Moses

    I’ve been thanking you guys for prizes I have yet to win but I know this time it will be different. Thanks for the awesome Nexus 5 in red!

  • lamenting

    Yes please…

  • spark

    No bloatware means nice and lean!

  • Sebastian Reyes Sarmiento

    Nice camera, good price, fast OS updates, storage, CPU, etc. Best phone out there.

  • MrWicket

    great specs and pure Android!

  • Jason

    Amazing phone!!! And personally I like the red flavor

  • this is a great phone, go go gadget nexus

  • Steve Giralt

    Don’t have one yet, so no idea..but a Nexus is a Nexus and that’s what makes it awesome.

  • Jason Jackson

    I love the the Nexus 5 bc of that Sexy Red color Plus Who doesnt love the Pure Google Experience. Come On Kellex I need a New Phone, its not like I’m asking for the WOOD CASE LOL

  • Tony Stark

    No Touchwiz.

  • Aditya Jain

    I love the red Nexus 5. All the goodness of the latest Android in a bright red package
    For me, it would be the logical step up from the Acer Liquid E Ferrari edition.
    Here’s to Moving from a scarlet(Ferrari) phone to the even brighter red Nexus 5 🙂 (Hopefully via this giveaway :P)

  • bitpimpin

    vanilla android baby!!!

  • VBM

    Having an HTC One S (and 2 other previous HTC phones), there’s alot that I love about the N5. I love the battery life, screen size, on screen buttons, non-Sense :), etc, etc. Thanks for the chance Team.

  • Apocalypso

    A crystal clear 445 ppi pixel density screen; a speedy quad core processor; a pure and unadulterated android experience bereft of carrier or manufacturer bloatware…I could go on. In short, the Nexus 5 is one sexy phone!

  • Malcolm D’souza

    Red is the new sexy. That too in a Nexus 5. *DROOL*

  • Ivan Rodriguez

    Red my fav color

  • slyder0244

    I love that it has stock android and gets fast updates

  • RxGadget

    The Nexus 5 is THE phone to have. I love the pure Google experience. The phone itself is comfortable in my hand and easy to use (tried in store). The Nexus experience with regular updates is a joy. The hardware is great.

  • Max

    Wow! Great phone!

  • Melad360

    the red colour is so great

  • k.houan

    Because Google. 🙂

  • Austin_tacious

    I love the minimal design of the phone. It certainly pops in that new red finish.

  • PuzzleShot

    I love the stock Android and the perfect form factor. So similar in size to the Galaxy Nexus but way better in every way.

  • Louis Parrilla

    I love that is pure android experience that will receive updates quickly

  • Matt Ervin


  • Ian Tong Yen Chiun

    Nexus 5 carry the pure android experience

  • Randy Dees

    It’s red!

  • middlehead

    That it would let me switch to Aio.

  • Jisaac16

    I love my nexus 4 and would love an upgrade to the 5

  • lmcadory

    I love the Nexus line. The power of the phones, the style, the early updates, and no bloatware

  • bwb2185

    Would love to upgrade to this from my Nexus 4!

  • Rones88


  • Francisco Rodriguez

    This would be amazing. Make it easier for me to leave Verizon 🙂

  • Steve

    That red looks amazing!!!!

  • Frankie189

    i love the simple yet robust phone that has the potential for greatness in the right hands.

  • Sean Milley

    I love the nexus 5 and red is my favourite color

  • Pure Google is always a win.

  • erikiksaz

    Pure google!

  • John Om

    the sexy slick smooth bright red phone designed by google and LG

  • Sepehr Naserkhaki

    That pure unadulterated android according to google’s vision, and always up to date!

  • Jai Cabigan

    The Value you get for the amount of money you spent.

  • NGagen

    Modding Community.

  • Joseph J Pfister

    Being stock as a maddafakka!

  • Jim Heide

    Love my Nexus 5. Just an all around solid phone with a great user experience. Would love it in red!

  • Jared Tau

    Nexus…and its time for me to move on from the gnex.

  • AshLoker

    Pure Vanilla android experience!

  • BillJude56

    The Nexus 5-pure Android with a powerful processor. What more could I want?

  • Richard Ruiz

    This looks awesome.

  • Vince Jorvina

    Let’s do this!

  • Jamie Frazier

    I love stock android and the fact its red, matches my alma mater NCSU.

  • Tyler James Edward Hills

    The fact that it isn’t on Verizon

  • JT

    Stock Android!

  • Alien

    Stock android, and they’re very easy to root. Plus the nexus 5 is a beautiful phone!

  • gary


  • Adorkabledee

    It’s a Nexus!!! The best phone I’ve ever owned =)

  • mike angst

    its a nexus

  • Adam Elghor

    the unlocked bootloader

  • jamesp352

    I see red things . . .

  • Stephen Cheng

    That is a nexus phone!

  • mindstream98

    Google Oogle Ogle Gle Le E

  • It’s pure Android.

  • yungqb7

    A red phone will definitely get heads turning

  • Stock android!

  • Janderson

    This phone is fantastic!

  • Michelle Stokes

    I’m looking forward to the battery life and the hd of the camera/video.

  • Milind Shah

    A Nexus is A Nexus

  • Mandeep Dalee

    Nexus 5 huraay!!

  • Kareem Ayman

    just gonna turn it into a MKBHD signature design + vanilla android = profit

  • DavidB

    Red. Love. Nuf said.

  • Ethan Kirkmeyer

    The minimalist design, the price, and being first in line for upgrades would be nice. Oh and the color.

  • Ronald Bernard

    Freedom oh god how I adore the freedom….

  • Todd B

    I would love to make this phone my everyday driver. Good luck to all who enter.

  • Calayna

    I love that the Nexus 5 doesnt have carrier bloatware. And pure google awesomeness.

  • Jason Saw

    Stock Android experience, no TouchWiz or any skins on top makes it even more delicious!

  • Marcel Bennett

    I love having the ultimate pure Android experience on my Nexus 5 and if I got my wife the RED one for our five year anniversary next week, well you can imagine how cool that would be for a present given her favourite colour is RED

  • Xandre Buss

    This phone is more then just a phone. It’s a nexus phone. Only the best of the best of all nexus devices and… it’s red!

  • Andy Nunez Jr

    I hope I win, I would greatly appreciate the Red Nexus 5! The redcolor brings back Ninja Turtle Nostalgia because Raphael was always my favorite turtle. I really can’t wait to get my hands on one!

  • Eduardo Cruz

    This one could match my black one

  • Damian

    It’s a Nexus, need I say more?

  • kuuunaal

    Pure google with the signature red google color that makes it stand out from the rest

  • Brad Allred

    The pure Android experience

  • jared durrant

    How could you not like or want any Nexus!

  • AnthonyMoya

    It’s stock android of course

  • Craig

    All the latest features and priced aggressively.

  • Nick

    i just want to win, tried to think of a reason but i love my moto x so i just wanna win

  • gizzorkle

    no matter how many touchwiz phones I may get, I always end up running a stock google rom. i will always love the nexus feel above all others

  • Joey Blaze

    I Miss My Google Nexus 7!!! I would love to have this phone!!!

  • Joaquín Tuduri

    Fast Updates and awesome specs.

  • jstahr

    i need to get rid of this galaxy nexus!!! helpppp!!!

  • Tellas Woods

    Two Words… “Vanilla Android” Baby

  • Eric Ooi

    The hottest phone today are made by Google and Google Nexus 5 is only mobile that offering a pure Google experience with latest up-to-date Android OS. Best part is come with RED, it would be awesome to own a red Nexus like owning a Ferrari.

  • Good luck all

  • Christopher Hamilton

    I love that the Nexus 5 is one of the most powerful phones on the market today in terms of specs….

  • Alejandro

    OK, a red one? I would love to win one now!

  • Renz

    Pure Google Experience! 🙂

  • BMooyaso

    I currently own a Nexus 4. I need my 4G/LTE

  • Jim Kem

    This glaring orange/red Nexus 5 just calls to me. The panda colours are okay, but this red just…woah. Its like a Phoenix rising, from Arizona!

  • Suman Gandham

    Now that the Motorola dream is dead, I need some Nexus back in my life please!!

  • TJ Tiernan

    Incredibly nice phone at a very competitive price. What’s not to love?

  • Johnny S.

    I love that the nexus 5 is just pure Google. And that it’s avaiable in an awesome hot rod red!

  • Keith Hodgkins

    Well first off. The red and black is amazing. I personally think it’s more appealing than the panda or all black. But it’s such a solid device. Between the looks and the specs being some if the best it’s one of the best phones on the market. Just wish I could shell out the $349 for it.

  • Ryan Holt

    Ooooo red

  • Favian Orozco

    Hook me up dudes! Pleeeeeease?!

  • CompCrash

    The pure Android experience and the size of the phone is amazing. Black and red are my colors so this with be a great upgrade from my all black one.

  • Michael Martin

    gimme the red fury

  • Chris T

    Sweet would love to win this.

  • Jason Low

    The Nexus 5, in delicious bright red…

  • Hammrofthoy

    finally a phone to match redness of my face when all the pretty girls see me with it

  • Courtney Harris

    This would make a great Valentine’s Day present for my gf. She is in need of a new phone and would love it.

  • Mike

    The red nexus is growing on me. still think the black looks the best

  • Brandon Barlow


  • I want this so bad. I’m tired of needing to jailbreak my iPhone, but can justify buying a new phone.

  • Donte Newsom

    Pure and simple! Love Google everything

  • Because it’s the only KitKat device that is running the official Google Now Launcher and it’s more beautiful than the Nexus 4.

  • Robert

    I love the colorful & fun nature of the Nexus 5; pure Google without any fluff!

  • HankN03

    What do I love? It’s pure Google. No filler.

  • skylog

    it’s full of stars….really though, it is a great phone and that red is for real!

  • Tyler Tessmann

    Wanna win this. Would be cool

  • Torin

    Got me a Nexus 4, but Red is my favorite color so it’s the ultimate win win situation

  • Jon S

    Rocket red of course!

  • Cloyd D’Mello

    “Less is More”… The Nexus 5 confirms on that saying… I love the Nexus 5 cuz it made out of simplicity…

  • Jedy617

    Nice color!

  • d1ckdame

    I am a Nexus fan since the Nexus One. Red is my favorite color, and I’ve written a few poems about my passion for the color red. Red Nexus 5 is a win/win

  • dodolom

    I just love the smoothness of the N5. Just perfect & powerful.

  • reliog

    Best looking phone for sure. I want to win this.

  • skrusrnmz

    I love the true Google experience. The performance. The size. The color!


  • ba11sy

    Eric gets the black version (not sure what he’ll do with it being on verizon)! and I’ll take a red one to match my gingerness

  • MyStroPro

    Would love to start drawing my parents off Verizon and this could help us!

  • Corey Smith

    Pure Google Awesomeness!

  • Gonz I. Guerra

    I love the Nexus 5 and how slick it looks. The performance is amazing with Kit Kat! Plus I love the red color, its a definite eye catcher!

  • Ashley Horne

    Yeah Nexus

  • Jim Yee

    Pure google experience with latest updates, I want it!

  • TheZink

    I would love to win this. Love the color and Im trying to get away from my iPhone

  • Evan Solomon

    Its a nexus… enough said.

  • jessica

    I love the color and the system

  • ajm531

    updates updates updates!!!

  • norah

    I love this phone, powerful, beautiful, light, and RED!!!

  • suremeansyes

    I have a black Nexus that I will sell immediately if I win this red one. Lol

  • Nick Murphy

    Love the Red color!! Great phone.

  • Paul Patrin

    I have wanted a nexus 5 since out came out, but have an HTC one and couldn’t bring myself to spend the money. Pick me randomly please!

  • chadstone30

    Me please

  • Scott Austin

    Love the red! Ready to ditch the prepaid slug phone ware. I’m ready to rock that nexus red loud and proud!

  • Monkichi714

    Pure android in safety red? Yes please!

  • Ricardo Rodríguez

    My fav thing of the nesux 5 was the price but now is that sexy red color <3

  • Dave S.


  • Mike Fromson

    No bloat!

  • Edrin Thomas

    The best affordable and powerful smartphone ever build. And it comes in Red color..!!

  • knightracer

    stock android and red

  • Agunimon

    It’s the simplicity! The Customization! It’s 100% pure Android!

  • Charlie Neri

    I love immersive mode especially the full album cover in the lockscreen!!

  • pam

    My fav color and phone in one

  • Tyler Mansfield

    Stock android!

  • Vipinvenugopalan

    Already in love with the Nexus and now with the RED ( Seduction ) i am totally lost by the look and the kinda feel its gonna give once i have started holding it making it mine 🙂

  • kenneth bloomfield

    Using the GS4 now but would love to get back to pure Google. Nothing better than the nexus.

  • AndrewStreet

    The screen!!!!

  • Richard Abramas

    It means I get to leave Verizon for T-Mobile with a very red phone.

  • fareez akmal

    Great specs and of course because it’s a Nexus! What else could top it.

  • Brendan126

    The color just pops out and looks incredible while doing so. I also love the purity that Google has put into it. Got the Nexus 4 last year and instantly fell in love!

  • Aaron

    I love the Nexus 5’s stock software!

  • Quint

    Pure Google, and it is RED, one of my favorite colors.

  • PotatoKid

    Glad it’s not verizon with it’s bloatware.

  • gsteele023

    It’s time for me to get a new Nexus

  • pseningen

    I think the red color’s pretty sweet! I’d definitely end up getting a clear case to show that one off!

  • Leonard Wong

    Pure Android goodness, which means getting update fast!

  • skillz360

    One of the sweetest looking phones out! Would love to have this 🙂 and retire the Gnex

  • Leeann Robbins


  • parabnitin

    I was about to sell my black nexus 5 and buy the shiny red one. I wish I win 🙂

  • Alessandro Sartori

    I love it because it’s awesome! I think that this new color (that seems bright orange to me) is beautiful

  • Hitagi

    Google Now FTW!

  • Kree Terry

    Two words: Nexus 5. One its a nexus, two its a 5 inch display.

  • Tj

    I am currently rocking an a og droid. At work and at college people constantly make fun of me, But with a shiny new red Nexus 5 I would be the one laughing at them! 🙂

  • Dan Handsome Mansome

    I can’t lie and say much for I never held the device in my hands yet but like most I had plenty off wet dreams about the phone. I love the aesthetics and dreamed a dream of no bloatware which I heard that the nexus 5 had but I have to look up her skirt to see if it’s true.

  • Sarpedon1069

    I love that it has awesome specs at an even better price than everything else!

  • Adrian Hertanto

    I love the red Nexus 5 for its simplicity, pure android, its smoothness, and no bloatware. And I also love the design.

  • JP Loinsigh

    It’s been disappointing. I’m not a fan of my N5. The GPS issues are killing the vibe. That and only one speaker works.

  • Trevor

    Pure, open source Android. Much easier (as far as I know) for devs to pump out well-functioning ROMs for this bad boy.

  • Miguel Hernandez

    I love the beastly specs!

  • brndnzlda

    I want that gorgeous screen!

  • zaraki921

    beautiful design is the best part of nexus5!

  • OneLumpSum

    This may be the final push I need to get away from Verizon. I have until April to decide, before renewing my contract again. Just let me play with it!

  • Ian Goh

    Elegant design, top notch specs and it runs the best flavour of android – vanilla.

  • Cedric Wilmore

    It’s my time to win something finally

  • Pete H.

    Wanting some more Nexus!

  • ruben

    Awesome phone great color now… Doesn’t get any better than this.

  • Pratik

    I want the red Nexus 5 please

  • MackenzieS

    my phone just broke, this would be the perfect replacement

  • Yash Khandelwal

    I love its beauty

  • Kevin Morales

    I just love that its a Nexus and that we have a huge developer ecosystem.

  • djnlaw

    I like the simplicity of the Nexus 5, and games play Silky Smooth. Plus, the screen is GAW-GEOUS!!

  • chris

    Want this so bad.

  • Sinistar83

    The Nexus 5 is a great phone for the price, I’m about to jump ship from VZW since my contract is up, and this would be a great opportunity to do so!

  • Kevin

    First off, its a nexus device, secondly its red..and im in dire need of a new phone, stuck with a broken gnex

  • Nick Belle

    I have been saving up for this phone forever, hope I win!!!!

  • KleenDroid

    I love how “Amazing” it is!

  • Joseph Pojunis

    It’s ALL Google ALL the time!

  • rtandy

    nexus5 in red… awesome!!!

  • Mike Broder

    I like that its red….reeeeeeeedddddddddd……its all red and red….must have red phone…its talking to me…begging me to take it home….

  • Ed

    What I like about the Nexus 5 so much is pure vanilla Android and the first in line to receive updates.

  • brian.

    Gotta love that red color. It will match my (RED) iPad Air cover. Yummy

  • Aaron Saellam

    I love the simplistic, clean style of the Nexus 5. And it looks sick in red!!

  • nadji

    Want it so sexy phone

  • Anthony Withrow

    The stock Android experience is so buttery smooth.

  • SteveG12543

    Beautiful, yet understated design, high end parts, and the pure Google experience.

  • Spencer Nish

    It’s a Nexus and red. The perfect combo.

  • Epic Tea

    Stock Android, and the Google experience launcher!


    I love the color and the feel of it. Plus it has really great specs. And also its made by Google itself.

  • Andrew

    It’s a Nexus

  • Evan Hoke

    The fact that a top tier phone can cost next to nothing compared to phones costing twice as much and offering not much more.

  • BbyDol

    If it get’s lost it shouldn’t be too hard to find!

  • Eric Matthew Woodrum

    Pure android in a sexy chassy!

  • Hiran

    I would really like it and if I win I will get it on Verizon Wireless. Best 4G LTE Network with coverage, reception, speed, and reliability. 100% Customer Service. I do not want to go back to Sprint or T-Mobile, because I get bad reception and my Dad had Sprint, but his colleague has T-Mobile and his friend has AT&T and Sprint and T-Mobile is too cheap. Cheap Network=Bad/Terrible Reception. Sprint and T-Mobile do not work at a lot places especially college and workplace. AT&T is ok, but if you like to hassle with billing problems.

  • Khairy Atieh

    Stock android is so snappy

  • I like stock android on the latest hardware with support from google and the open source community

  • wade_county


  • Nymul Bunleang

    Do want!


    I want this!

  • Geekout

    Pure android and the sexy red!

  • Dave Blachowicz

    Want it. It would mean that I could switch carriers

  • Mike Ranucci

    Diggin the minimal design and pure android on the nexu5.

  • dillon bond

    I like that it’s stock android…stock Google lol. Nice and clean look and feel

  • ben

    would love one with Ting

  • Steven D

    I love NO BLOATWARE! And Pure Android

  • Philip

    It’s red, who wouldn’t like that


    Color and price for off contract can’t be beat.

    Ian B

  • asroyal

    That phone is hawt! Plus my favorite color is red.

  • Bogdan Duman

    Nice one!

  • Brent Curran™

    Best color yet.

  • Brady KEITH

    pure, unmolested, vanilla android

  • Red Wang

    Pure Vanilla Android goodness wrapped in standout red. <3

  • wyandt

    It’s all google with awesome updates.

  • Michael OBrien

    It’s not an iPhone

  • Jordan Scott

    With that much pure google packed into one phone who wouldn’t want it?

  • Gerardo Sarabia

    Red is my favorite color!!!

  • Laurent Morel

    Very nice phone. Thanks for this giveaway.

  • acrobatsausages

    My car is red. I need a Nexus to match.

  • Jason Peters

    Stock, red sexiness

  • swadhin

    pure android

  • Matt L

    I am feeling lucky today – and, I’m rarely lucky. So this could be it.

  • Marco Herrera

    It’s so redlicious. And it would be an amazing opportunity for me to switch to another carrier because Verizon is sucking all the “red” out of me! :c

  • Chileball

    Leaving aside the simplicity and beauty of this smartphone, I’m a fan of Android, even I am a blogger on a Spanish site, as I do for free (they don’t have lots of visitors to remunerate), I can’t not afford one, would be great to have one to communicate better and be a better blogger in the future.

  • Henry Kaufman

    How could you not love the red Nexus 5, it has an amazing display, runs stock Android, has some of the highest end software out in the tech universe right now, has an epic design, and only costs $350 unlocked!!!!!

  • Kal5el

    It’s the removal of bloatware. There is so little lag. It’s just clean.

  • TJG

    the thing about the nexus is that it has always been a very understated low key device that continues to reflect Android as Google has envisioned it, what’s more attractive is the nexus 5 that has come a long way from hardware and software, BUT what’s EVEN better is that it comes in RED!

  • Alex Im

    Well, I actually really like the GS3, especially with 4.3. But! The Lock/unlock button is now malfunctioning, which is very frustrating. So, my favorite feature of the Nexus 5, at least this Nexus 5, is the brand new Lock button.

  • TechWings

    Pretty. Me want. Red.

    Or, to quote an M. Night Shyamalan movie, “the bad color.”

  • cje138

    Need that!

  • Mike

    I just smashed the screen on my nexus 5.

    I really need a new one and red is such a great color

  • John Christensen

    I love NEXUS!

  • It’s a Nexus…what more do I need to say?

  • Joe

    Its red…whats not to like

  • agentsnoop

    Simplicity and power

  • stephen shavers

    Fast updates of course.

  • Manny Avila

    You said it best Kellex! “Personally, I’m a fan, but I’m a fanboy of all things bright, shiny, and Google.” That’s why I love it!

  • Antonino Clemente

    It’s the time for me to upgrade my galaxy nexus!! And this red nexus 5 would be perfect for me: amazing display, astonishing design, and incredible color!

  • Phil

    I Hope I win I want to upgrade to N5 from N4 I want 1080p screen lol

  • XvierX

    The simplicity of its design and that kit kat..

  • Ryan M

    It is big, it is red, and it isn’t on ‘BigRed’.

  • MrBlonde04

    I would love to get the 5!

  • L

    Enter to win

  • Jay Martinez

    My girlfriend would love a red Nexus 5.

  • jsngrvn

    I just need an excuse off of VZW

  • michael

    God I want one soooooooooo bad

  • g2gsr

    I love eRRRRRRRthing about the nexus 5! And I love red!

  • Nicholas Lin

    Red Nexus 5 is hawt!

  • Vicknesh Shanmugam

    Swag phone

  • juan

    I love the Google of it 🙂

  • Dennis Moore

    What’s not to love, fast update, top of line specs, great screen.

  • JD Thayn

    I love the Nexus 5 because it’s a Nexus!

  • Cameron Wright

    Always liked nexus phones yet I’ve never owned one. Would love to try out one of the best smart phones of 2013-14

  • Vaj Castro

    I like the Nexus 5 because it has fast hardware and great stock android OS

  • choompy808

    I’d be happy to have a Nexus 5 in any color!

  • antheezy

    Because it is running Kit Kat and the body is so easy to hold. Seriously. GOOD WORK LG.

  • samina

    So awesome. Why not?

  • Hunter

    Love the nexus 5

  • erikbirk

    Obviously it’s the vanilla android and screen…

  • Scott Thompson

    The form factor is nice

  • Zé Ricardo

    Really want this nexus red! I love it!

  • Daniel Pesta

    I have the galaxy nexus and need an updated phone.

  • yummy

    No VZW logo

  • Tim Juarez


  • Luke E. Svoboda

    I haven’t been able to enjoy a Nexus due to Verizon being dumb. A free one would make me jump ship to another carrier in a heartbeat. Especially a red one. It matches my car!

  • Matt Tanner

    This would make the perfect birthday gift for my wife who is on AT&T.

  • Matt Vuiller

    Would love to use this red nexus as my phone to switch from a big carrier!

  • That red is just so striking and vibrant

  • Meanbean

    It’s amazing cheap and pure Google also I like red! That is all

  • Daniel Gulyas

    It’s what google wants android to be. I don’t think I need to say more.

  • Red like a strawberry! I like strawberries.

  • Mauricio J. Cruz Roca

    I really like the new red Nexus 5

  • Cammster51

    Love that its completely stock. Hated my One X+ that was hardly supported. Hopefully this makes an easier transition to android.

  • DS3solutions

    Please pick me 🙂

  • Edward B.

    I want a free Nexus lel

  • Jared T

    I really love the red color it looks so good.

  • JPfingsten

    Red, I like red.

  • Victor Epée

    Pure Android experience

  • John M.

    Great phone! Would love to win it!

  • 2C

    Pretty please?

  • This would be a great phone to give to my wife for Valentine’s Day, so she can use it to take many pics of our three week old baby!

  • Seth Arrazola

    The speed and efficiency. Although only paying $45 a month is a nice bonus.

  • Jamie

    In before the lock.

  • Davros

    Its a Nexus, what else is there?

  • Mitch

    The better battery life, the improved camera, the outstanding power, the lovely red color, and Kit Kat of course!

  • Killua Zoldyck

    Best phone ever

  • Juan Perez

    I really want a Nexus 5 please and thank you I been using a old droid x2 and I would love to have a new phone with a better camera to take pics of my kids!

  • Alex Calvillo

    It’s a nexus and pure android

  • Gabe Counts

    It’s red and it got Marques Brownlee’s attention. Need I say more? lol

  • Emiliano Gomez

    I want a Nexus 5

  • Dan Zschokke

    It’s red! And beautiful!

  • Robbie Robinson

    I’ll take a red nexus 5

  • Eddy Garcia

    I can finally use a Nexus on Sprint

  • yakkwak

    Sooo sexy, it’s got to be Nexus 🙂

  • B C

    It’s a Nexus, it’s a vanilla Android!

  • Manny Wilson

    Stock freakin’ Nexus!

  • Andrew Davis

    Uhh, this is a RED NEXUS!

  • TrevorKai


  • Amit Lohe

    The Red Nexus 5 is the best! Never owned one before but I will soon thanks to this giveaway! Thanks!

  • Mason Tilghman

    its so nice

  • I love the rubber built and that it is light and cheap and almost everything about it. it just lacks the moto x features

  • Diego

    Because its red and of course for the stock experience.

  • Tom

    NEXUS 5 in RED! Tommy likey!

  • Alex G.

    Love the red phone, it’s got such a nice tone,
    Like Kit-Kat’s wrapper, woah…mind blown.
    For this is the nexus 5, the greatest phone,
    With it in my pocket, I’ll feel like I’m on a throne!

  • Dave

    Just joined to to get a Nexus and this would be perfect!

  • boehmer365247

    Vanilla Android!

  • Shade

    It’s like an awesome shiny Pokémon

  • Kristian Sandoval

    The sweet, sweet display.

  • GeraPedraza

    Nexus 5
    Enough said!

  • Brandon Fischer

    this phone is red, red red red lovin reeeedddddddd

  • Chris Tangredi


  • Trevor M.

    It’s red. I like the red.

  • Craig

    I like traditional black phones, but this red is so heinous it’s great!

  • justjmatt

    The freedom of Android as it was intended to be. Plus, it just is awesome to use.

  • Seth Brewer

    I could tell you what I love about the nexus 5 but I don’t have one yet. Still Stuck with my old gnex.

  • stevOisdumb

    When the iPhone 5 was released I received one from my work and was forced to use it. Now that I no longer work there, I have this iPhone and no real way to go back to the nexus without breaking my contract. What better way to get back into android, than with the incredible style of a red nexus 5. Its beautiful.

  • gamafree

    My wife’s favorite color is red. She’d love this.

  • Breanna

    I need a new phone and I love red!!!

  • Hans R.

    First dibs on OS updates!

  • magafree

    I love the red

  • !@#$%

    c’mon c’mon! nexus 5 is great because it’s pure android all the way. that plus the specs!

  • Louie Dickens

    Really enjoy the white version. Now to get a red one.

  • spaine_81

    I love the purity of the nexus line – no bloat! It’ the way the android is supposed to be 🙂

  • Daniel Castro

    Love stock android on a nexus!

  • Frothy

    The red Nexus is right on time as it matches my college colors @ NC STATE. Go Wolfpack! Go Google Nexus!

  • Rex

    It’s RED! What’s not to love?

  • JL2075

    Love Red

  • Yousef Roushdy

    Pure google. Thats all I need

  • Abrahan Reyes


  • Kris

    Total freedom, and all the images easy to get If any goofed up when flashing

  • kwikie

    It’s a google phone and it’s RED!

  • xHyDDRo

    I want kitkat u.u

  • Jerry Huster

    I am desperate to try this with T-Mobile service…I really want to test their service before making the jump from Verizon once and for all.

  • mohammad

    the enovation and latest features

  • Pug

    Phone is great, love it.

  • My favorite color is red. My favorite phone is a Nexus. Which means this would be the best phone ever to me. *crosses fingers*

  • Smith Doe

    2.No contract
    3.1st in line Android updates

  • sski66

    It would be great, & a surprise if I got lucky enough to win one of these.

  • Tom

    Unlocked, top spec phone, with pure google experience. What’s not to like?

  • Anthony Brucculeri


  • Chris Feher

    It’s soo purty. WANT.

  • JorgeJ

    Red nexus 5 looks amazing 😀

  • jra716

    the software updates direct, powerful specs..

  • Justin

    The fact that it is a newer Nexus! Plus it is more powerful than my Nexus 4… Plus that Camera would be amazing for taking pictures of my newborn :]

  • Abhi-nay

    Thank you for this.

  • Who doesn’t love a red dress..?

  • Rodeojones000

    Hope this is the winning entry.

  • Shawn Custer

    That is one red phone, gotta love the nexus line

  • luis

    Good luck everyone!

  • Shane W

    I love stock Android and Red is my favorite color, PLEASE send to me I need a new phone badly!!

  • Kaleb

    The thing I like about the phone is the endless things you can do with the phone and it’s texture and good feeling.

  • FelisLachesis

    Android the way it’s meant to be. Why mess with it?

  • M.J. Naser

    This would be great to have. A stand out nexus is cool.

  • Chris Ghubril

    I love lamp

  • jason blomgren

    I love stock android!

  • Andrew

    I’d love a phone running kit Kat.

  • Kevin N

    Yes please I need this:)

  • Rik Nary

    Easy breezy. Even my mom likes this phone.

  • Kristopher

    Stock android. the best android 😛

  • los

    simple, clean design

  • Nick Floria

    Hope to win.

  • Reversal

    Nexus 5, pure Android which is pure Aloha!!

  • Shannondoah22

    I love this color! Makes it very easy to find in my purse, aka, black hole!

  • Jonathan Berry

    Latest Android build with updates from Google.

  • Rohit Mallidi

    Nexus 5 in a great phone and it raises the bar for other top phone’s in the market. I would definitely get one if I could.

  • Darwin Mateos

    is the best mobile.

  • Omer

    I have twin boys on the way and this will help me save some cash!

  • kraze050181

    It’s A Nexus! Who Wouldn’t Want A Red Nexus?! So I Need This Phone Badly I Still Have The Moto Bionic, Yeah Shame!

  • Carlos Diez

    Looking good in red 😀


    I just love the pure Google goodness, nothing more, nothing less! (And I happen to love redheads – married to one!)

  • Mogimaster

    I love the pure Google experience that you get with Nexus phones. I’d love that in a package that sorts the OIS camera the Nexus 5 comes with.

  • Termite04

    My DROID RAZR is HORRIBLE and I cannot upgrade till 4/24/14. I was one of the unlucky people who’s grandfathered “2 every two” upgrade plans got depreceated and upgrade date moved later by 4 months.

  • I just love the idea of a sleek phone with pure Android running on it.

  • I love the N5 because it has smooth look and above all ITS A NEXUS!!!

  • Ricky Frank

    i hope i win 🙂

  • nate

    simple phone

  • Santi

    Pure Android on a phone designed by Google!

  • Josh Houff

    Pure Android, no bloatware. I’d love to have one!

  • Marcos Munguia

    I wannnnnt. So yummy

  • Rockstar Dave

    I would love a nexus 5. Especially a red one!!!

  • Shea Hamrick

    Because it’s the MKBHD Edition…duh…

  • TPelt17

    It’s so well put together and can handle anything you throw at it, all covered in pure stock android goodness

  • snoty

    I love all nexus devices except that the Nexus 5 is not on Verizon. Winning the nexus 5 would give me a chance to try t-mobile…

  • L

    Pure Android! I NEED it.

  • Sujoy Barua

    This red look is sweet!

  • greatcompromise

    Red is my favorite color!

  • Never had a red device. Let’s see 😀 Love Nexus devices.

  • Trey Granato

    Pure google, pure android. NO Touchwiz

  • ScottA

    Sweet Deal

  • Winner

    I need this, my GNex just took a crap

  • MR

    Its red…

  • kameshtagore

    Stock Android and powerful hardware

  • Galaxy_Fan

    I love that it is pure google and always up to date.

  • James Murphy

    The ceramic buttons are the easiest to press on any phone I’ve owned.

  • Gary Roisentul

    Love the camera!

  • B-rad

    Nexus, you’ve got red on you.

  • ChuckDz3

    Pure Android. Simple

  • Nicolas Palomo

    Because is a nexus, just for that. I don’t care if it’s red, white or black is a nexus and is hot.

  • Victor Tokunboh

    would def love to switch to this red nexus

  • docnok

    I like the fact that it’s carrier and bootloader unlocked and pure 4.4.2 goodness. For the love of God….can I win one of these contests, PLEASE!!!

  • Ben Jacobs

    I like the MKBHD color scheme of the red N5

  • Cláudio Brito

    The color.

  • Mike N.

    Send me Some Sexy Red Nexus LOVE!!!

  • Xusheng Gao

    N5 is sexy. both price and performance

  • Trevon Berry

    Pure stock android!!!! stock android straight from google has come a long way. Its evolved into a stable, fast, and intuitive OS. i knew about the nexus 5 when it came out but i didnt know how great it really was, and have you seen the price? its amazing! i own a Galaxy s4. im tired of the touchwiz UI because it lags so much and has to use so much memory! in fact the minimum system requirement on my galaxy s4 (32gb) is 7.83gb……. insane! if you put a samsung device next to a nexus device, you would not be able to tell if the samsung device is running android underneath touchwiz. if had the nexus 5, i would get updates straight from google and dont have to worry about the phone slowing down. its a win! and the new red version is an epic win!

  • Eduardo Ortiz

    I just love the amazing specs. Awesome pure android experience!

  • jpnestel

    Kit’s my turn to win! Puhhllleeeaaassee?!?

  • Trevor Clement


  • Brandon Johnigan

    I love the fast updates the Nexus line receives!

  • Eliot Wilhelm

    I love basic android. I love the look and I love how much it has changed since the introduction of ICS. My s3 on verizon broke and I cant afford to buy a phone right now but I already have a T-Mobile sim for prepaid. This would be much appreciated and keep up the good work!
    P.S. Shout out to Tim and Kellen for being into sneakers!

  • Bruno Rocha

    time to change my N4 🙂

  • James Tufarelli

    The red takes the nexus more towards the consumer market. Before, the white and black colors are easily lost in the sea of mobile phones. Now with the red, you don’t need to buy a case to stand out.

  • m1ghtysauc3

    Because it’s a Nexus, of course.

  • Edward

    Its A Nexus phone…. Anything else? I’ve only owned a Galaxy nexus and… Well I traded it three months after …

  • Greyhame

    I love the raw power of the Nexus 5, it’s standby battery life, and it’s gorgeous screen. Thanks DL!!

  • Markymarc18

    I’ll take the other one too!

  • Jim G.

    Thank You Very Much!

  • Scott Curry


  • Nathan Bunn

    I simply love the design of the Nexus 5. Its gorgeous.

  • Justin Smith

    I love the updates and not being locked to a carrier

  • slole1

    Red > Blue

  • THland

    The Nexus line continues to push the forefront of what a feature packed, affordable device should be

  • Nicholas Ruiz

    I love how optimized the phone is. There is a freedom about the Nexus line that is unmatched

  • James Bernard

    It’s a new phone and therefore I want it!

  • Aidan Pieper

    The minimal design and the software. Stock android is amazing!

  • Nexus_FrEak

    Err mer gurrd!!!

  • mjsplicer78

    The fact that Verizon hates it makes me smile

  • Ryan Becker

    That bright red is pretty swanky

  • Tj Neuman

    Would make a great addition to the family.

  • Jonathan Beadle

    I’d love an N5 in red. Ferrari phone.

  • snobrdr2324

    The butter is by far the most tasty of any phone out right now.

  • nicholas sippel

    Nexus 5 is even better in red

  • Byeonghoon Yoo

    i like the color red!

  • gpaine

    Freedom from Big Red

  • Alan Youngblood

    I love the display. The colors just seem to jump out

  • Mike Starling

    Would be awesome to have one in red 😀

  • Antoine Bohannon

    I could really use this!

  • Craig Rhudy

    the nexus 5 is absolutely amazing. I love stock android! I would love to win this for my brother so he can leave Apple behind and come to the light side!

  • hawkxcore

    It’s effing gorgeous. And worlds beyond my S4 that constantly reboots.

  • Andrew Knighton

    red is the new black

  • tishabarr

    I like the red.

  • Jackie Chen

    Stock android is the best part!

  • John Mahoney

    Nexus 5 – true android experience!

  • Jorge Galls

    Red looks great!

  • Nathan D

    That red color to show off the fantastic device.

  • Dimitris Manargias

    its color

  • hitsuji6

    The Red version is pretty gorgeous.

  • elyd23

    I want one 😀

  • rslh

    Su-weeet! Nexus all the way!

  • Rafy286

    was just about to purchase but I’ll wait I guess

  • Ryan Toney

    It’s a Nexus…’nuff said.

  • william butzke

    I’m a big fan of the red, I think a blue would look even better

  • azholio

    I loves me some un-bloated, easily rooted sexy time phone!

  • Roger Freese

    I really want this red piece of art!

  • Brady Broderick

    I can’t wait to see if i win or not!!!!!!!!

  • Ben Hen

    This is the best phone for me 🙂

  • Alan Hardin

    I love the Nexus 5 because it’s note the phone I have!!

  • hoosiercub88

    I need a GSM device to try out AT&T here locally, what a perfect way for me to do this. 🙂


  • phil

    I will be more than happy to share what I love about it if I win! solid hardware….

  • CarRamRod79

    I need to rid of my Gnex haha, and im AWESOME

  • Christopher Webb

    The Nexus 5 combines great, pure Kit Kat software with top-tier specs and spiffy hardware (I admire the barely-there bezels and weight).

  • Phil Becker

    Stock Android

  • Daniel martinez

    That would look nice in my hand.

  • finder999

    i love updates, that’s it!

  • serotheo

    The high contrast of the colors, without being just black and white.

  • Jayayess1190

    Free, for me. Love the stock Android with quick updates.

  • Owewil3225

    because no phone i have ever had has recieved timely updates and i love having the most up to date stuff. plus i had the galaxy nexus. feel bad for me

  • Walkerjs

    Definitely the phone I want as I plan the switch to T-Mobile or AT&T once I get married

  • mr_taxi

    Red Nexus 5 is just hot. Plus, school color.

  • Ry Sav

    the screen gets me 10 times out of 10. 1080p and little/no bezel…. MMMMM i really just cant get over how obnoxious and amazing that red is though hahah talk about LOUD!

  • Jonathan Hutchins

    Simply the best phone on the market

  • traumadog

    Red nexus…

  • Kyle Smith

    I love my Nexus 4 but LTE + 1080p would be awesome!

  • Nick Donofrio

    I’ll tell you once i win it

  • Sahaj

    Pure google without any of the other stock crap.

  • rodney11ride

    Solid red head. Oh and I want to see if carpet matches the drapes… Tmi? Who doesn’t want to have this phone.

  • TomStieger

    Being able to leave Verizon!

  • Jacob Gibson

    This would pair well with my nexus 7

  • Jerry M.

    Don’t know I still have the og droid. I’ll be more than glad to win the nexus 5 and move away from the og droid

  • Nick

    It’s a nexus phone

  • Mehedi Hasan

    Its powerful, stylish & updated with red hot color… Proud to be an owner of it… 😀

  • Damien Luna

    What i love is the simplicity and ease of it.

  • Mr. Matt

    b/c it is free!

  • Matthew Herring

    Woot Woot. Would love a Nexus 5 in RED!!!!

  • James P

    I love everything about the Nexus 5 lol

  • Tang

    I love its rednexusity

  • MistaButters

    Mmmmmmm vanilla Android just the way Google intended

  • Pam Oakea

    So pretty and just in time for V-Day

  • Kmannin9

    Red looks so nice!

  • SoccerRef12

    Red Is My Favorite Color!

  • LoganSchrock

    Well my GS4 charging port is crapping out so i would love to have a phone that easily charges!

  • luisrb7

    pure android

  • minimure77

    I need this nexus 5 so i can convince my wife to give up her iphone!!!

  • Chris Bailey

    It’s red… like MAGMA

  • BrianLipp

    The fast updates and pure Google-ness, of course.

  • i need some blood red in my life

  • Timothy K.

    top tear specs, pure Android, complete awesomeness, all for a fantastic price!

  • StephenRice

    I just like how everything works with Nexus devices. I’ve never had that experience with any other Android phone.

  • Nick

    The bright red color yo!

  • Flexo

    love the nexus 5 because its a mini me nexus 7, and that tablet is pretty rad.

  • danix180


  • Snowbo13

    tmo going to get some love if I win this red beauty

  • Josh Oberg


  • Ricky Blanco

    Obviously I should have waited to buy the red one! Oh, well, maybe I can give my girl a red one for V Day?

  • pearschris

    It looks good in red

  • Garemlin

    The G2 without the fluff!!! What is not to love.

  • Red is my favorite color and pure Google is the best Android experience you can have

  • Angela Amenta

    It’;s fast and sleek.

  • TJ

    Its the total package right now, and still only half the price of anything else out that can compare. The nexus 5 is great, simple as that.

  • Anant Shinde


  • Chris

    This phone seems amazing and fast! Watch out samsung!!

  • Randall Wanamaker

    Easily unlockable

  • I already claim this. Sorry guys

  • Garry Argueta

    Awesome look, would definietly like to add the Nexus 5 as my first Nexus phone!

  • Michelle Shorter

    I cracked the screen on my Nexus 4 and am using a hand me down. Would love a Nexus 5!

  • beng8686

    Go Big Red!

  • trouble monger

    I hope N5 has good battery life. N4 doesnt hold that good for my usage

  • ssjnimma

    sleem, sleek, SEXY!!!

  • terry12s

    I love the color of the Nexus 5 and I also love the fact that it has stock Android.

  • Justin Ellenbecker

    Need so I can leave VZW and go with T-Mobile.

  • Rob Mounts

    Yep, this would look great in my wife’s hands.

  • p4

    The fact that it’s vanilla .. duhhh .. well that and the hardware .. and it gets updated first .. and its looks sexy ..

  • nobody9

    Google rocks, Nexus 5 rolls. Nice features, good value.

  • Paraspolo

    I’m Awesome!!!

  • Logan Jinks

    I really love the price to hardware ratio that Google is able to sell the Nexus 5 at. $349 for a high end unlocked device is absurd! Also, the fact that Nexus line is the first the get the next version of Android is always a plus.

  • fiendishfork

    Speedy phone, with a great screen. Also no crazy bloatware. Just a great experience overall

  • androidkin

    Stock android plus a beast of a phone

  • Anthony Timoti

    I think it’s a solid looking phone with what I want out of a phone, plus it looks sick in red

  • Christopher Mann

    the brightness!!!

  • It’s sooo fast. Love all of it’s pure Android power.

  • vic

    Good phone!

  • Joe Hillier

    The Nexus 5 doesn’t run TouchWiz, so it’s already a thousand times better than my Galaxy S4.

  • Simple choice for an upgrade from the Nexus 4.

  • luciomtz

    Red is my favorite color

  • Rocco

    Processor and screen

  • jerrickdavis

    the nexus 5 is a great device for me as i am an app developer and it is great to be able test on the newest api level because of the awesome updates.

  • John Molina

    I just love that this one’s red.

  • Mangesh Desale

    Best processor at best price.

  • Tim

    I love that the nexus 5 is pure

  • Delia Balsells Martinez

    This colour is….too much attractive! the sexiest!

  • imnotmikal

    Google power OP. The red looks fantastic, and I want to to be free of the clutches of Verizon.

  • dhirensavalia


  • Jaybeesliding


  • Chris Hanna

    I would love a shiny new red phone..

  • I love that it is purely Google!

  • Adam

    Do Want! <3 DL

  • D Myers

    Headed to Europe this summer, would LOVE to have one to use there (and here)

  • miguel fernandez

    Red is my fav color 🙂

  • Wouldn’t mind winning a nexus for my birthday…

  • Jimeong Lee

    The big Nexus branding on the back.

  • Chris Frazer

    That is a lovely red.

  • Kirsten Lawrence

    Nexus is the best. Nexus is fast, sleek, and above all the rest! I’d die happy with one of these in my hand!

  • Guillem Ayats Torras

    What a nice phone!!

  • Dave


  • LoveJailbreak4S

    I love the Design and the perfekt Hardware!!

  • Vinicius Cordeiro

    the color red really stands out from other phones

  • garcia525

    Awesome phone

  • David Louie

    it’s just plain awesome

  • cloverz7

    I’ll know if I win it!, Here’s hoping to go from 4 -> 5

  • James Bang

    I’m loving my current black nexus 5 for its powerful hardware, great camera, and it’s reliable software

  • cjmsd

    I need a new phone and the red Nexus 5 would be a perfect fit.

  • CyHawk60

    Need to leave Verizon…

  • Brandon Higginbotham

    I love the nexus 5 because it is a powerhouse phone! It incorporates beauty, simplicity, and everything android into one amazing device!! Viva la , Nexus!

  • Wesley Stout

    Leave feedback… have chance to win Red Nexus 5, I can do that.

  • smisa27

    I love the minimalist look and the bright red would match my snowboarding pants perfectly!

  • JustinBookhammer

    I want

  • Metal_Link

    KitKat is so yummy.

  • Guillaume

    just the pure google experience 🙂

  • infogulch

    The value is amazing, and it doesn’t look half bad either.

  • sweaty chocolate

    I was just thinking today. It is about time DroidLife celebrated my awesomeness

  • tanknspank

    What I love the most about the nexus 5 would be it’s ability to free me from the stranglehold VZW currently has on my cell phone and wallet. 😐

  • jd623

    I love the Nexus 5 because it isn’t a Galaxy Nexus. :p

  • James Bang


  • Eric Kyle

    its red.

  • Daniel Walsh

    Me want

  • compnird

    I’d did winning this. Red is always sexy.

  • Patmw123

    I’d love to start a straight talk account with a Nexus. I like the red.

  • Disqus_n00b

    The low cost!

  • Yusef Andrews

    The stock android of course. It’s also reminds my of the red gameboy I never got for christmas 🙂

  • Roddy Neff

    The power and customization, plus a want the new camera

  • Alison Cuomo

    I love the faster processor! Can’t wait to get my next phone!

  • Nick V

    Nexus 5 is a true evolution in the Nexus lineup, and is continuing the revolutionary vision Google has set out in redefining the smartphone race. The Nexus 5 is light, sturdy, and full of innovative features in both hard and software

  • Bleeding edge hardware with a stock Android setup

  • Frank K

    Stock google experience!

  • Jason Cipriani

    dat color, tho

  • kashtrey

    That pure google goodness…

  • descalera181

    Quick updates

  • Jase

    Nexus = pure google experience.

  • Chris Millspaugh

    Love this phone, wish I got it when I switched from Verizon to T-Mobile instead of the Note 3.

  • Stretch44

    I’m ready, yes please!

  • Justin Costa

    All around performance and look – I love the simplicity of the look and navigation – everything moves fluidly without any hiccups! Also, I am a vanilla android fan and a Google-til-I-die maniac!

  • Joey Alessi

    I love the bright color, looks sharp! Plus my parents have the Nexus 5 (one’s white and one’s black) and it is sharp and without lag! Super fast and sweet looking.


  • KennyB

    Would be Awesome to own a Nexus 5. I have the G2, but I do miss the Unlocked Bootloader. =/

  • Devin

    Never owned a NEXUS device since im on THE BIG RED. Like to switch to this awsome phone and experice the vanilla android way

  • SnkBitten


  • Parkin

    Need this Red Nexus 5.

  • daveelm

    I like the whole nexus line cause they’re no bull devices that work and don’t have unwanted bloat holding me back. If I want a feature, I install the software.

  • Damian Kim

    nexus ftw!

  • Bogdan

    I would love to win this giveaway 😉

  • Mr ilheis

    I been wanting this since the day it came out and now that it is in red I want it MOAR!!

  • Jatt Monson

    Nexus nuff said!

  • Stone Cold

    I would love this

  • Stephen O’Neal

    What’s not to love about it?

  • Brendon Maldonado

    High end specs with vanilla android

  • CMilly

    Do want, I’m pretty fed up with the lack of recovery support for my verizon s4 :/

  • Chris Boyer

    I love the pure android experience!!!

  • havok0283


  • Edgar Azuara

    I Cant tell you what i love about it since I don’t have one(yet..) But from what I’ve seen and heard, i think that there is a lot of potential and possibility with this phone. oh and the greatest thing is that it’s stock android with all the google goodies.

  • Ryan Gullett

    Screen Size

  • Kelvin Camilo

    Every device looks amazing in red

  • Brian Turkel

    I need one of those

  • Flash34

    I love this red. It would definitely be a nice change from the black phones I always get. Thanks!

  • Michael Dermis

    I like the stock Android experience with great specs

  • oilfighter

    perfect for my mom

  • Chris Kaa

    “Were you listening Neo or were you looking at the nexus 5 with the red dress?”

  • Jacob Dagenais

    Woohoo!!! I want a nexus 5 Canada edition!!!!

  • Danny

    That’s its a nexus

  • Smashcat

    Pure Google goodness.

  • Jarrett

    Love the Red.

  • David

    I have a buddy that is ready to convert from Apple to Android. This would be a great starting point for him!

  • † Kh▲lil †

    I just love how simple it is and I love the new color

  • Babu

    Not sure if red is my color, but if someone gave me a red Ferrari I wouldn’t say no.

  • Wiil Cyclone Sanchez

    I’m a fan of it not being tied to Verizon 🙂

  • Kyle Todoulakis

    It’s simple, and no oem skins!

  • Sapko82


  • Shane

    Dying for one of these!

  • I love the Googliness of it 🙂

  • Gavin Lesko

    As everyone knows and points out, the simplicityand the clean look of vanilla Android is the best. The clean look of the phone and the harware specs and hard to beat for the price.

  • J Yeley

    It’s a red device that isn’t Verizon-exclusive.

  • Abdallah Hirbawi


  • Aaron

    I like the pure android experience

  • jwseris

    It’s RED!!!

  • Sup_Case

    Need one since my HTC One took a dump!

  • willie

    Would love a LG

  • It’s red and it’s stock like no other phone. I love Nexus devices and they’re the only Android phones i’ve ever used (currently on the N4).

  • john


  • 213ninja

    it matches my shoes. that, and it’s the GOAT Nexus so far…

  • trlovejoy

    That red looks pretty good!

  • Ricardo Gutierrez

    the beautiful design

  • Chris Moon

    I lke the Nexus 5 because I’m leaving big red and need a new phone!

  • James Sutch

    the design of the device and its specs

  • Justin Z

    It’s simply amazing. Isn’t that right guys?

  • Terrence

    I love and want the Nexus 5 because of no bloatwear or carrier involvement! Such simplcity.

  • Joshua P.

    Red is my favorite color

  • redline727

    Best bang for your buck and no contract!

  • mikey

    I so very much enjoy nexus devices. I have had the 7 for about a year. Love the simplicity and the durability of the o’s.

  • Six6Sicks

    I love this phone more than I could love a human baby.

  • Cliff_McAllister

    Why not Zoidberg color?

  • Aaron

    A powerful phone with pure Android. And now its RED!? Mother Of God…

  • Matthew Morgan

    Its smooth, fast, and elegant.

  • Justin Larmay

    Dat red phone. Reminds me of the employee edition droid dna. I want I want.

  • Zack W

    it’s red

  • Bryan Snyder

    Its red now…. !

  • BPStroh

    No Contract!

  • attarmarwane

    RED :D:D

  • Sean Q.

    i will be so popular with this phone

  • Samuel Victor

    that it does not run ios

  • Kendall

    Comment expressing a generally positive outlook regarding the phone in question in order to enter the giveaway contest.

  • Havoktek

    Red Devillllllllll!!!! Gots to have that!

  • I always love the way nexus products are outlined by google. I am a great fan of android and its awesome nexus phones. Each nexus product line google launches, has the most appealing awesomeness in it. Nexus 5 is no exception to its class. I wish i win one nexus 5 soon via droid life.

  • Japas Akira

    Nexus + red = awesome!! 😀

  • burntcookie90

    It’s just so sexy.

  • Chris R

    Bitchin specs!

  • Nick

    I want it… I WANT IT

  • jedivulcan

    So red! So fast!

  • Juan Sosa

    I like red.

  • Krishna Ersson

    Nexus = lean and clean. Red Nexus = lean, clean, and mean.

  • Ben


  • The sexy goodness of pure, unadulterated Android.

  • Seun A.

    It’s the most beauitulf out there.

  • Dom

    Slick phone

  • Joe Mihalich

    the launcher, battery life is decent, lots of third party accessories

  • John Carlo Cacho Gucilatar

    I enjoy the lack of lag. Really quick device. Doesnt make me feel like i am missing out on anything

  • Erik Parshall

    I am determined to own every Nexus device so might as well start big.

  • Okki125

    Whooo hooooo .. NEXUS me baby!

  • Chilly

    I love Red Heads…

  • Kassidy Klink

    I’m on Verizon, but I’m willing to try it using a mifi.

  • Sam

    Lte and the new color!

  • Greg Abbate

    Obviously, the red color. We have yet to see a phone with this stunning of a color. Very unique. And I want it.

  • Jeff Badger

    I love the fact that it works on three major service providers.

  • red014

    I’m awesome. So I guess that means I win.

  • Robin Roy

    Google that’s it that’s all

  • Jpm7714

    The Google experience launcher and surprisingly decent specs

  • chris

    I love that red.

  • dscott1027

    Pure android in a beautiful phone. Plus a motivation to leave verizon

  • sinnerofa10shun

    As everyone knows and points out, the simplicityand the clean look of vanilla Android is the best. The clean look of the phone and the harware specs and hard to beat for the price.

  • Richard Giordano

    show me tht red nexus 5 love

  • It’s a nice size, it’s RED, and it way cooler than my old (but solid!) Nokia 6215i

  • grumpyfuzz

    Stock android, and how buttery smooth it is.

  • mohamed mekawy

    Let me win…

  • rdearth53

    Even though my Nexus 4 is still kicking, it would be great to win a Nexus 5 to give to my mom so she can replace her ancient original Galaxy S.

  • Chingiz Saidov

    the amazing performance

  • Molly Housel


  • Rocketjrb

    When I win, everybody wins.

  • Justin Leahey

    I love the power of the Nexus 5. That snapdragon 800 is awesome. Plus the improved camera with OIS is great too. The red is damn sexy too

  • djab

    No bloatware!

  • jpfrasier

    I love the flexibility of choosing any GSM carrier, the LTE, the vanilla android experience.

  • Jason Chittenden

    Would replace my note 2 that is falling apart nicely!

  • John

    Pure Android, great specs and the cheap price.

  • hollerwt


  • Deez

    Aye Kellen, you got a Nexus 5 I could use for promotional use only (and maybe to play Flappy Birds with or something)?

  • binnym

    cool let me win………….

  • AngryBadger

    It’s a Nexus… and it’s red. Suits me quite fine I must say :).

  • Jason

    I will take one please.

  • Brian

    Hoping to get a new phone

  • Michael Nyitrai

    would be a great replacement for my nexus 4

  • Clayton Burnett


  • Antti Elonheimo

    Red is hot

  • Fabian Cruz

    Absolutely everything about it! Just want the red version :D.

  • aBabyPenguin

    The gorgeous screen

  • Mikhael Ramirez

    I love that it has kit kat already that comes with native emojis 🙂
    i find it better than the Galaxy S3

  • I love that it’s a Nexus 🙂

  • James Necessary

    Fast updates, no bloat.

  • Mike Head

    I wonder if it’s as orange as the bumper case

  • Minh Nguyen


  • Dan Letsch

    I would love to use it to check out tmobile

  • Kevin Fite

    simplicity and ease of use!

  • Josh Swenson

    C’mon DL! Make my VD special especially red this year!

  • Daniel

    Thanks for the contests!

  • Mantahoe


  • Matt Pierce

    I would love to compare and contrast with my MotoX

  • SyntheticBacon


  • it comes in red.

  • Aaron

    Red nexus, awesome.

  • devron

    Red Wedding??….no, RED NEXUS!!!

  • Jerry

    Great phone, great price, straight up Android.

  • henry

    the software is so pure

  • Ryan

    I don’t care if it’s red, that’s what slim bumpers and cases are for!

  • John Hopper

    It’s a Nexus.

  • SlimToby33

    I love that it’s got Vanilla Android, it isn’t locked down, quick updates, and the Google Now Launcher.

  • John Allison

    I really like how the red just ‘pops!’

  • Kevin Moreno

    The RED!

  • Rigoberto Cabrera


  • brandon johnson

    Already have a black one… This make me the biggest Georgia bulldogs fan in Athens, ga

  • bcamp27


  • Jason Grimes

    It looks awesome

  • Doug8307

    Looks good, man.

  • ryan

    It’s a Nexus, ’nuff said.

  • Josh B

    I’m excited!

  • Coolblue272

    Ive been debating a Nexus 5 vs a Moto X.. This would certainly make my decision for me!

  • logicalform

    Great value. Pure Android.

  • Micahlc

    I want a Nexus 5 because I want to ditch Verizon and retire my poor, but faithful Galaxy Nexus. We had a good time together but it’s time to move on to a bigger, better Nexus.

  • Daniel Reitzell

    Nexus is all about the raw android experience! I love it! No carrier BS to deal with.

  • Brandon Miller

    It’s just so darn beautiful. I need this in my life.

  • mathew chambers

    awesome! i would love a red nexus 5!

  • Dennis Payne

    All Google all the time.

  • Sean ➫

    I actually love that the speaker grill is red! Good luck come my way!

  • Consequence

    Need an upgrade from my GNex!

  • John

    The ability to unlock and do what I want with MY phone.

  • Joey Buchanan

    I want it

  • Autumn Raine

    Everything, I simply love everything about the Nexus 5.

  • UncagedChipmunk

    As much as I love Motorola’s Moto X. Something about a Red Nexus, or Nexi in general, it’s very alluring

  • Joseph Rocheleau

    I don’t mind the red, but it doesn’t really matter anyways. Unless you go with a clear case, nobody sees the back of your phone. I really liked the Cruzerlite Wallet case that was featured on here, so I think I’ll get that if I win this and drop VZW on my GNex to head over to TMo. Fingers crossed.

  • kevinh52

    T-mobile here i come with a Red Nexus

  • Andy

    Because nexus are affordable with great specs!

  • Ben Modica

    Stock, and the new Google Experience Launcher.

  • Xeeros

    Vannila Android, bloatware free, and as always amazing hardware.

  • havokx626

    nexus life

  • John R

    I have a moto x but I want the true nexus experience!

  • Andrew


  • Mike Alma

    Awesome in red!

  • ashok

    how can you not love a nexus? For realz. It’s a nexus. What more is there to say 🙂

  • Nolan Rader

    Love the red.

  • TedPhillips

    OIS camera

  • Edgar Cancela

    I need it

  • rattlesnake506

    Experience as Google wanted us to.

  • Bindy

    Love the Nexus line up ESPECIALLY the Nexus 5. I’ve been stuck with a very bad phone for a long time, and it killss me as an android fanboy. Really hope I win this giveaway 🙂

  • Faruq Pradhan

    Fast as hell phone, at an amazing price! No regrets!

  • NickMotoX

    This would be suppahhhhh sweet!

  • Boss As Hell

    I love everything about it The battery life, camera, etc. I had a great experience when I had my N5 for that month or so. Unfortunately life called and I had to give it up for a while.

  • Sparktweek

    What I love about the Nexus 5 is that it is a great phone that shows off all of what GOOGLE meant to have in a phone, and not the “bells and whistles” of other OEMs which actually detract from the phone itself. Thanks DL!

  • DavinelLD

    Quiero ese teléfono *-*

  • Woody

    It’s Google, that’s why Nexus!!!

  • xileF

    The Nexus 5 is minimal and outstanding at the same time!

  • Bill

    Well, for starters, it’s a red Nexus!

  • Josh Hudson

    Love my Nexus 4 right now. The Nexus 5 seems to be all that and even better. The Red is striking!

  • Bolivar A Garcia Crespo

    A phone perfect for valentine! Naaah It will look fabulous in my hands

  • Brian Krygowski

    I need something for my wife for Valentines Day.

  • Jeremy Martin

    Well I like the Nexus 5 for the freedom it gives..i really like the red nexus 5 because its red. Go Buckeyes! 🙂

  • Michael Harrison

    I’m so awesome, even the red can’t outshine me!

  • ferrari187

    That red! So need it in my life

  • SJ Prettyman

    What I like about THIS Nexus 5 is that it would be FREE!

  • whiteboyx69

    I love that Its not locked down and i can do what ever i want with it.

  • fateunknown

    Love the nexus line of phones. Just wish I got this N5 instead of a plain black one

  • ejtsang

    The best thing I like about the Nexus 5 is that it is NOT my Galaxy Nexus that is getting REALLY long in the tooth!

  • Matt Sasges

    Red and it has vanilla android, yes please

  • boardindude

    Quite simply, its bright red and its beautiful!!

  • Animate

    The ease of use of the phone.

  • Shifty


  • Jonathan Bunch

    I love the pure Googliness experience

  • David Imel

    Honestly it feels like a clean slate. When this was first announced I was excited, but red is my favorite color and I am long due for an upgrade.
    Long live the nexus line!

  • Clayton

    The red will hide all dem blood stains… 😉

  • Tóth Norbert

    What Nexus means for me? Design, Purity, Power-user, Hack, Freedom, Cool-factor, Proud member, and also Vibrant RED !!!

  • Kernschatten

    I love the lack of carrier branding and bloatware best.

  • gonecks1

    Pure android, no bloatware

  • Latrell Treewell

    I’m tired of verizon and getting this phone would help out with that switch immensely!! plus, the red is dope.. best of luck to everyone who entered!

  • MJ

    Stock Android, unlocked, unlockable bootloader, update support, the best
    3rd party ROM support…It’s the only phone I would own right now.

  • Daniel Jones


  • DS

    I love how quickly you can get Google updates. I’m sitting on GS3 and the only way to get any decent updates is to root and flash. Would be nice to have a device that was designed for pure Google.

  • rreich49

    I love the pure Google experience.


  • CaptainHowdy13

    I like the look and feel of the device. It’s so light yet curved just right. Sexy phone

  • David Rhiley

    Off contract

  • Enderson Tejada

    Alright! my favorite phone in my favorite color

  • jbank

    The blinding red color!

  • Rudy Bistrovich III

    i miss having a nexus….

  • Bassenza

    Such red. Much wow.

  • Louly McButter

    Its simplicity. And ITS RED!

  • syo

    The community/dev support for it

  • steven taylor

    simple. that’s the beauty of the nexus 5 (even in red).

  • Jared

    I’m a stock Android fiend. That, as well as fast updates from Google are what I love about the Nexus 5.

  • Tyler

    I just like red.

  • Christian Andrade

    Because Its RED!!

  • kylebrodeur

    I would love to check this one out.

  • Javier Guzman

    Power and size. Super lightweight and sexy in RED. Give it to me already!

  • steveliv

    I wouldn’t mind getting this phone.

  • big007hed

    Pure Android along with the those specs are a phone nerds dream!

  • Dan Anderson

    I don’t love it so much because I don’t have one. I’d have to get to know it first.

  • David Belyea

    Need 1 to convince my gf to switch to Tmobile.

  • Juan

    Lady in red…Haha

  • gc8

    I love the design of the Nexus 5!

  • joracar

    Direct updates from Google.

  • Maciej Kaznowski

    I absolutely love the pure google experience baked into this nexus!

  • stephen.

    Stock Android. The large, beautimus screen. The Snapdragon 800. The name. The ability to easily root and unlock the bootloader on that mother. OH GODS.

  • Wes Thomson

    No bloat, beatiful in it’s simplicity.

  • Tanson

    The black and the white seem bunk compared to the red!

  • Cris Gizzi

    What I like about the Nexus 5 (or any Nexus device, for that matter) is the freedom it allows its users. Freedom to use the device how ever you see fit. If you want to customize your experience with it down to its roots, you can. If you’re perfectly happy with the experience the way it was designed, you’re more than welcome to keep it just the way it is. Freedom of choice is king.

  • AeySimp

    Red & Black… whats not to like?

  • Nicholas Scott

    Pure android in sexy vibrant red. So so want

  • Andres V.

    Red would go awesome with my new phone! 😉

  • ForrestTracey

    Pure Android!!!!!

  • Aaron Hearne

    Love the red. stands out.

  • Jeff

    Black and red are my fav color combos 🙂

  • Mathew Colburn

    The android experience the way Google intended it to be.

  • humidity


  • FknTwizted

    Just love nexus devices… Get tired of ui skin overs.

  • Russell Saisho

    Pretty simple…pure Android.

  • Peter Au

    RED NEXUS! must be extra fast like red cars.

  • Michael Sudol

    Oh Yes! Red is my favorite color!!!!!

  • benjewman

    i love the pure google fashion of the nexus 5

  • Aaron Esham

    Up to date version of android and no bloatware.

  • Jim Houpt

    Pretty much everything.

  • curtis206

    the 5-inch screen is just right

  • Phillip Burns

    Great device and, as a Computer Science graduate, I appreciate everything about it!

  • Jakemerrell

    I love how easy it is to root and unlock. There is no easier phone to put custom roms on.

  • Joel Conde

    The color.

  • Emmanuel Duarte

    Nexus 5 is backed up by the greatest company on earth. This is why I like the N5 so much.

  • Nick

    I’m off contract with Verizon now. This would be perfect to jump ship to T-Mobile.

  • Jamie

    I love the new UI for the nexus 5, would love to try it out more.

  • Ryan Hume

    I need a new phone to experiment more on instead of mine and my wifes phone hahah.

  • Nick M.

    The use of a single model for all carriers. Makes finding ROMs a whole lot easier.

  • Teksu

    I love the Nexus 5 cause its a nexus!

  • Josh Minsley

    I love free phones.

  • Aven

    I want it!!!!!!!!!! The red one looks so hot!

  • stock android experience

  • Mark Schiller


  • Michael Schnider

    The fact that with it you are free to use any gsm carrier you prefer. And not have a huge leach of a carrier slowly sucking you dry. And plus….the phone is sexy as hell..plus if I win it, I can telling everyone i got it from the kick-ass guys at droid-life. I could also tell Verizon to suck it.

  • Dave Amburn

    Red Nexus FTW!!!

  • Mark Magat

    Red nexus. More reason for the phone to get attention! i love it.

  • iceburgh

    The color red wows me, and that its on a carrier other then Verizon would move me

  • Mark Bailey

    Stock android is what I love most about all nexus!

  • Leonardo

    The color, it’s different and it’s one of my favorite colors!

  • Tyler Lawhon

    I want it!!!

  • I was using Android Studio to compile an app the other day and the emulator is straight garbage on there. Hooking up a nexus for development purposes would be amazing for me. PLEASE!!!

  • athom07

    Stock Android and the Dev Community



  • Mike

    I love that such a powerful phone is so available off contract.

  • Hobie Helbich

    If I am ever in trouble, I can just hold up my phone!

  • Kidqwik

    I want this for the bright red most of all. It would b like.. My batphone..

  • halkun

    I want the unlocked bootloader and be able to customize Nexus 5 to my liking 🙂

  • root4life

    Its simple design. Its just sexy

  • Ajay Anthony

    I own a Galaxy Nexus and i’m hoping i can upgrade if i get the N5

  • RyanM

    The best two things about this phone are the stock Android with Google Now as the launcher, and THAT RED EARPIECE!

  • Princesation

    Pure Google. Plus my favorite color is red!

  • Chris Cismowski

    Mmmmmmmm so so sexy

  • kevin

    My att note 3 locked bootloader makes me sad so this would make me happy!!! Make my day…brighter with a blindingly red nexus 5 please!


    how the back feels soooooooo nice

  • Darrick Moren

    Value without leaving out high end

  • xev!n

    great phone

  • nodoubtfan

    I love that it’s unlocked so I can use it on any carrier. Plus, I love the red color! Saves me from having to buy a red case!

  • kevin

    Cant go wrong with stock google-ness

  • Jason Hare

    OOHH! Shiny!

  • Zachary Gabet

    I’m feeling lucky!

  • kevin

    Plus the wife could use a nice valentines gift because I’m a cheap skate

  • T4rd

    Stock Android. “Nuff said.

    • Ryan Hume

      No NO no !!!! its mine damn you.

      • T4rd

        Get back to work, you! =p

  • Brian Rosman

    I love the pristine Android experience. And the scarlet hue reminds me of my beloved Red Sox.

  • kevin

    I love red

  • Sai krishna Maheshuni

    Stock Android

  • Jimmy Leang

    I dont know what its capable of. I would like to explore it please! 😀

  • Calvin Huynh


  • callumshell1

    It’s definitely one of the best looking devices out there, My dated phone looks like crap compared.

  • ShazbotSE

    I got a black nexus 5, and it’s definitely the best phone I’ve ever used. Wouldn’t mind another in red!

  • amaelo ezeonwuka

    I love the color and that it’s a pure android experience!

  • Warrenbert

    Because Star Trek “Generations” was the best and I want to re-enter the Nexus

  • vk


  • Joe Ruiz

    I just love pure android .

  • Jonathan

    It’s a nexus! what more do you need?

  • Kyle L.

    I love the Google now lancher combined with the 1080p screen and soft touch and that snapdragon 800 is a beast!

  • ok4me2xlr8

    Because it is better than my gs4!

  • Edwin

    unlockable bootloader

  • George

    It’s a beautiful phone, and a total powerhouse!

  • Jason

    Nexus! That is all

  • Serf33

    I love the options a Nexus gives you

  • Rob

    Would love to have a red Nexus 5!

  • Elliott Rains

    I like the Nexus 5 because it doesn’t have Touchwiz/Sense. That in itself is reason enough to want it.

  • SeanODriscoll

    Google goodness…

  • Ray Gray

    Its a Nexus

  • jefftphillips

    Nice Phone

  • Ryan Mavis

    I want one!

  • K1cks

    I love not having to hack my phone to get a stock OS

  • Tyler A.

    It is a well made device, and runs stock Android!

  • steve

    Never had a nexus yet .

  • JohanV

    Please. For me. Gracias.

  • Gruia

    That really looks good in red and black

  • Travis Erickson

    Need that stock feeling every once in a while, touchwiz starts to become a burden rather quickly

  • Jared Denman

    it lets me leave the corrupt company called verizon. enough said.

  • Tony B

    Have wanted one, hopefully I’ll get lucky

  • Cameron

    Would prefer an orange one but I guess red will have to do

  • Cameron Laudick

    Just because!

  • aby0811

    Its a nexus, end of story and its red love it.

  • J. o

    The REd

  • David Wanless

    install ALL the roms!

  • Creepy33

    I love 4G and its shapes 😉

  • redfoxdude

    I love the pure Google experience, the camera is decent, and red is my favorite color!

  • WheresAnt?

    I love the vanilla aspect long live nexus

  • PaulMaddux

    Cheap, but free is better!

  • Jonathan Orellana

    Totally switching carriers for this one.

  • Andrew Chiu

    The crisp clear screen, GEL, and the great community of developers behind it.

  • Imbornone

    Roses are RED, violets are blue, I want that damn NEXUS 5 TOO!! Good luck everyone!

  • GuySmileyPants

    I like red. Sometimes.

  • Doug Jones

    Red Nexus 5 will match my…well, nothing, but still!

  • UniBroW

    Red Nexus 5 looks amazing

  • jblanchard

    I am about to make the switch from Verizon to T-Mobile… this Nexus5 would look pretty sewwt on my desk

  • Tyler Porritt

    Not had the chance to use the nexus yet. Would be a great time to start. Just ended my contract,

  • IAmRyC

    Stock Android and the fastest updates for new Android versions.

  • Glen

    Who wouldn’t want one?

  • ZealotOnAStick

    Sweet, I’d love one. The red is snazzy . . . but I’d honestly have to give it as a gift to a needy friend. Love my 32GB Black.

  • Yuuup

    I love everything Nexus!

  • Chris123NT

    Love the simplicity of the N5

  • Aram⚡

    Is the Nexus Red or is the Red nexus?

  • KaptainKudos

    Sleek and stylish. Cant go wrong with Nexus Devices

  • Alex

    I love the fact that the screen has the best color reproduction of any display.

  • TimXer

    Would be my first Nexus device and want to experience the latest and greatest each time google sends it out and want to be free from VZ and give some month-to-month services a shot…

  • trumpet444

    I bought one of these for my girlfriend. I’d like one for myself as well.

  • mouli

    it is best phone with in budget where other flagship phones cost a lot 🙂

  • Lee Zimbelman

    I love the Nexus 5. Would be awesome to win one.

  • g_what

    It is easy to root!

  • JuBagel

    I’m down like a clown….

  • Jose Alcala

    Love that it’s pure Android!!

  • Michael McCart

    Hope I win been wanting the Red Nexus

  • Donnell Jones

    Yes plz, would love a red/orange Nexus 5!

  • Jon Drain

    It’s a Nexus, I love everything about it!

  • Michael Shorey

    i love the pureness of the OS.

  • supaman

    I love the color

  • Thomas Reavey

    Red is awesome

  • Michael Doren

    Yes, please!

  • hooligan

    Love more unified body color on the red.

  • Henry Conant

    I could use some color in my life, so yea, RED ME!

  • jcstx

    It’s a pure android phone!

  • Greg Mapes

    I want a Red Nexus 5 because I’m shocked no one did an unboxing video for it. I would correct that ASAP!!!

  • Spencer

    I love free stuff and chicken too.

  • Jay Booga

    Nexus is awesome. Love the stock software and the awesome feel of the device

  • Tim

    What do I love about it? It’s a NEXUS!!!

  • Ethan

    I miss my N5. New dog thought “hey this is mine now”

  • Nexus!!

  • nickjk

    It is not loaded up with chickensh*t bullsh*t

  • Manny

    Awesome! Win it, win it, win it! Me!

  • coybot

    I cannot wait to blind everyone i know with the awesomeness of this phone AND it’s bright red color!!! I was in in my teens during the 80’s… who doesn’t love day-glow colors?

  • Clayton Ball (Ballmore)

    I have never had a Nexus. I’d love a chance to upgrade to a stock phone that doesn’t have all of the carrier extras.

  • Jason Lewis

    Ready to upgrade my GNEX!

  • Dominik Rozek

    best phone ever!

  • pharmdy

    The pure google experience is the biggest draw to this bad boy!

  • B J Books

    Love Nexus devices and especially ones that look like they are glowing red hot.


    Google’s vision of what Android should be is the version I enjoy using.

  • Larry Franks

    I love all things red

  • Christopher Heuer

    Simply being a Nexus device is all it takes.

  • NeilGeorge

    Who would not want to a Red Nexus Phone!!!!

  • Tyler Morrow

    Love the new color!

  • David Triscari

    A phone without compromises

  • Red Nexus with vanilla Android! I’ll be the coolest kid on the block!

  • tfk232

    Love love love this red nexus!

  • Tom D

    If I win I’ll be more motivated to switch away from Verizon which is a win all around

  • senor_heisenberg

    I love that the Nexus 5 gives me full control over it. It’s so easy to mod it out our a custom ROM on it, unlike the phones from almost every other manufacturer. Plus it runs stock Android, which I love.

    Thanks for the giveaway, DL.

  • KCCO

    Pure android..

  • Sharrief Ibn Kamal Shabazz

    Its not a red Moto X, but I’ll deal.

  • Kevin B


  • Steve Burdette

    We’re in the process of switching my wife from Verizon to T-Mobile and I’m getting her a Nexus 5. This red one would go a looooong way as a VDay gift. 🙂

  • mohsinleo05

    Me Too !

  • wtm1417

    Pure google android, plus dat red.

  • Pure android with awesome silicone backing.

  • David Henry

    I love that it is much like the Nexus 4 I love so much…but with LTE 😀

  • Chuggowitz

    I love the fact that it’s not much bigger than the 4, but somehow has a bonkers screen.

  • Mauricio Sanchez

    A fast stock phone, the latest version of Android, no bloatware, AND IT’S RED.

  • sjkl

    I love the new color!

  • Nero Valzer

    What do I love about the red Nexus 5? I love that it is Google and that it is in red! What more can you say?

  • Richard W. King

    I have the black 32gb and white 32gb Nexus…need Red to complete the collection!

  • modernbummer

    Yeah! Really want a new Nexus device!

  • Ray Sommer

    lordy, its a beut

  • Michael

    So bright red it blinds me!

  • Mike Lee

    Nexus 5 for the win!

  • M3tr1c

    Great looking phone with the red accents.

  • BikerBob1789

    Pure Google!

  • GoatsOnBoats

    It’s pretty but would want to see more options, like blue or green!

  • Nitin Varughese

    Need to replace my crappy phone!

  • trayes77

    My wife would love this phone!

  • d-rock

    Pure Android!

  • MooseCat

    It’s a great value in addition to its specs.

  • trext

    You’re my boy, Red!

  • Mitchell O’Briant

    Already rocking the moto x, but it would cool to have this as well.

  • Chris P.

    Please! Let it be me!

  • Jeremy Gentry

    no stupid touchwiz

  • Leonard Daniels

    Hope we continue to get Nexus devices from Google going forward .

  • Evil-D

    I like that it is always has the latest version on android

  • Matt Harpenau

    Love the red color, and who doesn’t love that stock Android!

  • EMcTx

    Red is my favorite color, I’m sure it looks great on the Nexus.

  • KarloC.

    a matte Grey nexus 5 would be so awesome. I’d exchange my white for it in a sec

  • slider112

    Soft touch back. No fingerprints and feels great in hand.

  • vvtim

    Stock android.

  • Erick Gonzalez

    Well, i’ve had a pretty bad week, hopefully this will work out better.

  • Stephan Miljkovic

    The vibrant color!

  • BDuff32

    I love the Nexus 5 for its pure android experience and its sleek, simple, but yet powerful hardware.

  • David


  • Steve

    I like phones. Never had a Nexus phone.

  • mikewilson1021

    I love the feel of the N5. It fits just right. I also love the pure Android experience. NOTHING beats it.

  • Kilgore Trout

    It works and it works really well.

  • Gage

    I would love a pure Google phone.

  • cpo122

    It’s kind of sexy.

  • Josh Linn

    pure GOOGLE can’t beat it

  • Jason Lindsey

    I need a phone without all of the bloat. Unfortuantely I cannot root my phone for business reasons.

  • Anthony

    Would love it for the wife!!!

  • ArrowCool

    The best thing about a nexus is it’s sleek design and how it shows off how the operating system is supposed to look and work.

  • Voyageur

    This would be a great first step to getting off contracts! I love the stock Android experience and powerful hardware.

  • Joe Gessner

    Like the Red.

  • Alexandru Socol

    Simply, it’s the King!

  • Mike Treubig

    Red for the win

  • Ivo Shandor

    I can’t wait to see this shade of red in real life!

  • KarloC.

    love the nexus 5.. red is my fav color

  • disqus_NiFx7xH3Fh

    Pure Google experience and the red looks amazing.

  • Will C

    Red Nexus! It’s time for an upgrade! Lemme WIN!

  • Jesus Elle

    Stock Android red Nexus is just damn sexy

  • htowngtr

    I think it’d be awesome to rock a red version. Definitely unique.

  • JR

    Sure would love a red one!

  • ramifications

    The design of the matte and soft touch polycarbonate with the awesome screen is my favorite part of the Nexus. And of course having Kit Kat is awesome too!
    Thanks DL!

  • Love this color!

  • DranyamTrebor

    Please help me escape vzw…… And then rub it in their face by using a BIG Red phone!

  • Andy Shokry


  • Dennis Da Menace

    No clever comment for this contest this time around. Good Luck everyone!

  • Hello

  • Zach

    It’s a Nexus, Pure Google.

  • Alex

    DAT red

  • DJ

    I hope I win!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kenny Li

    the pure android experience

  • andrew torres

    latest updates from google, 1080p screen and improved camera over the nexus 4

  • BrandonFlecksteiner

    I would love to re join the Nexus owners pantheon

  • Zain

    How the NExus 5 is a Pure google and android phone rather than android

  • Deegan1212

    I’m stuck on Verizon, so if I win this I’m gonna carry my Gnex around as a hotspot. #fuverizion

  • Michael veli

    Stock android

  • Sara Vieira

    It’s goddamn beautiful !

  • kepley


  • Tom Wu

    Had the white, but the red is sexy.

  • Eyerace

    Love me some nexus.

  • Tim Buchanan

    It’s monolithic.

  • TankerTuff

    It’s a great looking phone. No carrier branding and bright red. I like things that stand out in a croud.

  • PhilyP

    I NEED IIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!!! *sponge bob*

  • buckeyefan

    I want it!

  • Razgriz417

    What a nice red

  • Looks nice.

  • pbolton70

    Red is my color I so want a nexus device

  • Anthony Lee


  • Barlog

    I just love how Sexy it is, it just feels right in my hand

  • cobakk1812

    Not Apple! and it’s Red! you guys rock!

  • Bmart123

    It is the Fire of Google !!!

  • Plerisei

    What I like about the Nexus 5 so much, is that I can potentially sell it to buy me a Moto X, best phone of the year son. Get good.

  • Bret Smith

    The Nexus 5 is the best overall Android experience you can have. I would love to experience it. If Jimi Hendrix was alive, he would ask:”Are you experienced?”

  • AbadoX

    Me want new Nexus. Me have OG Nexus and time for upgrade!! ME WANT COOKIES!

  • Issac Burgos

    Nexus is #1 it’s that simple!

  • Dave Brown

    because I’m getting the itch wanting to upgrade from the S3….nexus 5 red umm yes please!

  • Toni

    I love the red color. Sick looking little Nexus right there!! I’ll trade ya my HTC One in silver?

  • Luke Cooper

    Software updates, I luvs em!

  • 15kramsmada15

    Nexus 5 MKBHD edition!

  • Cody Diehl

    If the white Nexus 5 is called the “Panda” then is this one called the “Red Panda”?

  • KatieWilliams

    Its so cute

  • Dustin Kear

    Powerful, stock Android!

  • davesnothere

    unlocked and custom necessary.

  • Adam Wunder

    The red would definitely fit in at all the Phillies games I’ll be going to this spring/summer! Sorry Kellex!!!!

  • dtk

    I bought the red bumper because I wanted a red phone… and now they made a red phone.

  • Marc Romero

    Pure Android…simple as that, plus great specs

  • Justin V.

    That powerful snapdragon 800 is what I love most but it’s a nexus…. Timely updates baby!! Thanks DL for the awesome giveaways like always!

  • cgalyon

    I love stock, open Android devices

  • Beto

    Nexusssss in Reeeedddddd….she’s coming back to meeee

  • frosty_nerd

    I love the idea of a phone with no Contracto!

  • gkarako

    i love the red colour i love nexus and i love google. I m happy with my gallaxy nexus but i think its time for a change!

  • Jerry Gooch

    I was just considering a replacement.. maybe I’ll be able to save some money for the rumored nexus 10 refresh! 🙂

  • Dan I

    official phone of the chicago blackhawks

  • @KarinaGanwani ∞

    What I love about Nexus 5?
    I love the simple yet elegant design. The Purest Android OS experience. The neat and clean UI. The small but empowering additions. The exceptional combination of best features + apt price makes it THE BEST ever Nexus experience.
    I hope the NEXUS range always continues to do what it’s best at: “TO IMPRESS.”
    I LOVE THE NEXUS 5 & what better color there would be than a RED NEXUS 5. 🙂
    If I’m lucky to win it, I would upgrade myself from my faithful companion of 3+ years – My NOKIA E5 (that I ADORE even today). Thank you!

  • breadable


    (and it’s a nice device)

  • Ahmad sharif

    Its a uranium fire, burns whatever you want

  • JMonkeYJ

    Nearly pure Android and quick updates…hallmarks of the Nexus family!

  • Joe Reed

    How could you not love that color 🙂

  • duke69111

    I love its openness.

  • cheapsuits

    pure android with that red backing. mmmmm.

  • josiph

    Powerful, beautiful, stock android, and unlockable

  • DjDonF

    I love the fact that the Nexus 5 is NOT my Galaxy Nexus.

  • kdub

    Never had a Nexus and this thing looks sweet. Plus I’m so tired of the S4 I messed up !

  • Scotty Braun

    Its a very sleek, stock, powerful, cheap, and contract free beauty! this will replace my dying Galaxy Nexus! hope I win

  • Mike Arnett

    I love stock Android!

  • Well, it’s not Black or White. That’s what I love about this phone.

  • enemyisyou

    I wants it. I needs it.

  • rda990

    Red Android 🙂

  • Bismarck Ledezma

    I love how the nexus5 is just so simple and elegant, no need to try and show off to compensate anything. HOw Google envisions an android phone.

  • Eric Soriano

    I would love to own what could be one of the last nexus devices!

  • Ricky Ortiz

    need this for reasons

  • I just upped my data plan from 4Gb to 10Gb/mo and convinced my wife to ditch the feature phone. This would be perfect to get her into Android. And the red – very stylish. Thank you!

  • Jason Smith

    I want a stock experience with my phones, coupled with great hardware you can never go wrong with a Nexus device!

  • I like the Nexus 5 because it offers stock android. I like the Red 5 because it is red!

  • Jarom Bradshaw

    An MKBHD edition Nexus 5! Whats not completely badass about that?

  • Shane C.

    I’m about to jump ship from Verizon and a nice, shiny, RED NEXUS would be a great thing to have…and save me some money from having to buy one myself 🙂

  • Valdir Gomes

    omg that’s fire poweRED! I want it!

  • Kevin Hannigan

    It’s a nexus

  • DJ

    I support the Nexus program. No Verizon bloat and update delays.

  • Bill

    It’s red!!

  • Francois Forrest


  • Daniel Russell

    Dat Color.

  • Matthew Hettrich


  • Yehia Abdelmohsen

    The color red is nice, and its powerful!

  • s2k_848

    Let me win this!!! 🙂

  • Eric Geders

    I love that it is a Nexus with LTE!

  • Brandon Bryson

    Pure android, baby.

  • puma5000

    What do I love? Google. I bleed blue, red, yellow, and green

  • jsz3us

    It is giving people what they want. A moderately priced powerful phone that will be able to meet all of your expectations and never letting you down.

  • teeee

    I’m a nexus newb.

  • Caleb Loop

    I love that the entire touch screen works! I’ve been going with only half or my nexus 4 screen working for two months now!

  • joe

    Love Google power in red

  • Greg

    price and value

  • 2andFro

    It’s so pretty

  • Scottyb112

    Love the Nexus 5 because its Googleness! Well priced, and contract free! Plus Im diggin the red. Im ready to Ditch my galaxy and Verizon, so this will come in handy!

  • Stefany B. R.

    So this should be mine. Yep. Gimme.

  • Shane Redman

    My last name is Redman…..of course I want it

  • jason

    i want this bad!

  • Michael Thom

    Bloggity blog blog.

  • Peter Chen

    Red is the color of luck.

  • Gabriel Sanchez

    I want the Darth Maul Nexus 5 special edition!

  • Sebastian

    The red colour is gorgeous!

  • Mike_Cook7

    Yes! Love black and red. Even talked my wife into a black and red wedding.

  • Alberto Martinez

    ANDROID !!

  • nvitone23

    Stock Android

  • I_Am_Roy_Halladay

    I was thinking about switching to T-Mobile from Verizon, a free Nexus5 would really seal the deal!

  • Christopher Lawrence

    I’ve heard and seen reviews about it – it would be really nice to own one and push it to it’s limit. Especially for a media person like myself (photography and music + soundcloud activities), this phone would suit me just fine. Good luck to everyone!

  • Ben Myton

    I’m a fan of the on screen buttons.

  • portrub

    I’m awesome???

  • Patrick Maher

    It’s a Nexus.

  • Richie_Rich

    I want that Safety Red in my life!!

  • Darth Wolfy

    Just really love everything kellex has done for the community over the years. and this red N5 just tops the cake. Keep it up Droid Life team.

  • a7xchogan

    It is absolutely the smoothest version of android and I want a red one

  • Inspector Butters

    I need a lady in red

  • Rajan Verma

    Because red is my favourite colour.

  • gregg nichols

    Red would look so good on me

  • Steve

    Nexus = Android the way it is supposed to be

  • D Shipp

    Have never owned a Nexus would love to.

  • Tarun Verma

    I want this because (of);
    1) I’ve been wanting this for a LONG time.
    2) The simplistic, yet bold design that really catches my eye.
    3) Stock Android and future Google update guarantee.
    4) THIS one especially is red and I love red!

  • Gary Reynolds

    Clean and quick.

  • Ben McCracken

    I think I like the red.

  • Dan

    It’s so pretty.

  • petamengu

    Red is better than dead!

  • Emilio S.

    Pick me pick me!

  • giovanny

    Simply a nexus device 🙂

  • Lance Cokel

    I love the bright red. It is a true open phone. No one to tell me that I can’t unlock the bootloader and load ROM’s

  • BAoxymoron

    It’s a device that is actually my device to do whatever I please with it.

  • Steve Messer

    It’s an amazing phone that I didn’t get because of being locked into another contract!! Plus my birthday was the 4th, HOOK ME UP!!!

  • Matt Johnson


  • EC8CH

    Pure Android

  • Sean

    The design and screen resolution! This device looks gorgeous!

  • john q

    I want the red nexus 5 Because I love it

  • John Hallanger

    Fast processor

  • Alex Mette

    no skin

  • Emilio Arias

    Good luck everyone with this beauty pice of art 🙂

  • Airen Blakovich

    I dig that sleek Nexus 5 design, and stock android doesn’t hurt, either!

  • Luiz Mattos

    Dat color.

  • Svenja Görke

    A red Nexus! that’s awesome. great color, great phone!

  • Dilan Manatunga

    I would love to have one to program some awesome applications.

  • Matt Schultz

    No contract! Thanks for the contest!

  • Rick H

    Now this is the business.

  • Bluewall

    What I love about the Nexus 5 ?
    The real question is, which phone could I love BESIDE the Nexus 5 ?
    It’s the gift from Duarte, that’s all !

  • FunkyMonkey88

    Need this phone so I can move off of Verizon!

  • Humberto Hernandez

    Fast updates (officals and custom roms)
    Such hardware with that low price
    No problems with exynos and stuff.

  • David Fowler

    The god damn nexus is blue!

  • James Thomas

    This would be a perfect replacement for the MotoX my wife destroyed….

  • Carlomau5

    Had a Nexus 4. But gravity then asserted its will on it and now it’s f*cked up. I want it. Please.

  • Begings

    Red for the wife!

  • calculatorwatch

    I love that it’s a way better version of my GNex which I’m unfortunately still using

  • Kevin Kranzky

    I love my Android OS NAKED!

  • Carrie

    Would love this!

  • Russell Lowe

    The Red color! It matches my Dodge Charger perfectly.

  • Jeff B.

    Red! I need this!!!!!

  • Aaron Binner

    A colored nexus that’s real!!!!!

  • Dana Pagliarulo

    T-Mobile is coming to my neighborhood…time for some Nexus action!

  • Bradley Ruiz

    The color, red is my all time favorite color 😀

  • woebtz

    Live my GS4, but nexus phone is mighty intriguing.

  • Jason Whiting

    oooh….red : )

  • aculbreth

    It’s Red. NC State is Red. Nuff Said.

  • Kcoan3

    NEXUS 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IN RED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • coffeechip

    It’s calling out to me.

  • JIM

    V-Days coming up..would be the perfect gift to give to the Mrs…since i’m already blowing my wallet on the festivities for the night, could show off my love to her by giving her the red version of my phone….yeah buddy. Keep rocking on DL!!!

  • Nic Jensen

    Having a red Nexus 5 is like being with Verizon without actually being with them!

  • Brian Dady

    Google and Red!

  • PaulK1997

    I already have 2 and need a set.

  • tfarrelljjr

    The simple fact that it’s a Nexus device! The phone will sell itself!
    The fact that it’s a Red and Black phone doesn’t hurt either (Go Terps!)

  • Mr_Pinkey

    It’s so RED!!

  • Russell Polack

    red…nexus.. nothing else needs to be said

  • Michigan Guy

    I love that it will help me leave Verizon. Just as an extra bonus, its red!

  • kevintufts

    5 full inches.

  • Kevin

    Some people have said they don’t care for the color… I personally LOVE it.

  • Mark Rising

    The blindingly beautiful red!

  • Zanzaras

    Arrgghh!! My eyes!!!

  • Mitch Ware

    I like the 1080p screen

  • BIG CAT #7

    Pick me please!!!!!! I would love the “Pure Android Experience”. Haven’t had that opportunity yet…..

  • Scott Webber

    Who doesn’t love a Nexus?

  • It’ll match my red shoes!

  • Gunnar Jones

    Direct from Google support. Fun community. No carrier restrictions.

  • Kcoan3

    NEXUS 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IN RED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Owen Howe

    ill take one

  • Vito A. Mancini III

    I love the thought of having a Nexus simply because I’ve never had one before…and it does look really nice in red!

  • Rushi Patel

    I love the fact that its straight up Google! And its freaking Red!!

  • Scott C.

    It’s bright red! It would stand out in the snow if I dropped it.

  • Chris Hansen

    For a Nexus, I’m exceedingly pleased with the camera. Pictures are clearer than my GS3 and the stabilizer is awesome

  • Penny

    I love red!!

  • Ben Breeze

    Bright red. Yes!

  • jofficus44

    I can take this to the carrier of my choice. Win!

  • RiotPenguin

    I can’t find my phone, so…time to get a new one!

  • Randy Palmer Jr

    It’s a red nexus device 😀 I love the color red :3

  • Shannonb

    I would love to win this!

  • Matt

    The best thing about the phone is that it is a Nexus phone!

  • Andrew Osborn

    I need this to get off ATT and move to the $30 t-mobile prepaid to save money as an unemployed bum.

  • Nick


  • Michael Lozano

    Three words: Pure Google experience.

  • newbielike

    Save me please. My s3 was lost and my wife has an upgrade and wants to give me her iphone4. I’ve been getting by with no phone for 3 months now and
    I dont want an iphone

  • franek ratulowski

    love nexus line and my wife wants the red one

  • George Messiha

    The color!!

  • 994196003

    The stock google experience.

  • Alex Papagno

    It’s the safety phone!

  • George Maxwell

    I have never owned a Nexus device. A red one is a great place to start.

  • Brian Ruden


  • kac89

    Love the Nexus in bright RED!!!

  • Cory_S

    If I won this, I’d take it with me when I travel. That way if I get stranded I can flag down search helicopters with it’s bright exterior.

  • Derek Robinson

    Red Nexus!

  • will

    quick updates

  • Joshua Patrick

    Its nexus whats not to love!!!!

  • Gary S.

    I need a new phone!!! Hook me up, Droid Life!!

  • Brien

    Love my Moto X, but would love the full Nexus experience more!

  • Mark Kish

    yes please!

  • john_h_r

    It gets updates direct from Google.

  • Aaron Russell

    Awesome phone!

  • Mike Ampaabeng

    I love how simply yet powerful the device is!

  • Justin

    3 words…. Pure stock android

  • RGiskard

    Love the pure design of this handset. No frills, all chills.

  • The_Omnix

    It’s a Nexus. Enough said.

  • Jeff Shelton

    Im still using a beat up Galaxy Nexus on its last leg. Need I say more?

  • michael hill

    Never played with a nexus 5,but the Red looks a lot better than the other colors in my opinion.

  • wachw

    N5 Is simply awesome.

  • Ryan

    Perfect for the wife!?!

  • CopierITGuy

    I had the OG Droid and it’s pure Vanilla goodness. Since, I’ve had 2 skinned devices, the horrendous HTC Thunderbolt and currently the GS3 – much better. I’ve been wanting to go back to stock, and this would be just what I needed to push me back over the stock ledge!

  • Nevets

    Stock android, made by LG, and fantastic hardware. If they threw in an external SD card it might be the greatest phone on the market (IMHO)

  • Callum

    Awesomeness x 5

  • Vincent H

    The real android experience and speed.

  • eclect1c


  • Michael Bassett

    The form factor looks great and professional, yet fun.

  • kevslider

    I like the Nexus 5 Red because it is red. Comment.

  • Mike

    Great looking phone!

  • Naveris

    Never had a nexus cell had nexus 7 tablet its just awesome

  • Meltdown07

    love the quick updates from google!

  • gimlet72

    I would like to have a red phone. Its only my 5th favorite color

  • Dale Stickrath

    Due for an upgrade in Feb. I couldn’t do better than this!!!!

  • Eddie J Camacho

    The SUPER FAST RAM!!!!!!

  • Saidno2Sleep

    It’s sleek and sexy… and I haven’t even seen the front yet!

  • Ed D

    Need to replace my aged GNex. This looks perfect for that purpose.

  • Feed Jake

    I want to start developing apps. And could really use a Nexus to test them on. Making bright red would just be a super bonus.

  • Jim Davis

    Pure Google, fast, awesome display. Nexus 5 FTW!

  • pdpkong

    I would like to win a New Red Nexus 5 for the Lunar New Year!

  • housry23

    I am a Nexus fanboy. I will admit that. Not so much that I get my panties in a bunch when someone bashes it, but it does hurt my little feelings. But, the Nexus 5 has been my favorite Nexus so far. It’s a great device. My favorite part of the Nexus line is prompt OS updates.

  • Harpreet Bains

    Pure Google….and fastest updates …. and ‘red’ icing….what’s there not to like

  • Houda Oussous

    Red !!!

  • ChrisCorp

    very nice looking phone with simple stock android and ability to root and rom , nexus ftw!

  • Jeremy

    I wanna go to Straight Talk with this phone! Plus it’s red and awesome!

  • joseph gonzales

    I need this because I lost my safety jacket when I ride my bike. I can just strap it to my arm… Easy reflector

  • Kofi Du’Facto Nyarko

    The new ART runtime. I currently own the Gnex and ART boosts up the performance like crazy. the nexus 5 with its snapdragon 800 will be a killer

  • abhele

    please win

  • Jordy McKever


  • David Goller

    Plain ole’ Google, no extra skins or anything else.

  • CKJackson1536

    Red is the color of energy and passion! Which the Nexus 5 has plenty of! What better way to show how passionate you are about Android/Nexus than flaunting this beautifully red device?

  • Allen Yates

    I would switch to a prepaid carrier if I won this! Don’t let me down DL.


    I love the fact that the Nexus 5 has a crisp large screen plus It’s a Google phone, and it’s in Red. This is just as sexy as the white version. I’m a die hard Nexus lover and proud of it.

  • jaytizzle

    No more bloatware, no more waiting for updates.

  • gsDroid

    Sexy color.

  • jwoolz48

    It’s a Nexus 5 and it’s red!

  • Hashim305

    Red Nexus FTW

  • tharealoc

    The tweet said I could win for being awesome….I’m awesome! Nexus 5 has amazing specs.

  • T S

    cause it’s red. . . .. that is all.

  • UNCNYY04

    The Nexus is fire!

  • Brad Jones

    Sweet phone!

  • jordan

    i want a nexus, its red. its glorious.so i think i should get a glorious red nexus 5.

  • Joe Furniss

    I would like a nexus 5 red because of it being red. And also having newer android version than my current device and also having Google now launcher

  • Anthony Mugofbeer

    That would be an awesome phone to win

  • je56751

    Its a nexus, red, no glossy sides. What’s not to like about it.

  • Dee Mann

    this!!!!! so i can finally leave verizon!

  • FSXv13

    Do give.

  • mronki

    i like the color *.*

  • Josh C

    Nexus…what’s not to like?

  • Limitless developer support.

  • Colin Hayes

    It’s the latest iteration of a line of phones that has already proved itself to be reliable and innovative, all for an unbeatable price. What’s not to love and want about the Nexus 5.

  • gtdtm

    The red just looks so hot!

  • southstar24

    Red nexus 5, what more can you want??

  • komradefox

    If I won this Nexus 5 I wouldn’t have to use the buy the official red case!

  • Tim

    Love the red nexus it’s beautiful!!

  • Carlos Morales

    #Iheartred would love a reason to leave verizon

  • Nate

    Because Red!

  • Nicholas

    Nexus + red = AWESOMENESS.

  • villian1998

    IT’S RED!!!!!

  • byung

    After using the nexus 5 for a few months I don’t know if I ever want to move away from the pure android experience. It’ll be nice to win the red one so my girlfriend can ditch her iphone.

  • j petro

    Red Nexus. Nuff said.

  • Todor Velichkov

    fare price for great phone

  • It slays Dragons.

  • Stephen

    just a pure google experience!

  • roswellraygun

    I love how open it is.

  • topherct

    It’s a Nexus.

  • Bharath Kannan


  • Akilig

    It’s red, it’s stock, and this one is free!

  • Kaustubh Ghanekar

    Google! Of course, the processor second! 🙂

  • Geo

    I love the Nexus 5 because Nexus 5.

  • elms

    my galaxy nexus needs replacin’! a red nexus is just the ticket!

  • Gil_Smash

    I want one. So. Bad.

  • SonOfEris

    Not entirely sure I like the Red or not. Might have to live with it for a will to know for sure. But it IS a Nexus 5, and that’s what counts.

  • Rafa Sandoval

    Quick updates, great developer support, sleek design, super fast, better than my phone by miles and miles, its sexy bold red.

  • JeremiahOverton

    I would love to play with a Nexus device 🙂 Please send one my way 🙂

  • Jesse Lear

    Two things stand out to me.

    1. Price
    2. pure stock top of the line android
    Everything else is just extra

  • Tyler Spurgeon

    I’m a red head that needs a red Nexus.

  • Michael Ouellette

    Stock with updates when they come out.

  • kubukoz

    Nexus 5 is simply awesome. That’s why!

  • morteum

    It’s a Nexus. And I am a poor college student who can’t afford fancy phones.

  • T Hall

    The red is nice. I like it as it is different from the standard greys/blacks/whites.

  • Isaac

    Thanks to the bright new red everyone will know how lucky I am to have a new nexus

  • chjapa

    It’s a Nexus 5. The best phone on the market. Whats not to love?

  • Sarbjot Athwal

    stock android colour

  • jrstark

    Red is my color 😉

  • Zarni

    Love it.

  • DubiniD

    it’s amazing specs for the low price.

  • NothingShocking

    Another giveaway I will not win. Unless you count what an ex-girlfriend of mine gave me years ago. Worst contest I ever entered.

  • makivelli

    That it isn’t the Droid Bionic.

  • gardobus

    Clean, bloat-free, stock Android. It may not be the top of the line when it comes to specs but it is Google’s vision of what Android should be.

  • EvanTheGamer

    It’s new! And who doesn’t like new things, ie phones? Also, my favorite color is red so…yeah. 🙂

  • zwade

    I’m just ready for lte again…

  • Hubert Song


  • BrianBrick

    I want the nexus 5 ui and a slick red phone!

  • DanielCarl

    the color is pure hotness!

  • theiowakid

    Yeah buddy this thing looks awesome!

  • Alix8821

    I want a Nexus!

  • cmonnats23


  • Oscar Maradiaga

    i want this so bad please pick me!!!!! I love taking pictures!

  • Denard Mondesir

    Its a Nexus Device! who doesnt want one… 🙂

  • icyrock1

    Great performance for the price. Not to mention official OTA updates has soon has they’re released.

  • Siggy

    love that bold color.

  • JeremyBowlby

    I love how bright it is.

  • I have an iPhone 5C now, but I’d love to go back to Android!

  • Chadwick Evans

    I would love a red nexus!

  • Jerry Alton

    A red Nexus! I will not require a case for this bad boy.

  • T3viin

    I would love a nexus 5. I’ve never had a nexus device yet so that would be cool. Thanks DL.

  • Rúben Santos

    It’s a Nexus, so I get fast updates, also the new laucher is great. In this case it’s even better, because it’s in red, my favorite color.

    • Rúben Santos

      Oh cock! Another U.S. only entry? Well, it’s seems that you can delete my entries.

  • C-loZ

    reminds me of when i got my Special Edition Red Ocean 2 when Virgin bought Helio.

  • @1MPitts

    Pure stock android

  • PhillipNorris

    pure Android and i could try out some of the pay as you go locally

  • Franklin Ramsey

    How could you not like this Nexus!?!? Solid radios, decent camera, and OK battery life? My GNex is very jealous and worried that if I win, I’ll try switching to AT&T or T-Mobile.

  • Clint O

    It’s free of bloatware and free to tinker with.

  • The Future

    Please, and thank you.

  • Stock Android, unlocked bootloader, STRONG dev support.

  • Andries Menko

    I love the simplicity yet powerful design. I have my HTC one, which has amazing sound, but I miss the clean Google interface of the Nexus line. Having it in red just makes it even better 🙂

  • KT

    The Nexus 5 has a clean look, runs smooth, and despite what others say, it has an awesome battery life.

  • T_Dizzle

    LG has made great strides lately and I would love to try them on T-Mobile.

  • Menelaus

    Wife desperately needs an upgrade…Let’s do this!

  • grumpypants

    dat red.

  • David Lopez

    The freedom of the big red!

  • David

    The big screen, and OS.

  • Yanto Lee

    The quality build, hardware specification and last bu not least are the affordable price and PURE ANDROID!!!

  • chris125

    Top of the line specs, pure, untouched android, and a price that can’t be beat for a device of it’s caliber. Not being handcuffed by a carrier makes it even more enticing. No long waits for the latest updates. Plus it is red, and what better way to make a statement and let everyone know what kind of device you have than fire truck red nexus?

  • Jeff Juett

    I like that this one could be mine for free.

  • Aaron Sassoon

    Its the latest nexus!

  • Teresa Joy


  • Leonard Fletcher

    unlocked and stock kit kat

  • Nicholas Shaun

    Awesome! A red Nexus! What else could you want!?

  • Toan Ngo

    Red, then put it in a black case.

  • dashwinegar

    Dream phone. Pure android. My little family is going through a rough stretch so we can’t afford one, but it would be awesome to win one!

  • Dubz.lover

    The Google Experience..

  • Aaron Hawkins

    that red. yup. it’s pret-ty nice.

  • Michael Suriel

    I have red hair so…

  • Roberto Fernandez

    I want to WIN!

  • Luis Martinez

    I can’t wait to have it and be the coolest geek at work! XD

  • Jim Morris

    Immediate updates, Google Experience Launcher, great hardware, what’s not to love?

  • Ralph Rodrigues

    Because its NEXUS ! And also comes in my favourite colour !! its a Double win 😛

  • Van Walker

    Would be a GREAT upgrade to my Galaxy Nexus. And RED too!!

  • Kyle Bailey

    Its RED

  • geovanny martinez

    Red looks nice!

  • Raven

    I love that it is a Nexus with an unlocked bootloader so that I can easily root it although I also love that it running stock Android so I would probably not bother to ROM it.

  • trd105

    I need a nexus in my life

  • rals

    Emergency Phone

  • Eric Middleton

    Pure, unadulterated android.

  • Dan Lopez

    Holy Moses!

  • Lewis Erbe

    Vanilla Android, unlocked bootloader, and the latest and greatest updates straight from Google.

  • Leonardo Totaro

    oh gosh, it’s the Nexus 5 and it’s red!
    That’s why I love it!!

    It would be amazing to win one! please please please please..!!!

  • Nayners

    Stock android, and fast updates. I hope my wife likes the color!

  • HotwingCindy

    I wanna win

  • Jo

    proves less(bloatware) is more

  • Boostified

    A bright red nexus 5 to go with my new bright red case on my nexus 7, I will never lose both of them again!

  • Chris M

    It’s the ultimate Droid phone.

  • elemeno

    Best value. Great specs. Fast updates.

  • Really wish this color had been available 1 month ago when I purchased my Nexus 5. Still very happy with mine and rocking a sweet Spigen Slim Armor case.

  • jpxa

    I love AOSPPPPPPPPPPP and its red, that’s BA.

  • Dustin Woodbury

    I love technology

  • Jason Poquiz

    Now it’ll be easier to see I’m on the phone while I’m class! WOO!

  • Anesia Overlund

    um loving the red!

  • michaeluchikado

    unlocked, affordable, sexy

  • david

    Looks like an amazing phone!, would love to replace my razr maxx of a brick..

  • jdomann

    It’s a Nexus device and it has LTE 😀 Also being able to take it to whatever carrier I want (except Verizon of course 🙁 ).

  • Justin Bontrager


  • Timothy Robinson

    I love that it now comes in red. My favorite color. Also the updates are boss.

  • pball_inuyasha

    I love the openness of it and that I could try something other than vzw with it.

  • Bryan

    Haters gonna hate I love me some red nexus

  • Roderick Daniels

    Red is my favorite color, and I’ll need a new phone for my impending switch from Sprint to T-Mobile ….#uncarrier

  • Tejwant Singh

    I want stock android in my hands right now! Tired of touchwiz. I hope I win.

  • Rob Kaplan

    The nexus program and updates are amazing! Plus bright red!

  • lilseal18

    Wondering if the speaker volume is improved on these later models?

  • Khaf

    Red and black are my favorite colors. Perfect combo for the near perfect phone.

  • Charlie

    the N5 just works, period. smooth, fast, and a perfect screen size for me.

  • Ben Leggett

    Dat clean OS.

  • ImAnurag

    Super awesome screen with OIS in Camera and android’s latest updates without any issues 🙂

  • Lucas Hibbard

    Ohhh!! New!!

  • DanielMena9

    Nexus 5 on the table at dinner. BRIGHT. done

  • Josh Sleeper

    Stock Android or whatever ROM I want, not locked into a contract, one of the faster phones on the market, and now in my favorite color? Yes please.

  • spliced249

    Red N5? Um yea!

  • Andy

    I had my doubts out the color but it looks amazing. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Larry Bublitz

    Because it’s ONE BETTER than the N4!

  • Hesedguy

    No extra garbage, straight Google.

  • androidrob1221

    The nexus 5 is an amazing phone n I love red

  • Hockeypuck55

    The best part of the Nexus 5 is obvious, pure vanilla android. And now in red.

  • Pdiddy187

    Who wouldn’t want it?

  • Brian Walker

    A friend of mine at work has one, and the battery life is stellar. Add that it’s just so petite for a large phone, and I just love it.

  • Therent

    I love that if i win, it’ll be in my hands!!

  • Michael C.

    that red color! and it’s so vanilla

  • NCSUgolfer01

    It’s a nexus.

  • Kyle Lehman

    This phone is how the nexus line can get noticed.

  • jbegs

    I like the look of the phone and would love to get a taste of vanilla (android that is).

  • Brandon

    I love the red!

  • Jackson Graessle

    It’s the nexus 5.

  • Adam Buchwitz

    Pure Android, no fluff. And Red is my favorite color!

  • androidrob1221

    I hope I win. I’ve wanted a nexus 5 just haven’t had the money. N now I’m helping to pay for my gram’s funeral. So no money for a nexus 5.

  • Justin Fosco

    Vanilla android and developer support!

  • sr_erick

    It’s so pure, so right, and red is my favorite color so this is right up my alley!

  • thumbsup182

    The price to spec ratio

  • Patrick Sullivan

    Looks really red and awesome

  • br_hermon

    It’s a solidly built phone, and simply put, it’s a Nexus, including all the perks that come with being one.

  • Tommy Thompson

    On screen keys and quick updates have always attracted me to the Nexus line.

  • travispavek

    Could this be the first and last red Nexus??? I hope not!

  • b00sted

    let me leave Big Red with Big RED!

  • OFD

    Because I know what I’m getting with a nexus even if lenovo buys lg

  • miri

    I really love the clean, simple design; just a flat slab with subtle tapering on the back for ergonomics. No crazy shape, glittery texture or fake leather stitching, excessive logos, physical nav buttons, etc.

  • Himanshu Gupta

    Nexus 5, The best phone in the market at present

  • Rafael Montilla

    ill take it.
    match my hat…

  • Guest

    What’s better than a nexus 5? A red nexus 5.

  • lukeborn

    First it’s a great phone… But more specifically I like no lag and wireless charging.

  • NelsonBig


  • Adam darko

    I think the Nexus 5 is the best phone you can get, for its battery, screen size and the fact it updates stock android

  • Joshua Berkowitz

    I want a Nexus! Bastardized Android is subpar at best to the “real” thing.

  • Manu Dasil

    Nexus !!!

  • Aniket Kulkarni

    I’m from india. It would be cool to win a nexus especially since I know a ton about android interface and os and custom roms.. But this is almost free of bloatware.

  • NexusMan

    The Google Now Launcher. And the color!

  • Skrewee Lewee

    Simplistic. That is the best word to describe the Nexus. And I want it… because I’m Skrewee Lewee… and I’M… AWESOME!

  • sirathos89

    It’s both bright red and pure google – what’s not to love?

  • RC

    That color just looks amazing. Amazing.

  • cleffy

    I like the bright red, looks good!

  • Travis Vesely

    It’s red, I think that’s enough.

  • dwboston

    Snapdragon 800 and the Google Now Launcher.

  • Sebastian Lundgren

    The Nexus line rocks!!!

  • Edward Smith

    I own the White 32GB Nexus 5 and hoping to win this for my wife for Val Day. This phone is awesome, the latest Kitkat is optimized and fluid, hardware is up to par with standards, slim body, and very fun to use.

  • Paul Devey

    The color!

  • SlyKrysis

    Red Nexus 5, best looking one yet. Would love to get one!

  • huskerhog

    I’m from Nebraska. Of course I like red!

  • Matt G

    How can you not love this phone? The specs, the colors, build quality, It is exactly what android should be

  • Mark Luna