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Deal: $0.99 Classic Albums from Google Play for Select Users

Haven’t purchased much music from Google Play? Considering how great Google Music’s free cloud music storage is, that’s understandable. However, Google wants to encourage folks to buy music from its digital storefront, and so the company’s offering select users classic albums at the deeply discounted price of $0.99.

The deal, which features a diverse range of work including Nirvana’s “Nevermind”, Guns N’ Roses’ “Appetite for Destruction”, Kanye West’s “The College Dropout” and U2’s “The Joshua Tree”, is only available to customers that receive an e-mail notification from Google Play.

Those that get the message can then purchase albums individually (up to 5 per account) at the sale price until 11:59 p.m. PST Thursday, January 30.

Did you get the email?


Via: Google Play Music
  • Ken Mankowski

    No. I use Google play all access for all my music. Just wish they had old metallica.

  • Artune

    It’s only for peope who haven’t used that account to buy songs. My main account did not get an email but my youtube/business account did. Oh my school email (which uses gmail) got it as well lol, weird. Oh and I don’t have all access but once again I think its to get people into buying songs.

    • I buy a ton regularly, as well as an All Access account.

  • AJH

    Still haven’t gotten the e-mail…

  • Has anyone that does not have All Access gotten this email?

    • RonD

      I don’t have all access and seldom buy, but got the offer.

  • enigmaco

    I picked up some still had credit left over

  • Barlog

    Got mine last night. Picked up my 5 albums but it kinda felt stupid to buy album’s that I can listen to anyways since I Pay monthly for the service.

    • Marshall P.

      I got the email. Check out of the list. And came to the same realization that there is no point in me buying an album that i can listen to for free.

    • There is still something about owning your music. I’m not sure how long I’ll be renting my music. Always nice to know anything I buy I can cancel, download my collection and move on.

  • Wolfpack93

    Love being a “have not” and reading an article that only applies to the “haves”. Hey, did you get the letter in your mailbox that gives you free car maintenance for 3 years? You just have to send back the reply card. What you didn’t get it. Oh darn; sucks for you…

  • morgan boyle

    jerks didnt include me. WTF!

    • morgan boyle

      who am i kidding, i wouldnt buy it anyway.

  • picaso86

    Get Rich or Die Tryin’ – 50 Cent 🙂

  • paul_cus

    People should already own Nevermind.

  • Chris

    Nirvana and Guns N’ Roses are much better than Kanye West. Just sayin…

    • thumps up if u agre

      le wrong generation am I right?

      • John Legere

        Not sure where it says any artist is better than the other.

  • I got this email and have bought a few albums. I don’t know why I got it. I am subscribed to All Access and have purchased music from them. But I am glad I can get a few albums for really cheap!

  • trixnkix637

    I bought Bob Marley’s Legend, Notorious BIG’s Life After Death, Bjork’s Post, Faith No More’s The Real Thing, & Prince’s Hits 2. Thanks Google, though this does nothing to soften the blow of you selling Moto.

    • michael arazan

      I’m still peeved they don’t have Led Zeppelin in All Access but sell it in the play store.

  • BigMixxx


    All eyes on me is 99 cents. and Destroyer is 99 cents….AND Queen ‘a night at the opera’….

    it’s like magic…

  • fartbubbler

    I didn’t get the email, I guess I buy too much from them.

    I feel like I should be rewarded with a great sale price for buying music from them :/

  • middlehead

    I’m guessing they only sent this to accounts that have never made a purchase. They sent it to my secondary gmail account that I’ve taken some free stuff on but never spent any money with, but not my main account that I have purchased apps and music through.

    I do see a few albums I’d want, but I’m not going to bother. It’s bad enough that I have to remember where I bought something between Amazon and Google, I’m not going to have Amazon, Google, and Google.

    • kaufkin

      +1 for this, exact same thing happened to me. same result.

    • Higher_Ground

      I think you’re right. I grabbed the free Kanye album they had not too long ago, but haven’t bought anything else or even listened to it for that matter. I’m not really interested in fragmenting my music collection by adding Google Play as another source I have to switch between to listen to music. It’s pretty sad, but I haven’t had much physical music ever, and haven’t really downloaded anything in years. If I have a hankering there’s usually someone who’s uploaded it to YouTube, or I’ll just go with w/e a streaming service decides to play.

    • apackofmonkeys

      Nah ,I’ve never bought a thing and I didn’t get the email. I don’t care, as I wouldn’t have bought anything anyway.

      • middlehead

        I said they only sent it to accounts that hadn’t made a purchase, not that they sent it to all accounts that hadn’t made a purchase. Reading comprehension is your friend, you should visit him more often.

        • Nope. I buy music and still got this great deal!

  • I saw quite a few albums in the list I’d want to buy, but haven’t gotten an email.

  • John Legere

    I just pirate. ..i mean i use Google All Access.

    • JoshGroff

      Piracy + Pandora One is where it’s at. 😀

  • AbbyZFresh

    This is why I pay only $8 a month for All-Access.

  • It’s great as a few of the albums offered are deluxe “2 disc” sets…

  • MistaButters

    I got the email. I own most of the CDs that I would be interested in buying. Still, 99 cents is almost worth it to buy the ones I’m unsure about.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    There’s a reason I pay monthly for subscription music.

    • Joseph A. Yager

      Same here. I got the email but shrugged it off.

  • Ryan Powell

    I got the email but haven’t had a reason to buy music since the Google Play Music All Access Longest Name EVER service launched.

  • Ben Murphy

    I actually clicked the ‘Shop Now’ button in the picture…d’oh!

    • Silver Veloz

      LOL. So did I. Oops!