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Overwhelmed by the Choices in MotoMaker? Moto X Randomizer Can Help

With MotoMaker, users can customize a Moto X specifically to their liking, and there are countless ways to customize. While the bigs ones are the front and back colors, there are also accents and wallpapers to choose from, so it can get crazy for first timers. There are also people that just want to be inspired by other devices that they see. If you need help thinking of a few good Moto X combinations, check out Moto X Randomizer and it can give you many great ideas. 

Randomizer is very simple – it displays different variations of the Moto X, and you click love it or nah. Once you find a design you like, Randomizer will take you right to MotoMaker with all of the correct slots filled in for the colors you liked.

As we said, it’s very easy to use and it’s a cool way to see just how many variations of the Moto X you can create. And don’t forget, now is the perfect time to start customizing, as the Moto X is $70 off through MotoMaker when buying off contract until Valentine’s Day.

Check out the Moto X Randomizer.

Cheers Dylan!
  • Ross Newhouse

    Man, I wish I could just get that walnut back to put on my phone.

  • OkGoogleNow

    If you guys are having a problem finding matching wallpapers after you find a random design that you like, and you have it in your hands, check out the app called Xpaper in the Play Store. It has wallpapers for all of the colors (including wood)!

  • Ant

    This site has Verizon & Motorola’s cawks in it’s mouth constantly . Troll On That!!! I used to enjoy this site lol I remember when Kellen looked down on everything Apple back in the early droid life days and cherished everything nexus. Tim cracks me though specifically because everyone downvotes him anytime he says anything. Im ready for my downvotes now for having an opinion aka trolling LMAO.

    • Philip J. Fry
      • Chris

        or you could not read and respond to things you do not like or is that really hard for your brain to process?

    • SimpleObserver

      You’re not getting downvotes for having an opinion. You’re getting downvotes for acting like a douchebag. Please don’t confuse the two.

    • Mcgaughys

      Didn’t this site start with a Verizon Moto phone? The OG? The phone that started Android? I know it wasn’t actually the first, I had a G1.

    • Sankyou

      You said cawks.

  • Tyler

    They should make it so you can choose a back color and it will tell you what is popular.

  • Pedro

    Meh. I wonder why there is any choice beyond hardware.
    Maybe it’s a bit cool to see your name when it boots, but that’s kind of a Face Unlock uniqueness. Hey, watch my phone when it reboots!
    Custom wallpaper? How about long press home screen, select wallpaper?

    I’m betting that 90% of those that buy a phone through MotoMaker know the front color. The back and accents are the only REAL choices.

    Anyhow, I’m still hoping that Moto does all it can to get itself relevant again.

    • Gr8Ray

      The wallpaper I chose through MotoMaker wasn’t available in the standard wallpapers when I reflashed my phone with the factory image, they are only available through MotoMaker. Not that they are very good wallpapers, though.

  • I tried 50 combinations trying to find something ugly so I could post it here. I couldn’t find one bad combination.

  • 775summit

    I dropped my X and smashed the volume key into a U shape. Call customer service to see if they could help and they said it’s under warranty here’s the code so you could get a free one customize it however you want. Props to Motorola customer service!

    • That’s bossy! Good on you, Moto!

      • Junaid Ansari

        “Overwhelmed by the choices in Moto Maker?” Sorry… I’m Canadian :'(

    • John Legere

      And send the old one back?

      • 775summit

        yes I sent the old one back.

        • John Legere

          Cool, i was confused at first.

          • Chris

            * I

        • Eric R.

          Still worth it. Did you get the same one, or did you change the customization?

          • 775summit

            yes I went a little crazy green and orange with a black front. First one was black front blue with yellow trim. Wouldn’t let me upgrade to a wooden one because it was a replacement

    • John Sanatar

      I am curious if your original Moto X was designed on Moto Maker, or was it a standard carrier phone?

      • 775summit

        yes it was through Moto maker on the cyber monday sale I got it for 350 no contract

  • RoboCop

    What’s going to happen on/after Valentine’s Day? I’m thinking free wood backs followed by $299 32gb

    • Maxim∑

      299$ 16GB will happen eventually probably

    • hkklife

      It won’t happen that so soon. They need to space out there excitement and pace themselves because there are NO rumors of anything new on the horizon (yet) for 2014. I kinda wouldn’t mind seeing a mild spec bump to the current X just to keep the momentum going. Maybe a notch faster CPU speed or the availability of a 64GB storage option? Or even a Moto X Maxx with a bigger battery?

      • RoboCop

        Id like a Moto X in metal with speaker dock.

    • Sankyou

      They could release one with wireless charging. I’d probably buy another just for that and flip mine.

  • Ryan

    Im starting to get sick of the Moto X stuff all over DL. I like the handset and glad its popular but its starting to get old. just my .02

    • We’re all waiting for the 2014 goodies….hang in there.

      • Ryan

        Me too lol.

    • Mike Aurin

      Careful!!! Voicing an opinion favoring anything but T-Mobile, prepaid plans and the Moto X will get you down voted to oblivion.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        ^^ Downvoted for mentioning Tmobile.

        • Philip J. Fry

          Downvoted for mentioning downvoting.

          • Jarred Sutherland

            I C Weiner … aw crud!

      • Jarred Sutherland

        I’m downvoting you for being a cry baby.

    • Marcus

      really? they had blackberry news today they just report whats going on it’s not like every single day something amazing is going on. Do you think they have 10 new feeds everyday reporting stuff about the HTC one kit kat update? or the LG G2 kit kat update? Unfortunately for you the moto x has the buzz right now the S5 will be out in a few months and that will be all the talk.

      • Blue Sun

        “Breaking News: LG G2 Kit Kat was not released today. Tune in tomorrow for the same breaking news story!”

    • Tim242

      Yeah, they are obviously pushing an agenda.

      • Moto Money.

        • Tim242

          Gotta get your share of that 500 million!

          • Jarred Sutherland

            Because Samsung would never stoop to such a low!

          • Tim242

            You don’t pick up on sarcasm very well, eh? What does Samsung have to do with this? Stop being such a troll

          • Jarred Sutherland

            You’re no fun

        • John Legere


          That was lame.

        • Menger40

          More Moto money, more Moto problems.

        • Tim243

          When are you guys gonna ban this no-lifer who posts under John Legere’s name?

        • picaso86

          Moto X is great device. I can’t wait to get it off contract.

    • Jeff Miller

      An Android site talking about a great deal on an Android device…how dare they!

      Next time just scroll 1 more time and guess what, you dont have to read it. Problem solved….Jeesh

      P.S. – for the record I thought the randomizer was kinda cool

    • John Legere

      Motorola made this site.

      • Menger40

        We built this city on Moto Money

        • Jarred Sutherland

          Ugh I came to write something similar only to find I was beaten to it.

      • Sick of pathetic impersonators

        You do realise that IF the real John Legere finds out a douche is posting stuff under his name, he can take legal actions.

        Anyway you stay pathetic, and you’re becoming boring too.

    • Eric R.

      No other phone company cares about their customers besides Moto