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Android 4.4.2 “Kit Kat” Update Rolling Out to Moto X in Canada First

According to Motorola’s Punit Soni, the Moto X in Canada will be the first to officially receive Android 4.4.2. In a blog post published this morning and after talking about Motorola’s new Gallery app, Soni mentioned that the update should start rolling out this week to the Moto X on both Rogers and Fido. 

Yesterday, we showed you a couple of U.S. Moto Xs that have received the 4.4.2 update already, though nothing has been officially announced for any of our local carriers. We are pretty sure that those were rare cases where a couple of lucky individuals received updates long before they should have. In fact, no soak tests have been announced by Motorola, so these two Sprint and Verizon devices probably got looped into an internal test or something similar.

Tough to tell if the update will bring anything exciting, since it is just a point release.

As soon as we know more, we’ll be sure to pass it along. To our Canadian friends, enjoy.

Via:  Motorola
  • Peter Cross

    Did he mention anything about the big sale? …not on phones but on his employer.

  • Tom Z

    Now… Should I root the device before 4.4.2 or will I still be able to root after updating to 4.4.2?

  • PhilD41

    Wondering if this isn’t more indicative of the Moto X updates…. Sure, the US received 4.4 about three weeks after it was released. Lots of news made on how Moto was going to provide timely updates. I now have to ask how long 4.4.2 has been out and how many devices have been updated with this admittedly minor update. If they could push a 4.2.2 to 4.4 update in three weeks, but is taking so long for the 4.4.2 drop? I own one, and love it, but I have a feeling we won’t see the updates people think we will. That said….. good for Canada, I would hate to have been stuck on 4.2.2 for so long.

    • needa

      4.2.2 was a lot better than 4.4. i totally would have stayed on 4.2 had i not been on the soak. lesson learned. now i will wait to see what the update brings before i update. as i said on a post yesterday, maybe they actually took a bit of time to iron out some kinks before shoving a bad update down our throats.

      • DJ SPY

        I agree, 4.2.2 was a tad smoother and snappier.

  • Sean Walton

    FINALLY! I am with Rogers and still stuck on 4.2.2. This can’t come soon enough!

  • AbbyZFresh

    That’s messed up, i still have only 4.4. on Verizon while the Arctic country has the latest KitKat version before US?

    Motorola better hurry up here.

    • Gr8Ray

      Just think of it as a soak test, and Canada gets to be the guinea pig.

      • Funny thing is, you guys were the 4.4 guinea pig since we’re skipping that version. Although I’d have rather not have been.

      • Sean Walton

        As Rob said you were a guinea pig. Thanks for that!

    • Pedro

      Perhaps you should change your name to Veruca Salt.

    • If it makes you feel better, we’re still on 4.2.2.

    • Jeremy Martin

      You are seriously jealous and that petty? The Canadian folks have been sitting on 4.2.2 for a while now. We in the U.S. got 4.4. For us 4.4.2 isn’t the “wow” factor that 4.4 was for us U.S. users. However, 4.4.2 is a “wow” factor for the Canadian 4.4.2 users. I am glad they are finally getting Kit Kat.

    • Sean Walton

      Dude you at least got Kit Kat a couple months back, stop complaining. We have had nothing and are running 4.2.2

  • Ken Bauer

    it’s about time. Rogers in Canada hasn’t even updated the Moto X to 4.4 yet. going right from 4.2.2 to 4.4.2 will be nice.

    • Agreed!

    • Junaid Ansari

      Exactly. My friend keeps asking me when the new update is coming and I’m soo. Its good to see a release window…

    • michael arazan

      Canada and Australia, are usually the last 2 countries in the world to get updates of any kind to their phones no matter what phone or carrier. But Canada does get them before Australia most of the time leaving australia last. Australians I know gave up on caring about having updates because they feel like they are forgotten about.

  • Philip J. Fry


  • Detonation

    Apparently a sprint user already got a 4.4.2 update a few days ago:


  • oh no

    i hope it doesn’t break root

    • Ej McCarty

      You know it’s gonna break root lol

  • traumadog

    Here’s hoping the US variants roll soon. I’m hoping that 4.4.2 fixes the bugs that keeps the phone from playing nice with Exchange Server encryption policies…

  • RoadsterHD1

    What about Droid MAXX Ultra and Mini?

    • John Legere

      You mean, the ones in the US, on Verizon?

      • RoadsterHD1

        YES, cause after the 4.4 update the phone will not see a USB connected to it via cable to phone. Anyone else having trouble seeing a USB stick connected to their phone.

        • RoadsterHD1

          Forum directed me to Nexus USB OTG File Manager. fixed it

      • T4rd

        Nah, I’m sure he means the ones in Saudi, on DurkaT&T.

        • John Legere

          Figures. Wasn’t sure how a Verizon US phone somehow turned into a Canadian one overnight.

    • Tim242

      They aren’t Canadian phones…

  • monkey082506

    Now to hope the 4.4.2 fixes the AIO Wireless bug as promised, anxiously awaiting this release!

    • Derek L.

      What is this AIO bug? I have AIO, and I’ve not any idea what you are referring to!

      • monkey082506

        With a Moto X? Motorola messed up the MMS capability and the switching between 4G and WIFI in 4.4 (also if I lose data I have to reboot or take the SIM card out and back in for it to come back). Worked perfect in 4.2.2 and apparently they fixed it in 4.4.2. If you have a Moto X running 4.4 on AIO I have no idea how you haven’t noticed this.

        • Derek L.

          I have the Dev Edition. Do you have the AT&T/T-Mobile version? I’ve not once experienced this at all.

          • monkey082506

            I’ve heard the Dev Edition wasn’t affected…that explains why you haven’t noticed it. I have the AT&T version, I’ve been really considering switching to T-MO just because of this issue so I’m glad to see 4.4.2 is getting released.

          • Derek L.

            Aw man. I’m sorry to hear that. 🙁 I’m glad to see it is getting fixed for you as well. I would have went with the $45 ST T-Mo plan, but I don’t have good coverage here for ST. However, AT&T/AIO have been great for me.

          • monkey082506

            AIO has been great, (other than those short nation wide network drops for a couple hours a month back).

          • Derek L.

            I recall that. However, that wasn’t an AIO thing. That was due to AT&T. Anyone on AT&T had that outage.

          • sirmeili

            Why not use the AT&T version of Straight talk? Is it really any different than AT&T/AIO?

            I was using T-Mobile ($30/month plan), but couldn’t get reliable service, so now i”m on the $45 ST AT&T plan and I am pretty satisfied.

          • Derek L.

            The only reason I haven’t made that switch is because it isn’t that much difference via cost. $50 (after taxes) vs. $55. Plus, I get quality customer service with AIO and a higher priority on the network since it is an AT&T company. Even though that really doesn’t matter since I’m capped. I’ve been thinking about switching to be honest with you, but I can’t justify it with the support I’ve been getting.

          • anezarati

            i used to have $45 ST ATT plan, but recently switched to the $60 ATT prepaid plan. the straighttalk plan came out to around $50 with fees and taxes so it was only a $10 difference. now i have real customer service, the same cell service, and actual stores i can go into. i also dont only have to get sim unlocked phones – i can get ATT phones.

            ST also doesnt offer nano sims so i had to cut a micro one down, which was giving me issues. now i have a real nano sim from ATT. so far, so good on that front.

          • needa

            i have an att x on st. dunno what you mean by needing sim unlocked. you would only need to unlock the sim if it is locked to a different carrier.

          • anezarati

            exactly, at the time i got it the only options were gsm moto x’s locked to att and t mobile. the developer edition was the only one that was sim unlocked. an att/tmobile locked phone won’t work on ST. the phones are sim locked basically because they offered subsidies for you to buy the phone for cheap. carriers dont want you buying a phone for $200 then unlocking it to work on other carriers. now that tmobile has gotten away from contracts and device subsidies, they sell the former tmobile version as a sim unlocked version.

          • needa

            I have a motomaker att off contract locked to att and I use it on St. No issues whatsoever. But i doubt I would be able to put it on St tmo without paying six bucks for an unlock code.
            Now that I think of it… I think what you are thinking is apple must be unlocked. In order to change the apn you have to unlock it. But you can add in new apns on android.
            So I reckon it’s a yes and no answer.

          • Djasonw

            Actually ST does have nano Sims at 14.95.

          • anezarati

            Really? Do you have a link?

          • Djasonw

            Just Google it. I got one when I had an iPhone 4.

          • anezarati

            iphone 4 uses the micro sim. moto x uses the nano, its a lot smaller.


          • Djasonw

            ST sells iPhone 5 so they must have the nano Sims. Walmart sells a nano for $25 and they are the sole distributor for ST. I actually think ST is owned by Walmart. You can also cut one down but I don’t like that idea.

          • Djasonw

            Be mindful of ST TOS. Very strict with streaming etc.

          • Djasonw

            I have T-Mobile $30 plan. I never have a need to go into a store so cust svc is not primary for me. South FL has good T-Mobile cov

          • needa

            i am yet to use the customer service on st. and i dont have to take my sim in and out. seems to me that it would be worth the switch.

          • Derek L.

            Thank you very much for that. I’m going to see how easy it would be to switch to ST to save a couple bucks. Main reason I went to AIO was because of the third month free.

          • Djasonw

            Beware of st talk. They throttle if you stream music or video. Their TOS forbids it.

          • needa

            been using st since sept on my x. it has been absolutely flawless. just saying i am pretty satisfied also.

    • zionlion02

      I hear you on this one. This is driving me bananas. Sometimes, I have to go to AIO chat and have them reset the data connection to get it back. They’ve been nothing but nice, but it’s a brutal problem to have when you’re phone can’t get ANY data for no real reason. I’m praying this fixes the bug.

      • monkey082506

        Take your SIM card out and put it back in, I carry my SIM tool with me on my key chain. Just pop it out enough to lose service and pop it back in, works every time. Just sucks it has to be done, not having MMS is what is driving me crazy.

        • zionlion02

          Absolutely. What’s worse, the sim trick doesn’t always work for me. That’s even more mind boggling. Crossing my fingers though on this update though, because I absolutely love the phone, and I’ve been on Android since the HTC Droid Eris. It’s a fantastic all around experience.

  • Alec

    Will this update do anything for the Moto X? I thought it just fixed a camera issue on the Nexus 5.

    • dreadfall

      thats where you are mistaken. it also fix many bugs with core Android

  • Riz Virani

    Just need T-Mobile push now. Gotta put back stock recov and delete the xposed framework right? Can I just flash twrp back on there afterwords for root again?

    • trixnkix637

      I’d expect this update to break existing root exploits.

      • Riz Virani

        Sad day..

  • Booyabobby

    Hurry up and release in the U.S please.

    • Sean Walton

      Easy there fella, The US has had Kit Kat for a while now (you lucky ducks) and we Canadians have been stuck on 4.2.2.

      • Rob Snyder

        You don’t want 4.4. To many bugs. You were lucky to stay on 4.2.2. Would have been nice to release in the US first to get our issues fixed but here we sit with broken applications (Exchange).

  • Andrew

    The bug with ART is killing me. Would love this sooner rather than later.

    • Justin Osborne

      Hmm, what bug? Mine runs everything flawlessly with ART enabled. The ONLY issue I’ve had at all with the X (running ART for past 1.5 months), which I don’t know that it’s ART related, is Chrome will white screen every once in a while and need to be restarted.

      • trd105

        Mine wouldn’t upload any pictures to facebook so I had to go back. I’m pretty sure that’s an app problem tho.

      • Andrew

        An Android 4.4 bug that was fixed in 4.4.1 can cause an “invalid package” error when installing some applications. Whatsapp is one of the bigger titles affected: https://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=61916

        • Justin Osborne

          Ahhh, ok! Good to know its ART, should I see that issue. Thanks!

      • Jason B

        Google Play services 4.1.32 crashes with 4.4 ART. 4.4.2 fixes that issue. The phone is gimped without Google Play services. Google Now acts up and so will any Google location services. Also can’t play any games that use leaderboards/achievements.

        Only switching to Dalvik brings full Google functionality back.

        • needa

          so that is why play services crashes on me all the time. very annoying.

  • Derek Duncan

    I thought the X had 4.4.2. Did it only have 4.4.1 before?

    • Riz Virani


    • Gr8Ray

      You’re probably thinking of the Moto G.

    • In Canada, we are still on 4.2.2!