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Moto X $100-off One Hour Sale is Live!

moto x deal

Ready to grab a Moto X at $100 off the full retail price? Starting as low as $299 (with the discount), you can grab the device that we dubbed the top Android phone of 2013.  That $299 price is for the 16GB model, but the 32GB model and Developer Editions are also $100 off, dropping them to $349. Again, these are off-contract prices here, folks. Motorola has essentially topped their previous “best deal in tech” that took place over Cyber Monday.

The sale is live for one hour, so get in while you can! All you have to do is hit up the link below, fill out the form, and wait for your unique promo code to arrive. Once you have your promo code, you can use it during checkout to buy the phone and save the additional $100.

Deal Links:  Deal Sign-up | FAQ

  • James

    I also have an extra code…does anyone need it?

    • britta

      yeah! I really need one.

  • Nathan Borup

    Now i really do have an extra promo code if anyone wants it… I was just joking before but apparently no one liked that. Here ya go: VDayX-IRNS-3W3N-XVWH-9VRB

  • CasperTFG

    If you act now it comes with an additional set of hipsters wallpapers.

  • SaulTKnutts

    OK, code acquired, Moto X DevEd purchased. Add my voice to the chorus of those leaving the GS4 for a Moto X.

    Goodbye Knox. Goodbye TouchWiz. Goodbye locked-down-ass-phone that will never realize its full potential.

    In related news, I predict a glut of Galaxy S4s on Swappa in the near future.

    • YankInDaSouth

      Right there with you! Planning on ditching the Note 3 for the Verizon Developer Edition …

    • red_ghost7

      I moved from Sense.

  • PartyBoyMcree

    I used the promo to purchase this phone today, does anyone have any comparison between the moto x battery and the droid razr battery. I have been turned off my Moto and the droid razr that I have used for the past 2 years. The razr sits idle and the phone is dead by mid day.

  • DanWazz

    Would have bought the dev edition if the phone was launched at this price last spring. I’m almost out of my contract with Verizon and will wait it out to buy a Nexus and go to another carrier.

    • NexusMan

      If there is another Nexus….

  • eduardo

    Later Verizon Gs3, hello moto!

  • jnt

    I’m a little confused. When I go to order, it’s $330 before I apply the code (for a 16gb). Did they do this $100 promo, then drop the price again??

    • NexusMan

      Yes. I was confused at first too. So, today, at 4pm (after the $100 off promo ended), the price of the phone dropped to $70 off (until 2/14). So the price you see in your cart is the regular price minus $70. Then, when you apply the promo code, the actual value of the code is just $30 off…$70+$30=$100 in total savings.

      • jnt

        I’m not complaining overall, but that seems like a weird way to handle it. Take 25% off for an hour with a code meant to hype things up a bit and generate a bit of buzz, then once the 25% off promo is over, take roughly 20% off for 2 weeks… after the buzz has been generated… after people missed out on the 25% off and then say “oh well 20% off is still pretty good”… hmm, maybe it’s actually genius… ! 🙂

        • NexusMan

          Yea. I thought this was actually a pretty great and well thought out way to handle this. it also prevents scumbags from taking all the codes and selling them at outrageous prices to desperate people. Moto gave a thumb to the face to all those people grabbing free codes and trying to sell them to people for $50 (well guess, what? The code’s only worth $30!) What are you gonna do? Sell it for $15? For just $15 off, I’d just pay the extra $15 and not go to the hassle of sending you cash. Hahaha!

  • BR Screwlack

    Hoping there is a kind soul out there who can help me with this…asking here since the relevant thread from September regarding keeping unlimited data with Verizon is closed to comments. Thanks in advance for your help.

    I know that by purchasing a Moto X via Motorola (at today’s retail price – no contract / upgrade discounts) I should be able to keep my current unlimited data plan (on my 3G Droid3), but I don’t understand the mechanics of HOW to do it. It seems like if I try to activate my new phone via the site or a live CSR they will force me into a new plan. Do I need to go to the store and buy a SIM card and get them to program it or something? As you can tell, I’m kind of a rube. If someone could lay the steps out for me, that would be so greatly appreciated. Thanks for sharing your insights!

    • Ry Sav

      when i bought my Moto X, it came with a SIM installed. you just need to activate it by calling the # that comes with the setup instructions and, i think, you should be fine! i mena it worked for me a month ago when i activated my X on my unlimited plan

      • Raven65

        Were you charged an activation fee?

        • Ry Sav

          nope, wasnt charged anything extra actually

    • Nathan Borup

      You might even have to go to the store because your old phone had a 3g plan. I did this with my wife’s new phone a while ago. Just tell them you bought a new phone off contract and need to activate a 4g lte sim and they can help you. It doesn’t cost anything extra, and to be safe you could ask them that too

    • Raven65

      I replaced my Droid X2 (3G) with a Razr (4G) I bought off of Swappa last year, and all I had to do was go to a Verizon store and get a 4G SIM card. If you go to a corporately-owned Verizon store, it’s completely free (one local privately-owned Verizon franchise store was going to charge me $30 for the card!). This did not affect my contract at all (I was off-contract with unlimited data – no change) and I was not charged an activation fee. I just took advantage of this sale yesterday and ordered a Moto X DevEd, so I’m hoping that activating it will be just as easy. From what I understand, I can just cut the Micro SIM card from my Razr down to Nano size (there are cutters for sale specifically for this purpose – and I have a friend who’s already bought one and done it) and pop it into the Moto X and that’s it. It’ll just fire up and be good to go. Otherwise, the DevEd supposedly comes with a SIM card in it, so you can also go to the Verizon website and activate it. I’m not sure if they will hit you with an activation fee if you do it that way or not though. Anybody know for sure?

      • BR Screwlack

        Thanks Raven65…for some reason I was under the impression that activating through the website would force me to change plans. If not that might be an option. According to Ry Sav below his Moto X came with a SIM installed. I don’t mind the activation fee when push comes to shove….I am a very heavy data user (I tether with EasyTether or FoxFi when i’m on the road, which is often) and don’t want to lose my unlimited plan, activation fee is a drop in the bucket by comparison. I also have a VZW corporate store just up the road for me so it wouldn’t be too hard to show up onsite…perhaps I’m overestimating the amount of coercion they will put on me to try to force me to switch plans.

        • Raven65

          I understand that the Moto X does come with a SIM card in it (at least I’m pretty sure the DevEd does), but I believe you have to activate it with Verizon – either in-store, online, or over the phone – which MAY mean getting charged an activation fee (still trying to get confirmation on that). I believe if you use an active SIM 4G card from your current phone, you just plug it in (after cutting it down to Nano size) and turn the phone on and it just works. No “activation” required. If anyone knows differently, please correct me.

          • BR Screwlack

            Update: upon receiving the phone, I followed the simple instructions Motorola provided, which included calling 877-807-4646 and relaying the IMEI # on the box and Sim Card number (from the Sim Card that came installed in the phone). There were no changes to my plan pushed or suggested and there was no mention of being charged an activation fee (we’ll see if one hits my bill – I will update). Aside from being a bit more time consuming than I would have liked between hold time and wait time, it was a positive experience. My phone was active/working before I even hung up my VOIP phone call with verizon. Liking the phone so far. Thank you for your help.

          • Raven65

            I activated mine without assistance on Verizon’s website by logging into my account and following the prompts to “Switch to a new phone not previously used on this account” or something like that. Just had to provide the number on the sim card. There was no mention of an activation fee – but I’ll have to wait & see if one shows up on my bill or not.

  • wills96

    No Walnut!!!!!!??

    • BR Screwlack

      I believe this is due to a glitch that they fixed right around the time you posted this. Try again…I was able to order one with a walnut back at 5:28pm after not being able to do so for pretty much the full hour and a half prior.

      • BR Screwlack

        5:28pm Eastern Time

      • wills96

        Awesome, you were right and I was able to (slowly) put my Walnut order in.

  • Turb0wned

    WTF… Walnut is sold out.

    • BR Screwlack

      I believe this was due to a glitch that they fixed about half an hour ago. Try again now if you didn’t already go with another option.

  • Chris Hilbert

    Bought a $25 Motorola Admiral on eBay. Will be trading in on mototradeup.com for an additional $100 back.

  • BenG
    • BenG

      Someone already set me up. This place rocks.

  • Jay Sil
    • Ry Sav

      just google it. there are plenty of comparisons out there. Nexus 5 has the bigger screen, better internal, but the Moto X has its own perks like active notifications (A must on my phones now), active voice controls and IMO the battery lasts longer. its all personal preference in the end! i say, like most people, go to a store adn play around with both for a while to see whcih really pops out to you

  • Nathan Borup

    I have an extra promo code i would be willing to sell for $50 if anyone is interested…

    • pizzaparties

      NOT COOL

      • pizzaparties

        No one is going to buy that. The discount is really only $30 anyway.

    • DanSan

      Wow what a scumbag…

      Here’s a free code for somebody to use. Don’t pay this clownclown


      • Jimmy Debacher

        Awesome bro!

      • Nathan Borup

        Oh come on guys… can’t take a joke?? Now i really do have an extra promo code if anyone wants it. Give me a minute to find it.

    • Tony Byatt

      Is this MF serious?

    • NexusMan

      And why would someone pay you $50 to save $30? DUMB.

  • Har.Mar

    Code received. Order placed. But wait, what’s this? An error:
    Some items in your cart are no longer available.
    Thanks a lot, Moto…

    • Har.Mar

      There ya go. Walnut Finish is sold out. That’s why… WTF?!

      • BR Screwlack

        Actually this error was due to a glitch where the code was not working with Walnut finish. They fixed it at around 5:35 ET and I was able to complete my order for a Walnut-backed Moto X with the full discount. Now I just have to figure out how to activate it on Verizon without losing my unlimited data plan currently going to waste on my Droid 3.

        • DJ SPY

          Just call Verizon when you get the phone and they’ll ask you for the IMEI number that’s on the box and the Sim Card number. You won’t lose a thing.

          • DJ

            if you want to avoid calling, you can do this online on myverizon as well.

          • BR Screwlack

            thanks. I don’t mind talking to them, I just don’t want to lose my unlimited data

          • BR Screwlack

            Update: upon receiving the phone, I followed the simple instructions Motorola provided, which included calling 877-807-4646 and relaying the IMEI # on the box and Sim Card number, exactly as you stated. There were no changes to my plan pushed or suggested and there was no mention of being charged an activation fee (we’ll see if one hits my bill). Liking the phone so far.

  • EliteX

    I have a promo code any takers???

  • Foo

    They’re having some serious capacity issues. Tells me the 32GB GSM phones will not be available until March! Doesn’t even give me an option of checking it out.
    Edit: Exact text
    “Sorry, you selected a configuration that is backordered and unavailable for selection at this time. Please select another Moto X – GSM Unlocked.”

    Would be nice if they could tell me what part of said configuration is backordered. Is it the color? GSM? Memory?