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T-Mobile Paying Subscribers $25 a Line for Referring Friends to Their Network

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T-Mobile is on a roll lately, paying subscriber’s ETFs with UnCarrier 4.0, and with a new move to pay for referrals to their network. For folks who refer their friends to T-Mo through a carrier switch, they can snag $25 per referral – up to $250 a year – to spend at T-Mobile.

If you are the type of person who usually recommends things to your friends and family (and they listen), plus you are on T-Mobile, then this is a no brainer. 

To start referring friends, you can easily sign up on T-Mo’s website and start making your money right here.

We’ll pay for your friends to enjoy it too.

T-Mobile has done away with new two-year service contracts for our customers. And now you can help share that freedom — on the fastest nationwide 4G LTE network — with your friends and family who are with other carriers.

We’ll cover their early termination fees.

When your friends and family switch to T-Mobile from AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint, we’ll help cover their early termination fees for up to 5 lines and give them an instant credit for their device trade in.

And we have something for you too.

For each successful referral you make through our Refer-a-Friend program, we’ll give you $25 to use at T-Mobile — up to $250 a year.

Tell your friends now so that they can experience wireless the way it should be.

Cheers Mike!
  • http://twitter.com/geoff5093 Geoff Johnson

    AT&T has had this program for a while now…

  • jpcmoney

    I did forget to mention that not only I’m the past year was I a Verizon customer but I also had a Sprint account.. Being a die hard enthusiast it only made sense to me to have more than one carrier..(I know I’m nuts) Anyways!! Sprint had good customer service and at the time pretty descent phones but their service was totally unusable for me.. I had to drop them. I even tried At&t for less than a month and I’m glad I didn’t stick with them. It was like being charged Verizon’s top tier pricing for a mediocre network!! So I’ve pretty much tested every network put there and “HANDS DOWN” T-Mobile is giving you your BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK!! Now just make sure when you make the switch from whatever carrier you are with to T-Mobile that you mention my name so that I can get my $25 credit per line!!!

  • jpcmoney

    T-Mobile is ON FIRE PEOPLES!!! I just made the switch Verizon and couldn’t be any happier! I know Verizon has good coverage but their speeds on my area SUCK!! T-Mobile killed it with 10 times faster LTE service.. Their customer service is also Top notch. And that’s coming from a former Verizon manager! It just makes sense to me to save $70 for faster service, Great coverage (in my area and soon to be expanded) much better customer service, and much lower rates!!! Not to mention JOHN knows how to shake up the market as you can see with At&t who recently have been following EVERY SINGLE THING T-MOBILE HAS DONE!! They started their Next plan which was to me the BIGGEST ripoff and then changed it to sort of mirror what Magenta is doing!! If that’s not being a FOLLOWER than I don’t know what is.. I stay TOTALLY invested in the mobile market as it is my PASSION!! I love the new tech and I also love the market being taken by storm! And from whom you least expected!!! My carrier!! A.K.A…. “The Uncarrier” .. Keep up the GREAT WORK T-MO!!

  • T4rd

    So does the referree get the credit as well? That’s usually how these referral deals go, but it doesn’t say in the article or announcement.

    • http://www.vgchartz.com SuperChunk

      yes both sides get $25 per line

  • smallcreep

    When is Verizon going to give in and what will they do to keep their long standing loyal customers ?

    • Tim242

      They gained 1.7 million new subscribers last quarter…to their awful shared plans. They don’t have to give in…unfortunately.

      • jbdan

        But they lost 1.6 mil to Tmo right? :p

        • Tim242

          Oh yeah…right. I forgot. :p

  • kfath1978

    T-Mobile is just trying to boost their subscriber count so it seems more appealing to but them….Sprint.

    • jpcmoney

      I’d have to disagree with that. Why would they want a carrier whom uses a totally different technology in terms of radios. It just seems like a lot to do in order to merge both networks and get everything in place to run smoothly.. Just a thought though.. That’s why I don’t see the buyout happening although their is a lot of reason to believe there is. I don’t believe every single thing I read so that’s why I’m thinking itS NOT gonna happen! IMHO

  • Berzerker

    Beware: $30 Prepaid Walmart plan doesn’t qualify


    Verizon has been doing this for years..

  • Craig

    I’ve been doing plenty of T-Mobile evangelizing- hopefully someone listens. Even if I don’t get the referral, it’s worth it.

  • De Nguyen

    History shows companies do this before they go under.
    Of course there are exceptions…hopefully.

    • John Legere

      Go under? LOL

    • TylerCameron

      T-Mobile has been doing this for a while..

  • That Libertarian Guy

    While I think T-Mo is making waves in a GREAT way, I would rather see them save this money and re-invest it in to growing the network. I live just outside the Central Pittsburgh area, and while coverage was decent (i did a 3 day test of the network, i would have moved all VZW lines over if it worked where i needed it) i couldn’t use it as my primary carrier. I can’t wait to switch once the coverage grows.

    • John Legere

      End of 2014.

      • That Libertarian Guy

        While you are clearly not John Legere, do you have or know where the list of proposed growth is with the new spectrum? If the expand in 2014 in places that do not include my area, you comment is invalid.

        • John Legere

          TMobile acquired a large amount of Verizon’s LTE bands. You may or may not. But i guarantee by the end of 2014 more coverage will be there.

          Yes, i am clearly not John. I know that. Thanks for confirming for me.

          • michael arazan

            T-Mo hasn’t expanded their coverage in years. Everywhere I go in IL and MO have the same dead spots as they did for the past ten years. It’s always the same outside a major populous, go off the highway and lose coverage by half a mile. Even smaller towns of 50 K you’ll lose signal just a half mile or mile outside of it. I don’t think they’ll be expanding anywhere unless they get some large infusion of cash from somewhere. At this point, maybe merging with sprint would be good, if sprint can keep all the good points from both of their networks.

      • hoosiercub88

        Sad little lies lol

        EDGE for days people, days and days.

        • Philip J. Fry

          Depending on where you live.

          • hoosiercub88

            In the middle of Mordo… I mean the Midwest, that place T-Mobile likes to pretend doesn’t exist. Unless you’re a capital or a college town.

    • Derek L.

      I live about an hour north of Pittsburgh, and while I have decent coverage here and there, I definitely can’t use it as my primary. It is nowhere near what AT&T or VZW is. Just a five minute drive around the whole town, I jump from 4G to 3G to 2G to 4G to no signal. I can’t use that at all.

  • jbdan

    Amazing. They just won’t be satisfied. Love it. Not only has the 3 line move away from vzw been a pleasure, it’s fun being with this company :)

    • Tim242

      Until Sprint buys them up.

      • John Legere

        Won’t happen

        • T4rd

          You sure? You (John Legere =p) dodged that question when asked it directly at their last conference.

          • John Legere

            While i am Johns twin, I would never let such a terrible Cell provider obtain T Mobile.

          • T4rd

            In his defense, he did say that if such a thing did happen, that it wouldn’t change T-Mobile’s core values and practices. Though I’m not sure how he would ensure that if he got bought out, hah.

          • John Legere

            Exactly. I fear Sprint would try and force Framily plans.

      • mondeca

        I’d love for it to go the other way.

      • Chris

        People hate sprint becasuse their brains havn’t moved past 2011

        • Tim242

          I hate Sprint because I was a customer for 7 years, and an employee at a Sprint corporate store for 2 years ..just left a few months ago. Having to deal with customer complaints about service and cancellation got to be too much for me. They pressure us to sell new lines, and punish us when customers cancel within 6 months. Sprint service is horrible. In our store, I had to use my Verizon hotspot on my phone to download updates to the demo phones.

      • jbdan

        It seems…”if”…this is going to happen, it’s a long ways off

  • Philip J. Fry
  • John Legere
    • Chris

      don’t have an aneurysm.