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Moto X New Wood “Finishes” Now Available in Walnut, Teak, and Ebony

Ready for a Walnut, Ebony, or Teak finish on your Moto X? After months of waiting, all are finally available through Motorola’s MotoMaker for an additional $25. The process to add them to your phone is identical to all other MotoMaker customizations, you just need to pay a bit of a premium to have Moto attach a back made with real wood and then finished to look like your wood of choice.

Again, the finishes that are available are Walnut, Ebony, and Teak, with Rosewood not making the cut from the phone’s original unveiling. And yes, these are real wood backs that are then finished to look like specific types of woods, according to Motorola.

Who wants one?

MotoMaker Link

  • NexusMan

    I so want a Bamboo one, but hate the white face of the Moto X, and don’t like the look of a different color trim either. 🙁

  • SilentSpring

    I can totally see Moto going the route of buying a car when it comes to cell phones….want a cheap phone here’s the base model, want the limited..etc…It’s going to work out amazing for them. Give me the option of an x with a 3000mah battery and a top of the line camera module and it’s in my pocket.

  • Edson Sanchez

    I am thinking about getting this phone. I am waiting for someone to order theirs so i can ask their opinion. i am a inter mediate wood worker and i just made my first app about hardwoods >GooglePlay>Easy Wood guide Pro. I need this phone in my life so bad!!! someone please let me know if they have any reviews on the teak wood back. thats the one i am looking forward to get.



  • kashtrey

    My friend is getting this message:
    “wood is not a valid rear housing selection when using a carrier purchased redemption pin”

    Any advice? I really sold him on the phone and its been a massive pain for him.

    • needa

      it is because the wood back is extra. motorola doesnt seem to have it in their system to charge the extra price. at least they didnt when i had a pin and wanted to pay for the extra storage.

    • guesswhat

      you should buy it directly from the motomaker website instead of buying pin from carriers

      • kashtrey

        Except he needed it at a subsidized cost so that doesn’t quite work for everyone

  • dk1golf

    I think the wood backs are really cool. I kinda wish I had waited. Maybe my next phone…

    • needa

      waiting would have meant four more months with my old and decrepit gs2. i will wait another month for these to hit ebay and do it myself.

  • Trevor

    Tim. Tim wants one.

    • NexusMan

      Not anymore.

  • 213ninja

    DL loves wood…

  • Timothy Reider

    Tim’s been waiting for one since he passed on bamboo….so probably him ha!

  • paul_cus

    I probably would have gotten an X if these were released at launch.

  • I’m wishing the bamboo and teak didn’t have a that white border. if i choose black front with either of those, it’s still got a white border.

    • calculatorwatch

      I’m gonna do it anyways I think. I’m not sure how it’s gonna look yet but I think the white strip actually looks kinda cool in MotoMaker. Besides I’ll probably put a bumper or one of their clear-back cases on it anyways.

    • Guest

      Careful — I think the side border is actually silver! I’m torn, too — on ebony or walnut. Then there is the accent… orange, silver, black… such sweet yargh!

      One thing with those clear rubber bumper cases is you lose the accent if you wanted a color there.

      If the Bamboo was darker, though, and came with a black border…

      Another thing to remember, if you might dare to in the future, there has been some discussion (iFixit) and how-to about replacing the back cover which is apparently no so hard to do. And currently one of the prototype rosewood backplates is up on ebay.

    • Joshumang

      Careful — I think the side border is actually silver! I’m torn, too — on ebony or walnut. Then there is the accent… orange, silver, black… such sweet yargh!

      One thing with those clear rubber bumper cases is you lose the accent if you wanted a color there.

      If the Bamboo was darker, though, and came with a black border…

      Another thing to remember, if you might dare to in the future, there has been some discussion (iFixit) and how-to about replacing the back cover which is apparently no so hard to do. And right now one of the the prototype rosewood backplates is up on ebay.

  • onDroid

    Walnut with black front and blue accents looks awesome. Too bad I already have one with a cherry back, white front and silver accents. Wish these were available during the cyber monday sale.

  • M3D1T8R

    So bamboo is the best “wood” option. It’s the most sustainable “wood”, and it’s not just a finish that might wear off like the others. I wonder if part of the reason they did it this way is due to signal interference. I know my signal is affected if my phone is put next to an oak board (super hard/dense). Just too bad you have to get the white strip edge with bamboo. So if I went moto x today I would still probably go Dev. Edition. But I’m really looking forward/ waiting for a 2014 X refresh, with a spec bump, 64GB option, better camera, bit bigger battery, and a lot of these motomaker issues ironed out. (Sorry for repost from other wood backs thread accidentally posted there.)

    • chris_johns

      you know nothing of wook if you just said the finish would wear off…come on guy

      • M3D1T8R

        Funny, I’m a carpenter. Dunno what “wook” is, but I work with wood every day. If you read the article, other than the bamboo, these are just fake wood finishes over some other wood. And I said the finish “might” wear off, not that it “would” wear off, as you misquote me.

  • How well has the bamboo back on Kellex’s Moto X done so far without a case? Anyone else have a bamboo one that hasn’t gotten scratched or anything yet?

    • dannyWHITE

      I’ve had mine since the first week of January without a case and it has held up excellently. I live in Chicago where we’ve had lots of snow the past few weeks but I am curious to see how it will be once summer rolls along.

      • I’m glad to hear that it has done excellent so far even if it hasn’t gone through much yet

    • It’s holding up beautifully. Looks just as gorgeous as it did on day one.

      • WCM3

        So which one did you order, Tim? 🙂

  • OG Droid
  • Watson Jones

    Can anyone think of a good strategy here: want Moto X with wood back, but don’t want 2 year Verizon contract. Already talked to Motorola and they said they can’t offer the wood with Edge because the wood backs are “Motomaker exclusives” and 2 year contracts are only option. And Verizon said they only code they can offer to redeem on Motomaker are codes that don’t include ANY of the wood back covers

    • John Garlits

      Check if you can buy outright (or use Motorola’s new finance option) and bring your phone to an off-contract plan, if that works for you. Thinking about this option myself, though I’d like to try alternate carriers, so I have to decide on the phone type for that. Also, if you’ ve been with them a while, they have a “loyalty plan” which is basically the same as the off-contract plan, but it’s postpaid instead of prepaid.

      • Watson Jones

        what’s the VZ loyalty plan? Currently sharing a family 6GB plan. Been long time Alltel/VZW customers

        • John Garlits

          They brought it up when I called to cancel service, but you should be able to ask about it directly.

    • SoCalPaul

      I have a similar problem as I want to buy a wood back phone but I have a corporate Verizon account want to use upgrade and they can only sell me a redemption code for phones without wood back. I had a person at Motorola tell me to buy the phone without wood back and place an order for a phone then call back and have the order changed to wood back and just pay the difference but after I ordered I tried to make the change and they said it wasn’t possible so now I got a phone in a color I really didn’t want and planning to return it. I sure hope they allow redemption codes for wood back phones before my 30 day return deadline.

      • Eric Mykleby

        Wow, this has been my problem for weeks. Can’t order on Motomaker because of business account. Doesn’t seem like there’s anyway to get the wood back with this situation.Hopefully they decide to change it soon, I would still buy one for sure.

  • Scott Smith

    Moto should think about offering a service whereby current Moto X customers (outside of their return period) could send in their phone to have their current back swapped out for wood. I might be willing to pay $50 for the opportunity – ($25 for the wood upgrade + $25 for moto’s time to replace the back).

    • Craig

      Or at least offer back/accent kits to owners. It is not difficult at all to remove the back cover on the X!

      • Sante Kotturi

        according to ifixit there’s a lot of glue holding the back on. I got a corner off one day (by accident) and was tempted unclick it all the way around but was afraid id break it. curious to see if they’ll start showing up on ebay. did you have any issues getting yours off? and back on?

    • michael arazan

      at ifixit they show you how to replace moto x backs, pretty simple but you’ll need about $40 worth of tools. Only one risky move with a thin band that is glued to the back of the device. The thin band is connected to the flash that is glued on to the back. I googled it when thinking of getting the solid black moto X verizon had before moto maker and found replacement backs that were pretty cheap.

  • Rock_Kickass

    I’m still itching for this phone, and the wood backs look amazing. It has turned into one of those phones that I just want to have in my collection. It can sit next to my OG droid, Galaxy nexus, Note 2, and now Nexus 5.

    • Kaufkin

      Get it, and when you are charging it (less often than you would think) put it right next to the OGDroid. Deserves that honor. Got the X, LOVE IT. won’t get a phone in future that doesn’t have MotoAssist and Live Display. Stock plus Moto OPTIONS(!) FTW. Modular Rocks.

  • Alex

    Do they see any future possibly of ordering one without buying a new phone?

  • Liderc

    Bamboo is only 25 bucks now too heh, they should have had all this stuff out at release, it’s pointless now.

    • John Garlits

      Gives late adopters a reason to stay interested. I would be one of those. BTW, they offered a credit to the people that bought bamboo for $100.

    • Billyt

      Yeah, pointless. They won’t sell any more. In fact, they should just shut it all down, why learn and make it better next time?

    • calculatorwatch

      I’m still pretty excited about it. The Moto X is still the best phone on the market in my opinion (the G2 is pretty good too), and I’m not willing to wait until the Galaxy S5 comes out. Plus call me a hipster but I still think it’ll be cool having the first phone with actual wood in it.

  • Ry Sav

    walnut, black front, silver accents please and thankyou

  • Alex Boro

    Walnut looks amazing.

    • Chris Hannan

      Walnut and ebony. I’d love to have either.

      • Collin Chapin

        Check out SlickWraps. I use their “black ebony” or something like that on my N5 and it looks just like the ebony picture above.

        • Sean Walton

          SlickWraps does not have any for the Moto X.

    • sc0rch3d

      reminds me of an old station wagon

  • Pet E. Bone

    Way to release this 5 months after the initial launch. This phone could’ve been a winner for Moto if they had every carrier have provide the motomaker option from the beginning and without the ridiculous price.

    • John Legere

      Just sets them up for the X2.

    • Tom Luley

      This phone is a winner regardless, in my book…It did get voted as phone of the year by our favorite Android site. This is coming from an owner of one on Verizon too!

    • Hothfox

      I used to think like that too, but you know what? They’ve managed to keep the phone relevant since September. They’ve been able to capture people with eligible upgrades and those who want to stay off contract since September, almost a 5 month time span, and people are STILL buying it.

    • asdf

      Right, because the Moto X is the end-all, be-all for Motorola. They are a separate business from Google, they needed to establish their own scale. In all likelihood, the X2 will come out of gate with everything set up and ready.

      • Alisan_C

        Anyone knows when X2 will come out?

        • NBM

          probably August 2014

          • Alisan_C

            pff that makes me not want to buy the current X…

        • ecorea

          No one knows yet. I would expect a similar release time as last year. Probably around August/September

          • Alisan_C

            At least I hope it’s a global release this time..

      • Collin Chapin

        I can’t wait to buy the Moto X2…

    • moelsen8

      i still think the phone’s a winner, but i’m with you on this one. should’ve come out guns blazing, or it should’ve at the least been a [much] shorter delay.

    • John Garlits

      They definitely could have launched better. Hopefully they’ve learned lessons and will be more polished out of the gate with the X2. However, as somebody that is only now in the market due to waiting for a contract expiration, it is really nice to see the phone now at a low price, unlocked (competitive with Nexus 5), with some sweet new customization options as the cherry on top. I tried one already for a while from Republic Wireless, and the phone just does its job smoothly. Sadly had to return because the Sprint backbone was not acceptable to me. That and some other problems. Newer flagships with higher specs will continue to launch in 2014, but I don’t think that will take away from the X very much. It was never made to be a spec monster anyway. I don’t really need a big phone, as I do those kinds of things now on my Nexus 7. Not that I don’t hesitate some. I AM still drawn to some specs, like big batteries, but I’m really thinking of jumping on this. I like the ebony, black front with either black or silver accents.

      • TC Infantino

        I like everything about the X, and I was seriously considering it for my next phone. The only things that made me decide on the Droid Maxx over the X were bigger battery, and the slightly larger screen. I really do wish that the Maxx had the on screen buttons like the X, I think that is the way that phones should be going in the future. Since the Maxx and the X are pretty much the same phone under the hood, I can say that Moto didn’t need to win the spec wars with this/these phones. My experience with the Maxx has been a joy, with no lag/stutters at all. Motorola has figured out how to do it right.

        • John Garlits

          Yeah, good choice if you don’t mind being on contract.

          • TC Infantino

            Ah, but I am not. My contract was up before I bought the Maxx, at full retail so that I could keep my Unlimited data. I have resigned myself to paying full price for whatever phone I want, at least until VZW takes away the Unlimited data option.

          • John Garlits

            Nice, I never had that, so nothing to preserve.

    • Shawn Gill

      People keep complaining about the same things. “The price is too high” they fixed that. “Moto maker is only for at&t” they fixed that. “No wood backs!” They now have those. Moto is doing great things with this phone and they obviously listen to the people because they have fixed 99% of people problems when it was announced.

      • Droid Ronin

        Also, they’re beating out all the other OEMs in terms of software updates.

        • Scott

          More like destroying.

      • Collin Chapin

        This is true, but it still leaves some of us wanting more. Is that wrong? If the price had been lower on launch with the $25 extra for wood back I might still have my Moto X.

        Bottom line is that for the Moto X it was too little too late. Next year? Maybe. I would love to be rocking a Moto X2 (or whatever they call it) this time 2015.

        • Blix247

          There is nothing wrong with wanting more, I think what people are getting at is that relative to other manufacturers Motorola is really making an attempt to satisfy customer demands. What have Samsung and HTC done to lower the price on their phones off contract? Or to make the phones customizable and unique? Or to speed up software upgrades?

        • Jason B

          Why? Show me something that NEEDS an S805.

          Software is seriously lagging behind hardware. Moto took the right path.

          Trust me. I had the Droid X2, which was supposed to be an improvement over the Droid X because it had a dual core Tegra 2 and a stronger GPU.

          Well, software held it back. A lot! It never reached its full potential, so it was a waste.
          (plus it was a red-headed stepchild)

          • Higher_Ground

            kudos for sticking with motorla after owning the X2.. that had to be one of the more disappointing follow-ups of all time.

            edit: which I hope doesn’t mean the Moto X2 will follow the same path 🙁

          • Jason B

            I tried the Note 3, and aside from the excellent camera, I didn’t like it. I swear their settings pages were organized by a crackhead. I hated TouchWiz.

            The X2 was awful, but I should’ve known better; I had to root it to make it bearable. The Bionic (the other stepchild) and RAZR were due later that year.

    • Moto pulled off some amazing things that had never been done before. They had to ramp slowly to clean up all the bugs. Just wait for the next Moto X2….

      • M3D1T8R

        Exactly what I’ve been thinking. Slow roll out, high initial price was intentional to iron out the bugs. Hopefully by X2 (“Moto x 2014”?) all will be good from launch.

      • JMonkeYJ

        Hopefully it’s not like the DROID X2 😉

    • Billyt

      Yeah, cause that would have been perfect. No, people just like to point out anything less than perfect as a way to make themselves feel smarter. But I’m sure they do perfect things in their life all the time…game changing things that receive the attention of millions. Hindsight, always 20/20.

    • cucabueno

      Yes it could have done better… But what they’re offering now is new. No other OEM has attempted these things. They’ve set the standard high up there! Can’t wait to see all these features available on the X2 (or whatever name) right off the bat plus whatever it is they’ll add.

      I sold 40 Moto X phones in December alone! (I sell for an AT&T retailer) people love seeing what it can do and the Moto maker option. It very often sells over the iPhone 5C, 5S, LG G2, and Galaxy S4. The HTC One doesn’t really sell any more…

  • Rocketjrb

    Im diggin the ebony with black front and black accents

    • John Garlits

      Word. Though the silver accent version of that is growing on me. Just a bit more contrast.