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Sony Device (D6503) Apparently Leaked in Photos, Features 5.2″ Display and Thin Bezels

Over the weekend, a mysterious Sony device was leaked via pictures over on XDA. The user doing the leaking states that the device is model number D6503, one that we haven’t heard much about. According to the leaker, the device features very thin bezels, which allows the body to fit a 5.2″ display inside. At this time, no real specs are known. 

Given its looks, we can assume that this is another Xperia variant, as the only difference seen right off is the three-hole speaker grill (instead of mesh), and a changing position of the device’s lanyard hole. What we can also see from the pictures is that the device is running some type of unstable build, as it appears to have crashed.

What seems interesting is that Sony recently unveiled two new devices at CES, but show no signs of slowing to fill up its 2014 lineup. We could see this device introduced during MWC this February, with global launch taking place in March. The real question would then be, will it hit the US?

Sony Sony Sony Sony Sony

Who here has their fingers crossed that a sweet flagship Sony device makes its way to the top US carriers? Speaking for myself, it’s always nice as a consumer to have more options instead of just HTC, Samsung, LG, Moto over and over.

Via: XDA
  • Blue Sun

    I love blurry cam.

  • Truffol

    Nice. I’m liking the Sony Xperia design language. Like the iPhone with relatively clean and sharp edges, rather than the bubbly Samsung Galaxys. HTC One is nice too but it wobbles a bit too much.

  • cgalyon

    I think Sony is overly diluting their product line-up. Hitting every possible demographic perhaps has some merit, but when it’s one device after another, looking similar, and with very similar names… well, I think it is just more damaging to brand identity. On top of that, people may be hesitant to buy when they assume another, slightly superior model will be out in a matter of months. Purely my opinion though.

    • Sjschwar

      waiting for that fast wireless charging i’ve been hearing about, then i’m jumping on board

  • Sjschwar

    “Given its looks, we can assume that this is another Xperia variant”

    Maybe by the “Xperia” logo on the back?!

    • mo

      That’s part of the “looks” 🙂 .

  • Tim242

    Thin bezels? I see fat bezels!

  • John Legere

    Lol Sony, dont be Samsung. Change the design for once.

    • zurginator

      Maintaining a design language is EXTREMELY important in the modern market. You build a brand image, and the devices start selling themselves. It’s why every car manufacturer does it. It’s why successful computer manufacturers do it. It’s why Apple and Samsung, the two most profitable phone manufactures do it. It’s why Moto, Sony, and LG have started to do it.

  • BIG CAT #7

    I am sure T-Mobile users will be excited to have this for an option. Can’t say as much for Verizon as they won’t carry this phone. So Sad….

    • ki11ak3nn

      And this is why I’m leaving Verizon today. Talked my family into switching to a T-Mo family plan. Verizon is gonna learn one day that without the people they’re nothing. Any phone company for that matter.

      • jscofi

        i did the same thing, unfortunately we wont be able to make a difference to vzw

        • S.Ober

          I wanna make the switch but wife heard T-Mo service sucks. So she wont switch even though its a 60$ savings.

        • ki11ak3nn

          Since T-Mobile is paying people’s ETF ‘s I would hope more people leave and jump and the bandwagon. The only reason I hear people talk about staying with VZ is coverage. But I live near a big city so coverage isn’t really a problem.

    • Radgatt
  • Minh

    If that’s a regular headphone jack in the second image, this device is ridiculously thin.

    • JMonkeYJ

      True. I kinda wish they would just make it a little thicker and shave down those top and bottom bezels….still interested to see where this goes.

  • Matthew DiGiacomo

    Thin bezels? That’s not what I see..

    • If you want thin bezels, look no further than the LG G2 🙂

      • Tim242

        But you also get lead with your cord. Wash those hands!

        • No.

          • Tim242

            Read your warning. It is included with every LG product sold in the US.

          • grumpyfuzz

            You know a solution, you can just buy a new micro USB cable! Wow, was that so hard? And also, that is the same and only argument you keep using against LG devices.

          • Tim242

            That is not the only reason I detest LG products. Sure, I could buy a USB cord, but what about all of the people that don’t read the safety info?

    • ahhh yes

      Should read Thinner Bezels!

  • Dang! I should quit my job and try this!


    • Chris

      Quit your job instead of deleting the spam?


      • ki11ak3nn

        Spam is good on toast with some eggs!!


        • Chris


          • Anon Yser


    • ahhh yes

      considering the LS400 hasnt been sold since 2000 and can be bought for about $5k to $7k they are not doing that well. lol

  • ki11ak3nn

    Those bezels don’t look any thinner than say my Note 3. I was expecting almost edge to edge screen. Looks sexy still though.

    • clobberedchina

      I’m hoping to finally see a phone that is just screen on the front. One of these days…

      • zurginator

        Meh. I don’t because of the sharp corners, fragility, and touch issues that are inherent to such a device.

        (Don’t say ‘flexible displays’ – it’s the glass on top that is the issue).