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Clarification on the Material Used in New Moto X Wood Back “Finishes” for Ebony, Teak, and Walnut

This morning, Motorola announced that new Ebony, Teak, and Walnut wood backs would be available come January 21 for an additional $25 on MotoMaker-made Moto X devices. These three new wood “finishes” join Bamboo to round out the “Natural” category on Motorola’s custom phone site. Speaking of “finishes,” we noticed a number of you asking for clarification on what exactly Motorola meant by that term, especially since Bamboo is only listed as just being “Bamboo.” Well, we heard back. 

Motorola returned word to us that the backs are indeed wood, but that they are then treated to give off the look of Ebony, Teak, or Walnut. In other words, you are looking at a wood back “but Walnut, Ebony and Teak are treated with their indicated finish to adjust the color and design.” With Bamboo, it seems as if you are just getting Bamboo with no extra treatment or finish. No word on what kind of wood they are using initially before treatment on the other options.

The good news is that if you go with Ebony, Teak, or Walnut, you still should have a unique phone unlike any other since it is indeed still made with wood. But if you were looking for a pure Ebony, Teak, or Walnut phone, you aren’t going to find that for now. I don’t necessarily want to speculate on this move, but I’d imagine it’s much easier on the manufacturing side of things if you have a sustainable or easy-to-handle wood that can then be treated to look like others, rather than trying to source all of these materials individually.

  • Brandon Golway

    So the wood is stained then.

  • Chris Hageman

    I would like to know if you guys make a wood case for the note 3…….please let me know

  • GJV

    Man, I am really excited for Moto’s next flagship. A slightly better camera and screen and I’m in.

  • M3D1T8R

    So bamboo is the best “wood” option. It’s the most sustainable “wood”, and it’s not just a finish that might wear off like the others. I wonder if part of the reason they did it this way is due to signal interference. I know my signal is affected if my phone is put next to an oak board (super hard/dense). Just too bad you have to get the white strip edge with bamboo. So if I went moto x today I would still probably go Dev. Edition. But I’m really looking forward/ waiting for a 2014 X refresh, with a spec bump, better camera, bit bigger battery, and a lot of these motomaker issues ironed out.

  • Bryan Pedraza

    Still deciding whether I should get a moto x or a nexus 5 after my iphone broke simply by dropping it. It seems like more people are enjoying the nexus 5 but I like the customization of the moto x. These natural finishes seem like they’ll look sharp once they come out.

  • alex

    Not to mention the fact that Ebony is an internationally protected (and endangered) wood, so I find it really hard to believe that a real, pure ebony wood-backed phone would actually come to market ever.

  • master94

    Im guessing pine since it stains easiest for manufacvtoring purposes

  • NexusMan

    Which one is pictured in this post? Walnut?

  • Anthony Bottari

    I’m very interested in one of these now..They all look so good! I wonder what the ‘finish” is though? Could it just be a stain ?

  • Nathan K

    What?!? 6 months late and the DAY after i reluctantly get a Bamboo one (full pop no less). The wood is cool, but had my heart set on Walnut or Ebony with black trim. I didnt get it engaved, think i can return it? Guess i call them…

    • Jaxon Wright

      you get 14 days to return it for free for another one

  • ted

    The end is near. Constant price cuts. The moto agent team being laid off left and right the past two days.. Including me. I gave my all and drove sales better than anyone else on the road. Shame.

    • trixnkix637


      • Ted

        Yeah troll.. I’ve posted here many times under “Ted” with legit proof and information of what I do. I first posted proof of kit Kat running on moto x way before release along with other things.

        Fact is the company I worked for which handled the Motorola program (moto agent reps) who traveled on road and trained retail stores and assisted in selling have all just been laid off . their is maybe 20% of the team remaining and won’t be long before none considering they let go of top selling and performing people.

        A lot of great hard working people who helped make Motorola succeed in stores lost their jobs.

        • trixnkix637

          Well that’s unfortunate if true. Entitlement to one’s opinion is a given, so I apologize for my comment. But I’m not sure disparaging your former company is doing anyone any favors, nor does you being laid off signal the end of a company that’s currently being backed by Google & released arguably the phone of the year in 2013. Just my two cents. About all it’s worth in the interwebs.

          • Ted

            Indeed it was phone of year.. To us. To these communities. However none of that transitioned to the millions of other people nor sales reps that strictly position Samsung or apple in the carriers. I’m not bad mouthing the company. But something is happening now whether that be the Motorola name fading away and Google completely swallowing it whole or what, but we were the only people who had a presence in the store that got Motorola pushing out the door. It doesn’t look good to the carriers when you see a company let go of the people that gave your brand better exposure in stores.

          • Droid 1967

            most likely they are blaming you and your company for the poor sales. only in this dream land called droid life is the moto x the phone of the year. i rate it as the disappointment of the year. the phone was late to begin with , way under what was expected and continued to be late with every aspect of the phone. 6 months later they produce these “wood” backs which may just be stained bamboo that were talked about and made slides at the release event. They got more sales from sites they teamed with to push this phone more than stores i am guessing and realized that blogs are a better convincing point. and again not the the moto x is a bad phone and i don’t care much about camera’s but compared to the g2 or the note 3 the moto x doesn’t compare at all. Other than a fast update to kit kat. worse battery,worse camera,worse storage size, smaller screen,less resolution,less processor, active notifications are cool but software that is mimicked by a couple of apps just as well, slightly different but same overall idea and works well…. now if the moto x came at a price for those downfalls than ok but it didnt it cost just as much as the g2 when it was released. Moto maker was not for anyone but att for what 4 months, just making promise of the wood (which was the biggest talk about moto maker when it was announced) 6 months later. I dont think moto is going anywhere But i think they saw where the money is better spent.
            Sorry you lost your job man.

          • Ted

            Thanks man and while i agree with some of what you said, after using note 3 and g2 i still liked the x way more. I had no issues in the camera department after the updates. We told them before launch that the feedback we got on price was that it wont sell. They didnt listen to a thing. All the feedback we provided didnt do anything. I even used these sites to provide some. They gave us all the tools to fail. While i dont blame motorola since it was a contracted company hired by motorola, somene up there screwed up. People who have been with this program for 10 plus years all gone. We tried to tell them what to do to turn around. Maybe its stubborness, arrogance or whatever, they just didnt listen.

          • To play counterpoint, I’d argue that Moto took an important step in establishing a new niche in the market. It’s clearly small at the moment, but I’d say there are clearly indications that they are committed to it. As for the layoffs, it is fair to say this phone is in getting to the middle of its life cycle so they could just be scaling back ragged than throwing in the towel.

  • Ishan Patel

    Ebony and Teak are wicked expensive (>$25 per board foot = 144 cubic inches ), not to mention, the former is also faces a lot of sales restrictions. Walnut too, is expensive (~$7 per board foot) I’m glad they’re finishing other undetermined wood species to resemble ebony, teak, and walnut. I doubt many would be able to tell a difference. If you really want a unique look, buy some wood veneer, and make the case yourself!

    • NexusMan

      But, wouldn’t a board foot be more than enough for 1 wood back? So $25 or $7 per phone is not a wicked expensive prospect to manufacture a phone….a living room or grand ballroom yes, a tiny phone, no.

      • Ishan Patel

        You’re definitely right! If done properly, they can have each one be a material cost of $5. My guess is that they might have faced with the choice of using real ebony, teak, walnut and charging $100, or using faux ebony, teak, and walnut patterns on some cheap wood and charging $25 for it. Like someone else said in this discussion, it probably is that they want to minimize their costs.

        Since every lumber piece, especially ebony, is drastically unique, it would’ve been really nice to have everyone’s phone be unique in looks. But ebony and teak come from countries with questionable practices. I would’ve liked real ebony (one of the hardest woods out there on the Janka scale). If the masses can’t tell a difference, I’d rather they charge less for the case but use wood that’s cheaper and more sustainable to produce, i.e. bamboo or paulownia, especially for an object that will last only two years.

  • LionStone

    Ah man Moto, kind of misleading there!

    • jbdan


  • GotSka81

    I’m not an expert, but wouldn’t making the back covers out of actual rare woods mean that these phones wouldn’t pass through customs when entering or leaving a country?

  • Walter Partlo

    really want to find these backs on Ebay, as the DIY back change looks relatively easy.

  • ferrari187

    that is fairly disappointing, but i guess its what they have to do to actually have them available (finally) AND keep the price resonable ($100 was kinda nuts for a $400 phone, 25% of the cost)

  • Big_EZ

    This may be why/how they dropped the price.

  • Alf the Alien

    easy-to-handle wood……..??

  • DRAF_Werd

    Supply Chain 101: More options = more overhead & setup costs. The more they can produce in a single batch brings down costs. You hit the nail on the head at the end of the article.

  • Roubaix

    the back is balsa wood, then hydro dipped with a wood like finish. Ha Next they will come out with camo finishes. I would probably buy one then.

    • akhnaten

      I was wondering if the back is a mold formed MDF and then painted with fake wood grain. Either way, the grain should get rubbed through pretty quickly.

      • Higher_Ground

        there’s no way this is made of something as soft as balsa wood… but I do worry a little about the stain rubbing off after 2 years of handling. It would be nice to hear a little more about the other finishes.

  • monkey082506

    I kinda want another Moto X…

  • Daniel Clifford

    I wish they would offer Bamboo with a black backing instead of the white.

  • Ahku Droid

    I still don’t know why they don’t allow the Developer Editions to be customized. We are the enthusiasts that would appreciate that option the most. If I could get a wood Dev Edition, I would have one.

    A MAXX level battery wouldn’t hurt either.

    • JoshGroff

      Wooden GSM unlocked is basically the same, except you void warranty by unlocking. (Not like that stops most of us)

      • aBabyPenguin

        This. From what I’ve read, the GSM version is the exact same model number as the Dev version. The only difference is that you void your warranty if you unlock.

      • Ahku Droid

        I’m grandfathered into Verizon unlimited with my 8GB of average monthly data use, so that unfortunately doesn’t help me. Plus VZW still has the best 4G coverage for me, so switching carriers would be a downgrade.

        • lookatmyfunnyusername

          you should try (I haven’t done it yet due to money constraints) buying a mifi device off ebay or craigslist, inserting phone sim and then moving to t-mobiles 30 dollar prepaid 100 minute plan and using whatever t-mobile phone you buy e.g. moto x or even a nexus. That way you would have verizon reliable coverage and cheaper and more phone options. One thing I’m curious and not too sure about is being able to cancel the voice and texting on the verizon line. A rep told me no but she also told me that you would have to switch plans so she clearly doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

  • r0l

    Wish there was a way to send in my Motomaker X and get the wood back. I’d pay up to $50 for that option (that would include the price of the wood back);

    • jstew182

      I agree with this…I would be happy sending mine in and they can switch out the back for me and keep the rest of the phone as is!

      • 4n1m4L

        It gets glued on, though with a little heat the old one should still come off easily. Dennis?

  • Terrance Steiner

    I wish they would add the bronze accent color they used on the OG Droid buttons as an option. If I remember right I think they called it “burnt sugar” in their original marketing info.

  • Patrick Flanigan

    Anyone have any images of a bamboo Moto x with engraving? I cant seem to find any and want to see what it really looks like before committing to engraving on my nice new walnut phone.

  • tu3218

    I want to trade my S4 in for a moto x. I know its under powered, worse screen, relative to my S4 but there is just something that makes me want the moto x. Am I crazy? Lol

    • hkklife

      No way would I make the switch. GS4 isn’t perfect but neither is the X. I would sit tight on the S4 for now. The imminent KitKat will make it a tad faster and it will probably get 5.0 whenever that is released (hopefully along with the revamped TW). Then wait to see what the GS5 brings as well as the Moto X followup.

      • tu3218

        I really do enjoy my S4. Screen is amazing. But when I hold a moto x in my hand, it just feels so much better. Not to mention it’s the closest to aosp on verizon. Lately I’ve just been browsing craigslist for a good deal. At this point I’d be afraid to get one with the X2 in the future, but moto x now as is, just keeps bringing me in. I just wonder if I could pull the trigger knowing I’m going to worse hardware, but arguably better software.

        Thanks guys for the info. Like I said, I can’t use my upgrade cause I’ll lose unlimited data, but I will keep looking on craigslist.

        • cgalyon

          Think carefully about what you mean by “worse hardware”. I’m not sure the screen is actually worse, because it’s been calibrated. The processor is technically slower, but I haven’t managed to make it stutter (made my Note 2 stutter; too many widgets) and it’s not like loading times are a problem (what does “faster processor” really mean at the moment? Maybe for games?). As for the camera, I’m not really sure what to make of it. The software seems to be pretty good now, and overall I’m getting better pictures than I did with my Note 2. I only spent a little time with an S4 (did not like that phone), so I can’t say I really “learned” it’s camera well enough. Check out reviews with camera comparisons like on Anandtech and see what you think. I believe it’s hard to make a genuine case of “worse hardware”.

          Also if you truly want stock and open, get the dev edition, though no customization; I went with custom this time despite being a regular ROM flasher. Not sure when the follow-up for the X is planned. Also cannot speculate on what the S5 may offer, but it will almost certainly cost a lot more money (e.g., $650 – $700) than a Moto X.

          • tu3218

            Yeah good points. In fact as far as ram, processor, and performance. I’ve noticed no difference from my S3 to the S4. So you’re probably right about the performance. What worries me is the screen difference. It’s probably one of the those things where once you start using the moto x, it’s just fine. But if you put it next to the a phone like the S4, you’d really see the difference.

            I already have emailed like 5 people in my area about trading for their moto x lol

        • Jason B

          The S600 has LPDDR3 whereas the 8960Pro die doesn’t support that. In memory bandwidth limited scenarios, it might be a tad faster, but LPDDR2 will always have lower latencies. So, unless LPDDR3 has a significant MHz boost, it can actually end up slower in day to day operations.

          Plus Qualcomm updated the CPU cores to Krait 300, just like the S600. No word on if Qualcomm slapped in the newer Adreno 320, but it’s certainly no slouch.

    • JoshGroff

      I went from S4-One-Note 2-X, haven’t regretted it one bit. Moto X is well worth buying.

    • Chris M

      No. It’s light years better than the S4.

    • PhillipCun


    • r0l

      It may be under spec’ed but it’s not under-powered.

      Or in other words the user experience doesn’t suffer due to not winning the spec war.

      • NexusMan

        It’s not even underspec’d. I say, any phone without an X8 Computing system is under spec’d.

    • Sankyou

      Do it. I’ve tried every flagship and landed on the X. People who say it is underpowered haven’t used it.

      • Justin W

        I’m the same way… Nexus 4, HTC One, Galaxy Note 3 here, couldn’t be happier with my Moto X.

      • tu3218

        Quick question since you’ve tried the other flagship phones. How did you do with transitioning to a phone with no LED notification? So close to landing a deal on a Moto X and that’s one of my concerns. I love my led light telling me a have a text, email without turning on my phone. Does active notifications work well to replace the led? I know i hear tons of praise on it, but does it replace the the led well?

        Also I don’t root my phones anymore, is this phone just as solid not rooted? My S4 is great not rooted so I don’t want to have to alter stuff.

        • LP @ThisisEther

          The active notification is great, not only does it show u if you have email or text, but u can just touch your phone and read it … Without unlocking to ur device…. Not to mention, EVERY time you pick your phone up, the screen is ready to unlock. Also, When you pull the phone out of your pocket, all you have to do is swipe to unlock. You almost never touch the physical unlock button to unlock your phone. That’s crazy

          • tu3218

            yeah I’ve been watching videos and it seems awesome. I was playing with one in best buy and it was so much snappier than my S4. Plus it was still only running 4.2.2.

          • tu3218

            Also, does anyone know if the Sim card from my S4 will fit into the moto x?

          • LP @ThisisEther

            Moto x takes a nano Sim, order a Sim cutter off eBay for $5 if not the right size…..

        • Sankyou

          I also am a big fan of LED notifications. The transition was smooth because active notifications are implemented so well. Also being colorblind – LED notifications were a little frustrating. This phone is great without a root. It’s one of the main reasons I chose it. I am rooted myself but I’m not running a custom rom and that’s a huge step for me…

    • Mike_Cook7

      It will be worth it! I traded in my S3 for it and I am bummed I didn’t do it earlier this thing is fantastic! The camera isn’t as good but it still takes nice shots. Perfect size, very smooth, and I haven’t even wanted to put a rom on it and I was a crack flasher (in the rom sense).

    • br_hermon

      Whatever you decide to do check out Swappa.com. You can sell or trade your phone there. That’s what I’ve done now with a couple phones.

    • gokusimpson

      I played with my uncle’s brand new S4 last week and it was already jittery and laggy because of touchwiz. I was shocked. The S4 screen is nice, but performance and overall quality doesn’t come close to my Moto X.

    • Jonathan Ly

      I did it. You aren’t crazy

  • Guest

    Ebony appears to be available now…

  • trwb

    The wood panel in that photo looks like the cheap wood panelling I had in my house in college.

  • CaptainHowdy13

    So get a teak and stain it another color and EVEN MORE CUSTOM PHONE!

  • panicswhenubered

    So the “wood” backs are kind of like the phone equivalent of a Formica counter-top, or a particleboard “wood” bookshelf from IKEA?

    • Robert Macri

      No, they are real wood, but not Teak, Walnut or Ebony wood… They are made from wood with a ebony, teak or walnut finish. Same way you’d finish your deck.

    • Caleb Boerner

      Pretty much. I would guess that the backs are probably all made from blanks of 1 type of wood, something cheap, readily available and easy to work with. So likely your wood back is a cheap chunk of white pine covered by a veneer or finish coating to match the color and grain of whatever “wood” type you choose.

    • GCabot

      FYI, I have confirmed with Motorola that the wood finished options use a single solid piece of wood, not any kind of particleboard or veneer.
      They are supposed to get back to me with more information on how exactly they are finished.

  • Jarred Sutherland

    My wife and I just picked up Moto X’s and I have to say .. they have offered the best experience out of all of the Android devices I have owned. Personally there is not another device that compares.

    • Marcus

      I have been using my moto x for 3 days and whoah!! what an experience I wish the camera was better but overall experience can’t beat it. My friends who love specs and got an S4 i tell them like this you got a car with more horsepower that has to haul a lot of extra weight aka touchwiz, i got a 4 cylinder that i optimized and the metal was replaced with carbon fiber. I LOVE THIS PHONE!!

      • JoshGroff

        I surprisingly knew all of those car terms. Yay! (I can’t even run my own diagnostics or find half of my fluids…)

        • Marcus

          No shame fluids are tough, lol

    • Tim242

      Unless you need to take decent pictures.

      • Jarred Sutherland

        The pictures turn out fine for me. If I am worried about having fantastic quality I won’t be using a phone, I’ll go with my DSLR.

        • Tim242

          You don’t always have that DSLR with you. Who wants to drag that out, just to get decent everyday pics? You are making excuses for that awful camera.

          • Jarred Sutherland

            Why is it of any concern to you Tim242? Why don’t you just go troll somewhere else? What concern is it to you what is acceptable to me with camera quality. In other words … TAKE A HIKE, BRO.

          • Tim242

            If a mediocre camera is OK with you, so be it. I just simply pointed out that it can’t be considered best Android experience with that camera.

          • Jarred Sutherland

            No, you’re trying to troll the posts here. I didn’t say they offered the best experience for YOU, or ANYONE else, but .. little .. old .. ME. If I think it’s the best Android experience for ME (again notice how this is going talking about .. ME) who in the world are you to say it isn’t? You’re one of those that will argue the color of the sky .. it seems.

          • JoshGroff

            It’s bearable in anything but low light if you hold it steady and focus. A bit grainy, but Motorola cameras usually are.

          • Grayson Carr

            It may not be the best phone camera, but it’s definitely not awful. Check these pictures I took with it:



      • EC8CH

        I’d rather have a phone with a decent camera, than one with a slightly better camera and TOUCHWIZ and an iDiot button

  • Higher_Ground

    When they first announced the wood backs, it intrigued me enough to look for some unique woods to whittle online. I found a couple of sites that were surprisingly cheap if all you wanted was a sample piece of wood (small enough to carve up, but not really big enough for a practical item). I think the site was focused more on hardwood flooring, but they definitely had smaller pieces for crafting.
    I was surprised that woods like ebony weren’t all that expensive for small pieces. Large pieces were still pretty expensive, but pieces for items like pens or pocket knives were quite managable.

    I think ultimately it was as much an ethical decision as a financial one. Motorola probably didn’t want to end up buying wood that was taken illegally or unsubstainably. Not that it would be impossible to do, but I imagine they’d rather avoid the risk (especially if they have to fufill a ton of orders).

    I have to say, if I didn’t have kitkat running on my gnex, I’d be all over this. I think the moto X is a great phone but i have yet to see one in person – and I think the odds of me seeing one with a wood back before I purchase it are fairly remote.

    Either way, if they have the next model out by summer (and the wooden backs don’t take 6 months), count me in.

  • Jérôme Besnard

    Message for Dennis Woodside: please offer new accents. I tried the currents accents on motomaker and none really go well with wood finishes. We need more neutral (or natural should I say) colors.

    • DJ SPY

      I would like the ability to choose the color for the buttons and the camera ring. Like the developer edition is.

      • Nate

        You can. It’s just silver.

        • DJ SPY

          I mean for example have black buttons and a silver camera ring.

          • misfit313

            You can get it in any color you want as long as it’s black.
            Henry Ford on the Model T

          • Nate

            The Dev edition has both accents the same color.

          • DJ SPY

            I saw a video of the developer edition and the guy showed off the black buttons and silver ring. Unless he got a on of a kind version and doesn’t know it. Here’s another video I found https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lgsBkUP6Yk&feature=youtube_gdata_player

          • Nate

            Dood, the buttons are silver. Same with the camera ring. How did you see black buttons?

          • DJ SPY

            The other video I’m talking about the guy said the buttons are black and the camera ring is silver and he showed them on camera.

          • Nate

            If you go look at Motorola’s website, you’ll clearly see that guy is wrong. He obviously didn’t have the Developer Edition. This just isn’t a thing.

      • What you meant to say is you’d like the ability to choose DIFFERENT colors for the the buttons and camera ring, as in from each other.

        • DJ SPY


    • morgan boyle

      disappointed i will have some x-brand wood with an ebony finish. i was really feeling the one-of-a-kind piece of wood. ebony and silver it is.

      • zurginator

        Probably has a lot to do with the $25 asking price though .

    • nvillaco

      Late reply here but ya, in agreement with your wish for more customization, the other spot besides the “highlights” where I think the wood Moto X needs more options is in the plastic “strip” that runs along the side of the phone. I you notice when designing, there is a white plastic “strip” that runs around the sides and perimeter of the bamboo and teak phone. And there’s a black “strip” on the walnut and ebony phones. These “strips” stay their respective colors no matter what front color you pick. It would be nice if you could pick white or black for the strip, or even any color for the strip. At this point though, I think Motorola is already doing something amazing with Moto Maker. We can’t be too picky, especially when other manufacturers have nothing even close.

  • Miguel Angel Portela

    Love the look but it just clashes too much with the front. And the sides. And the buttons.

  • paticao

    btw did anyone notice that the ebony is now available for shipping? today!

    • Jedi_Skote

      Just went back to coming soon

      • paticao

        i was able to go all the way with the order

        • PhillipCun

          did you check out?

          • paticao

            no i was just playing with it

          • paticao

            see the pic below

          • Nick S

            Pro tip: be careful with that uTorrent button now that the whole “Net Neutrality” issue is up in the air again, brother.

          • paticao

            haahahahahahahhahah just mkv files…

  • Levi Wilcox

    Hoping they expand these to include Birdseye Maple

  • John Legere

    I like my coffee, like i like my wood

    • aye_winchell

      so you’re into coffee enemas?

      • John Legere

        I’ll admit, i didn’t think this one over

        • aye_winchell

          hey man no judgments here, just be yourself….oh wait…

          • John Legere

            Always be your self, unless you can be John Legere, then always be John Legere.

  • Sankyou

    Yeah this is pretty much how it has to be done. Would have opted for a dev edition or wood over my Cyber-Monday X now. Still I love this phone!

    • JoshGroff

      I’m all for the Motomaker “T-Mobile” X, got it with woven black back and blue accents. Looks better than the DE to me, and just as unlocked. You can always make/buy a wooden case.

      • Sankyou

        Weird you chose the same options I did. I hesitate to unlock it because I purchased the accidental damage protection. I have a feeling that Motorola will still honor warranty claims on bootloader unlocked non-dev phones as long as your claim has nothing to do with the bootloader. This was HTC’s (unofficial) stance when I recently had to have the mainboard replaced on my One.

        • JoshGroff

          Officially, they say that they don’t cover non software related issues if you unlock the bootloader, but I’m sure damage protection applies separately. (Since it is essentially insurance.)

  • droidify

    I hope they use some of that sweet wallpaper wood veneer that looks so nice on paneling :-/

  • Philip J. Fry

    Still a great idea, what other company can say they make a wood backed phone? Oh that’s right…………

    • droidify

      Boo yow!

    • Tim242

      How many people do you think really want a wood phone? Oh that’s right……………

      • Philip J. Fry

        I said wood “backed” phone not wood phone. Reading fail.

        • Tim242

          My point still stands. People aren’t clammering for wood-backed phones.

          • Maxim∑

            Its unique, I think the reaction would be similar to the Gold 5S. At first everyone criticized the color then it ended up being popular. Especially if its only 25$ more

  • RedXander

    Makes sense. Teak is not cheap or easy to manipulate.