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Xbox Music Receives Update on Google Play, Allows for Storing Playlists Offline

These days, it seems that there are just as many streaming music services as there are social networks in our world. If you are one of the people who uses Microsoft’s Xbox Music service, today is a good day. An update pushing to users now will allow for you to be able to listen to your music while on the go.

Offline music playback is something that Microsoft has been promising to come to their mobile apps since Xbox Music started. Today’s update finally allows people with an Xbox Music Pass to save their playlists to their phone so they can listen to them without an internet connection. This update also brings a “play all genre” function, allowing for a bit more music discovery, which is something the application has lacked up until this point. It is worth noting that offline playback only works for users who pay the $9.99 per month for the Xbox Music Pass.

If you are one of the users of Xbox Music, hit the Google Play link below to grab your download.

Play Link

Cheers Paul!
  • Steve Suww

    I recently discovered Style Jukebox,which lets me upload my music for free in the Cloud and keeps the quality of my flac files. Xbox is great for subscription, but jukebox is the best for your existing music collection.

  • jawshoeuh

    I’d rather have Google Music on my Xbox.

    • LiterofCola

      I’d rather drive a Ferrari too, but we can’t get everything we want.

    • D3lusionz

      It works in IE if you have the free google music account.. But as soon as you upgrade to all access you get flash errors and no playback (even if you enable HTML 5 in the lab settings for google music). At least I have chromecast.. 🙂

  • Kevin Sosa

    I am very excited for this. I have been using the service since 2008 and have found it the best by far. Here’s why:

    1) Multiple accounts. You can have 3 people on the same account, all downloading their own music separate from each other
    2) You get to keep 10 songs of your choosing each month
    3) FINALLY having cross platform access. My biggest gripe was that you had to have a Zune. Now with the release of this app and subsequent update, I can rock out on my GS4.

    I know that there is a lot of other providers out there now including Google, but they don’t cover all the bases like Microsoft has. I just wished they had done a better job of marketing and making it multi-platform earlier.

    • Pretty good rundown of why you’re using it. Just because we are Android fans doesn’t mean we have to latch onto All Access immediately.

    • Jason Kahn

      I like the idea of keeping ten songs a month, if google did that I could probably justify the expense, I might have to check this out.

      How expansive is the music selection?

      What happens to the monthly songs if you cancel the service or remove the app, can you store them as MP3’s?

      How does it do with streaming, Google music really struggle over my Verizon LTE connection even at lower quality settings?

      • Kevin Sosa

        Jason, good questions.

        Music selection is very expansive. Found pretty much every song (I have pretty much every genre for my music taste) and they always have the latest music.

        If you cancel the service, you simply cannot play the songs you’ve downloaded unless you used song credits or bought them outright ( they offer songs for around .79 – $1.29). I’m sure there’s a way to convert them to mp3 but I haven’t tried.

        I’ve not had issues streaming over LTE . I tried Google and did notice issues with streaming. So far so good. Hope this helps.

  • Jason Kahn

    Droid Life please do a survey I bet very few readers, if not android user actually use this service.

  • Samvelavich

    I dont think a lot of people appreciate what Microsoft is doing. Unlike Apple, they are all for cross-platform applications and designs. I really like how much effort they put to make their apps available to as many people as possible.

    • Shane Redman

      I appreciate it….just don’t use it.

    • LiterofCola

      Exactly, use this puppy regularly on the TV and on my phone

    • Jason Kahn

      They are getting better I’ll given them that, although I am still waiting on an android tablet version of office.

  • Philip J. Fry

    Google play all access FTW! Seriously it does everything I could ask for. Play it in my truck, on my tv, in my sxs or anywhere else I want to and plus I caught it when it was 7.99

    • Paul

      Xbox Music had a deal of $49 for a year so that deal was pretty good too!

    • michael arazan

      And because its android, I can load my account on my brother’s phone and vice versa for him to use my app for free by switching accounts. We also swap apps, I usually buy a lot more apps than he does.

    • finder999

      but it is not available in ukraine, for example, and there is no variants to use it, instead of backdoor with xbox music (any american adress and phone in profile) and deezer (which collection is not as big as xbox or google), but latest is available in my country natively.