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Eternity Warriors 3 Released for Android, a Stunning RPG With Multiplayer Focus

Glu Mobile, a renowned developer known for their free-to-play titles such as Contract Killer and Deer Hunter, has officially launched their popular Eternity Warriors 3 title to Google Play. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the game, it’s an action-packed RPG with dragons involved, and a list of three heroes to play as. 

The game has been available on the iOS platform for some time now, and shows off a wealth of new features. One such feature is the multiplayer enhancement. You can now communicate with fellow players in real time, and even check out their loot. Another interesting addition is the choice of three kingdoms to explore and three heroes to navigate with – we typically only see one of each.


  • Will you fight as the rugged Warrior, the agile Monk, or the devastating Mage?
  • Amazing graphics at blazing frame rates!
  • Fast paced action combined with fluid controls and life-like animations!
  • Join forces in guilds, converse in real-time with other players and inspect their gear!
  • Compete in regular tournament events against other players and guilds
  • Slay hordes of demons throughout the most distinct kingdoms in Udar!
  • Will you find the most legendary items, or leave them to someone else?
  • Unleash devastating amounts of damage with various skills and abilities

What is best about the game, is the price tag. Eternity Warriors 3 is available on Google Play for free, with in-app purchases to grab a few in-game extras. While a game not completely ruled by IAPs would be nice, that’s just the way the world works.

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Via: Glu Mobile
  • ouches

    Is there any way to get my characters back just got a new phone. I even installed back from my apps in Google play store says my name is still in use any answers reguarding this will help

  • Reda Jabbare
  • Christopher Kandrat

    For a free game I was not expecting much. But I was proven wrong. Glu has been good lately

  • HarvesterX

    6 Days After Installation – Looking Back

    Guild Name: DeadRabbits (recruiting players 1000GS+, contact StTyrael or email me if interestedl
    Leader: StTyrael

    First off, don’t install this game expecting it to contain and multiplayer aspect to it. There is absolutely NO multiplayer here. In app purchases are king in this warrior’s world, and you must respect the fact they you are just a commoner in a foreign land. GLU has removed all elements from this game that would even hint to the player that real money and IAPs were jot needed. This includes multiplayer as well, cause if we were able to also fight alongside others, then why would we worry about potions as much? Feel where I’m going here? Good 🙂 If you are expecting a MMO or any multiplayer, back on I’ll and uninstall!

    So you understand that this has NO multiplayer and are still interested? Good! Worried about in app purchases ruining the gameplay? Don’t be, as there’s no need to worry about being number one on the leaderboards legitimately anyways, as there are unlimited gem and unlimitee potion and unlimited energy and zero cool down mods out there that can be applied (if you aren’t rooted, you just need to mod via ADB). GLU fails here big time.

    You are still interested, even though there is NO multiplayer and that the leaderboards are topped by cheaters? And the in app purchases probably are steering you away. As I just stated, there’s no need anyways to pay for anything anyways as for starter, there are only a handful if even that of items available to the player via IAPs that can’t be gotten from the game itself. If you have patience, you can grind for almost everything there is. Once you have made it to Legendary difficulty, you will see “Unbreakable” items making there way into the list of items to be won from Offerings. These are the best items in the game, and on the Gold God offering there will some “Unbreakable” jewelry. This is the only thing I know if that doesn’t drop naturally in the game. It’s either the “Unbreakable Talisman of..” or “Unbreakable Ring of…”,.. Forgot which one. You can egen also sometime get the final boss in Legendary mode to drop Wings. These are purely cosmetic anyways, and contribute nothing to your stats.

    Hopefully new players are letting this information sink in before investing any real money into this. I strongly advise against anyone paying GLU a dime as GLU hasn’t addressed any of the glaring issues as of yet. There are zero guild controls and zero switches that can be used in chat. This means I have to constantly type in the message of the day for my guild and keep everyone updated. I realize that there will never be multiplayer as that cuts into their sales profits, but small stuff like this,…and like the bad camera angles at times, are all small issues that GLU could have at least gotten back to us on on their support forums and we’ve heard nothing.

    This game is still enjoyable though, even despite all these problems. There is a leaderboard where players are ranked by their combined gear score. This means, the value of all their gear (each weapon, armor, etc is assigned a maximum amount of points that you can upgrade it to). You place in the ranks is affected by your GS on all three of your characters and when assigning your character a name keep this in mind. You don’t want to name your mage “PureMage” and them realize later on that you will be playing using your Monk and Warrior as well.

    It’s also really good that most all the items obtainable within the game and that you just need to grind grind grind. One exception to this would be the extra inventory slots. It is also fun running a ranking guild in game. If anybody is interested in joining a good guild, hit me up. We are currently full, but there are a few spaces available where I can kick a few a people out of (some people with 400-500GS who aren’t playing that much). Having over 1000GS is preferred, but that number isn’t a fixed requirement.

  • Benjie may-ag

    I actually deleted the game i was lvl 35 and redownload i am lvl 1 again and try to use the name i used and it says name being used how do i get back to my old account?

  • Mitch Fultz

    I understand droid-life wants to give opportunities to younger enthusiasts but the quality and topic choices of the interns are not interesting to me. It seems to me they are writing about certain things just to meet a quota and not because the topic is actually important or necessary. They are good writers, just the content and topics are not always important, in my opinion.

    • flosserelli

      No one is forcing you to read it.

    • I can assure you I’m under no quota, I write about apps I legitimately care about 🙂

  • peanuts

    How’s this game’s storyline? Are there some interesting character interactions and development? I’m a fan of those Japanese RPG games like the Tales of, older Final Fantasy and other games. I’ve played most of the Square RPGs on Android since they’re mostly just remakes. Most of the Kemco games are boring. Anyone know of good new RPGs?

    • John Legere

      Good thing people upvoted your questions and nobody answered.

      • Jill Lewis

        They might have upvoted it because they wondered the same thing…..

    • JoshGroff

      Any by hyperdevbox if you enjoyed ff tactics.

    • Ben

      There is a very lackluster story about the rise of some demon of some sorts. To be honest, you quickly forget about it after trying to defeat the first major boss for the 30th time. It’s a fun game, but after you get past the first section the difficulty spike rises incredibly, forcing you into grinding for some time, as it takes a while to level up. Still, worth a play, just don’t be expecting an engaging storyline.

  • ki11ak3nn

    I’ve played this game for all of 10 minutes and I like it better than Heroes of Order and Chaos. It’s a more touch screen friendly RPG. And it’s more fun to play. Time to uninstall HOC.

    • Gary

      Arcane Legends. Nuff said.

  • Michael Bassett

    New Years resolution: Do not down any app that has IAP.

  • HarvesterX

    World where free games are ruled by IAPs is a world of our own creation. Companies see the few companies that manage to maintain a steady stream of monthly players who pay $100+ each month and desperately try to copy it.

    Free games with IAPs don’t HAVE to be horrible, but they generally are. Dr. Who : Legacy is an example of a game where they perfected the IAPs.

    For the cost of the $4.99 Time Crystal package, you gain access to the Fan Area levels. The game is easily worth $5. I’ve paid $35+- for the game, twice. When I received my replacement G2 I emailed the developers and asked them ifonce they iimplement cloud saves, if they could restore the characters on my new account that I missed out on getting. They responded quickly with a “we don’t usually do this, but here is a code that will unlock ALL the Advent Calander stuff. TinyRebel has done a marvelous job with the Dr. Who franchise and I easily recommmend the game to everyone.

    It’s a puzzle game in the style of Bejeweled, except with MUCH more. You can choose a team of (I think) 5 characters from the show and level each one up as well, so more like a Puzzle RPG. They are constantly adding new stuff which you can unlock via their Facebook page, by finding promo codes and entering them into the game.

    If anyone here plays Dr. Who : Legacy and who missed out on the Advent calendar goodies, send me a PM or email at [email protected] and I might share the promo code that they sent to me to unlock all of it 🙂

    In the mean time, I might as well check this out. It is a GLU game after all, so I don’t expect to be able to compete without paying an arm and a leg. I seriously don’t mind rewarding companies that get it right (the two man TinyRebel team for example, and of course though BBC had a say in the process but…)

  • tehshift

    Why do people subject themselves to playing games like this on a phone? Just because they don’t have another form of medium?

    • JoshGroff

      I guess, I certainly wouldn’t play an MMO on anything that’s not a PC. I do use my phone to play JRPGs and Side scrollers though, games that I’ve always felt were better on handheld consoles.

      • HarvesterX

        Side scrollers… Almost forgot about those. You’re right, most scrollers are either too frustrating to be fun due to controls or just too boring.

        You know what genre would work perfectly? Dungeon Crawlers. More specifially, whoever is first to release a true PvP one in the vain of the Diablo series. I’m really surprised that Blizzard hasn’t made a Diablo II or III port. Android used Open GL for graphics, so porting one over graphically should be easy (relatively speaking). Then add mobile controls to it (sort of like how Deprofundis: Requiem implemented them, but little more refined). Deprofundis is the closest that I’ve seen, except that there is no PvP. The developer is only a one man team as far as I know.

        Even if Blizzard just ported over Diablo II: LoD expansion pack, I would easily pay $15-20 for it and maybe a small monthly cost to cover the servers (though I doubt most people would pay that much, I would though). The Dungeon Hunter series is far from Diablo quality, and it’s not an issue with the graphics. Our phones can EASILY handle those games, as I ran Diablo II on am ancient computer when I first started playing it. The CPU was only like 600MHz back then and I don’t remember having any dedicated graphics card (although I did build a much better computer after that, and eventually bought a $4k Alienware setup, back when Alienware was its own company). The only thing holding companies back from these types of games are the fact that players don’t like to PAY for their games, so we are stuck with PvP models that depend on IAPs and if you make more than enough money each month, all you have to do is pay the developers off (might as well call it paying the developers off lol) in order to rank well.

        • JoshGroff

          I’m with you there, would definitely drop 15-20 on a good Diablo II port, probably 30-40 for mobile Diablo 3. I bought almost all FF ports, still missing after years, but it’s not really worth $16, might buy it if it goes on sale. (Selling it separate from 4 and without interlude is a bad idea, considering it’s really not a standalone expansion)

          • HarvesterX

            Why did somebody downvote your response? I don’t get it. I usually don’t worry a out downvotes, as that’s exactly what motivates trolls on the internet to keep on going, but sometimes I do. Like here…OK first off you agree and I would love to see a Diablo II/III/New on for mobile devices and say that you’d pay $15-20 for it. The issue isn’t the downvote, lol, it’s more that I wish sometimes people would leave a reply whenever they downvote something, especially when it’s not a controversial subject being disagreed with. This just leaves me wondering … 🙂

      • HarvesterX

        I agree, as there aren’t many playable mobile MMOs out there. The ones that are playable are ruined by pay to win aspects. I don’t understand the dilemma either. Example: Diablo II LoD would be a seemingly easy, quick title that could be successfully ported over. From a purely technical standpoint as a developer, most of the game code could remain intact, as Diablo II is optimized to run with either Open GL or Direct X. Now we don’t have Direct X support obviously, but Linux does support Open GL.

        The code would just need to be rewritten (using the original as a template) so that it runs on Linux. The challenges would be optimising the code and making all the adjustments, as well as adding touch screen support. Optimizing the controls for touch screen shouldn’t even be that tough, as you can just map touch input over to the corresponding mouse movementsz as well as maybe onscreen overlays that can be added to the screen to use as hotkeys for skills, etc. This would all need the same love and care as the original game got. For example, when letting the user add skill hotkeys as the form of onscreen overlays or buttons, the game would be ruined if the developers limited us to how many “overy lays” we could add.

        To me, the In App Purchase model has completely ruined the mobile game iindustry. Too many companies now see that so many people time and time again with lay hundreds if not more a month to lead the leaderboards. The SECOND in app purchases enter the Diablo II/III world, that’s the SECOND the game becomes ruined. I could see everyone now running around with high end elite runeword gear PKing everybody.

    • Mr E

      Sort of — if I could use a Vita as a phone, I would have that, but I don’t really want to have to carry around more than one device all the time.
      Fwiw, I’ve played games similar to this (Dungeon Hunter, for example) a bit and they’re really not that bad on a phone.

    • GTIguy

      Why are you assuming that people are playing these just on phones? Is it OK with you if one was to play this on a tablet?

      • kg2128

        I’m assuming he means mobile games in general which I kind of get. If you are really going to get into a serious game you might as well play pc, console, or a portable. That being said I do play some mobile games as a last resort when I am waiting somewhere and don’t have access to any pc/console/portable.

    • HarvesterX

      I used to only play PC games (America Army (forgot the technical title to it, if it still exists, Diablo II hardcore, Runecraft, Baldur’s Gate II, all the older stuff etc), and recently I got rid of my PC and relied sorely on one laptop when needed and my phone. It’s quite liberating actually, and since getting the G2 I haven’t even been able to log onto the laptop due to a crash, and since I don’t have the CDs with the drivers I need to use a JSB flash drive or something to get everything set back up, and I haven’t even bothered…

      Mobile games are evolving very quickly, and I’m already used to the touch screen controls, especially when it comes to first person shooters (I’m a die hard mouse and keyboard type of guy, and DO miss games with all those optiosns but will wait it out). I do need to find and install all the drivers on that thing though, as I do need it up and running for the development that I do on the phone. Most of the time I can get by without it but when I need to use the computer to root, well, I need to use the computer to root lol. Maybe I’ll just burn a Linux CD and boot into Linux instead, which will also let me start building ROMs again from scratch.

      There’s absolutely nothing wrong with mobile games though when done correctly. They can actually be quite innovative. That’s if the companies can back away from the greed and expectations that players will spend hundreds of dollars a month. I thank Mobage (DeNA), and Zynga for that crap. Mobage especially, considering almost all the games follow. The EXACT same formula yet people continue paying hundreds if not THOUSANDS of dollars on a then based card collecting game in which you don’t even physically own the damn cards. You go people. Yes, I’m insulting anyone here who contributes that much for such a game just so they can top the ranks. I know, it’s your money and you can use it how you wish for entertainment. If spending hundreds of dollars a month or more on these games though is gratifying, then I truly question the thinking process one goes through when determining how to get the most out of their money on entertainment. On the flip side though, games such as Blood Brothers can be extremely profitable for some players…being as there are trusted dedicated sites to buy stuff with real money off others using PayPal, and that just one rare card/familiar/etc can be sold for $200+- if you get lucky drawing cards. It’s also great to start these games when DeNA first releases them as it becomes easier to get your hands on the rare stuff that sells. I made a few thousand dollars selling resources and familiars on Blood Brothers (and did run a top 50 Rage of Bahamut order for a long time) The forums I used to use I think were just recently moved due to companies flooding the forums with advertisements, but it should be around somewhere.

      Yes, I’m as responsible for these games selling stuff as the people buying 🙂 … It’s just a little different when you are able to quit your day job and profit based solely off lucky draws, trading, etc. Even after I uninstalled Blood Brothers and quit, I was still able to sell my main account (along with the 100bothsr accounts I made just for trading and collecting)

    • If the game had HID controller support (Shield, MOGA, Ouya, paired PS3 controller, USB OTG wired XBox360 controller, etc) then I might be interested, without it, not really into trying to control a character and camera while covering half the screen with my fingers.

      • ki11ak3nn

        Just won a Shield from Android Central. I’m sure it would make games like this 100% more playable.

      • Ben

        You don’t control a camera. Its actually incredibly easy to play on a tablet, and that’s coming from someone who hates mobile gaming other than short time killers.

        • HarvesterX

          The camera is awful at times in Eternity Warriors 3 l. I’ve played every level in the game, and there are just certain areas I don’t like farming for that very reason. For example, while fighting the second boss Nian the camera often spins wildly after delivering the final blow, leaving the player with 5 seconds before the game exits the level. This wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the fact that there’s no auto pick up loot setting anywhere. This is especially bad when he’s defeated the edge of the map. After he dies here, the camera spins behind your character pointing a head as if you were going to progress forwards. The problem is that this leaves a large blind spot at he bottom of the screen and often times there will be loot outside of you field of vision and you’ll have to blindly run around trying to cove as much area as you can while trying to pick everything up. Thankfully this isn’t as huge of an issue as it sounds, especially when you get to where you can kill Nian in under 10 seconds.

      • HarvesterX

        Man I wish I could rememeber it’s name so I could recommend it to you – In the Play Store there is (possibly more than one) anl third party installation which allows you to map controls to a controller. I had it installed on my last G2, but haven’t reinstalled it yet on this replacement as it requires root for it to function fully. Works pretty well. I doubt we’ll ever see controller support built in these pay to win type games. The extra development time cuts into total profits.

        If any developers are interested in new projects, one that would be of great use would be to start integrating controller support within the existing game engines (if they don’t already support it), that way these companies can bake key mapping right into all the games they throw together.

        • Nvidia Shield has a “Screen Mapper” program for the shield that maps positional buttons and screen swipes to controller buttons and movement pads. Being able to map a separate controller to HID buttons would be nice, but it doesn’t help with games that don’t have HID controller support. You can already easily integrate HID controls in Unity and Unreal Engine for mobile, so it is a matter of devs just not thinking about this useage case or not caring.

  • ki11ak3nn

    I just downloaded Heroes of Order and Chaos. And I’m not really liking it so far. You can really advance unless you get the IAP. And playing in solo mode seems too complicated. Maybe I’m just not an RPG guy. I’ll give this a shot though.

    • Brandon Golway

      Order and Chaos is great! A few years ago at my college job a co-worker and I started playing it together on our shift and next thing we knew it was three hours later! I still play it occasionally, phone tends to get kind of hot though since it requires a lot of processing power. It would be great if we could play these online because I’d love to play them on my chromebook!

    • Alied1333

      мʏ ƈʟαѕѕмαтɛ’ѕ нαʟғ-ѕιѕтɛʀ мαĸɛѕ $84/нʀ օɴ тнɛ ιɴтɛʀɴɛт. ѕнɛ нαѕ вɛɛɴ աιтнօυт աօʀĸ ғօʀ ѕɛʋɛɴ мօɴтнѕ вυт ʟαѕт мօɴтн нɛʀ քαʏƈнɛƈĸ աαѕ $15984 ʝυѕт աօʀĸιɴɢ օɴ тнɛ ιɴтɛʀɴɛт ғօʀ α ғɛա нօυʀѕ. ɢօ тօ աɛвѕιтɛ fox800&#46com

      • ki11ak3nn

        SPAM!! I love it on toast with some eggs!!

    • HarvesterX

      Order and Chaos isn’t too bad (well, never tried Heroes). Yeah that’s a ton of IAPs you can make and if you are competing at the top, then I guess you’ll be spending lots of money obviously, but J was able to play that for a LONG time before setting it down, and never felt like I had to buy anything. Of course, my main character is only level 20 or so as well, so maybe in the end game I’d feel more of an incentive to buy something. Then again, that’s also why I uninstalled it. Unless I can make a profit off it (might be able to in Order and Chaos,…never tried) then there’s not much of any reason to continue playing it. I’ll try this game as well, but I see this game getting uninstalled fairly quickly.