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SwiftKey Partners with Clarion, Coming to a Car Touchscreen Near You

swiftkey beta

If you didn’t believe that CES 2014 was the year of the car entertainment system, let me convince you. SwiftKey, one of the most popular third-party keyboard replacements for Androoid, will soon be coming to a car’s touchscreen near you. SwiftKey and Clarion have partnered together to bring their typing technology to cars this year. 


At CES this week, Clarion announced that their AX1 Android car stereo is coming to the United States and picked SwiftKey to help make the system more accessible. This new Clarion system is being built directly off of Android. It comes loaded with Maps, YouTube and an internet browser, so having a good on-screen keyboard will be a necessity.

Clarion promised to update us on when the AX1 and its SwiftKey keyboard would be available in the US. We will let you know as soon as we hear more.

Via: SwiftKey
  • Jason Brown

    would the Internet come from your phone or would 4g be part of the car entertainment system?


    Clarion? That’s going wayyy back. Awesome!

  • Nicholas Slaughter

    ARliberator wins again

  • Nicholas Slaughter

    The head unit runs…. 2.3.7 Ha Ha Ha. What is this 2010

  • Is this not the same as texting and driving which is against the law in a lot, if not most, states in the US?

    • Adam Elghor

      Many cars only let you interact with the nav system while the car is stationary…this could be similar

  • Guy Pierce

    Texting and diving is worse the drunk driving.

    • Chris

      Both are bad. Both can cause accidents. Both can cause deaths.

    • Mike Reid

      >and diving

      Yeah, underwater texting is dangerous. Might not see that shark in time. 😉

      • Guy Pierce

        LOL. Thanks for the laugh!

  • alex

    What the hell is up with the Gingerbread theme elements in a product to be released in 2014?

    • Nicholas Slaughter

      cause it runs 2.3.7…I can’t stop laughing

      • AvgJoe

        Looks like those android os numbers will be going back up again when we see the quarterly statements of os’ still being used. Is Froyo and Gingerbread still up on Google servers for anyone to download and still use?

        Why not at least use ICS with so many more options instead? 4.0.4 ran great when I finally got it on my GNex and so does 4.2.2

    • alex

      Down votes? Seriously? Do you want to still be using android 2.3? A 3 year old OS?

  • jimt

    Voice would be better with manual as a backup.

  • John Legere

    They ban Glass in cars (some states) , yet they want this in cars?

    • Foo

      Probably in place where you already type stuff, like the in-car GPS system.

      • Adrynalyne

        IMO, they should just lock down controls until you stop moving. Fiddling with controls, touch or not while moving is a bad idea, unless you are the passenger.

        • Foo

          Physical controls require very little interaction though – like a heat knob. I know exactly where it is, and I can turn it down a couple of notches just by taking my hand off the steering wheel (which I already do for a manual when shifting), and easily reaching toward it just to the right of said steering wheel.

          • Adrynalyne

            Fair enough.

          • Chris

            Plus you should get to know the controls in your car. I can adjust my air by adjusting it and not even looking at it. Its not like the 80s or early 90s when there were switches and levers to control it.

          • Foo

            Imo for things to not require visual interaction they have to have tacticle feedback of some sort. Levers and knobs have the advantage of being easy to locate by touch, and also by muscle memory. It is easy also immediately obvious what position the levers are, so the driver need not verify it by looking.

        • Chris

          Some systems do that already. Not all though

      • Chris

        My Fusion has manual controls on the dash but it also has Ford Sync and controls right on the steering wheel. I use those to control my volume, go though my radio presets and even pause, play and skip my music that I have my phone hooked up via bluetooth. hit the sync button and say “call dad….” or “call work…”

        I agree that its nonsense to have touch controls for the air system. I’d just be happy with manual controls as a dual zone automatic

        Most new cars have this same voice recognition buttons right on the steering wheel.

        but why are you afraid to ride with him if you only change/adjust the heat for only a second not to mention you are there to do it for him…

        • Foo

          Maybe I was exaggerating a bit – not so much afraid, as unnerved. I prefer my driver not take eyes off the road at all while driving in traffic.

      • John Legere

        Yeah, i love when cars have the button on the steering wheel. Makes it much easier than looking over and switching.