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Acer C720 Touchscreen Chromebook Unveiled in White Moonstone Color, Hits the U.S. This Month for $299

Acer announced a new colorway for the C720 Chromebook this afternoon, a Moonstone White, which will be on display next week during CES. Besides the color, the specs for this touchscreen device are the same as the original model – 11.6″ LED HD backlit display, 2GB of RAM, 32GB SSD, an Intel Celeron 2955U processor based on the Intel Haswell micro-architecture, and a webcam built into the bezel. 

What’s nice is that anyone who really wanted a Chromebook Pixel, but didn’t want to spend the $1299, can pick up this device for just $299 starting this month here in North America. Sure, it doesn’t have the same high-res display, and no where near the same power output, but it certainly has the looks with a well-performing touchscreen.

And seriously, it’s a Chromebook. It’s not like you need that much power to browse the web anyways. Right?


Via: Market Wired
  • JRomeo

    Did you clone the original SSD that came with the chromebok? and clone it onto a new SSD ? and if so, what software did you use to clone it?

  • jt O’Brien

    I would love to get one of these but it just isn’t practical for me. I use too much software for school. For a non-engineering student, this is the perfect laptop. I always laugh when I see English majors with Macs, or even a high end windows laptop, just get a chromebook 🙂

    • Justin W

      I’m planning on going to school for Software Engineering and I’ve been able to get everything I need on my Chromebook – all you need to do is install a Linux distro alongside ChromeOS and you should be good to go.

  • Buckoman

    Just looked some stuff up. So the Drive App actually has offline capability instead of using that Google Docs “bookmark” shortcut that it comes preloaded with. Huge points already for that. I don’t know why I didn’t think it could do it, other than using my cousin’s for a second without a connection. Installing Ubuntu is a huge plus, and I also didn’t know you could replace the HD.

    I’ve looked at a bunch of them in store, and the Samsung one looks nice, but are there any more dependable brands? The HP?

    Also, thanks for some hands-on accounts.

  • chris_johns

    wish the non touchscreen one came in white…for 199…id buy in a heart beat

  • junaidakram233

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  • me

    I have the Acer C7 (last years model) and I use it all the time. It’s really perfect little laptop for those of us who are tied into the Google world of GMail, docs, drive, chrome, google plus and all that other cool stuff that you use on your Android phone.

    I would not recommend this as your only computer. I have a powerful desktop that I use when I need a big monitor and real mouse and keyboard to do stuff like Autocad or just chilling enjoying the big monitor. But as a small laptop, like actually on your lap while on the couch and you want to browse the “desktop experience web” Chromebooks offer what phones and tablets do not. They offer the full desktop internet experience, with a keyboard.

    My devices go like this: Nexus 5, Nexus 7, Chromebook Acer C7, Windows 7 desktop, Chromecast too. All sizes covered, and they all get used daily.

  • MikeSaver

    Too bad I just bought the 4GB C720 Touchscreen.

  • trentfolan

    I wouldn’t say “here in North America”, I’ve been on the lookout for the c720 and it is no where to be found here in Canada. Nor does it seem that this one has been annouced for a Canadian release date.

  • LionStone

    Dang! Why they bring this out *after* the holidays… Oh well, my girl really loves her gray one.

  • Daniel Walsh

    That looks nice.

  • jaymonster

    Am I missing something here? Before the Moonstone, the C720 with 2GB of RAM was $199 and the one with 4GB was more… but in this case, you are getting the lesser ram for the higher price… just to get it in white?

    • Niall Fox

      Plus Touchscreen,

      • StuckOnVerizonForever

        Plus double the storage

    • jaymonster

      Clearly, I didn’t read the details close enough. Thanks folks.

  • kamkid279

    Has anybody ever used a chromebook as an HTPC? How’s it working? What doesn’t it do?

    • ddevito

      It cannot be a HTPC

      • Justin W

        Has an HDMI port that disagrees.

    • Justin W

      I haven’t, but Netflix, GPLay Movies, Youtube, Music, etc. work well on it. I don’t see why you couldn’t, but I’m not sure what the HDMI output is (I’d assume 1080p, but that’s not a reason I got a Chromebook so I didn’t really look into that).

  • Droid Ronin

    Seeing as how this won’t be able to run core apps, I guess it wouldn’t be able to run tools like ADB or Eclipse?

    • Justin W

      Google “Crouton” – you can use it to install Xubuntu or Ubuntu (XFCE or Unity) alongside ChromeOS (here’s a link, just because: http://www.howtogeek.com/162120/how-to-install-ubuntu-linux-on-your-chromebook-with-crouton/ ). I have Eclipse and the JDK installed (though it was a pain in the ass to install the JDK – there’s a how-to here: http://www.wikihow.com/Install-Oracle-Java-JDK-on-Ubuntu-Linux ).

      Also, if you aren’t versed in Linux (I wasn’t when I began this project), most common issues you might experience can be found online. For installing other browsers, I used ChromeOS to download the browser, then switched back into the Linux distro and installed it there (the default browser that comes built into XFCE is not very up-to-date). Any other issues, Google it!

  • Colin Huber

    I recently bought the c720p. Heck-of-a product.

    • LionStone

      Do you know what’s the difference between the C720 and C720p?

      • Colin Huber

        $100 and a touchscreen. That’s it.

        • StuckOnVerizonForever

          Double the SSD .

          • Colin Huber

            Ah, yes.

      • ben

        I just bought a c720. Basically the c720 comes in two versions, a 2GB and a 4GB. If you watch diligently on amazon you can find them for $199 and $249 respectively. I bought the 4GB and love it. I installed Ubuntu and am using it as a sort-of remote to my home computer. I write a fair amount of code and need to compile at home for time’s sake. The c720p is the 2GB version of the c720 but with a touch screen. I wasnt able to find any other differences aside from the touchscreen, but it’s possible I overlooked them.

        My c720 is quite nice for the price. The only two complaints I have are that the screen is lacking (not the worst I’ve used, but really could be better) and that the keyboard isn’t backlit. Aside from these two small issues, I love it. The battery life is stellar, the size is perfect, and price just right.

        • LionStone

          So the title of this post should be C720P?

          • Justin W


        • S2556

          I have been trying to find 4gb since black Friday

          • Justin W

            It’s available on Acer’s site now (in the touchscreen model, anyway) – IIRC it just showed up there earlier this week. Here’s the link: http://us.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/model/NX.MJAAA.004

          • S2556

            Oh wow I thought touch screen was just the 2gb version. Unfortunately that is out of stock as well. I did find the 2844 (4gb non-touch) available but priced at 330… Still tempted but I am gonna have to ship it to Canada as well. Will it really still be worth it?

          • Justin W

            Just get the 2GB version – I have no regrets with it and it runs Crouton/XFCE (Xubuntu Linux Distro) just fine with no issues. Unless you need to have 15+ tabs open at any one time, you’ll have no issues with the 2GB version.

          • S2556

            Should I just get the hp 14 then? I can actually find that one in Canada so shipping would be much less

          • Justin W

            The 14 has a much more inefficient processor IIRC, unless they released an updated version with the 1.4Ghz Haswell (though I didn’t look that hard for a 14 version).

          • S2556

            Today they became available on acer Canada and picked up the 4gb 16gb version for $279. The 2gb 32gb version was also available at $259. The additional model numbers on the acer site are for the version with a bilingual keyboard

          • Justin W

            I’m interested in swapping mine for a 4GB/32GB, but there doesn’t seem to be one like that, so I think I’ll just have to work with the 2GB/32GB model (I really just need the extra storage for the linux partition, but the extra RAM would be nice).

          • S2556

            Yeah, I’ve heard the additional RAM helps with streaming 1080p to the TV stutter free so I went with it to be safe. Thought about going for the 32GB but a I figure a 16GB + SD card should suffice.

      • Justin W

        C720p is the touchscreen version. @disqus_8PwH8yVohA:disqus is correct that the C720 came in two separate versions, but Acer discontinued the 4GB version since there is a minimal improvement between the 2GB and 4GB version. The C720P, however, has a 4GB version that I would suggest if you plan on installing a Linux distro on it as well, as it can come in extremely handy for running some games and more memory-intensive tasks.

        I have a C720 2GB and am thinking about returning it to upgrade to the C720p 4GB model (or the white model, I’m not completely sure yet), but I love it so far (when strictly speaking about the ChromeOS side of things), but there’s so much more you can do with these devices, especially once you install a Linux distro on it.

        Also, @ben – I agree that the screen is lacking. My ideal Chromebook would have been a cross between the HP 11 and the C720 – amazing screen, better speaker placement, and battery life for 8+ hours, as well as a solid Haswell processor. I’ve also gotten used to having a backlit keyboard, but once you learn the layout of the keyboard, it’s not too difficult to keep track of where the keys are 🙂

  • Intellectua1

    I never understood the point of touchscreen laptops or desktops.. I’m sure someone will give me an ear full on the benefits though..

    • LionStone

      Because they can?

    • Buckoman

      With Windows 8 as an example, it’s an incredible pain to use the Metro UI side of the machine with just a trackpad. Using a touchscreen is much easier to navigate and use Metro when you have to.

      Otherwise, if you’d like to just boot to Desktop and not really use Metro, I don’t see a reason for it, other than it becoming a standard, so to speak.

  • Buckoman

    I have an honest question, and maybe I’m missing something (so please don’t kill me, rather, enlighten me), but what is the point of a Chromebook without the ability to run core apps such as a word processor without internet?

    • Alec Boyle

      Well I would just suggest that most of us who are the target audience for chrome books are almost never without internet. On the rare occasions when i don’t have access to Wi-Fi, my phone is a perfectly functional hot spot.

      • Buckoman

        Where would a Chromebook fit in with your other devices? I have a laptop, a phone, and an Asus T100. I’m just curious as to who their target market is.

        • abhele

          students maybe because they dont have ton of money and can use google doc for their work

        • Alec Boyle

          I have a galaxy nexus, a nexus 7 and an old xps laptop that works a ton. The only things I need a real computer for are writing, uploading web content, and low level photo editing. These are all things that work better in a full-fledged web browser, but don’t make me feel the need for full desktop programs.

        • MikeSaver

          my chromebook is my daily driver. I have almost all of my files on google drive, so the deep integration with Google Drive is pretty key for me and the reason I prefer Chrome OS over other OSes. I don’t do a lot of things outside of the internet, so Chrome OS is perfect.

    • StuckOnVerizonForever

      Offline apps, over 900. Including Docs, email, so forth

    • dylanmfh

      Who ever told you that you cannot run “core apps” offline (i cant help but laugh at this at this point) lied to you and you should stop being their friend.

  • Executor

    But, but… the Pawn Stars say Don’t Get Scroogled! They are computer experts and clearly know what they are talking about! 😉


    • morpheus282

      Exactly. We’re living in a time which allows even minor celebrities to go on the record as experts in any field they want. The Pawn Stars are on TV, therefore they must be experts in technology (which is why they always call in the real experts anytime they see an item that isn’t a watch). Also, since Jenny McCarthy was featured in Playboy she must be an expert on autism and vaccines. Gotta love America these days.

      • Krista Johnson


        ☛☛☛☛ ☛☛☛☛ ☛

  • Eric R.