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Moto X is Now $399 Off-Contract All Day, Every Day Going Forward

Thanks to Motorola’s holiday flash sales of the Moto X that dropped the phone temporarily to $349 off-contract, customers made it clear that they want a “new premium smartphone at a reasonable price without having to wait for a contract upgrade.” Motorola SVP Rick Osterloh announced this morning that their 2013 flagship is now $399 off-contract for good, on all carriers, and with MotoMaker customizations. That doesn’t include the premium Bamboo option, but the rest, fair game at $399. 

As Osterloh mentions in his post, this price should help you save hundreds of dollars over two years while “keeping the freedom to change service providers when you feel like it.” As you all know, we’re big fans of prepaid or no-contract service, switching services providers regularly, and can only agree with that statement.

Even 4-5 months into the life of the Moto X, it remains one of the (if not the) top smartphones in the game. It may not carry a full HD display or Qualcomm’s next-gen processor, but the user experience so far hasn’t been touched by any other phone since its release, thanks to features like Touchless Control and Active Display added to stock Android. Oh, the fast updates to Kit Kat (Android 4.4) on all carriers certainly didn’t hurt the situation either. Be sure to read our Moto X review if you haven’t already.

On a related note, the Developer Editions are now $449.

Not a bad way to kick off the new year.

Via:  Motorola
  • YankInDaSouth

    I know this is an old article, but thought I’d ask any way … I have a Note 3 and I’m not too happy with signal/call quality … you Moto X folks think it’s still worth $449? (I’d be going for the dev edition obviously)

  • NexusMan

    So, I guess the price went up? Just looked on the site nd it says an off contract Moto on Verizon is $449. Does anyone know what happened?

  • jeffcalloway

    Have to say I just listed my 32 GB Nexus 5 on Ebay. The antenna in it is just way too weak. I can take my TMobile sim (cut down to nano) and put it in my iPhone 5 and get 3-4 bars and put it in my N5 and get No Service. Where there is excellent coverage 5 bars on i5, I can get 3 bars on N5. The N5 has gorgeous screen, great speeds and everything said here is true, I just have to have a phone I can use to call from. I had a Moto X and it worked great, was just hoping for great thing from the bigger screen. going back to Moto X unlocked.

  • Ronald Bernard

    Thinking of offloading my Customized MotoX 32GB, and moving all my lines to TMob. Anyone still on Verizon interested in buying it I have it posted for sale on Ebay. Check it out. Comes with case, and 1 extra screen protector.


  • Qbancelli

    Still way overpriced…..

  • crackers8199

    am i missing something? did they seriously bump the price back up to $549 for the dev edition?

    • Ryan

      It appears so, I tried to buy it yesterday and when I got to the checkout screen it was back up in price… It is sad as I was ready to purchase. Called Motorola, but they were no help at all.

      • crackers8199

        i called them out on it on their facebook page and all i got was a reply that said “thanks for the feedback.” no answer to the actual question as to whether or not it was done intentionally…

        can someone at droidlife call them out on it and get a definitive answer?

        • Ryan

          Yeah, I would be interested to know if that is a permanent thing. If so, I will just go buy the LG G2 at 450 bucks instead.

          • crackers8199

            it’s back down to $449.99. i put my order through and got a confirmation…hurry!

  • Danny

    What colors should I do mine?

  • foghorn67

    The question isn’t “why wasn’t the Moto X priced at $400 from the beginning?”

    The question you smug bastards should be asking is, “Why did I pay $200+ dollars for specs only Android nerds with wizard hats can pretend they perceive.”

    I bought an X on one of the promotions. I couldn’t be happier. I sold my HTC One, and I don’t miss it. Don’t get me wrong. Great phone, great fit and finish.
    I don’t regret even loosing a bit of money on it.

    But damn it straight to hell if I pay $600 for a phone ever again. It’s simply not needed anymore.

  • juliana jones

    iPhone 5s is better for me.

    via: codingbrains usa dot blogspot dot in

  • kaufkin

    for me, the ultimate compliment. I haven’t missed root, and this IS a worthy successor to the memory of my OG Droid. even at full price, (HURMPH) this phone was still worth it. at the current price point? even more so. Once you load up the extra moto-toys? you’ll never go back. Only niggle, miss one or 2 CM toys from my Gnexus, (specifically the volume control) but other than that? NO complaints. worried about breakability? get a Cruzerlite case. still smaller than a LOT of phones, even with their bulky “tank” dual colored case w/ kickstand.

  • Just_Some_Nobody

    Gotta love the armchair CEOs here in the comments.

  • Zalmen Labin

    The Nexus 5 has a serious screen breaking issue the screen on mine shattered in less then 2 weeks in my pocket, does anyone know if the Moto X is more durable? as I need to buy a new phone now

    • evltwn

      Was it in your back pocket and did you sit on it?

      • Zalmen Labin

        No it wasn’t

      • Zalmen Labin

        No it was not

    • T S

      i don’t think sitting on your phone constitutes a “serious screen breaking issue” it means you probably shouldn’t be sitting on your phone.

      • Zalmen Labin

        its so strange how people like you make assumptions and are so protective over a phone, the only conclusion I could come up with is that you work for google and are paid to paid to make sure that any legitimate issue is drowned out by PR noise.
        I never sit on my phone it was in my side pocket I’m sure I hit something somehow but being that this is my 6th full screen smartphone and this never happened to me and if you google nexus 5 screen break and see the thousands of complaints about the exact same issue and that this phone is out for only a couple of months and hasn’t been a best seller there’s something seriously wrong with the phones hardware.
        I btw did not ask you for your opinion about the nexus 5’s screen I have one already and I don’t need your’s,
        I want to know if anyone knows about the moto X if it also has a very fickle screen

        • feedhead

          Let’s see … Google Product forum . Nexus 5 Broken Screen 289 posts by 85 authors … not working for nor paid by Google.

          • Zalmen Labin

            what do you do for a living then? you seriously don’t have anything better to do with your life then to make presumptions about other people on phone blogs?
            I’m amazed about people like you, does this give meaning to your life? do you feel happy after a day scouring the web and commenting irrelevant responses to peoples questions?

          • feedhead

            I work in IT and I am spinning up some servers today. I have plenty of thing to do but felt like responding to your post nor did I have to scour the web to find it. Glad to amaze you and apparently your replies give meaning to your life … you are welcome.

        • T S

          this Nexus 5 screen shattering seems to be a touchy subject for you. i’ll just say the screen on any phone is subjective to how you treat it. personally i feel that the Nexus 5 is on the more durable side of screens as is the Moto X but to have a screen SHATTER means there was an extreme amount of stress at the point of contact. hope your new year goes better.

          • Zalmen Labin

            Thanks. Do you own the Moto X? and if so how long? the reason I’m asking as I’m buying my phones of contract and even when they are relatively cheap they start becoming expensive if you have to pay for repairs in the case of the nexus 5 repairing the screen costs $153 plus shipping

    • feedhead

      LOL … You break your screen and the N5 has a “serious screen breaking issue”

  • joejoe5709

    It costs more than the Nexus 5? Skip it. Unless you’re on Verizon looking for a great phone off contract for a great price but that market sounds slim. Otherwise if on-contract is alright with you, the G2 is still the best bang for buck. And other than perhaps the Note 3, the G2 is still the performance flagship to beat.

    • Jeff

      I sold my Nexus 5 and got a Moto X. I am VERY happy with the decision.

      • Sankyou

        Yeah I sold my $200 g2 and returned my Nexus 5 for a Moto X. Happy with my decision. If I had bigger hands, I would have liked the G2 with a (readily available) custom ROM that strips most of that horrendous bloat off of it.

    • Ian

      “on Verizon looking for a great phone off-contract for a great price” that market, is anything but slim

  • Artune

    Though I did retain my unlimited data on VZW when I got the G2 during that “glitch” I have to say I may have looked to get the Moto X if it was that price in Oct-Nov. It’s a shame but I do understand this is business and they are doing it the right way in terms of marketing. I want Kit kat so bad but Unlimited will always be a priority.

    • Sporttster

      Used to be with the updates that it made fairly large improvements to useability. I personally don’t see it with the most recent updates. I can wait for Kitkat on my N3. What’s on there now is working just fine….

  • mike

    Since motorola should go with 3 phones as it would work with there vzw brand screens of 4.7 5.2.-5.5and 6+ to suit all customers needs. Smaller imprint 4.7 for those who prefer small phone. The second to push bounds of a phone then the “phablet” .. work with there vzw branding giving it real differential in their usual $100 dollar jumps.

    That will cover all the bases on the phone front.. plus would make some sense with the last moto leaks of a second phone and a 6.3 inch deviceif they can come in with price points from 400-600 off contract that would be awesome and maybe probable

  • Bedtim3

    I pulled the trigger on a bamboo Moto X and haven’t had a single regret (even with the $100 premium). I truly believe that the experience offered by this phone is the best on available on Android right now, and Motorola’s software adjustments and timely post-launch support makes this phone sweet–especially at $400 off contract.

  • philstx

    I really wish this had more international bands. Moving to the UAE, I had to settle for the Nexus 5. Pretty bummed, because this was by far my first choice (Developer Edition, of course). Also, obligatory FU to VZW, because although losing unlimited data is a disappointment, never dealing with them again is a huge win for me, as well.

    happy new year!

  • IDunnoMyName

    * every day

  • Daniel Walsh

    There is no way you should buy a Moto X over the Nexus 5.

    • joejoe5709

      Ditto. Well unless on Verizon. But then there’s the Maxx which is arguably better than the Moto X. I can’t wait for this Moto X fad to fade away.

    • Jeff

      Ever used a Moto X?

      • entertainmentopia

        Wife has an X, I have a 5, I’d take my phone each and every time, but to each their own. I just don’t find the active notifications, etc. all that compelling. I like the 5 because of the speed, screen size is perfect for my hand, very muted in its design. It just feels great. I know people will say the same about the X and that’s just fine. My wife loves her X and it was a way to get her off of an iPhone when we switched away from VZW (RIP Galaxy Nexus). The screen feels too small to me on the X, just right on the 5.

        • Daniel Walsh

          I have the active notifications on my HTC One. Just download dynamic notification. Case solved.

  • Daniel Walsh

    This is what the original price should have been priced all along.

  • Waiting for the Moto Nexus. {{-_-}}

  • hoosiercub88

    This is the price it should’ve been from the start.

  • Michael Hale

    Oddly enough…I bought the Nexus 5…it was adequate and nothing to brag about. Oddly enough I decided to go contract with AT&T with the HTC ONE. So far so good. Very pleased and being a top phone I can wait another six months until all the rules change again and get my free upgrade. In my area the coverage can’t be beat. Very happy.

  • Pam Oakea

    Dear Google, please make a 5 inch 1080p version of the Motto X. Can’t have a Nexus 5 bc I’m with VZW. Really like the 5 inch form factor and all the Moto X features and customizations. I know it would sell and compete well with the other high end devices.

    • hkklife

      I agree but bump it up a bit more. 5.25″ is gonna be the sweet spot in 2014, especially with virtual buttons and if they can go with an edge to edge screen. 1080P is fine, we don’t need any of Samsung’s 2K foolishness. Also give me 64GB of onboard storage, at least as a MotoMaker option.

      • MotoXDoe

        Oh gawd pls no. 4.7 is the perfect size. Not everyone has giant ass hands. Just make the display 1080p and bump the battery life and I’m good.

    • Severo Rivera

      That would be awesome.

    • LANCE

      yeah i saw the phone at Best Buy and it was too small for me 🙁 ….i have Hulk hands and cant use anything smaller than 5inches

    • Sporttster

      5.2″ would be the perfect size. And yes, 1080 with a bit bigger batt and a sd slot. THEN I would definately consider Moto again. Hated leaving them…..

  • Sporttster

    If it only had a bit larger HD screen and a faster processor and sd slot, I’d consider it. Always liked Moto….

  • notechnomo

    well, i wouldve considered this phone but i already have a nexus 5 and am not giving it up.

  • Droid 1967

    well darn i was hoping a new years resolution for droid life would be to not mention the moto x daily 🙁

    • AndySamberg

      They do report on android mobile news, Moto x fits in that category. DUUUUUUH

      • Droid 1967

        it was a joke DUUUUUH!

        • J Dub

          You left out a U. I think you meant DUUUUUUH.

        • Ian

          You need to work on your humor.

  • Alec

    I love this phone. Since the off-contract price is much more realistic now, I see it being much more successful. Not only can you customize the hardware to your liking, the phone’s software is also great out of the box. I see Motorola being a much more intimidating competitor to Samsung throughout 2014 including when the next Moto X comes out. Motorola will have learned from their mistakes and the Moto X2 will be: $400, fully customizable, available on all carriers at launch.

    • Pedro

      I’m with you on most things, but I don’t see a lower off contract price as a selling point for the masses. Maybe Moto will push it with ads, but most in this country only look at the subsidized price.

      Although, not in my house.

  • jt O’Brien

    I think Google wants to move away from the Nexus line….After all that went into the Moto X, it seems like Google wants to push in that type of direction and GPE phones. The Moto X got KitKat insanely fast, faster than my Nexus 7 2013 and I believe the Nexus 4 as well. The Nexus 5 also had a very, uneventful launch and the Moto X had a very hyped launch and aggressive marketing campaign. Not to mention no release of the Nexus 10. I think Google wants to rid of the Nexus brand t focus on Moto. The only bad thing about this would be there wouldn’t be anyone to push very low prices for great phones unless Moto starts doing more of what it did with the Moto G

  • Bailers77

    So all things being equal, is the Maxx worth the extra $100, or is X better?

    • Hans Dirk Kwazneski

      Ownd both, now only own the Maxx. If you’re into hotswapping ROM’s, the X is for you.

      If you want awesome battery life + Wireless charging + An experience, a rooted Maxx is the best.

      • Sean Plantz

        +1 on the maxx, been an awesome phone for me. Very impressed.

        • AndySamberg

          too bad it’s only on Verizon.

          • Hans Dirk Kwazneski

            No, confirmed working on t-mo, at&t and I’m using it on vodafone as we speak 😛 No mods necessary.

  • JPose

    My only experience with Touchwiz is my year-old GSIII. Personally, I like it but I’m also not as savvy as half of the Droid Life community-don’t root or ROM. Giving up my unlimited data plan on Verizon was a nonstarter which yielded few phone options in 2011.

    The GSIII was the best phone on Verizon at the time but I’ve been looking at the Moto X. Will we see a lower off-contract price in the future?? Thanks!

  • AbbyZFresh

    Finally, a reasonable price point. But the problem is that I ALREADY received mine yesterday. I wish i could’ve taken advantage of this.

    But then agin, I absolutely love this phone so far. There’s no lag, the motorola assist, touchless controls, active display, and motorola connect I can’t stop using. Most importantly, the battery was on since 10am yesterday and until now i still have more than half the percentage. Motorola really did a great job with this phone.

  • Erik

    What are the chances Amazon off contract price matches this? I have amazon credit and would buy it really quick with that price

  • danofiveo

    Now if they work work on restocking the vehicle dock, I’ll be a happy camper.

  • ddevito

    This is a great move and this may finally be the way to rid ourselves with carrier contracts. The X is the best phone ever made. Cheers Moto!

  • John

    A mid range phone selling for a mid range price, now who would thought of that.
    In other news, people are flocking to buy a phone that is $50 more than it was a few weeks ago, when it still wasn’t selling.

  • Patrick Crumpler

    Sweet. My backup phone now. Will order next week. Not sure if I want a Patriots theme or the more expensive wood.

    • zzz525

      $400 for a backup phone? Why wouldn’t you just buy a used phone somewhere … seems like a waste imo

      • Patrick Crumpler

        $400 is not bad. My Nexus 4 is nice but should something happen to it I would like another nice phone. Nexus 5 is nice but I’d like the active display. The G would be good for $200.

        • AndySamberg

          Heaven forbid we go without a phone for more than a day.

          • Adrynalyne

            Heaven forbid we use our cell phone as our primary line and/or for work.

      • Jason Brown

        lol he’s got money to blow. let him order in peace

  • hoodieNation

    I love it. Not that I’ll be getting an X necessarily, but hopefully these keep selling and this becomes the norm. $400 for a new phone every few years won’t kill me.

  • clobberedchina

    GoPhone and the Moto X have changed my phone experience for the better. Thanks Droid Life.

    • clobberedchina

      I ran a side by side speed test, I still have my Verizon phone for a few weeks. The AT&T tower and the Verizon tower are both on the same hill that I can see from my house. Verizon, 6.12 Mbps. AT&T, 19.67 Mbps.

      • AndySamberg

        Verizon 3G is even worse.

      • Adrynalyne

        Let ATT get more saturated and you will see them level out too.

      • rk

        AT&T uses a higher frequency band for LTE than verizon. There is a tradeoff of speed vs coverage. Verizon LTE has much better coverage.

  • Keenan

    I was thinking about buying a Nexus 5, but now this happened! Which should I get? Someone help please

    • NexusMan


    • R

      Depends on what you want to do with your phone. I love to tinker so I chose the 5. All the negativity you hear about the Nexus 5 are from people that haven’t used it, or inexperienced. I love mine, I had a Moto X before the Nexus 5…. I no longer have the Moto x. And NO…I am not saying the Moto x is a bad device.

      • Keenan

        Thanks, I’ll probably go with the nexus due to tinkering as well

        • Liderc

          The Nexus 5 is pretty incredible. The screen is beautiful, camera has been improved (still not top of the line) and it’s the cheapest phone price wise considering the hardware. I wish its sides were a bit more rounded, it feels bigger than it is due to the square sides. Ordered another wireless charger for my side table because i love wireless charging. But the battery has been great for me and the radios are incredible. I went into the boonies while driving to another city 5 hours away and I had great data service all the way there. i was greatly impressed. I’m using straighttalk with AT&T. I would have never switched to this service from Verizon, but the Nexus 5 was that nice and the service has blown me away.

    • DanielMena9

      Nexus 5. After owning both, I can’t get away from the bad quality of the screen in the Moto X. 720p in a 4.7 device is not enough resolution. Especially after using an LG G2 as my daily driver

      • Keenan

        Thanks. How is the Nexus screen quality though? Is it as bad as people are making it out to be?

        • DanielMena9

          When I owned both the N5 and G2 and I used them separately, could not tell a difference. However side by side, the Nexus 5’s whites look slightly gray compared to G2 but the brightness is much higher as well.

          Over all the Moto X looks pixelated to a good set of eyes. The Nexus 5 and G2 are a wash separately but when paired side by side you see why G2 is regarded as a better screen but for the full price, Nexus 5 is your best bet especially since it get all updates. I know 1 month for the Moto X is amazing but not that its running 4.4, its behind the bar because its lacking 4.4.2. (Who knows what it will be like for 4.5 or 5.0)

          Active display is awesome but since I stare at the screen whenever I use a phone, I can’t get away from a pixelated screen, not to mention HDR+ on N5 produces stunning pictures.

    • Jeff

      Moto X. I have owned both. I like the screen on the Moto X better. It has better colors and blacks and I can’t tell the difference between the 1080p and 720p aside from the obvious size of things on the screen. The speaker on the Moto X is better, it’s a much more comfortable device to hold and easier to use one-handed for me, I have trouble telling the difference in everyday speed of the devices and you get better battery life out of the Moto X. (yesterday I was at 27% after 1d11h35m, usually I got about a day or so out of the Nexus 5, which was still good)

  • cgalyon

    Good deal! I’ve been very pleased with my Moto X thus far. I wish it were easier to root and unlock (Verizon version, non-dev), but it’s been a good device.

    • NexusMan

      Have you tried? I haven’t attempted yet, but heard it wasn’t hard….hmmm.

      • sudo

        if you follow the instructions you’ll be ok but there’s just a lot of steps

      • Jason Brown

        from what I’ve seen there’s only a bounty to get the bootloader unlocked. there’s a root method but there’s no clean & easy 1 click root option that we’ve been fortunate to have with other phones. that’s the info I’ve gathered so far. still debated if I should update from my gnex. ha

      • cgalyon

        As others have said, it’s possible, but lengthy and with each additional step there’s a chance of doing something wrong. In the end I didn’t root because I chose not to set aside the time to get everything set up and do it. If you’re willing to take the time, though, there good support for it.

  • LSH99

    Can somebody clear something up for me once and for all about the “switching providers” thing…. I know Verizon has completely different bands, but it’s not actually possible to switch from, say, T-Mobile to ATT with one moto x, is it? I thought I read once that I could buy a T-Mobile moto x and then switch to ATT service, but then I read that that wasn’t the case…

    • RiotingPanda

      If you have the GSM model of the phone you can switch from AT&T to TMo and other GSM prepaid options providing you have the SIM card from that company. Remember that the Moto X has a nano SIM though.

      • LSH99

        Meaning I can buy either the ATT version OR the TMo version of the phone via motomaker and will be able to use it on both carriers?

        • RiotingPanda

          If you buy it direct from Moto at full retail, it will be unlocked and work on any GSM carrier. If you buy it through AT&T with a subsidy (or possibly through their program) then it will be carrier locked, and you’ll have to get them to unlock it for other providers. I’m not sure how T-Mobile handles carrier locks, if they even have them.

          • LSH99

            Thanks for all of the input, folks. Much appreciated. Gonna go get one.

        • R

          Check it out on gsmarena.com and look to see if the LTE channels are the same. if they aren’t you may not get LTE. But, yes you could get a tmob Moto x and use it on att if it were sim unlocked and visa versa, channels and frequencies will determine if you have LTE/4G.

        • sirmeili

          From my understanding, the T-Mobile version has all the bands for AT&T and T-Mobile’s 4g, but the AT&T version only has the bands for the AT&T 4G (you can still get T-Mobile’s HSPA+ though which can be faster than the 4G in some places).

          I also found out (a bit too late) that you can get the Verizon version and it has the T-Mobile and AT&T bands in it except for the 4G for either. Since I had a month to go on my contract with verizon, I kinda wish I had gotten that version, but got the T-Mobile one instead. I couldn’t get good T-Mobile service in my area, so I just switched to the AT&T version of straightTalk and so far it has been great (4G an everything).

          I would definitely verify what I’ve said above as it is only what I’ve heard (except my personal experiences).

          • Jason Brown

            on the bright side you can unlock the bootloader on the tmo version.

          • sirmeili

            I didn’t think you can unlock the bootloader, I thought it just came carrier unlocked (I could be wrong though, I have no plans on rooting or unlocking the bootloader).

    • LP @ThisisEther

      I got the tmobile x and im using it on straight talk…tmobile x works on both att and tmobile

  • KleenDroid

    This should have been the price from the beginning. I think they would have sold a lot more of them.

    I got my daughter the 32 gig version for Christmas during their deal and it is a nice phone.

    If this phone were fully unlockable I would get it for myself. Unlike many of the old timers I still like to ROM. No matter how good things have become with the operating system a good ROM will always offer improvement.

    • speaking the truth

      i felt the same way until i got one. once you root it, you can install GravityBox and all the customizations you are accustomed to in CM and others are available. Its like you’re making your own custom rom

      • KleenDroid

        I’ve read a lot about this. I’ll have to install it on my S4 and check it out.

        • DroidKleen

          Amazing 🙂

      • Wesley Schwartz

        I can vouch for GravityBox. It works beautifully on my Moto X and Nexus 10

        • Brent Cooper

          Gravity Box is for vanilla roms right? I am running stick rooted touchwiz

          • yep

            I would say yes as thats whats posted on their website. it works on the moto x because the moto x is essentially vanilla

          • I used it on an LG-based ROM on my G2 and it works for the most part.

          • Nex__

            You should be able to use it. I’m stock rooted on a note 3. Alot of options between Gravity box and Wanam Xposed

      • pookietookie

        Agreed. Xposed Framework with GravityBox is like having a super stable ROM with all of the options you’re used to — without all the nonsense of the constant backing up, wiping, restoring apps, reconfiguring, etc. I may never do a custom ROM again with these two apps paired together. Sheer brilliance.

    • hkklife

      3 things “doomed” the X from the beginning:

      1. No 32GB version at launch on all carriers. That’s just ridiculous for a “flagship” device and a huge oversight on Moto’s part (typical of the *negative* Google influence going on there w.r.t. the almighty cloud and pretending like data caps don’t exist and Android game installs are the same size today that they were in 2010)

      2. Outrageous on & off-contract pricing at launch. This was somewhat rectified by the various “sales” but honestly, they made it a LOT harder to just get an X off contract with their silly codes, limited promo windows and crashing servers. Reminds of the bait & switch PowerA pulled for their “free” Moga controllers last year right before Christmas.

      3. Deal-breaking camera flaws at launch. 99.9% of the reviews out there online have never been updated to reflect the improved camera software, which is really a huge shame.

      MotoMaker exclusivity to AT&T certainly didn’t help matters but I still say customization not involving hardware specs is a needless and overhyped gimmick anyway. Also, the carriers certainly did everything in their power to make it look like the X didn’t exist or was a 2nd tier device compared to the usual Samsung & Apple offerings. And we all know the average consumer’s smartphone research consists of walking into the local carrier store and seeing what’s on sale or what the salesman recommends if they don’t just ask for an iPhone directly.

      I like the G and all of the positive press it’s sending Moto’s way but the G actually had a reverse Halo effect and made the X look like a worse value proposition in comparison in the short-term. Long-term, the G can hopefully shake up the industry and make going prepaid & off-contract a much more appealing proposition. Instead of a race to the bottom of miniscule profit margins on prepaid devices, it’d be great to see Moto coming out with something comparable to the G2 in *all* areas. It’s 2014, so it’s well past time for Moto to source top-tier camera hardware and a >720p screen. Combining bleeding edge harware with their software expertise and battery/radios would be a sublime match. Otherwise, the Galaxy S5 (and rumored Galaxy F premium materials line) will be here sooner than you think and for the 3rd year in a row, Moto will be late to the party and get swept aside by the Samsung hoopla. Lucky for Moto, Touchwiz is still s**t and Samsung’s RF performance is still worse than s**t.

      • NexusMan

        Very dramatic post. Moto X was never “doomed.” It is a FANTASTIC phone. People LOVE it. It has sold. It is selling. And will continue to sell through 2014.

        • hkklife

          Not that dramatic–that’s why “doomed” was in parenthesis. I never said anything negative about the X and I feel it’s the best non-Nexus experience out there for Android. In fact, now that it’s priced appropriately and with a few updates under its belt, it’s usually my #1 recommendation as the best one size fits all smartphone. But let’s face it–it likely hasn’t sold in the numbers Motorola needs or wants to pose any kind of serious threat to LG or HTC, much less Samsung or Apple. I doubt Google has the patience to let Motorola continue flailing away. There’s simply no reason (other than lack of $/purchasing power) that we cannot have Moto’s superior experience AND optimizations mated to top-notch hardware. That’s like saying that you don’t need to run TRIM on your new 840 Pro SSD. Speed/battery optimizations are always a good thing, no matter the specs.

          • NexusMan

            I’d bet a week’s pay that the Moto X is selling more in the US than the HTC One, LG G2 and Nexus 5.

          • anon

            Nope I checked numbers with VZW AT&T and Sprint. its Apple, Samsung close then LG HTC and MOTO

          • Daniel Walsh

            I doubt that lol

          • Marketing.

          • KleenDroid

            The G2 is a much better phone.

        • shooter50

          what sales figures are you quoting? A few fanboys on DL? I’ve yet to see a Moto X in real life and believe me, they stick out because they look like they were sold by Toys R Us

          • UniBroW

            “I’ve yet to see a Moto X in real life and believe me, they stick out because they look like they were sold by Toys R Us”

            ERM, what?

          • NexusMan

            If you reread my post, you’ll see I didn’t quote ANY sales figures, because none have been released. And by the way, I have yet to see an iPhone 5s in real life, so I’m sure that’s a flop too.

          • shooter50

            well I’ll do the break down for you. the 5s sold more in the first month than moto x will sell in its life cycle. it’s not that the x is a bad phone. it’s just that no one outside the forums know it exists. at its original price it was a bad deal, so moto reduced it to kick start sales, but it will never be a big seller

      • sirmeili

        I’d much rather have a “better” experience than “better” specs. the MotoX is a great device that operates smoothly on older components. With all the stuff that they add to Android, some of the competition needs the better specs to help with the added bloat.

      • KleenDroid

        I agree with much of what you wrote.

        But I have to tell ya that my Touchwiz based ROM running on my Loki bypassed S4 is simply awesome!

        Motorola turned their backs on many of us after the Droid1. I would have stayed with Motorola for the rest of my life had they not dropped the ball so bad. If they want me back they have to give me what I want. And others will if they wont. Right now my S4 is the best phone I’ve ever owned. And I agree that Motorola will take their good ole time and allow Samsung to sell me my next phone.

        • hkklife

          Let’s not compare apples to oranges here (ROMs etc. vs stock). For the purposes of this comparison, I am referring strictly to bone stock software & hardware. Motorola has by far the best out of the box experience and Samsung & LG have by far the worst.
          Moto was still churning out very capable hardware after the D1. Other than lacking WiMax, the Droid X was arguably the highest end smartphone on the market at the time of its launch (June 2010) and I’ll still argue that the Bionic was the best overall piece of hardware released in 2011. The Jha regime simply caved in to the pressure from the carriers and released increasingly buggy devices with atrocious software starting with the Devour and culminating in the Droid 3. But they were WELL on the way to redemption by the time of the Google acquisition—look at the phenomenal improvement of the Bionic as it went from GB to ICS to JB, the downplaying of the old Blur elements and how they improved WebTop mode from GB to ICS.

      • trixnkix637

        I have to only agree with your number one. 2 & 3 are off base as the Nexus 5 launched with just as bad if not a worse camera, and NO ONE is doing off or on contract prices that matches what we see with Nexus devices. Hence why they’re Nexus’. To be honest I thought they handled everything perfectly from a customer service point of view. They didn’t have to make 2 days of Cyber Monday sales (the only reason I was able to get one was because of the second day falling after a payday), they didn’t have to lower the off contract price across all carriers, they didn’t have to get 4.4 as fast as they did. Name another company that knocked it out of the park this past year like Moto did from a customer perspective.

      • ERIFNOMI

        None of those are deal breakers. I used to worry about having enough storage on my phone. But now that I have Google Play Music, I don’t give a damn. The price was on par with every other phone at the time. And then they fixed the camera.

        • Adrynalyne

          In the US, unlimited data is not present on all carriers. So that is still a real concern for many.

          • ERIFNOMI

            Perhaps. I’m not sure how much data I pull a month, but I listen to a fair amount of music. Let me check…Last month I used 3.25GB, 2.75GB was Google Play Music alone. I have unlimited data, but another line on our plan is limited to 4GB. Still safe there, though I think that was when Verizon was offering double data and the plan for people joining now might be 2GB. But, that was a high usage month for me and I streamed music on multiple longish car drives. The month before that I only used 1.71 GB, 1.34GB of which was music. My WiFi usage is even higher though, so I suppose if I never had WiFi, I could see data being a huge issue. But, you can cache on WiFi and not have to worry about your data plan while having a rolling list of music stored locally.

            This is making me really appreciate my unlimited data. Too bad people abused it…

          • Adrynalyne

            People abusing it didn’t end it, Verizon’s greed did.

            HQ Google Play Music can burn 100MB an hour. I have personally burnt 9GB in a month on Pandora…Google Play Music would be worse.

          • ERIFNOMI

            Verizon is certainly a greedy company, I won’t argue against that. But there are some greedy assholes out there that gave Verizon the excuse they needed to end unlimited. They were waiting for any reason to end it.

            100MB an hour doesn’t sound bad especially when the music is cached so you can listen to some things over and over again without using more data. I suppose I do a lot of my music listening on my computer (which, weirdly, doesn’t have unlimited data while I’m home over break).

          • Adrynalyne

            Verizon was raking in record profits during unlimited days. They didn’t need a reason.

            If anything, the iPhone pushed Verizon off unlimited, although even that is a stretch.

          • hkklife

            Nearly every carrier has implemented decidedly consumer-unfriendly policies across the board (no early upgrades, no more 1yr contracts, no more unlimited) the moment the iPhone has arrived on their network in a subsidized fashion.

      • Intellectua1

        I was with you all the way till the end man.. Until you start dissing Samsung.. You ruined a great comment

        • Adrynalyne

          Ignoring problems with Samsung doesn’t fix them.

          • Intellectua1

            I’ve owned several Samsung phones and I’ve never had a problem, Touchwiz never lagged on my S4 or Notes like people said, Battery life has been amazing on stock etc. So I tend to not believe people when they make complaints like that especially when they try to say everybody is having those issues when it’s not true. And if it did happen it didn’t happen to many people. Most people are just bandwagon haters..

          • Adrynalyne

            So your evidence that there are no problems is that you don’t have them, therefore they must not be real?

          • Intellectua1

            No but you telling me I’m ignoring Samsung problems when I’m not isn’t real.. I’m saying I’ve never had a problem.. Just drop it dude its my opinion and I’ve never had problems with any Samsung device.. HNY..

          • Adrynalyne

            Sorry, I will not drop discussion of Samsung’s known problems for your your agenda. Even Samsung has noted some of these problems…in public even.

            Your anecdotal evidence is…well…anecdotal.

          • JayMars84

            Stop owning this guy. It’s getting hard to watch.

          • Intellectua1

            He’s not owning me he’s trying to convince me that there’s problems with all Samsung devices and I’m telling him I’ve never had a problem.. He can’t own me unless he can prove for a fact that any device that I owned from Samsung has had a problem which he can’t.. Some people bought the PS4 and had to return it for a new set I didn’t.. Can he convince me because of that small problem that PlayStation is horrible, no.. He can tell me about his experience and I can tell him about mine.. Both different experiences and opinions.. You can’t own someone over your opinion of a product..

          • Adrynalyne

            “he’s trying to convince me that there’s problems with all Samsung devices ”

            Here is a challenge for you: Find a place where I said all Samsung devices?

          • Adrynalyne

            Ok, I’ll provide a fact:


            “Samsung admits its software needs improving, commits half of R&D workforce”

            Your move.

          • Intellectua1

            That’s not a fact, everything can be improved.. He’s not saying we’re working on the laggy Touchwiz interface or bad batteries or bad software he’s saying he wants to improve it overall.. Dude just drop it you’re not making any good points when my point is I (MYSELF) HAVE NEVER HAD A PROBLEM WITH ANY SAMSUNG DEVICE I HAVE (KEYWORD: I HAVE) OWNED. So this debate is stupid and irrelevant being we don’t share a device and don’t have the same problems.. Go eat dinner or something kid you’re running out of steam.. Just because you have had problems do t mean the world has problems.. Doesn’t mean I have rose colored goggles on it just means my experience is not the same as yours no need to argue over it just don’t buy Samsung products.. There I just solved your problem now have a nice night.. And don’t forget to have someone tuck you in..

          • Adrynalyne

            No company pledges half its RnD budget for software if it doesn’t need serious improvement.

            You are just blinded. How can you be so closed to the reality that Samsung needs to fix some things, when even they admit it?

          • Intellectua1

            And like I’ve said before your experience and mine is different I like Samsung and their products.. I have never had a problem just because you and a few others what ever number that may be has had problems with a product does not mean everybody has had these problems and it’s a bad product.. But go right on and keep ranting I will continue to buy products that I like and you the same your experiences do not speak for the world.. Have a nice night sir.. Sorry I got your panties in a bunch over a product you didn’t invent nor do you make money off.. Take a hormone pill and chill out.. Happy New Year..

          • Adrynalyne

            Considering Samsung acknowledges the problems, I’d say you just have rose-colored glasses, or purposely lower your standards for Samsung.

          • hkklife

            I’ve had a Droid Charge, GS3 and now Note 3, all on VZW. I’ve also had a D1, Droid X, X2, Bionic and RAZR Maxx on VZW. All of the Samsung phones have had horrible reception compared to comparable HTC or (especially) Moto offerings. All of the iterations of Touchwiz have way too many processes running in the background and the omnipresent Media Scanner bug is still there in 4.3 whenever you have a microSD card inserted with a good chunk of data on it. Finally, it’s no great secret that Samsung phones have issues holding onto a signal in places where a Motorola wouldn’t even break a sweat. Samsung have even admitted recently in public that they have a ways to go as far as software and build quality/materials.

            Why do I still use a Samsung phone, you may ask? Simple, because they are the only one offering a combination of expandable storage, removable battery, large screen and good camera on VZW. I saw it as a necessary evil for a time while Moto got their act together. But unless the Note 3 is severely improved via a future update, it’ll definitely be my final Samsung device, at least on VZW.

      • Sporttster

        More than that doomed it…no sd slot or removeable batt and the processor not the best and no HD 5″ screen….definitely more than one thing. All I heard on launch was ‘wth were they thinking not including a sd slot or better processor!’…

        • Adrynalyne

          The only people who doomed it because of that are the spec-whores.

          The general population doesn’t give a damn about any of that.

          All you heard at launch were nerds and spec-whores saying that.

          Then majority of the population who buy smartphones say:

          What is an sd card? Do I need one?

        • sirmeili

          Use one and then tell me the specs really matter. It’s the same as it has been for iPhones (though I’ve never owned one). iPhones may not have had the better specs, but they did generally (for a long time), out perform the top tier android devices. It’s about the user experience, not the specs and I think that is what is Motorola is going for.

    • NexusMan

      Moto has always been in it for the long run with this phone, and the winter and wood price drops were rumored from the beginning. It’s all part of their marketing plan. They will continually offer new things with this phone because they want it to continue to sell over time, not have the hype fizzle out soon after release like other phones. No one knows what the Moto X has sold, because no actual sales figures have been released. Sure, at a lower price from the start, they would have sold more at the start, bu they are now selling those units now instead of then…and into this New Year. Moto knows exactly what they’re doing.

      • KleenDroid

        They may be selling phones now but many saw the original price and purchased a phone with better specs and bigger screen for the same price.

        And Moto has never known what they were doing. They had huge success with the Droid 1 and then fell apart for years.

    • LionStone

      Hey buddy, happy new year! I thought you bought everyone S4s?

      • KleenDroid

        I have cell phone sickness. I buy lots of phones and all at full price 🙁

        I have an S4 and also got my son one, but my daughter prefers a smaller phone so I got her the X. Plus I wanted to see it in action for myself. I like it but I bet an S5 is in my future. Assuming I’ll be able to at least Loki bypass it.

        My wife now wants a Note 3.

        • LionStone

          Hehe, I hear ya! N5 as my work line now and DNA still strong with the last update, gave it new life 🙂

    • Hothfox

      I don’t think there are really all that many ROMs out there for the Moto X, are there?

  • The Moto X with bamboo is now $499

    • Daniel Walsh

      LOL at that price

      • M3D1T8R

        Yeah because of all those other phones made with real organic matter, for way less money, right?

  • sangroazul

    Great post, Kellen! I really didn’t expect to see anyhhjng new til at least Jan 2… Awesome job!!

    • Chris

      why? Today is just another day. yes its new years but that doesnt mean society shuts down

      • Adrynalyne

        It is a holiday and many people do not work on it.

        Seriously…do you and I even live on the same planet? Some of the things you say are so off the wall, I am thinking not.

        • Chris

          many people work holidays. Just because you don’t doesn’t mean others do.

          people like you assume the whole world just shuts down on these days.

          • Adrynalyne

            You are just hating because you had to work. People like you assume that because you had to work, everyone else does too.

            Sucks to be you.

            People like me don’t assume diddly squat. Learn to read?

            “It is a holiday and many people do not work on it.”

            Do you see the word, ‘many’?

          • Chris

            settle down child.

          • Adrynalyne

            Typical, you resort to calling people child when you have nothing intelligent to say.

            You do this a lot, I’ve noticed.

      • KleenDroid

        You must have sat at home last night waiting to see what Miley Cyrus was going to do 🙂

        For many yes the world is shut down today.

        I gave my employees the day off just in case they wanted to go have fun last night.

      • NexusMan

        Today is a US Holiday….so no, it’s not “just another day.”

  • ApplesNAndroids

    Nice! I may be on a smaller scale, but I’ve had nothing but problems with Motorola’s customer service. My first X had serious wake-lock issues. I jumped on the blackfriday sale and custom made a Moto X and they sent me somebody else’s and mine went who knows where. Once they shipped me another, they didn’t include a case they had promised.. and now nobody is able to hear me when I call them. Fantastic!

    Oh, and I wish everybody a Happy New Year 🙂

    • KleenDroid

      Hope you get it worked out. Sounds frustrating.

    • NexusMan

      I will say, their customer service is lacking…the agents seem very unprepared and not very well trained, but they have compensated me well for their mistakes.

  • Maxim∑

    I got a Nexus 5…. But thanks motorola, this should have been the price from the start and without AT&T exclusivity

    • they have to make money off early adopter. get buzz around it and after that dies down make it relevant again with a lower price. marketing 101. sure i would have bought it day one if it was a lower price out the gate but not everyone would have. as for the at&t exclusivity, at&t paid big for that and it allowed Motorola to get their build process optimized. not making excuses, and who know they might have got more sales starting cheap, but i’m telling you that’s their strat.

    • trixnkix637

      They started small to gauge if they can handle mass rollouts. It’s pretty simple to see. Imagine if the Cyber Monday debacle that happened is what happened to everyone who tried to use Motomaker across all carriers day one? No one would buy the X off the negative word of mouth. In this case better late was really better than never (or sooner).

      • Ego2k9

        I agree…but nonetheless poor execution on their part. Apple and Samsung rised the game. They knew what they were up against and failed by shacking up with AT&T and mis-pricing. This is not their first phone launch ever. Also this mis-calculated the value of made in America. That is unfortunate. I love made in America…but apparently not every else prizes it as much anymore. Lucky Google bought them…or we might be discussing the demise of the once great Motorola at this moment.

        • lgreg64

          Motorola does not have the money that Samsung and apple have. They needed to start slow to get it right. As for the price if they priced it at a mid or lower tier phone no one would have taken this phone seriously by pricing it int the high end they forced you to pay attention to it.

        • FreedomCostsPlenty

          The Moto X is not “made in America”. They glue the back cover on and insert the volume buttons. This is not manufacturing. All the value is in China.

          It’s still something yes but don’t give more credit than is deserved.

          • michael arazan

            It;s assembled in America. All the chipsets and antennas and some electronics are all made from other companies across the world. It’s still a good start and does bring jobs home to America. Other than most companies who ship jobs over seas, keep their money over seas, pay no taxes, yet live here for all the securities and freedoms without investing anything in our country, like rotting fruit does, or GE for example.

            If corporations payed their fair share of taxes like the rest of us do at 30%, our country wouldn’t be in debt.

          • KleenDroid

            I understand what you mean but yes the country would still be in debt. You do realize that the wealthy pay the vast majority of all the taxes paid don’t you? The majority of the country pays zero in taxes. Our country would be better off without so many mooches and Democrats.

            Don’t give illegals full value Social Security payments while our parents who worked their whole lives and paid in get less.

          • d-rock

            If person A makes $1,000,000 and pays $120k in taxes and person B makes 100,000 and pays $20k in taxes, person A pays more taxes, but a lowered %. That $20k hurts person B a whole lot less than the $120k hurts person A. Your argument excludes % and I know that’s a common ploy to say the rich pay more, but in this case $120k is less than $20k.

            Flat tax for everyone. If I pay 20% of my income to taxes, so should everyone else. We shouldn’t tax the rich a lower % b/c they make more money. Middle class is the bread and butter of this country. If we don’t have it, we don’t have an economy.

          • KleenDroid

            There are other taxes that the wealthier pay also that many dont… “Capital gains”… I agree with the flat tax. Sadly I doubt it will ever happen.

          • skycorgan

            Capital Gains isn’t an additional tax, it is a separate tax. It is taxed at 15% currently. This means if I make $10,000,000 in capital gains, I pay 15% instead of my normal tax rate, not IN ADDITION TO.

          • skycorgan

            This is an absolute, positive lie. Everybody pays taxes. What you probably mean to say is “the majority of the country pays zero in Federal Income Tax” which is also incorrect.


            – Everyone pays sales tax, where applicable.
            – Everyone pays state income taxes, where applicable.
            – Everyone pays FICA/Medicare

            This is a common talking point of those who try to paint the country as “makers” and “takers”. The reality is much different. Those “takers” who don’t pay Federal Income tax are majority elderly & soldiers.

          • KleenDroid

            You have got to be kidding right? Are you a Democrat?

            I was not talking about sales tax.

            No not everyone pays state tax even if working.

            And it is an absolute fact that over half the country pays zero federal income tax

            The elderly have earned the right to have a break. But what about the vast amount of moochers on the system? You make it seem as if its not true.

            If you would like I could point you in the direction of the factual statistics that someone could read to you.

          • skycorgan

            Independent actually.

            Here are some stats for you… http://www.cbpp.org/cms/?fa=view&id=3505

          • KleenDroid


            First of you say you are an independent. That is what many liberal Dems say.

            And you referenced a Liberal source of information.

            We could play this game back and forth and we will never come to an agreement. I could provide info that a Democrat or “Independent” would never accept.

            I think we have reached the point where we have to accept we have differing opinions.

            I am of the belief that we all achieve in life what we are willing to work for. Nothing more nothing less. I am not in favor of redistribution of wealth to be fair to the lazy or unambitious.

          • Big_EZ

            You realize that these are just businesses trying to stay in the game. Blame the politicians that make it to expensive for companies to stay here. We need some regulation, but it’s gotten out of hand, regulation is now used to help corporations and put small businesses under.

          • lgreg64

            The cost of living in this country is to high. You can not live on the amount they pay workers in china.

    • What’s funny is that the LG G2 is only $449 off-contract from Verizon, for $50 I’d say the G2 is a lot better for the money. As you said, this should have been the price from the beginning and maybe make it $299 by now.

      • Tim242

        But LG puts poisonous lead in their cords. I hope people are washing their hands…

        • shooter50

          ohhh man, thanks for the laugh

          • Tim242

            It is no laughing matter. There is a warning that tells you to wash hands thoroughly after use. Lead is a well known major carcinogen.

          • Walker Citterman

            It’s probably just the solder into it

          • Tim242

            It covers the entire cord of every LG product made. The warning says to wash hands thoroughly after each use.

    • ignaciopxm321

      my Aunty Amelia got a
      fantastic black Audi TT Coupe from only workin part time on a pc… i loved
      this B­i­g­2­9­.­ℂ­o­m

  • Jack3D

    That includes Developer Edition as well, $449 since it’s a 32GB version.

    • Michael Quinlan

      I was going to say something similar. The way the article reads it implies that there’s a $50 premium for the Developer Edition. There isn’t – the DE is only available with 32GB, and the 32GB MotoMaker version is $449 as well.

      • Aaron B

        My 32gb Moto X is supposed to get here tomorrow now I can’t decide if i want to return it for the Developer Edition…. I paid $440 for the non dev edition Cant decide!

    • Pedro

      So, a $50 premium over the Nexus 5.
      I’ll stick with my Nexus.

      • AndySamberg

        hows that battery life?

        • Pedro

          Fine for me. But I only use about 3-4 hours of screen time a day.
          Then I drop it on the wireless charger at night. I suppose you could drop the Moto X on a wireless charger, but it wouldn’t do much good.

          And I only pay $30 a month for service.

  • Milind Shah

    This phone would be even more successful if it had a worldwide launch :-/ I seriously wanted to try it

    • John

      Even More successful than it is now? It’s a burst.
      All this price increase and decrease is to generate buzz, in other word, it’s damage control time.

      • Milind Shah

        My bad. However, sales would have been increased vastly if it was released worldwide. And it was successful in terms of press reviews

      • Adrynalyne

        Do you know something we don’t? Damage control is only true if they cannot get rid of the stock on hand.

  • That’s just awesome news.

  • Walter Partlo

    It is good to see the X get close to the Nexus pricing.

    • Except the Nexus 5 is better in just about every way

      • NexusMan

        um, no. EVERYTHING that is important to me on my Moto X, the Nexus 5 CAN’T do, and is lacking. So I, along with many others, realize that the Moto X is better, hands down.

        • Larger screen? Bigger Battery? Higher resolution? Better quality display? Better camera? Faster updates? Better specs? The only thing the Moto X has is customization and active display.

          • NexusMan

            Nexus 5 has the WORST flagship 1080p screen on the market. The Moto X screen is fantastic and at that size 1080p vs 720 is negligible and unnecessary. It is not a tv. I don’t want a GIANT phone in my hand or pocket. Moto X’ size and ergonomics are far superior to the giant 2 handed Nexus 5. The Moto X has FAR GREATER battery life than the Nexus 5’s “larger battery,” LOL. The Nexus 5 camera is garbage and painfully slow (though improved after last update). The Moto X has a better size, feel, portability, customizations (external and internal), speakers are AMAZING while Nexus 5 speakers are yet again, garbage. Moto X has better call quality and noise reduction/cancellation. Moto X has better accessories, Moto X has Active Display, Touchless Controls, Motorola Assist, Trusted Bluetooth….all features that have TRULY transformed and improved the user experience. Your words clearly indicate you’re someone who has read a spec sheet and doesn’t actually use the phone. You have no real clue of what you’re talking about…thinking the Nexus 5 has better battery life because it has a “bigger battery.” LOL.

          • Hmmm, when I looked at the Moto X the low-res, yellow-tinted display didn’t look very good IMO.

          • hkklife

            Agreed. All of the Moto X demo units I’ve seen had that sickly greenish yellow-tinted screen that’s a throwback to the old RAZR or Razr Maxx screens of 2 years ago from Motorola. The one person I know who owns an X has a slightly better screen but there’s still much to be desired.

          • Jason Brown

            woah, there’s internal customizations on the moto x? I had no idea. I thought internal customizations would become a reality whenever the block phone was released. what can you customize inside the moto x? that’s pretty awesome.

          • Justin W

            There isn’t, really..

          • Justin W

            Coming from someone with a Moto X and no experience with the Nexus 5 (but some experience with similar 5″ devices), I think you are over-rating the Moto X and under-rating the Nexus 5. While I agree that the form/shape of the Moto X is better, the same size/shape could be applied to a 5″ device and it woul feel similar. I don’t get where the “I get speeds on it on VERIZON, that my T Mo and AT&T Nexus 5 (unavailable on Verizon) friends could only dream of.”, since the Nexus 5 can access AT&T and T-Mobile’s LTE, which both are supposed to be faster (hell, T-Mo’s HSPA+42mbps network is supposed to be faster than Vzw’s LTE). The screen density – yes, 720p vs. 1080p is negligible on 5″ and lower. Color reproduction – based on AnandTech’s reviews of both, unsurprisingly the IPS LCD Display of the Nexus 5 is closer to accurate color reproduction compared to the Moto X’s AMOLED display (granted, in my opinion, AMOLED looks much better because of the deeper blacks and more vibrant colors); source: http://www.anandtech.com/show/7517/google-nexus-5-review/5 on the “Display Analysis” page.

          • LionStone

            This is my N5 speeds on T-Mo… a pic ‘before’ the camera update and I get 18 hrs easy also for battery life and I can post pics of that too. So everything you said the N5 isn’t, I have a totally different experience 🙂

          • CaptainHowdy13

            I’ve been nothing but happy with all aspects of N5. Battery life is good (unless I’m playing Ingress, but even the Droid MAXX wouldn’t handle that well), takes good pictures for me, and speeds are good on T-Mo when it doesn’t jump me back to EDGE for no reason. Back to straight talk for me!

          • NexusMan

            Last I checked, 15hrs is far less than over a day, which is the battery life I’ve gotten on the moto X. So like I said, Moto has far greater battery life. And don’t know where you’re located, but again, my friends, in my area, get worse speeds than you do.

          • LionStone

            With low usage, about 3 hrs screen time, I get a day, almost 2. With moderate use 15-18 hrs…plenty of battery to last me the day…also, the N5 charges very quickly so even under heavy use its very easy to bring it back up.

          • Todd Bettenhausen

            Burn… every word true ^ My brother had the N5 while I have the X and I couldn’t agree more with every word of this post. If I had the N5 I’d feel like half the features I use all the time every day (Touchless controls, Active Display, Shake to Launch Camera) were missing. The Moto X transcends specifications, resulting in the best Android experience I’ve ever had. I had a Droid Maxx (the current one) and the X both and kept the X and sold the Maxx. I preferred the X’s more pure implementation of Kit Kat, better in-hand feel, entire ecosystem of accessories, and color reproduction (my Maxx was slightly yellow-hued). To each their own, but I’ve even gone the phablet route for a time (N2) and the X is the best overall package for me, hands-down.

          • lackGX

            Large screen- is personal preference and is not a positive nor negative. to me 4.7 is positive and 5.0 is negative. to you its the opposite

            Bigger battery – what good is bigger battery when the battery dies quicker.. N5 has bad battery life while moto X is praised for its long battery life. I can show 100’s of reviews about battery life on Moto X

            Faster updates – Moto X got KitKat way before my nexus 4 got KitKat

            Better specs- better spec is pointless at this point both run very smooth

            Better quality display- I own N4/Moto X and i have used N5 and i have to say Moto X has better color reproduction

            Better Camera – both were pretty much bad.. N5 and moto X both got update recently which improved camera.. but both are nothing close to perfect

            Higer resolution – hmm i will give that to you… but anything above 300 ppi you wont notice a difference

          • Adrynalyne

            To be fair, he said Nexus 5, and I promise you, your Moto X didn’t see Kitkat before the Nexus 5.

          • Jason Brown

            probably not that he refused but with a nexus you expect to see timely updates. (yes I know it’s a nexus and you can flash etc etc)

          • lackGX

            agree. but after this point N5 will fall under the same as N4.. i mean Android 4.5 or 5.0

          • Adrynalyne

            There is 0 guarantee that Moto X will see 4.5 or 5.0, much less see it on time.

          • R

            Nexus 5 has a plain jane generic kernel that is put out there for the community to develop. With a good kernel, the battery in the Nexus 5 will easily outlast your moto x battery any day.
            Apples to oranges, Either that or your jealous of the N5.

          • lackGX

            untill then Moto X is better on battery.. jealous.. NO.. I am happy with my Moto X and N4

          • R

            What do you mean until then? The kernels are already in full development. I’d put my Nexus 5’s battery up against the moto battery anyday. Do you realize the purpose of the Nexus program??? I’m not going to argue with you any longer, you are obviously someone that hasn’t had any experience with the Nexus 5, except for maybe seeing one.

          • Adrynalyne

            “‘d put my Nexus 5’s battery up against the moto battery anyday. ”

            You would likely lose that wager.

            The s800 is not more efficient than Moto’s X8 system. Even if it was as efficient, the 1080p LCD screen would drain the phone faster than the 720p AMOLED on the Moto X.

            Everybody can play fanboy like you two are, but the reality is, you cannot deny fact at the end of the day.

          • ddevito

            The Nexus 5 has lesser build quality, low volume, terrible speaker and doesn’t have the great features the X has.

          • Daniel Walsh

            The Nexus 5 is better for many reasons. Price, build quality and design, screen, camera. Moto X has better battery life, but that’s it. Also the Moto Maker was a huge disappointment. You can really only change some colors of the phone. Pretty lame. Moto blew it with the X.

          • AGWednesday

            Price: Absolutely true.

            Build quality and design: Please show me one review that agrees with you here. And if you do, I’ll show you five that disagree.

            Screen: This is debateable. The Nexus 5’s screen is more color-accurate and more dense, but lots of people like the Moto X’s greater color saturation and deeper blacks. Generally, I agree with you, but lots of people wouldn’t, while others would find the difference between 720p and 1080p negligible at less than 5″.

            Camera: Depends on who you ask, especially after the Moto X’s camera update. There’s no real consensus, but most reviewers seem to think the Moto X takes better photos, while the Nexus 5 takes better videos. Personally, I like the fact that Motorola put the camera app in the Play Store.

            Moto X has better battery life, but that’s it: You’re forgetting the speakers. The Moto X’s speakers are far better.

            Also the Moto Maker was a huge disappointment. You can really only change some colors of the phone: Have you actually used Moto Maker? Before you call it a “huge disappointment,” you definitely should. You can change the color of every part of the phone except for the signature itself. Front, back, accents–what else do you want?

            And before anyone else says it, no, I’m not a Moto X fan. Or a Nexus 5 fan. I’ve actually been debating which one to get now that I’m out of contract. Most likely, I’ll end up with the N5, since it’ll be $50 cheaper.

          • Guest

            And more comfortable design, longer battery life, better speaker, better colors on the display, faster camera, generally equal real life performance?

          • grumpyfuzz

            ‘faster camera’ is invalid. I’ve owned both, and after the 4.4.2 update, the Nexus 5 is actually faster.

        • Jeff

          Well, I do think the Moto X is better overall FOR ME, but I wouldn’t say it’s better ‘hands down’. Both do things that the other can’t do, but it’s all in which one fits what the user wants to do better. I’ve had both, and the Moto X fit what I wanted out of a phone better than the Nexus 5, but I still miss how easy it was to root the Nexus 5 and tinker with it. It annoys me that I can’t just easily root my Moto X, throw on Xposed and remove the stupid carrier label in the notification bar or install a percentage battery icon, but I’ll live with it for all the things I like on the Moto X. Until someone comes up with an easier rooting method for it at least…

      • Qbancelli

        I agree. Most if not all of these mobile tech bloggers are getting some of the $500 millions Moto is spending to promote the Moto X. Believe that!